mSpy VS FlexiSPY: Which One Is Better?

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If you’re even a little bit aware of what spyware is then you might be aware of the two most popular spy apps, mSpy, and FlexiSPY.

Both apps have hundreds of thousands of happy customers. But when the safety of your loved ones is at stake, you don’t want to take even the slightest chance and want the best of the best services to monitor your loved ones.

This might make you wonder, which is better mSpy or FlexiSPY to keep track of your lover.

You can’t simply spend your hard-earned money on both apps just to figure out which app is a winner in a comparison between FlexiSPY Vs mSpy.

So to help you make the right decision, I have done a detailed comparison of both spy apps. This comparison is based on various factors, like the compatibility, features, accuracy, speed, and pricing of both apps.

If you read this comparison of mSpy Vs FlexiSPY then you will definitely know which one is better spy app mSpy or FlexiSPY?

Let’s see which app takes the win, mSpy or FlexiSPY.

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Quick Summary
People who are looking for a mSpy alternative always consider FlexiSPY. And those looking for FlexiSPY alternatives always choose mSpy as their first choice. But what if we compare both popular spy apps? Who would win in a fight between mSpy Vs FlexiSPY? Well, in my test, I found that in most cases FlexiSPY easily beats mSpy in categories like compatibility, data sync speed, iPhone monitoring, and much more.

mSpy VS FlexiSPY

Before we move to the comparison between FlexiSPY VS mSpy, I have written a detailed review of both apps with thorough testing. Feel free to check them out – mSpy Review and FlexiSPY review. If you are interested in video reviews then check them out here:



Ease Of Installation

For keeping your monitoring hidden from your spouse, the installation process needs to be quick. A spy app needs to understand that you won’t be getting much time to install the app on the target phone.

So, it shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes of time to completely set up the app.

Along with less time, the spy app needs to make sure that its installation process is not complicated. Just a simple setup on the parent/your device first, then a simple installation and setup process on the target phone, and the app is ready to use.

mSpy Or FlexiSPY – Which App Is Easier To Install?

Now comes the question, which app has an easy and quick installation process?

Well, as per my personal experience with both apps, I can say that both spyware take almost the same time to install on the target phone. And the installation process of both apps is such that you don’t need any special guidance.

So when it comes to ease of installation, it’s a tie.

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FlexiSPY Vs mSpy Compatibility

There are a variety of operating systems and devices on the market and all of them can be used by your kid to carry on their wrong deeds.

It doesn’t matter how good a spy app is, if it is not compatible with your device, it’s simply of no use to you. So it’s always good for a spy app if it gives you access to monitor plenty of operating systems and devices.

Talking about mSpy, the app offers support for both Android and iOS devices.

All the iOS devices running on version 7 and later are compatible with mSpy. One thing you should note here is that mSpy can only track iPhones using iCloud backup. This means you don’t have to install any app on the phone. However, you should know the iCloud login username and password of the target person.

If the target person owns an Android phone then it should be running on version 4 or above.

mspy compatibility

FlexiSPY also offers you support for both Android and iOS devices. The Android device needs to be running on version 4 and above for successful monitoring and for iOS devices, it should be running on version 6.0 and later. In the case of FlexiSPY, you have to manually install the app on the iPhone because it does not provide iCloud monitoring. However, to install the app the iPhone must be jailbroken.

FlexiSPY doesn’t only let you monitor cell phone devices but you can also monitor iPad and computers as well. All the iPad running on 6.0-13.x and Windows PC running on versions 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 are easy to go with the app.

flexispy compatibility

mSpy Or FlexiSPY – Which App Has Better Compatibility?

As you can clearly see, the compatibility of FlexiSPY is far better than mSpy. mSpy monitors the iOS devices from version 7-9.1 but FlexiSPY monitors older and newer versions also. mSpy doesn’t provide any support to iPads and PCs, but FlexiSPY does.

So when it comes to Compatibility, FlexiSPY takes the win.

Discreet Working

A spy app can only be useful if it works in the background without letting the target person know about its installation.

If the spy app does not work in the hidden mode then your kid or the person you are tracking might get rid of the app anytime they want.

This will make the money spent on the app, time spent on installation, and the risk taken, go in vain.

After the installation process is complete, the app icon should disappear automatically.

mSpy is able to work in the background without coming to the notice of your girlfriend/boyfriend. On the other hand, FlexiSPY is also able to work in the hidden mode by hiding its appearance. However, during my testing, I found that mSpy consumes some battery on the target device. So if the target person is really smart then they might get suspicious. However, the same was not the case with FlexiSPY as it does not raise any suspicion by consuming excess phone battery.

mSpy Or FlexiSPY – Which App Is Undetectable?

As you can see, both apps are able to work well in the hidden mode. However, FlexiSPY has a slight advantage over mSpy when it comes to staying hidden without raising red flags. Hence, FlexiSPY takes the win.

Number Of Tracking Features

The more features you get to spy on the target phone the better your tracking experience becomes. And more definite you become about your tracking conclusions.

The casual tracking features like calls, contacts, locations, photos, and videos are given by all the spy apps. But these features might not be sufficient to get the lead.

But if the spy app offers you some advanced features like remote camera access, geofencing, phone screenshots, etc, it becomes easy to catch the cheater.

Some unique features that mSpy offers to its users are geo-fencing, blocking adult websites, blocking applications, and blocking Wi-Fi.

Apps with the Geofencing feature can be used to create a virtual wall that gets triggered and alerts you when the target person crosses it.

With block applications and block websites features of the app, you can stop the child from using unethical websites and apps.

Similarly, with the block WiFi feature, you can make particular WiFi inaccessible for the target phone. This feature can come in handy when you want to restrict the screen time of your kids by blocking internet access.

Coming to the unique features of FlexiSPY, you get to use call recording, ambient, remcam, and remvideo.

As the name suggests, call recording will allow you to listen to someone’s phone calls remotely. The ambient feature records the surrounding sounds near the target phone.

Coming to the remcam feature you can click the photos remotely by getting access to the target camera and with remvideo, you can make the video from the target phone.

Both apps have unique features of their own that can come in handy according to your need.

mSpy Or FlexiSPY – Which App Offers More Features?

Both mSpy and FlexiSPY offer multiple features which make monitoring easier for you based on your requirements. The features of mSpy like app and website blocking and geofencing are best to keep your teens in control.

On the other hand, FlexiSPY features like call recording, ambient sound recording, remvideo, and remcam are helpful in catching a cheating spouse.

If you are monitoring a non-rooted phone then both apps are similar with FlexiSPY offering one or two more features. However, if the target phone is rooted then there is no competition and FlexiSPY is a clear winner as it can even intercept an ongoing call.

FlexiSPY Vs mSpy Accuracy

Just the number of features is not enough to get you anywhere near the desired results. The features need to work accurately as well.

If you don’t get accurate results, this might lead you to the wrong assumption or simply make your monitoring incomplete.

This can be quite dangerous as your teen might access some wrong sites or go to the crowded place of the city, but you might be unaware of that.

mSpy gives you quite accurate results for almost all of its features. WhatsApp tracking of the app is good, and tracking of social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat is also accurate.

Results in keylogger, locations, calls, and other features were also perfect.

The working of the FlexiSPY app is also immaculate. Be it the results from the basic features like calls, contacts, photos, and social media(rooting required to spy on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat) or the results from advanced features like call recording, keylogger, and ambient sounds, everything was just as you are checking from the phone itself.

mSpy Or FlexiSPY – Which App Is More Accurate?

None of the apps showed inaccurate or incomplete results. Even the results from the keylogger feature were accurate in both apps. There are very few spy apps that you will find giving accurate results for the keylogger.

So, talking about accuracy, it’s a tie.

Data Sync Speed

The speed with which the recorded data from the target device is synced to your spy app portal matters a lot. Once the action is taken on the target phone, the app shouldn’t take much time in showing you that information.

If the app takes too much time then it can be really dangerous. Suppose the target person is in a situation that requires immediate action then you won’t be able to know about it as the data is not uploaded on the portal yet.

After testing mSpy, I noticed that the data sync speed of the app is not much appreciable. The app generally takes 5 to 10 minutes in syncing the recorded data. But sometimes, this time can be even more, making the app unsuitable for cases where you might need to take quick action.

FlexiSPY on the other hand was able to live up to my expectations while I was testing the data sync speed of the app.

Almost all the sections of the app responded within a minute whenever some activity took place on the target phone.

The advanced features of the app like remcam and remvideo might take a few minutes to respond to. But other sections like calls, contacts, keyloggers, photos, etc. will update immediately.

mSpy Or FlexiSPY – Which One Is Faster?

It is crystal clear that FlexiSPY has the upper hand when it comes to the data upload speed on the portal. mSpy takes a few minutes to collect and provide you with the data whereas the same data is shown by FlexiSPY in a minute. So, FlexiSPY takes the win.

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mSpy Vs FlexiSPY For iPhone

Spying on an iPhone is hard as it is way more secure than on an Android phone. However, both mSpy and FlexiSPY have found a way to spy on your child or spouse’s iPhone. While mSpy does it using the iCloud backup, FlexiSPY needs you to jailbreak the iPhone and then install it on their device.

Both ways are a little tricky, however, if you can manage then I will recommend you to go with FlexiSPY for iPhone monitoring as it provides unlimited features. Whereas, spying on iCloud backup using mSpy can only provide very limited data.

mSpy Or FlexiSPY- Which One Tracks iPhone Better?

Out of mSpy and FlexiSPY, the latter tracks an iPhone better. So for me, the winner here is obviously FlexiSPY.

Customer Support

Customer support plays a vital role in the success of any product, especially spyware. It is simply because people have lots of questions related to the installation, working, and usage of these apps. While testing both the apps I also had lots of questions which I cleared with their support team.

In my first-hand experience with customer support of FlexiSPY and mSpy, I found both apps equally good. Both offer chat support which is convenient and quick.

mSpy Or FlexiSPY- Which One Has Better Customer Support?

In terms of customer support both the apps are good and I can’t choose a clear winner, so it’s a tie.

mSpy Vs FlexiSPY Cost

Pricing can play a major role in deciding whether you want to purchase a spy app or not. Even if a tracking app has hundreds of advanced features but costs you an arm and leg, then going for it might not be a smart move.

On the other hand, if you get a spy app with decent tracking features that costs you a dime, then you should definitely go for it.

Luckily, both apps are good money savers.

Earlier mSpy offered a Basic plan which was priced at $29.99/month that used to come with limited features. However, now you only have the Premium plan which is priced at $48.99 per month.

mspy pricing

The services of FlexiSPY can be brought in 3 different plans. The LITE plan of the app can be brought for $29.95/month with access to only limited features.

The next one is the PREMIUM plan that you can purchase by paying $79/month, with access to more features but not all.

The EXTREME plan of FlexiSPY is the last and the best plan that you can purchase. You can purchase the EXTREME plan by paying $239/3 months. Earlier the one-month plan of the Extreme plan was not available but now you can purchase it at $119.

flexispy new pricing

mSpy Or FlexiSPY – Which App Is More Value For Money?

FlexiSPY may cost you more in the long run but it also offers advanced features like call recording, remote camera access, etc. which are absent from mSpy. So, for me, FlexiSPY is more value for money even if it is more expensive than mSpy.

Which One Is Better – FlexiSPY VS mSpy?

Depending on the purpose of your tracking, both apps can come in handy. Some features of mSpy like app and website blocking make it perfect for monitoring teens.

On the other hand, FlexiSPY can be the perfect choice for keeping track of your lover or your employees.

But if you have to make a choice and select only one of them, I would recommend you to go for FlexiSPY.

Of all the factors mentioned above, there’s no factor where mSpy was able to beat FlexiSPY. It was either a tie or a win for FlexiSPY.

So, If you ask me which one is the better app, FlexiSPY or mSpy then I can confidently declare FlexiSPY a winner.

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Which Is Better FlexiSPY VS mSpy?

Although both apps work perfectly, I found FlexiSPY to be better than mSpy in most cases.

Can FlexiSPY Or mSpy Be Detected?

No, both the apps work in hidden mode, so it is hard to detect the installation of the app on the target phone.

Is mSpy Worth The Money?

Yes, mSpy is a great monitoring app that you can use to keep a track of your loved ones.

Do Spy Apps Really Work?

Yes, a good spy app can easily extract the data from the target phone and upload it on its online portal for you to check remotely.

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