Should Parents Check Their Child’s Phone?

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Privacy is not just a letter of seven words. It’s something that kids demand desperately and parents refuse to provide it.

But what is actually right? Should you really check the kid’s cell phone from time to time or let the kids work out their lives in their own way and let them decide what’s good for them and what’s not?

Well, it’s a thought that passes the mind of every single parent. But only fewer are able to make a perfect decision.

If your child is in their teenage and it’s your time to face this thought, then make sure you create a perfect balance in the amount of privacy and the leverage that needs to be given.

Let’s discuss in brief that what, when, and why should parents like you check their child’s phone and how much privacy should the child have.

Should Parents Check Their Child’s Phone?

should parents check kids phone

Yes, the parents should check their kid’s phone, as simple as that. But it’s really important to know when should the child’s phone be checked, what on their phone should be checked and why it should be checked. So, to get all this information in detail, read the article further.

When Should You Check The Kid’s Phone?

“When” doesn’t refer to a particular time in a day. It doesn’t mean you should check their phone at 10 pm or 9 am, or at a particular time.

It refers to the circumstances when the parents should check the kid’s phone and when they should not. And obviously, the age also matters a lot.

Being a parent myself, I think when you initially provide a smartphone to your child, keeping a check on the phone is very important at that stage.

Maybe for 5-6 months, their device should be checked by you every week. And don’t forget to make them aware of this regular phone checking.

Gradually when you think that their conduct with their cell phone is appreciable and they are able to handle their device properly without indulging in non-acceptable activities, this is the time to provide some leverage.

Now the phone checking should be done once in a month or every two months.

This leverage will be a kind of appreciation from your side for handling the phone as you expected from them.

What In The Kid’s Phone Should Be Checked And Why?

Personally, I don’t think that this section even needs an explanation. We all are more than aware of the shabby content accessible with the help of the smartphone.

Calls And Contacts

calls and contact

Teens or younger kids don’t have a huge list of contacts on their device. The same goes for the number of calls they receive or make daily.

In most of the cases, I believe that parents are well aware of the people that their child is in contact with.

But unfortunately, what if your little one somehow comes in contact with someone unknown, someone who doesn’t keep good intentions?

That anonymous person can allure your child to reveal some personal information, send personal photos, or threaten them to do something illegal.

And all that would be going on while you’re in a delusion that your child is safe.

So parents should check the calls and contacts saved on the kid’s phone from time to time.

WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, And Other Social Media

social media tracking

There are billions of people who use social media platforms. And a huge share of this population consists of sexual predators looking for people to curb out their lust, irrespective of their age.

Adults are smart enough and know what needs to be done. But this is not the case with teenagers or children.

It’s more than easy to sway them in the buttery talks and make them do the activities which should have never been done.

These activities include sexting, sharing of personal information, and photos. And this can further lead to blackmailing and extortion.

So it doesn’t matter what social media platforms your child is on. As a parent, it’s your duty to keep a check on all of them and make sure no such intolerable activity is taking place.

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Web History

checking web history

What was the major reason for your hesitation to not provide a personal mobile phone to your kid when they first asked for it?

I guess the answer for most of the parents including me, would be the same. The easy access to porn, brutality, drug-related content, and other inferior content.

All these things are a single click away and they are highly addictive.

With the use of the internet, the teenager can even learn how to use a particular drug and where to get it from.

They can become a part of political hatred, racism, or religious issues as well.

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phone gallery

All the media that the kid receives and downloads from WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Bluetooth, Email, Gmail, or from anywhere else, is stored in the gallery section.

So the parents can’t neglect to check the kid’s phone’s gallery. In fact, it should be the first thing you should go through.

Make sure to check the screenshots and download the section inside the gallery as well. This will reveal what all your child likes to download and keep saved on their phone.

Other Important Stuff To Check

checking youtube history

When it comes to the safety of the kids, your monitoring should never be limited to social media, calls, contacts, gallery, and web history. There are other things also that should be under your surveillance.

These things include the child’s YouTube searches, SD card, and text messages.

This will reveal what kind of stuff they like to watch on YouTube and if they have some wrongful content stored in their SD card.

Text messages are widely used as a means of communication. This makes it necessary to keep an eye on text messages as well.

What If You Find Something Intolerable In Their Phone?

If you catch your little one watching or containing any kind of filth in their phone, this is the time to take some serious action.

You were the one who gave them a cell phone and you have all the right to take it back.

If taking back their device seems too harsh, what at least you can do is check their device more frequently or use spyware or parental control app to keep a continuous watch over their smartphone.

Make your child aware of the spyware installation and tell them that you’ll be watching them 24/7. And if the next time they were found doing any inappropriate activity, you’ll simply take back their phone.

Final Words

In the end, I would just like to say that we all give our kids more priority than all other things.

Whether they feel good or bad about your decision, you need to take the steps that are beneficial for them.

If they violate the set rules, spy on their device, or take back their phone. If they gain your trust, praise them with little interference and checking of their device less frequently.

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