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Before reviewing any spyware, Ankit uses all the spy software and apps himself by purchasing the license of the products. All the information shared is based on his personal experience with the apps and screenshots attached show the real-time data from the target device he received while testing them.

mSpy is one of the oldest spy apps on the market and has made a good name for itself. The app offers some of the most important monitoring features that allow you to spy on someone without them knowing.

Features such as call and text monitoring, location tracking, and keylogger make it an ideal spy app as well as a parental control app for you. The app also has a free demo so you can try it before purchasing any of its plans. Besides the basic monitoring features, you also get the following advanced features with mSpy such as.

Social Spotlight: As the name suggests this feature gives you insight into the target person’s social media activities. Under this feature, you can read all the chats they make on various social media and instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, etc.

Screen Recorder: It captures a screenshot whenever a social media app is opened on the target device. With this, you can see who they are texting or stalking on social media apps.

Restricted: Under the restricted feature mSpy allows you to block Websites, Apps & WiFi remotely on the target device from your dashboard.

Why mSpy Is Worth It?

mSpy has all the features that you may require to spy on someone’s cell phone. For example, it can track a target person’s location for you. Moreover, mSpy can allow you to read their text messages and social media chats, see their browsing history, and whatnot. Also, the data it provides is quite accurate so you can rely on it for monitoring your loved ones.

Why mSpy Is Not Worth It?

mSpy does not have a call recording facility which can make it worth less for people who are looking to listen to someone’s phone conversations remotely. Moreover, mSpy may take some time to sync all the recorded data to your dashboard so if you are an impatient type of person then you may not like mSpy that much.

mSpy Quick Review

mSpy is overall a very good spy app with some limitations that can be overlooked if you want a reliable spy app at an affordable price. Also if you purchase mSpy you get a money-back guarantee and also they have very good customer support. So if you ever face any problem you can reach out to them, and they will surely help you. If you want to learn more about this spyware you can read the full mSpy review below.

Free Trial   No
Free Demo   Yes
Money Back Guarantee14 Days
Monthly price$47.99/ month
Supported Operating System Android & iPhone
Works Without Rooting or JailbreakYes
SpyDrill Rating8.5/10

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mSpy Detailed Review

To make you understand every single thing about this tracking app, I’ve segregated my entire review of mSpy under a few sub-sections. You can go through them all, or if you want to learn something specific, then you can skip straight ahead to that section only.

Does mSpy Need Rooting Or Jailbreaking?

Ensure compatibility before using mSpy. It works on non-rooted Android phones and non-jailbroken iPhones. Additional features are available for rooted/jailbroken devices. For Android, versions 4 and above are compatible. iOS requires version 7-9.1 for jailbroken iPhones; non-jailbroken iPhones are compatible regardless of the version.

If I talk of myself, I used it to spy on a Samsung phone that is running on Android 13, and frankly speaking, I didn’t face any compatibility issues as such.

How Does mSpy Work? mSpy Android Review

mSpy Dashboard

Things you can see on the Dashboard

Target Device ActivityYes
Most Messaging ContactsYes
Most Calling ContactsYes
Most Visited WebsitesYes
Last LocationYes
Account InfoYes
Target Device InfoYes

Check out the mSpy dashboard before delving into its features. It offers a comprehensive view of remotely trackable data and is user-friendly.


The dashboard presents essential information such as the target device’s model, battery status, and internet connectivity. A line graph illustrates activities in browser history, GPS location, Text Messages, and WhatsApp.

recent data

Tabs under the “Most” category display data on Most Calling Contacts, Most Messaging Contacts, and Most Visited Websites. At the bottom, the Last Locations are shown if GPS is enabled, with the option to expand for more details.

In summary, mSpy’s dashboard is well-designed, providing a quick overview of crucial information. If time is limited then a glance at the dashboard suffices to obtain the necessary data.

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mSpy Features: What Does It Monitor?

1. Track Calls, Contacts, And Text Messages

mSpy, a standard feature in Android and iPhone monitoring apps, starts tracking call, contact, and text message data as soon as the target device is set up. What sets mSpy apart is its ability to retrospectively display data even from the period when it wasn’t installed, as long as the data exists on the target phone.

This means mSpy offers access to complete call logs, contacts, and message history, allowing tracking for older periods. In each section, mSpy provides comprehensive details. For calls, it includes call state (incoming or outgoing), phone number, contact name, call duration, and date/time. Similarly, the Contacts section displays names and associated numbers for each contact, ensuring a thorough monitoring experience.


In the Text Messages section, contacts are listed on the left side. Clicking on a contact reveals all messages on the right side, each accompanied by a date and time stamp.

mspy review - text messages

While testing these features I have analyzed that, mSpy is capable of seeing deleted messages from the target phone. However, the same is not true for call logs that are deleted within seconds of receiving them. So, if your kid/lover/spouse deletes a call log immediately after hanging up then you may never know who they were talking to.

I would like to point out that, unlike FlexiSPY, mSpy doesn’t offer a call recording feature.

What Do I Feel: While testing mSpy, I felt that it is one of the best spy apps out there to track calls, contacts, and text messages of the target person. It’s quite accurate and the best part is it can even show you deleted text messages.

2. Track New Photos, Videos

mSpy begins tracking photos and videos once enabled, but it’s limited to a few older ones and new ones captured post-installation. Unfortunately, access to the entire phone gallery is not available.

While it’s impressive to see the captured media, don’t expect to get the photos and video data within seconds as the app isn’t that fast especially when I compare mSpy with the KidsGuard Pro spy app. Retrieving the latest photos and videos on the target device takes some time.

photos and videos tracking

You can download all media, including captions in videos. The synchronization speed depends on your preference, selecting WiFi-only ensures updates when the target device is connected to WiFi, preventing potential suspicion.

What Do I Feel: I found this a helpful feature to have as it provides you with a glimpse of the target person’s phone gallery. I also liked the fact that it can play the video on its online dashboard itself without downloading the video as in the case of some spyware.

3. Wi-Fi Networks

wifi network

Tired of constantly scolding your child for excessive internet use? mSpy offers a solution with a remote control feature, enabling you to turn on/off the Wi-Fi connection at your discretion.

The Wi-Fi Logger reveals connected networks with dates and times. You can even block specific Wi-Fi connections and view their locations via longitude and latitude, providing unique insights into your child’s or loved one’s regular locations. This feature sets mSpy apart from competitors.

What Do I Feel: I have used many spy apps in my life, but there aren’t many that show you the location of the WiFi network (longitude and latitude values) and also allow you to block it remotely from your device. Overall in terms of WiFi network tracking, mSpy is hands down the best.

4. KeyLogger And Keyword Tracking

mSpy’s Android Keylogger feature tracks every keystroke on the target device, providing insight into used keywords across all apps. Each keystroke is timestamped, aiding in message timing clarification.

mspy keylogger tracking

As keystrokes accumulate, mSpy’s solution allows sorting by app, preventing overwhelming clutter.

keystroke of selected apps

The Keyword tracking feature enables setting rules for specific keywords. For instance, if there’s a keyword you want to be notified about on WhatsApp, simply set the rule ‘Notify to Email’ for instant alerts. Stay informed about specific keywords across selected platforms with mSpy’s efficient tracking capabilities.

mspy keyword tracking

What Do I Feel: I like the Keylogger and Keyword tracking feature of the mSpy app, they work well. Most spy apps only have a keylogger function but you also get the keyword tracker which alerts you about specific keywords that the target person types. I am highly impressed with this feature.

5. Installed Apps

installed apps on the phone

Do you think your spouse is cheating on you and using the dating apps like Tinder? The Installed Apps feature puts every single app that is installed on the device right in front of you.

If you find a dating app, then you can block that app with just a single click. The response time of the instructions given by you to the app is amazing. You click on the block button and Boom! The app gets blocked within a minute.

What Do I Feel: This is a cool feature for parents to view all apps installed on their child’s phone and block the apps that are inappropriate for them. In my test, this feature of mSpy worked well. If you are a parent of a minor, I would encourage you to use it to ensure the safety of your child.

6. GPS Locations And Geo-Fencing

Did I mention that you can track the location of your loved ones through their smartphones? If I didn’t, then let us tell you that if the GPS is enabled on the phone with a live internet connection, then you can keep track of every location your lover has been to.

When I put the location tracking feature of mSpy to test, I found that it works quite efficiently most of the time. However, sometimes the data takes too long to be updated. And if you’re tracking your child’s real-time location, then not being updated can be troublesome.

The GPS Locations feature of mSpy updates the visited locations under its LIST VIEW heading. So you can always check the places visited by your spouse.

location tracking

By clicking on the MAP VIEW, you can check the current location of the target person.

Now, let’s jump on to discuss a little about geofencing. So, this is one of the major features of mSpy. Why so? Well, it is quite common for parents to put location restrictions on their children. And a child being a child, will always lie about not breaking those restrictions.

But there’s no way you can get the truth out of their mouth because you know, children nowadays are pretty smart about lying.

So, you can be one step ahead of them in terms of smartness by using the Geo-Fencing on mSpy.

This feature enables you to put location restrictions on your child’s(Target) device in two ways. First, you can set a radius within which you want to allow your children to roam around, it is called the Allowed zone. And with the second option, you can set a radius where you want to restrict them from going, which is called the Restricted zone.

set geo fence

The app wouldn’t stop them from going to any location. However, you’ll be notified with an email every time they violate your trust. You also get the information about their leaving or entering a geofenced zone on your mSpy account itself. Fair enough, right?

geofencing alert on email

You can learn all about mSpy location tracking and its Geo-fence feature in our video below.

What Do I Feel:  In terms of accuracy, the GPS location tracking of mSpy is spot on. However, it may take some time to update the tracked location on your online dashboard. But it’s not that big of a deal, you are not going to track their location 24/7 anyway. In terms of Geofencing, it does great work overall.

7. Social Networks

Text MessagesYes
Instagram DirectYes
Facebook MessengerYes

If you want to spy on someone then you need to keep an eye on all of their social media profiles. It is because what someone does on social media tells a lot about them. With mSpy you can track all the target person’s messages and chats that they have shared with people on various social & instant messaging apps. Here’s what you can expect from mSpy in the social media department.

How Does mSpy Work For WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging app in the world. So it should be your top priority when looking to track your partner’s or children’s social media accounts. Luckily, with mSpy, you can easily track all their WhatsApp messages. Also, one thing I noticed while testing the WhatsApp tracking feature of the app is that it syncs WhatsApp messages faster compared to other apps.

WhatsApp tracking

Does mSpy Track Facebook Messenger?

Apart from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger is also an app that people readily use to chat with their friends. If the target person is one among them then you can read all their Facebook Messenger chats without their knowledge.

facebook messenger

mSpy Instagram Tracker Review

With mSpy, tracking someone’s Insta messages and DM is quite possible. Moreover, while I was testing the app I discovered that it can even record deleted Instagram messages which is a great thing about it. However, the problem is that apart from WhatsApp all other apps take some time to sync the messages from the target phone to the mSpy account including Instagram.

insta direct messages

Besides WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, I have also tried mSpy on other apps like Snapchat, Skype,  Kik, and more but it was not able to track their messages. I think it depends on the make and model of the target phone. However, if the target phone is rooted then it will track all the social networks.

What Do I Feel:  mSpy is a good overall spy app, however, it lacks in one department and that is social media tracking. It can track all social media platforms but for that, you may have to root the target device. In my testing, it only worked for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram without rooting the target phone. To track other apps you have to root the target phone.

8. Track Social Media With Screen Recorder

mSpy doesn’t disappoint when it comes to monitoring social and instant messaging apps with its Screenrecorder feature. It discreetly and remotely captures screenshots whenever Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, or Facebook are accessed on the target phone. The screenshots, accompanied by date and time stamps, appear on the mSpy online portal for remote checking.

screenrecorder mspy

While the feature may not capture screenshots from all apps depending on the target phone’s make and OS, it performed well for WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook during my testing. However, one drawback is the time it takes for mSpy to sync recorded screenshots, ranging from 15 to 30 minutes.

Nevertheless, considering most users check their tracking accounts once or twice a day, this delay may not pose a significant issue.

What Do I Feel: It is a good feature but again it can’t record the screen of all the social media sites. However, it can screen record some popular apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram. If you want to track all social media apps then you have to root the target Android device.

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9. Does mSpy Track Private Browsing?

access to websites

The internet significantly influences teens, for better or worse. Recognizing the potential misuse, it’s crucial to monitor teens’ online activities. mSpy’s Browsing History feature allows tracking internet searches.

While it can’t capture search keywords, it provides URLs, revealing the visited website, last visit, and visit frequency. Even if your teen attempts to conceal browsing through private mode or VPN, mSpy ensures visibility into all incognito window activities.

Stay informed about your teen’s online behavior with mSpy’s comprehensive Browsing History feature.

What Do I Feel: mSpy can track all the browsing done by the target person on their phone. I liked it because it can even track private browsing history.

10. Block Websites

block websites

Now suppose you saw something in the browsing history that is not appropriate for the kids given their age, and the number of visits is also quite high.

The only solution to this problem is to block access to those sites. mSpy will help you block those websites with its Block Websites feature.

You just need to provide the link to the website that you don’t want your child to access. Once you do that and click on BLOCK, the problem is solved.

Apart from blocking websites, you can also block a particular WiFi if you don’t want your kids to connect to it. Also, you can block some applications and games that your child wastes a lot of time on.

What Do I Feel: Most spy apps only provide a list of the visited websites on the target phone but mSpy even allows you to block the harmful sites on your child’s device. I loved this feature of mSpy.

11. Device Management

Of course, if you are monitoring a device, then you must be able to manage it properly.

Fortunately, you can get to the device management page by clicking on the profile option at the top right corner and selecting the Device Management option. There, you can change the device’s name along with other details.

You can also unbind or delete the target device from mSpy and add a new device from this screen only.

device management details

Also, you can select to sync the monitoring data through cellular data, WiFi, or both of them from the device management settings itself.

How Does mSpy Work On iPhone? mSpy iPhone Review

mSpy operates differently for iPhone compared to Android. For iPhones, no physical installation is needed. Simply create a mSpy for iPhone account and use the target person’s iCloud credentials to access their device remotely.

Once logged in, you can monitor iCloud-stored data, including voice memos, iMessages, photos, videos, and more. Additionally, tracking WhatsApp chats, browsing history, and call logs is possible without jailbreaking the iPhone.

Note that mSpy for iPhone lacks features like listening to phone surroundings, viewing Instagram photos, or geofencing. However, the available features suffice for monitoring your child or uncovering potential issues with a partner. Physical access is required only if iCloud backup is disabled on the target device.

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How Long Does It Take For mSpy To Work?

Once installed mSpy app can take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes on average to transfer all the recorded data to your tracking device. However, the time it takes to remotely sync the data from the target phone to your mSpy account also depends on whether the target phone is connected to the internet or not. If the phone is not connected to the internet then mSpy won’t work until the connection is re-established.

Can mSpy Be Detected?

Don’t worry mSpy cannot be detected, it is installed with a fake name and icon (Update service) on the target device. Moreover, its icon is hidden automatically so no one can tell that there is a spy app installed on their phone.

hidden app

Also, the impact of mSpy on the target phone is negligible which means it does not hang or heat up the device. It does consume some battery but not at an alarming rate so it does not raise any red flags.

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How Is After Sales Support Of mSpy?

After-sales support is an important factor that you must look at before purchasing a spy app. I can say with full confidence that the customer support of mSpy before and after purchasing the app is amazing.

To get in contact with their customer support you need to head over to their website and then click on the Help option at the bottom right corner. This will launch the Live chat window where you will get answers to all your questions related to mSpy.

mSpy customer support

How Much Does mSpy Cost? Is It Free?

mSpy pricing plans

mSpy is not free. It has 3 pricing plans i.e. monthly, quarterly, and yearly. The monthly plan starts at $48.99 while the yearly plan will cost you $11.99/month. If you go for a 3-month plan then it will cost you $28/month.

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mSpy Vs eyeZy Features Compared

Call & Message trackingYesYesBoth can track deleted messages, but cannot track instantly deleted call logs
Call RecordingNoNoNot available on either of the apps
KeyloggerYesYesLike mSpy, eyeZy also has a decent keylogger
Social MediaYesYesmSpy and eyeZy both does a good job in tracking social media messages, even the deleted ones
Screen RecorderYesYesmSpy recorded screenshots of WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. While eyeZy only captured WhatsApp and Instagram in my case
GeofencingYesYesmSpy geofence works well while eyeZy geofence didn't work for me
Location trackingYesYesBoth the apps can track GPS location as well as WiFi location
Keyword trackingYesYesI find the eyeZy keyword tracking slightly better than that of mSpy
Blocking ConnectionYesYesBoth can block WiFi, apps, and websites. However, mSpy is slightly better at it.
Photos & VideosYesYesBoth apps can track photos and videos and allow you download them on your device

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Setting Up mSpy On The Target Device

1. Go to the official website of mSpy and click on the TRY NOW option that you see on the top.

try mspy

2. Explore the mSpy free demo before creating an account which gives you a better idea of how mSpy works.

3. Create an account by providing your email, choose your device type (iOS or Android), and select a plan.

select the platform

4. Complete the registration and payment process. Save the generated password provided by mSpy.

mspy login

5. After payment, proceed with the app setup. Add the target person’s information and tap “PROCEED.”

device details

6. Note the registration code; it’s crucial for setting up the target phone.

7. Finally, select the target device model or choose “Other” if it’s not listed.

select device model

Your device is ready; proceed to set up the app on the target phone.

Click Here to Create mSpy Account

How To Install mSpy On Android Phone

To begin setting up the target phone, get physical access to it and follow these steps.

Disable Play Protect

Before downloading the mSpy app, it’s necessary to disable the Play Protect option first. As mSpy is not a regular Play Store app, Play Protect will notify you that the app is harmful.

Note: Only needed for Android 7 or below. On Android 8+, the disable option appears during app installation; no advance action is required.

  • Open the Play Store and tap the hamburger icon.
  • Select Play Protect and tap the gear icon.
  • Turn off  Scan apps with Play Protect.

Installing mSpy

  • Open any browser on the target phone, go to, pass the captcha, and click Download.

downloading mspy

  • Install the app on the target phone and enter the registration code.

install the app

  • Grant necessary permissions (contacts, calls, calendar, location, etc.).

monitoring permission

  • Enable message tracking, call recording, and social media tracking.

enable the tracking of messages

  • Finally, make the app undetectable and prevent uninstallation.

prevent app uninstallation

With these steps, the target phone setup is complete. Return to your device’s mSpy setup screen and click PROCEED to finish the process.

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mSpy Setup on iPhone: Does mSpy Work With 2 Factor Authentication?

To monitor an iOS device, you don’t need physical access to the smartphone as you do with an Android device.

All you need is the iCloud credentials of the target user and you’re good to go. You can start monitoring the device without even installing the app on the target device.

However, it is that simple only if the two-factor authentication isn’t enabled on the device. Because if two-factor is enabled, then you’ll receive the code in the target device only. And you would need that code to start monitoring the device.

From my personal experience, I would like to suggest that you should disable the two-factor authentication. Because it might get in the way of monitoring the device efficiently. That said, you can’t disable two-factor authentication if the target device is already using it according to the latest iOS update.

Your target device, be it Android or iOS will now be ready for tracking. So, you can move on to the mSpy dashboard to start monitoring the device. But before you close the setup page, you’ll see one option to get the Private key.

Private Key On mSpy

private key
The private key sent to your email after entering the current mSpy password is crucial for password resets. Download and save the key for future use. Resetting the password without this key encrypts all tracked data on mSpy, so it’s essential to have it for data access.

Learn More About mSpy In Our mSpy Video Series

Is mSpy The Best Spy App? Final Verdict

If you missed details then check our comprehensive mSpy review video.

While mSpy has a good reputation, it’s not the best spying app due to some shortcomings. Despite this, it offers numerous effective spying features for tracking almost everything on Android devices. Note that certain tracking options may not work for iOS. In summary, mSpy is a decent option, and you can confidently choose it without doubting its reliability.

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mSpy FAQs

Is mSpy Safe To Use?

Yes, mSpy is safe to use on both Android and iOS devices. It doesn’t install any sort of malware in the device, so your device along with the tracked information will be completely safe.

Is mSpy Detectable?

mSpy works in the background with the name ‘Update Service.’ So, it stays hidden especially if you’ve chosen not to keep the icon while installing the app on the target device.

Can You Read Deleted Messages Through mSpy?

You can read the deleted messages if they were in the target device for at least 2 minutes. If they are deleted before that limit, then those messages can’t be tracked.

Is mSpy Legal?

It is completely legal to use the mSpy app if you’re tracking your child and not someone else without their knowledge.

Can I Track More Than One Device On mSpy?

As of now, you can only track one device/account on mSpy. You can always change the device by removing the current one.

What Is The Private Key On mSpy?

The private key on mSpy is required when you try to reset your mSpy account password. You can get the private key on your registered email by going to your profile page.

How To Reset The mSpy Password?

To reset the mSpy password, you’ll have to upload your private key. You can reset your password by going to the profile page if you’re logged in. And if you’re logged out, then you have to click on the “Forgot password” option on the login page.

Is Rooting Or Jailbreaking Required To Use mSpy?

No, you don’t have to jailbreak or root your device to make mSpy work.

How To Delete mSpy From The Target Device?

To delete mSpy from the target device, you have to navigate to Phone’s Settings > Security > Device Administrators > Update service(Deactivate it). Then, find the Update service app in the applications and uninstall it.

How To Delete The Target Device From mSpy?

You can delete the target device by going to the device management page. You can navigate to that page by clicking on the Profile option at the top right corner and selecting the ‘Device Management’ option. On that page, you’ll see the current device and you just have to click on the Unlink Device option to get the work done.



User Interface


Tracking Features


Ease Of Use








Customer Support


Value for Money



  • Enough Tracking Options
  • Very easy and quick setup process
  • Doesn't require jailbreak or rooting
  • Works in the hidden mode
  • Track social media activities with screenshots
  • Tracks Deleted Messages
  • Geofencing available


  • Only one device per account
  • Sometimes data takes too long to be updated
  • All the existing photos and videos were not synced
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