pcTattletale Review: A Spy App With A Completely Different Monitoring Style

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Before reviewing any spyware, Ankit uses all the spy software and apps himself by purchasing the license of the products. All the information shared is based on his personal experience with the apps and screenshots attached show the real-time data from the target device he received while testing them.

Mother: Ross, it’s midnight. Why are you awake till now? Don’t you have your school tomorrow? And why are you using your phone so late at night?

Ross: Relax mom, there’s nothing to be mad about. I have a class test tomorrow and I’m preparing for it.

Mother: But you recently gave your exams, right? So is this an excuse you are making?

Ross: No mom, I’m not making an excuse, trust me. I got to know from my friend that we might have a surprise class test tomorrow, and I’m preparing for the same.

Mother: (Looking at Ross with fishy eyes) But what about the buzzing noises that I heard from your room? It felt like you were talking to someone on a phone call.

Ross: I was just trying to memorize everything by speaking. Can’t be loud because you were sleeping.

Mother: Okay, but go to sleep now and I don’t want to see you using your cell phone.

Ross: Okay mom, got it.

And with this, Ross was once again able to escape from big trouble.

If Ross’s mother would have been using a spy app right now, she wouldn’t have to blindly trust her son. Instead, she would have known exactly what is going on on the kid’s phone.

If you can even relate the slightest to the scenario above, then I don’t need to tell you why parents should monitor the smartphone and Windows PC of their loved ones.

Here I am going to review a spy app that comes by the name pcTattletale. Let’s see what all the app offers to its customers and everything else related to the app.

Apart from this article, I have also created a video on pcTattletale review which will walk you through my experience with this cell phone and PC monitoring software. Check it out here:


pcTattletale Review


PC Tattletale is compatible with various operating systems, but certainly not all. So if you’re considering using pcTattle tale for monitoring your employees or your loved ones, you should give a quick glance if your operating system and the version you are using are workable with the software or not.


When it comes to Android, there’s no limitation to anything, and the same goes for the use of spy apps. You can easily avail pcTattletale spy app services if the target person is using an Android cell phone.

Now just check if the software supports the target phone’s version or not.

  • 5 (Lollipop)
  • 6 (Marshmallow)
  • 7 (Nougat)
  • 8 (Oreo)
  • 9 (Pie)
  • 10 (Q)
  • 11


The cell phone is not the only gadget used for wrong deeds, laptops, and PC are equal partners in crime. And, as we all know, Windows operating system is the leader in laptops and PCs.

So, leaving Windows laptops unmonitored is not at all acceptable. Given below are the Windows versions that pcTattletale can easily track.

  • XP
  • Vista
  • 7
  • 8
  • 10

Other Compatible Devices

Other than Android and Windows devices, pcTattletale is compatible with all the models of Kindle Fire HD.

If you’re an iPhone user then sorry to say but pcTattle tale app is not compatible with your phone. But you can try other spy apps for iPhone prevailing in the market.

Similar to an iPhone, macOS is also not compatible with pcTattletale.

How Does pcTattletale Work?

pcTattletale is available as a spy app for Android and spyware for Windows PC. Once the app is installed on the target device it starts recording all the activities happening on it in a video format. To see the activities of the target device remotely, you need to log into your own pcTattle tale account and select the device that you wish to monitor.

How To Install pcTattletale On Android & Windows

To start monitoring the target device, first, you have to create your pcTattletale account and set up the app on the target phone or PC. Once that’s done, you are ready to use the pcTattletale app.

Create Your Account

1. Go to the pcTattletale website and click on the Add to cart button.

Add to cart

2.  Now make the payment. Once done you need to enter your Email ID and set a password to create your account.

payment successful

Install pc Tattletale On Target Android Phone

1. After creating your account, you have to select the type of device that the target person owns. Select Android or Kindle and click on NEXT to make your choice.

add device to monitor

2. Next choose how you want to install pcTattletale on the target phone. I would recommend you to go for Install Without Computer option as I set up the app on the target device using the same method and it just worked perfectly.

installation of pctattletale 5

3. On the next page, you’ll see a download link that you need to copy to install the app on the target phone.

installation link

Note: For setting up the software on your spouse’s phone you need to have physical access to their phone. Without getting their phone handy, it’s not possible to install the app.

4. Now to install the spy app on the target phone you need to make some changes in its settings. Once you have their phone handy, open the browser, and paste the URL that you copied above.

5. The app will automatically start to download. You will get a warning about the app, but you need not worry, it’s completely secure to download the app. Just tap on OK to continue.

download pctattletale app

6. Start the installation of pcTattletale by tapping on INSTALL.

how to install pctattletale

7. The app will ask for permission to use your mobile data network and you need to confirm by tapping on Allow.

allow app to use mobile network

8. Time to give some other permissions to the app, starting with notifications. Simply tap on OK, GOT IT, and you’ll be headed to the next page where you have to toggle on the Android button.

notification access

9. Give access to Accessibility now by tapping on Android and toggle on the button.

10. Floating Window Management is the next where you have to make the changes. Toggle on Android to enable Floating Window Management.

floating window management

11. For successful monitoring of your partner’s phone, it’s necessary to give permission to the app to record the phone screen by tapping on Allow.

screen recording permission

12. To let the app work in the background, you need to ignore battery optimization by tapping on YES.

ignore battery optimization

13. Similarly, give the location access as well as the access to media and files by tapping on Allow.

location permission

With this, your employee’s phone is ready to be tracked, just tap on START RECORDING to exit. The pcTattletale app icon will automatically disappear in a few seconds.

start recording the target device

Now go back to your device and click on the Dashboard option that you see on the top-left side of the screen.

go to dashboard

After clicking, you’ll automatically see the device that you just set up and you simply need to click on it to start monitoring it.

device to be monitored

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Install pcTattle tale On Target Windows PC

1.  After you’ve made payment and created your account you need to login into it and select a tracking device i.e. Windows Computer.

add windows pc

2. Next, you need to download the software on the target PC. To do so copy the download link of pcTattletale software from your account and paste it into a browser on the target computer and download the EXE file.

copy link

3. The software file will not be downloaded properly at the first attempt due to the safety policy of the Chrome browser. Don’t panic just click on the Show All button.

show all

4. Next, click on the Keep dangerous file option and then choose Keep anyway.

download anyway

5. Finally, the software will be downloaded on your kid’s, spouse’s, or employee’s computer. Once the software is downloaded open it and install it on the target PC as you would install any other software on a Windows device.

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After reading the installation steps if you still can’t figure out a way to install pcTattletale on Windows or Android phone then you can check my video on pcTattletale installation.

Features Of pcTattleTale Android Version

pcTattletale is a bit different from other spy apps where you get tons of features like monitoring of calls, contacts, social media, keylogger, and so on.

In the PC Tattletale spy app, you just get a total of 3 features to monitor your spouse’s phone. But all these features are powerful enough to give you a full insight into your spouse’s phone.

So, let’s see what are these features, how they work, are they really useful, and all the other things around them.

How to Use pcTattletale?

On the dashboard of the app, you’ll see the name of the device that you are tracking. Just below that, you’ll see two sections, one by the name Activity and another one by the name Location Tracker.

select the feature

Everything that your spouse or your employees do will be under your surveillance with these 2 options.

1. Live Viewing

Live Viewing is the main feature of pcTattletale that is used to track someone’s phone or computer activities.

This is the main feature of pcTattletale that is to be used to spy on someone. By reading the name of the feature you must have got an idea about what this feature does.

You’ll be able to get a live view of what’s going on on the target cell phone. The feature is supposed to show each and everything that’s going on on your teen’s device.

Every scroll they make, every app they open, feature they use, words they type, videos they watch, and so on.

But, does the feature works as it should? Well, I would say yes because, in my test, I noticed that it does what it says to a great extent but it’s far from being perfect.

The live video starts when you click on the LIVE button that appears on the bottom left side of the pcTattletale portal.

live option of pctattletale

After clicking, the live video will start in a few seconds, now enjoy monitoring your loved ones.

No one has the time to sit in one place and continuously keep a watch on someone’s phone activity. But this concern is no more an issue with pcTattletale.

Even at times when you can’t watch the activity of your girlfriend/boyfriend remotely with the Live View feature, the activities that they do on their phone still get recorded by the app. And you can easily watch those activities anytime you want.

To view the recorded video, you simply need to click on the play button.

All the activities done on the target phone throughout the day are collectively included in a single video. The time when those activities took place can also be seen.

Based on the pcTattletale plan you have opted for, you can view the videos of previous days and months as well.

On the top left corner of the screen, you will see a calendar. By clicking on it, you can choose the day for which you want to see the recorded video.

pctattletale review - sorting option

By simply tapping on the download icon adjacent to the calendar, the activity for that day will get downloaded locally on your device.

How Good Is Live Viewing Feature?

As per my testing, the feature works quite well, but surely needs some improvement. For example, the Live feed can be more real-time.

If you take the tracking device in your hand and then use the Live Viewing feature, you’ll notice that there are at least 5-6 seconds of gap between the actual activity going on the phone and what’s shown on the portal.

Another problem that I faced while testing pcTattletale is related to the video quality that you see on the portal. All the text that appeared on the phone screen was easily readable and the photos can be easily understood, but still, the quality of the video could have been better.

When there’s a video being played on the Android cell phone you are tracking, you’ll notice that the live view hangs on a particular frame. The live view showed a few frames but failed to show the complete video each time I tested it.

This was the biggest shortcoming of the Live View feature. Your child might be watching an adult movie but due to the sudden video freeze, you might not get to know about it.

The sudden freeze of the screen in videos was for the local videos on the phone and YouTube videos. When it comes to the content on Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos, even a single frame of the video was not shown.

Well, it’s not a problem with pcTattletale. The fact is that these video streaming companies are highly secured in order to prevent the piracy of their videos.

So they don’t let any recording apps and software to work on their platform. Even the screenshot feature of your phone is restricted to use on these streaming companies.

Your kid might be habitual of watching adult content on the incognito window of the browser. Sadly, the screen went completely black while the target phone was using incognito mode.

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2. Click Activity

pctattletale features

By knowing the total number of clicks on the target Android phone, you can easily get an idea as to how much your child is addicted to the phone.

According to research, it was found that about 66% of smartphone users are addicted to their phones.

With such an alarming number of people being the prey of cell phone addiction, it’s quite hard to stop your child from falling into the same category.

The Click Activity graph is divided into time slots. And each slot fills with the number of clicks made during the one-hour period. You just need to hover on the graph to check the number of clicks made.

With this, the Activity section of pcTattletale is complete.

3. Location Tracker

Just watching what’s going on on the phone doesn’t put an end to the numerous risks that your loved ones could face.

You have surely been successful in saving your partner or your kids from the dangers of cell phones, but what about the physical perils?

Physical safety can only be assured when you can track their location remotely anytime you want. And it’s quite easy to do so with the Location Tracker feature of pcTattletale.

When you select the Location Tracker feature from the dashboard, you’ll see the current location of the target phone in satellite mode.

It’s quite impressive to see that the pc tattletale app supports satellite mode. There’s hardly any spy app that offers that.

By clicking on the Satellite and checking the Labels box, the names of all the shops, businesses, and services will appear on the map.

pctattletale location satellite mode

You can switch to the Map mode from Satellite to get the map view of the location where the target is present right now.

location map mode

By dragging and dropping the little Pegman given at the right side, you can even have a street view of a particular location. Interesting isn’t it?


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pcTattletale Review For Windows


The dashboard is the single place from where you can keep track of all the devices that you are monitoring through pcTattletale, be it a Windows PC or an Android phone. To see the detailed monitoring report of the target device you need to click on its thumbnail on the dashboard.

pcTattletale dashboard

Apart from that, you can also change some settings regarding the target device like its name, pause the monitoring for some time or completely delete the device if you no longer want to track it.

1. Video Recording With Live Tracking

This is the highlight feature of pcTattaletale where it records the screen of your kid’s PC and shares it with you remotely on your pcTattaletale account. Unlike other spyware for Windows 10 which only shows the recordings in the image format. Here, you get to see them in videos for better tracking of their activities.

It starts recording the screen whenever it detects some activity on it. You can see the recordings by clicking on the play button on your screen. Also, you can go back and forward while playing the recording by clicking on the respective buttons.

video recording

By seeing their recordings you can keep track of all their activities like the message they are sending on social media, the accounts they are stalking, sites they are browsing, and images and videos stored on their device.

Not just this but with the help of pcTattaletale you can even see the live recording of your spouse’s, employee’s, or kid’s device and know what they are currently doing on their PC in real-time. Just click on the Live button and it shall start sharing with you the live feed.

live recording

Overall, while using this app I noticed that video recording and live tracking make spying on your employees or loved ones very effective and easy.

2. Activity Report

Apart from videos, it also shares with you the activity report of the target person. So you don’t have to look at the entire video recordings for small details like the time of their activity and which app/software they are using the most.


Moreover, it shows the activity report in the form of a graph and pie chart that making it easier to comprehend the data.

3. Keylogger

The video recording is not enough to monitor each and everything the target person does on their computer hence you get the keylogger feature on this app. With its Windows Keylogger, you can track each and every keystroke made on the target device.

windows keylogger

It is basically used to display the words typed by your kids on their browsers. Moreover, it can even track keywords searched in an incognito window. So you will not miss anything that your kids search for on the internet.

4. Download The Video Recordings

This feature allows you to keep a copy of the video recording files with yourself as proof or evidence. To download the recordings you need to click on the download icon on the top left side of the screen. Now click on the Start Download button and wait till the video is prepared.

download the recordings

Once the video is ready you will get a video download link on your email from where you can download the recording. But remember that the link is only active for 5 days, after that you cannot use it.


pcTattletale Pricing

At the time of writing the review, pcTattletale only offers the $99 plan with a validity of a year. This plan allows you to track 3 devices at a time.

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pcTattleTale VS Other Spy Apps: Our Reviews About pcTattletale

If you have ever had a tour of other spy apps, then you would definitely be aware that pcTattletale is completely different than all of them.

In most spy apps, you get countless features for tracking your loved ones. These features include social media tracking, browser history tracking, access to calendars, etc. But all the information is available in the form of text and sometimes in form of screenshots.

On the other hand, pcTattletale also helps you in the tracking of all these sections on the target device but in a different way. Despite making different sections and presenting the data separately in the form of text and screenshots, you get everything in the form of a video.

pcTattletale FAQs

Is pcTattletale Safe?

Using pcTattletale is completely safe if the target person knows about the app installation.

How To Uninstall pcTattletale From The Target Android Phone?

For removing the app, first, you need to turn off the accessibility settings for the app. Once you do that, go to the app manager and uninstall the app. If you try to uninstall the app without disabling the accessibility settings, the app won’t let you do that.

Does pcTattletale Monitors The Browser In Incognito Mode?

No, unfortunately, pcTattletale was not able to show the recording while the target person was making searches in incognito mode on their Android phone. However, when I tested it on a Windows PC it was able to record the searches made even on the incognito window via its video recording and keylogger.

Does pcTattletale monitor iPhone Devices?

No, the pcTattletale services cannot be used to monitor the iPhone devices.

How Much Does pcTattletale Cost?

pcTattletale offers only a single pricing plan that costs $99 which comes with 1-year validity.

Do I Need To Root The Target Cell Phone To Monitor It With pcTattletale?

No, there’s no need to root the smartphone you want to track for successful monitoring with pcTattletale.



Ease of Installation


Tracking Features


User Interface


Live View Tracking Speed






Customer Support


Value for Money



  • Tracking of data with live video makes monitoring reliable
  • Activity gets recorded even without using live view feature
  • Clicks made thoughout the day are monitored
  • Location tracking supports map view and satellite view
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Don't allow the target person to delete the app
  • Customer support is top-notch
  • Does not have any negative impact on the target device


  • Live viewing is little bit slower than what's actually going on the phone
  • The live and recorded video freezes at a frame while the target person is watching a video
  • Live video turns black while the target person is making searches on incognito mode
  • No geofencing feature is available
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