How To Read My Husband’s Text Messages Without Touching His Phone

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Have you ever noticed your husband laughing and blushing while reading their text messages? And when they notice you watching them with shady eyes, they simply get numb as you know their big secret.

If you ask him what’s so interesting to giggle about, he’ll simply elude your question or satisfy you with a wrong answer.

But the reality could be far more terrifying than you think.

If you notice such behavior and over-possessiveness for their cell phone regularly, then there are some chances that they are having an affair.

And in such a case, you are left with no choice but to monitor the messages of your husband. But how can I see who my husband is texting? You may ask!

As you know, it’s not possible to spy on your husband’s text messages by regularly getting physical access to their phone. So it’s best to install a spy app on their Android phone by getting physical access to their phone for once, and then see who your husband is texting without his phone remotely.

If you think I can see my husband’s text messages without touching their phone even once, then you’re wrong. While setting up the spy app on their phone, you need to have its physical access. But once the setup is done, you can see who your husband is texting and calling remotely anytime you want without any physical access whatsoever.

But is there an app to see who your spouse is texting? Yes, there are lots of spy apps to check your spouse’s text messages on iPhone and Android. Although most of the spy apps are paid, here I have also listed a free app that will let you see who your spouse is texting for free.

Now, let’s see which apps will be best for seeing your husband’s text messages without his phone.

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Quick Summary
It is possible to see who your husband is texting and even read their text messages without touching his phone. However, for that, you will need to secretly install a spy app on their device when he’s not around. There are many apps to see messages on the husband’s phone remotely but I would recommend SpyBubble Pro for the fact that it can even show you their deleted messages. SpyBubble is not free but you can see your husband’s text messages without his phone for free with the help of iKeyMonitor. However, iKeyMonitor cannot monitor your husband’s social media messages for free, it can only show you their text messages in its free plan.

App To See Who Your Spouse Is Texting Comparison Table

NameKey FeaturesRating
SpyBubble Pro - Best App To See Who My Husband Is Texting Without His Phone

  • Read husband deleted messages and call logs

  • Easy to install

  • Track their exact location

mSpy - Spy On Your Husband's Messages And Social Media

  • Monitor your husband's text and call logs

  • See your spouse's social media activities

  • Stay aware of your husband's whereabout with GPS tracking and GEOfencing

iKeyMonitor - See Who Your Spouse Is Texting For Free

  • Read your husband's SMS for free

  • See who your husband is calling

  • Track their location for free


1. How To See Husband’s Text Messages Without His Phone?

SpyBubble is the first hidden spy app that I would like to recommend to you for tracking all the text messages sent and received on your husband’s device. These can be text messages sent over the cellular network or through social media apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or instant messaging apps like WhatsApp. So with SpyBubble on your side, you will always find out who your husband is texting.

The best feature of SpyBubble is that it can even track messages that were deleted after sending or receiving them. So if your husband tries to be over-smart by deleting all their confidential messages thinking that you will never know about them, well guess what? Now you can.

While exploring the app, I came to know it even highlights the deleted messages so you very well know which are those messages that he doesn’t want you to see.

track spouse's deleted text message

But remember that messages will only reflect on your SpyBubble account when your husband’s phone is connected to the internet either through WiFi or mobile data. Once their phone is connected to the internet, you will start getting your husband’s text messages sent to your phone within 5 minutes.

Apart from the conventional text messages, you can even check your husband’s messages that they share with their confederate over the internet.

The SpyBubble app starts capturing screenshots whenever your husband opens a social media app like Facebook or WhatsApp on their phone. With the help of the screenshots, you will be able to see who my husband is texting without his phone.

screenshots of husband's phone

To see the screenshots of a specific app you can select it from the left side panel of your SpyBubblePro dashboard.

Apart from the screenshots, you can also check the keystrokes made on specific apps through the keylogger function of SpyBubble. This will show you all the words typed on the social media apps, browsers, and other apps installed on your husband’s device.

Keystrokes of spybubblepro

Besides reading cheating spouse text messages you can even track their location, browsing history, and call logs using this amazing spy app. With all these advanced tracking features SpyBubble will surely help you catch a cheating spouse, that too remotely.

If you want to test this app yourself then you need to buy one of their plans. They are currently offering a flat 15% discount on all of their plans for Android and as well as iOS devices, so hurry till the offer lasts.

spybubblepro pricing

What Do I Feel: In my personal experience, SpyBubble Pro is the best app to see who your spouse is texting. I like how it can even track deleted text messages and call logs. Also during my usage, I found that it does equally well when it comes to tracking social media activities and chats. So no matter, if your husband is sending the traditional SMS or new age DMs to his secret lover, SpyBubble Pro will help you read them.
What I Loved
  • Easy to use
  • Can track deleted text messages
  • Monitors each keystroke made on all messaging and social media apps
  • Works in a hidden mode so your husband won’t know you are spying on them
What I Didn't Like
  • The app does not have a free trial

Click Here to Try SpyBubble

2. How To See Who My Husband Is Texting And Calling

The next app to see who your spouse is texting or to spy on your husband’s messages is mSpy. This versatile spy app is a one-stop destination for all your monitoring needs, as it can monitor your spouse’s call logs, location, keystrokes, and whatnot. Most importantly it allows you to see who your husband is texting and calling.

Once you have installed mSpy on your husband’s phone it works discreetly and fetches all the texts that have been sent or received by your spouse on daily basis and syncs them to your mSpy account. With this, you can remotely read your cheating spouses’ messages without them knowing.

It shows all the message threads of your husband’s phone on the left side panel of its dashboard under the Text Messages section. You can choose to select any one of the threads to read the full conversation between your husband and the other person. But can mSpy see deleted messages?

message tracking

In my test, I found that just like SpyBubble Pro, mSpy can even track messages that were deleted moments after reading them. However, for the message to reflect on your account, the target phone must be connected to the internet. If it is so then the message will sync within 10 to 15 minutes, but sometimes it may take longer so you have to wait.

Apart from that, it also shows you screenshots of the target phone using which you can track their social media activities and see whom they text. You can even download those screenshots and keep them with you as proof.

Whatsapp text monitoring

While I was testing this app it only showed screenshots related to WhatsApp and no other social media apps like FB, Instagram, etc. But if your husband uses a rooted phone then it can easily record all of those activities.

It even has the support of Keylogger which helps you find the messages they type on specific apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and more.

mSpy keylogger

So with mSpy, you get an all-around view of your husband’s texting history which can help you determine whether he is having an affair or not.

If you want to use mSpy, then you need to sign up on their website and create your account. You can learn the step-by-step procedure to create a mSpy account here.

What Do I Feel: I really like mSpy for the fact that it can not just track every text message of your husband (even the deleted ones) but it can also record every word typed by him on his phone. So apart from reading his text messages, you can also know what else he’s typing on his phone. However, the thing I don’t like about mSpy is that to track all social media sites you need to root your husband’s phone.
What I Loved
  • Can track messages that were deleted
  • Shows all message threads on the target phone
  • Takes screenshots of all messaging and social media apps
  • The keylogger works well
What I Didn't Like
  • Text Message sync time is slow

Click Here to Try mSpy

How Can I See My Husband’s Text Messages Without His Phone For Free?

ikeymonitor sms feature

How to see my husband’s text messages without his phone for free? If this is the question you have then I have an answer to it.

iKeyMonitor is a free app to see who your spouse is texting. You just need to reach the official website of iKeyMonitor and sign up on the app. Once you make an account, you can use the free services of iKeyMonitor.

You can read my detailed review of iKeyMonitor to know about the complete installation process and working of the app.

After creating an account and logging on to the iKeyMonitor portal, you’ll be on the Dashboard of the app. You need to click on the Logs option and under the Logs, select the Chats option.

The first option in the chats will be SMS and you need to select it for monitoring the messages of your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Right after selecting the SMS option, all the contacts with whom the conversation is done via messages will appear on the screen.

The contacts will appear on the left-hand side and you need to click on the contact to open all the chats on the right-hand side. All the messages, whether sent or received can be seen on the portal.

With the date and time stamp on each and every conversation, your SMS tracking experience enhances more.

Sending pictures, videos, voice, and other types of attachments is quite common. So it’s necessary to keep track of such files and media as well.

Quite impressively, iKeyMonitor tracks these files and media easily.

When the list of contacts and conversations is quite long, it becomes difficult to keep a track of messages. This is where the sorting option comes in handy.

Using the Type section given at the top, you can easily sort the messages from the text, photos, videos, and so on.

With the Status section, you can sort out the list of messages with incoming or outgoing. Similarly, under the Contacts sorting option, you can scrutinize the long list of messages with contacts.

You might have recently decided to see who your spouse is texting. But their conversation with the suspect can be months or a year old.

So, as important as it is to spy on your husband’s current text messages, keeping a track of the older ones is equally important. With the months given at the bottom, you can track the messages of earlier months as well.

Other than reading cheating spouse text messages for free, you can also monitor the calls, GPS location, contacts, calendar, notes, WiFi history, voice memos, set reminders, and geofence with the free plan of iKeyMonitor.

If you choose the paid plan of iKeyMonitor, your monitoring scope increases even more. With a paid plan, you can monitor social media, listen to call recordings, capture phone screenshots, use the Android keylogger, and many other features that will be enough to satisfy your curiosity.

The paid plan for iKeyMonitor will only cost you $29.16/month. This is really cheap compared to the rates of other spy apps.

What Do I Feel: Personally, I like iKeyMonitor very much, simply because it allows you to see your husband’s text messages without his phone for free. However, the shortcoming is in its free version is that you can only read your husband’s SMS but not his social media chats and DMs. But the good thing is that you can upgrade at a cheap price and spy on your husband’s social media chats with iKeyMonitor.
What I Loved
  • You don’t have to pay for reading your husband’s text messages
  • It can track each keystroke made on the target device
What I Didn't Like
  • It shows messages received by your husband but may not show the text messages sent by them
  • No Snapchat monitoring for non-rooted devices
  • You can listen to your husband’s phone calls only in the paid version

Click Here to Try iKeyMonitor

Alternative Apps To Spy On My Husband’s Cell Phone Without Touching It?

KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro is a full-fledged spy app that can not only help you spy on your husband’s text messages but also their other phone activities. These activities include call recordings, call logs, text messages, social media chats, and more.

The highlight of KidsGuard Pro is that unlike mSpy it can show you the chats your husband does on Instagram in the vanish mode.

track husbands insta dms

Unlike other spy apps on the list, KidsGuard Pro can record your husband’s call recording as well. This means you can not just read their messages but also listen to the conversation that they share with their illicit partner.

location tracking

Also, there’s a keylogger feature on KidsGuard Pro that will track each and every word your husband types on their phone.

Moreover, KidsGuard Pro can help you track the exact location of your husband. This means you will know all the places he visits apart from his office in his daily life.

Although KidsGuard Pro isn’t a free app to see who someone is texting, it is still very affordable. When we compare KidsGuard Pro to mSpy or SpyBubble Pro, it is the cheapest spy app on the list. Overall, KidsGuard Pro is one of the best apps to spy on your husband’s text messages and call recordings in my opinion.

What Do I Feel: I really like KidsGuard Pro because it offers all the advanced monitoring features at an affordable price. Besides text messages and social media chats, KidsGuard Pro also records phone calls which no other app on the list can do. In my opinion, if you want to read your husband’s text as well as listen to his phone conversation then you can go with this app.
What I Loved
  • Track the text messages very effectively
  • Can record phone calls
  • It also shows messages that are made in vanish or hidden mode
  • You can track the location of your husband without him knowing
What I Didn't Like
  • Messages deleted instantly after receiving or sending them aren’t traceable

Click Here to Try KidsGuard Pro


Is there an app to see who your spouse is texting? The answer to this question is yes, Eyezy is a spy app that can help you read your husband’s text messages.

You can spy on your husband’s cell phone without touching it with the help of Eyezy.  It not only tracks their regular SMS but also the messages that they share over various social media and instant messaging apps.

It can help you check your husband’s text messages with screenshots and a keylogger. This means not even a single message of theirs can go unnoticed by you.


Although Eyezy does not have a call recording feature like KidsGuard Pro, it does have a call log feature where it shows you who your husband is calling with their name, number, and duration of the call.

phone calls

Regarding location tracking and web monitoring, Eyezy is as good as any other app on the list. Overall, in my test, I found that if you want to spy on your husband’s phone without him knowing then Eyezy is a good option for you. You can learn more about Eyezy features here.

What Do I Feel: I think that Eyezy is overall a good app to check your husband’s text messages. It is easy to use and most importantly does its job really well.
What I Loved
  • Lets you track your husband’s SMS and chats
  • Track all their social media activities very effectively
  • Tracks location accurately
What I Didn't Like
  • You can’t listen to your husband’s calls

Click Here to Try eyeZy

Paid Vs Free Apps To See Who Your Spouse Is Texting

After reading the complete article, one thing is for sure, you can read your wife’s/husband’s text messages without them knowing and without touching their phone, once the installation of a spy app is done. It means that while initially setting up the target phone, you have to take its physical access. There’s no other option for you.

But after you set up the app on their phone by getting its physical access, you can find out who your husband is texting anytime and from anywhere.

And both the paid and free plans can be used for this purpose.

But what should be your choice?

Well, in my opinion, if you think you can reveal the truth just by keeping a track of the messages, calls, contacts, and location, then you should definitely go for the free plan of iKeyMonitor.

But as we all know, the use of social media and instant messaging apps is more than the messages app.

Therefore, the chatting between your lover and the other person might be going on the apps like Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram, while you’re scrolling through their messages.

So, if you’re not certain about which platform cheaters use for chatting, then you should go for the paid plan of any of these three apps.

Read Cheating Husband’s Text Messages Without Him Knowing! Final Verdict

If you wanted to know how can I get my husband’s text messages sent to my phone then you have most probably got your answer in this article.

It’s hard to digest the fact that your husband is cheating on you but what’s even worse is that he is cheating and you don’t even know about it. Therefore, if you have even the slightest doubt that your husband is having an affair outside your knowledge then you should get it confirmed. You can directly ask him about it and if he denies it, then you can use one of these apps if you still don’t believe him.

These hidden spy apps can help track each activity of your husband on their phone and especially monitor their text messages. By reading them you can confirm whether or not they are having an affair. You can use any of the three apps that I have shared here to track your husband’s messages. But if you want quick and accurate results then I will recommend you to go with SpyBubblePro. Even though it is slightly expensive, it works better and that is what matters most.

In case you cannot afford to spend money on a spy app then you can go for the iKeyMonitor free plan but don’t expect many features and accuracy from it.


What Is The Best App To Monitor The Text Messages Of Cheating Spouse?

All the apps mentioned in the list work best to spy on your husbands text messages. However, I prefer SpyBubble Pro over others.

Is It Ok To Read The Text Messages Of Your Spouse?

If you install a spy app on your partner phone with their permission, in that case, there is no harm in reading their text messages.

Is Their A Free App To Monitor The Text Messages?

iKeyMonitor is an app that allows users to spy on anyones messages for free.

Can You Spy On Someones Text Messages Without Installing Software?

It can be done by taking a backup of their cell phone on a new phone, but it is highly risky as they will get to know about it.

Can Someone Spy On My Text Messages?

With monitoring software like SpyBubble, mSpy, KidsGuard Pro, and Eyezy anyone can monitor your text messages.

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