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A motion detection camera detects the change in position of an object or the surrounding. It can be used for various purposes like keeping an eye on your sleeping baby, or as a security camera in your home. However, a spy camera with motion detection technology is quite expensive and not everyone can purchase it especially when they are low on budget. But one should not compromise on their or their loved one’s security and therefore I have come up with a list of free Android & iPhone spy motion detector apps.

In case you’re looking to access someone’s phone camera without them knowing then these apps won’t work.

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How Does Motion Detector Spy Camera App Works?

A motion-activated spy camera app detects the motion and sends you an alert on your email or phone. It also takes the video clip or photos of the detected motion which it stores on the cloud storage or in the local storage of your device. Some motion detection spy camera apps even provide a live view of the action. So now you know how a spy motion detector app works let’s have a look at the best options you have.

Free Motion Detection Spy Camera Apps

1. AlfredCamera

Do you have an old phone at home which you don’t use frequently? Why don’t you turn your old phone into a spy camera then? Yes, with the help of AlfredCamera you can easily do that. You just need to install the app on your regular phone and the old phone. Your phone will act as a monitor whereas your old phone will be used as the camera.

It can provide 24/7 live video streaming provided that you put the old phone on charging or else the battery will die quickly. Also, the internet connection must be strong. It has many features like a siren, night light, two-way talk, etc. But the most important feature of the Alfred camera is motion detection.

When you turn on the motion detection it will alert you whenever it detects a movement in the frame. You get a notification on your phone from where you can view the Live video easily.

motion activated camera app

Overall, Alfred camera is the best security camera app that comes with a motion detection function. Moreover, it is compatible with both Android and iPhone so it is even better.

If you don’t want to use your cell phone then you can also use your laptop as a spy camera.

2. Camera Trigger

The second spy motion detector app that I would like to recommend is Camera Trigger. This app is available for only Android devices at this moment. It is a minimalist and easy-to-use spy camera app that detects motion and records it in the form of photo bursts or small videos of 10 or 30 seconds based on your requirement. These photos or videos are stored in the local storage of your device.

In the app settings, you can set the sensitivity of motion detection as well as enable or disable the motion detection sound which plays whenever a motion is detected.


You can also choose to record the video while the phone screen is turned off, just click on the eye icon on the screen and the screen will turn off. This will save the phone battery and help you spy on someone without them knowing.

camera trigger

3. Security Camera CZ

Just like AlfredCamera, the Security Camera CZ app can also help you turn your old phone into a security camera. You can use this app as a baby monitor, to keep an eye on your elderly parents, or your employees. You can install this app on both your old and new phone and use your old phone as the camera and the new one as the monitor.

As soon as the motion is detected you will get a notification on your monitoring device. It does not record the detected motion in the video but in the series of photos. You can view the photo on your monitor device on the Security Camera CZ app.

security camera cz

You need to put your camera device i.e your old phone on charge all the time because it consumes a lot of battery. If your old phone is not on charge then it will get drained out quickly and you may miss out on detecting unusual activity.

4. Motion Detector Pro

The Motion Detector Pro is an Android spy camera app that is activated by motion. It can send an alert to your email whenever it detects a motion. You can also see the recorded photos on the cloud storage of the app or on your local storage device.

It allows you to set the sensitivity of the motion detection, by default it is set to 50. The lower the sensitivity the more the app will be sensitive to movements. Whenever it detects a motion, a trigger alert pops up on the screen.

motion detected

It will send an email on your device having a link to the recorded photos on its cloud storage under the Surveillance images section.

captured pics

Overall, it’s a good motion detector app but the email alert feature didn’t work for me. If you are going to use it just for email alerts then you can try it, who knows it might just work for you. Anyway, it’s a free app so it deserves one shot.

5. Presence Video Security

Just like AlfredCamera and Security Camera CZ, this app requires two phones to work i.e. one as the monitor and the other as the spy camera. Once the app is installed on both phones you can set the spy camera phone in a way that it is facing the area you want to monitor.

presence video

It can help you turn your both old iPhone and Android smartphone into a spy camera. Moreover, it records the motion in both photos and videos format. As soon as the motion is detected it sends you an alert on your phone along with a 5-second video clip on your email. You can also log into your Presence video security account to see the live feed.


This app also provides a 24/7 video monitoring facility but it requires a high internet speed but that’s not a big problem these days.

Which Spy Motion Detector App Is The Best?

If you just want motion detection then Motion Detector Pro and Camera Trigger are good apps. However, if you want to keep an eye on someone 24/7 then  AlfredCamera, Security Camera CZ, and Presence Video Security are good options to turn your old phone into a spy camera. You can choose any one of the listed apps based on your requirement, all of them work fine.


Is There A Motion Activated Camera App?

Yes, all the apps on this list are motion activated camera apps.

Can I Use My iPhone As A Motion Detector?

Yes, with the help of AlfredCamera you can turn your iPhone into motion detector.

Is AlfredCamera Free?

Yes, its free to use.

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