How To Read My Husband’s Text Messages Without Touching His Phone

Have you ever noticed your husband laughing and blushing while reading their text messages? And when they notice you watching them with shady eyes, they simply get numb as you know their big secret.

If you ask them what’s so interesting to giggle about, he’ll simply elude your question or satisfy you with a wrong answer.

But the reality could be far more terrifying than you think.

If you notice such behavior and over possessiveness for their cell phone regularly, then there are some chances that they are having an affair.

And in such a case, you are left with no choice but to monitor the messages of your husband.

As you know, it’s not possible to spy on their text messages by regularly getting physical access to their phone. So it’s best to install a spy app on their Android phone by getting physical access to their phone for once, and then always monitor the target device remotely.

If you think you can spy on your partner’s text messages without touching their phone for even once, then you’re wrong. While setting up the spy app on their phone, you need to have its physical access. But once the set up is done, you can track their text messages remotely anytime you want without any physical access whatsoever.

Now, let’s see which apps will be best for monitoring text messages without touching their phone.

 How To Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone For Free?

ikeymonitor sms feature

The word FREE is always so soothing, right? So, what if we tell you that now you can read the text messages from another phone without them knowing and that too for free.

iKeyMonitor is an app that can help you get access to text messages for free.

You just need to reach the official website of iKeyMonitor and sign up on the app. Once you make an account, you can use the free services of iKeyMonitor.

You can read our detailed review of iKeyMonitor to know about the complete installation process and working of the app.

After creating an account and logging on to the iKeyMonitor portal, you’ll be on the Dashboard of the app. You need to click on the Logs option and under the Logs, select the Chats option.

The first option in the chats will be SMS and you need to select it for monitoring the messages of your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Right after selecting the SMS option, all the contacts with whom the conversation is done via messages will appear on the screen.

The contacts will appear on the left-hand side and you need to click on the contact to open all the chats on the right-hand side. All the messages, whether sent or received can be seen on the portal.

With the date and time stamp on each and every conversation, your SMS tracking experience enhances more.

Sending pictures, videos, voice, and other types of attachments is quite common. So it’s necessary to keep track of such files and media as well.

Quite impressively, iKeyMonitor tracks these files and media easily.

When the list of contacts and conversations is quite long, it becomes difficult to keep a track of messages. This is where the sorting option comes in handy.

Using the Type section given at the top, you can easily sort the messages from the text, photos, videos, and so on.

With the Status section, you can sort out the list of messages with incoming or outgoing. Similarly, under the Contacts sorting option, you can scrutinize the long list of messages with contacts.

You might have recently decided to keep a check on your spouse’s messages. But their conversation with the suspect can be months or a year old.

So, as important it is to monitor the current messages, keeping a track of the older ones is equally important. With the months given at the bottom, you can track the messages of earlier months as well.

Other than messages, you can also monitor the calls, GPS location, contacts, calendar, notes, WiFi history, voice memos, set reminders, and geofence with the free plan of iKeyMonitor.

If you choose the paid plan of iKeyMonitor, your monitoring scope increases even more. With a paid plan, you can monitor social media, listen to call recordings, capture phone screenshots, use the keylogger, and many other features that will be enough to satisfy your curiosity.

The paid plan for iKeyMonitor will only cost you $29.16/month. This is really cheap as compared to the rates of other spy apps.

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How To Read My Wife’s Husband’s Text Messages Online With Spyic

text messages tracking

Another amazing but paid spy app that you can use to track your wife’s text messages is Spyic.

Just like iKeyMonitor or any other spy app, you first need to sign up and make an account on Spyic. Once you do that, you are ready to face the truth by tracking your wife’s messages.

For knowing the detailed working of Spyic including the method to set up the app, you can check our review of the spy app.

After setting up the app and logging in, you’ll be on the Spyic Dashboard. From the Dashboard, you need to switch to the Messages section for checking the SMS.

On the left-hand side, you’ll see all the contacts and numbers with whom your wife had a conversation. By clicking on any of them will reveal all the sent and received messages on the right-hand side.

The time and date stamp can be seen on every individual message. So, if you are curious to know that when your spouse is most active with that suspicious person, this will help you out.

Just like iKeyMonitor, Spyic also offers you other monitoring options to help you completely track your loved ones. These features include photos, videos, keylogger, social media apps, and so on.

But in Spyic you won’t get to use the advanced features like screenshot capture, call recordings, remote camera access, and so on.

You can get the Spyic services for Android in 3 different plans. The Basic plan will cost you $39.99/month for 1 device. But the tracking features will be very limited.

Then comes the Premium plan which you can get for $49.99/month for 1 device. You will get all the tracking features of Spyic in the Premium plan.

Finally, the Family plan will cost you $69.99/month for 3 devices with access to all the features.

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Paid Vs Free Monitoring

After reading the complete article, one thing is for sure that you can read your wife’s/husband’s text messages without them knowing and without touching their phone, once the installation of a spy app is done. It means that while initially setting up the target phone, you have to take its physical access. There’s no other option for you.

But after you set up the app on their phone by getting its physical access, you can spy on their text messages anytime and from anywhere.

And both the paid and free plans can be used for this purpose.

But what should be your choice?

Well, according to us, if you think you can reveal the truth just by keeping a track of the messages, calls, contacts, and location, then you should definitely go for the free plan of iKeyMonitor.

But as we all know, the use of social media and instant messaging apps is more than the messages app.

Therefore, the chatting between your lover and the other person might be going on the apps like Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram, while you’re scrolling through their messages.

So, if you’re not certain about the platform used for chatting, then you should go for the paid plan of either of the apps.


What Is The Best App To Monitor The Text Messages Of Cheating Spouse?

Both Spyic and iKeyMonitor works perfectly to monitor the text messages of your spouse.

Is It Ok To Read The Text Messages Of Your Spouse?

If you install a spy app on your partner's phone with their permission, in that case, there's no harm in reading their text messages.

Is Their A Free App To Monitor The Text Messages?

iKeyMonitor is an app that allows users to spy on anyone's messages for free.

Can You Spy On Someone's Text Messages Without Installing Software?

It can be done by taking a backup of their cell phone on a new phone, but it is highly risky as they will get to know about it.

Can Someone Spy On My Text Messages?

With monitoring software like Spyic and iKeyMonitor, anyone can monitor your text messages.

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