My 13 Year Old Daughter Is Out Of Control: What To Do?

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Teenage is the time when parents start feeling a change in their child’s body and behavior which is quite normal. However, sometimes hormonal changes make kids suddenly act differently and parents start worrying about them. The age 13 is the initial years of teenage and parents need to take good care of their kids especially daughters at this age.

Most parents ask this question “what to do when my 13-year-old daughter is out of control ?” If you have a daughter who is 13 years old then this article is for you. In fact, it is for all parents whose daughter is 12, 13, 14, or 15 years old. Here we will discuss the reason why your teenage daughter is out of control and what you can do about it. So without wasting any time let’s start.

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Normal 13-Year-Old Girl’s Behaviours

At the beginning of teenage, it is common to see some changes in your daughter but that does not mean she’s getting out of your control. Some of these typical 13-year-old girls’ signs are:

  • Peer Pressure: At this age, the influence of peers is very high. So if you see your daughter under the influence of some celebrity then it’s no big deal.
  • Poor self-esteem: Teenager girls may have poor self-esteem. It can be due to various reasons, maybe they don’t like how they look, or they are performing poorly in school.
  • They like spending time with their friends more than you: It is also common for teenage girls especially girls over 13 years of age that they want to spend more time with friends than their parents.

The above are some signs that are common in 13-year-old teenagers and there’s nothing to be worried about. However, you should sit and talk with them with affection so that you can prevent them from going out of control.

Warning Signs That Your Teenager Daughter Is Getting Out Of Control

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The following are some signs that tell your 13-year-old daughter is going out of control.

  • If your daughter is negatively influenced by her peer groups so much so that she’s not listening to you anymore then it is a sign that she’s out of control.
  • If your daughter has started to smoke or consume alcohol or drugs then she’s definitely not in control.
  • You see rapid changes in your daughter’s behavior. For example, she’s always sad or she started performing poorly in school.
  • If your 13-year-old child is addicted to their phone, it is also a red flag that she’s out of your hands.
  • If the 13-year-old is aggressive, breaking laws, and getting violent then it’s also a worrying sign for parents.

My 13-Year-Old Daughter Is Out Of Control: What To Do?

13 year old out of control

If your teenage daughter is out of control then you can follow the below steps to gain control over her again. These tips will work for you even if your daughter is 12, 13, 14, or even 15 years old.

1. Give Her Some Space

As a caring parent, you would want to take care of your daughter all the time and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, you should let your daughter fight with her own issues don’t try to fix everything by yourself. Also, you should not judge her and provide her with the privacy she wants. In most cases, you can gain control over your child by just doing this much.

2. Make Some Strict Laws

It may sound a little harsh but you must make some strict laws to control your child. These rules can be about anything, for example, bad behavior, homework, spending time on the internet, etc. You must aware your child about the consequences they have to face if they break these laws. You don’t have to be too harsh on them or physically harm them. Just restrict their pocket money for the next month if they don’t comply with your rules.

3. Take Help From An Expert

If things are out of control there’s no shame in taking help from an expert. You can take your child to a therapist or a counselor. You can also talk to your family members for help. Sometimes kids don’t open up to their parents but they can share their feelings with strangers and other family members.

4. Keep An Eye On Her Online Activities

The internet can have a huge impact on your teenage child’s naive brain. Moreover, they can easily get influenced by someone on the internet and get out of control. Hence, keeping a check on their online activities is a must if you want your 13-year-old daughter in control.

You cannot deny giving your child a phone or PC as it is a necessity in today’s era. But what you can do is equip these devices with Android & iPhone parental control apps and software like FamiSafe & Qustodio.

These apps give you remote access to your child’s device and let you monitor all their online activities. Moreover, they give you control to restrict some inappropriate websites and apps so that your child cannot access adult stuff on the internet.

How To Handle A 13-Year-Old Daughter? Final Verdict

It’s tough to handle a child, especially teenagers due to their rebellious nature. If you feel that your 13, 14, or 15-year-old daughter is out of control then don’t worry you can still get her in your control by following the tips I have shared above.

The first and most important thing that you can do is monitor all their activities on the internet. It is important because you must know what your child does on their phone or on the internet. What types of content they consume, and what type of people they talk to can have a serious impact on them. You can monitor their activities with the help of a prenatal control app.

Also, you should give your teenage daughter a little space and never judge her. Also, try to talk to her about the issue she is facing in a friendly manner. If you feel she needs external help then don’t hesitate to take her to a psychiatrist.


What Do You Do When You Can’t Cope With Your 13-Year-Old?

If you find it hard to cope with an out-of-control 13-year-old then you must seek help from friends and family. In extreme cases, you can also meet a child psychologist.

Can I Kick My Teenager Out?

It's illegal to abandon your teenage child who is less than 18 years of age even if they have challenging behavior. In worst-case scenarios, you can send them to foster homes but only after talking to legal authorities.

Why Is My Teenage Child Out Of Control?

There can be many reasons behind that, in most cases, it's due to the negative influence of the internet and peers.

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