Snoopreport Review: Monitor Instagram Anonymously

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Before reviewing any spyware, Ankit uses all the spy software and apps himself by purchasing the license of the products. All the information shared is based on his personal experience with the apps and screenshots attached show the real-time data from the target device he received while testing them.

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms which is based on sharing photos and videos. The youth and millennials spend most of their time on Instagram posting their photos or stalking someone else’s account. You can tell a lot about a person based on their Instagram activities.

If you are a parent then you must be concerned about Instagram dangers. Don’t worry, you can monitor your kid’s Instagram activity and ensure their safety on it. Similarly, you can check your boyfriend/ girlfriend’s activities and know who they are following and what they are liking on Instagram. Besides personal usage, Instagram can also be tracked for professional gains to know about your customer’s likings, needs, and preferences which can help outshine your competitors.

But Instagram does not allow you to monitor or track its user’s activity, it is against their privacy policies. However, there’s a tool called Snoopreport that can help you track any Instagram user remotely.

In this article, I am going to review Snoopreport for you so that you can get all your answers related to it like: Is Snoopreport legit, Is Snoopreport accurate, Does Snoopreport actually work, and more. Following are some important features of Snoopreport that make it an ideal Instagram activity tracker.


With Snoopreport, you can check the likes of the target account. i.e you will be able to see what posts or reels your loved ones have liked on Instagram.

New Follows

It’s important to keep a check on the accounts which your child follows on Instagram for their safety. Don’t worry, with Snoopreport you will be able to track the accounts that the target person follows.

Liked Media Tags Cloud

With this feature, you will be able to know about the favorite topics of the target person by seeing their favorite hashtags on Instagram.

What’s Great About Snoopreport?

The best thing about Snoopreport is that it lets you hack someone’s Instagram without installing any app on their phone. Similar to Glassagram you can track someone’s Instagram activities by just their Instagram username. Also, it provides all the details of the target Instagram account to you without telling the person. It will show you their likes, followers, Instagram photos, and more.

What’s Not That Great About Snoopreport?

The biggest disadvantage of Snoopreport is that you can not track someone’s private Instagram account with it. Also, you cannot spy on someone’s Instagram DMs using Snoopreport. Moreover, it does not provide real-time monitoring, you may have to wait for an entire week to get the reports.

Snoopreport Quick Review

In my opinion, Snoopreport is a fun online tool to check your loved ones’ activities on Instagram. It has limitations such as you cannot monitor private accounts, nor can it show you their Instagram messages. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a service that can secretly allow you to see someone on Instagram even if you don’t own an Instagram account yourself then Snoopreport is a great tool for that.

Snoopreport does work and it is also safe to use as it doesn’t tell the person that you are viewing their activities on Instagram. Also, it provides a free demo in the form of Report Examples which you must check on their website. Overall, I would recommend you to check it once yourself. In order to make a well-informed decision, you can also read my complete Snoopreport review below.

Free Trial   No
Free PlanNo
Free DemoYes
Monthly Price$4.99/month
Supported Operating Systems All Devices supported
Works Without RootingYes
SpyDrill Rating8.7/10

Detailed Snoopreport Review

Table Of Contents


Snoopreport is an online tool hence it has no compatibility issue as such. You can operate it from any device and operating system. This means you can track your kid’s, lover’s, or customer’s Instagram activities from your phone or desktop. All you need is a device with an internet connection and you are good to go.

Create And Setup Snoopreport Account

In order to track someone’s Instagram account, you need to first create an account on Snoopreport. Here’s a step-by-step process on how you can do that.

1. Go to the Snoopreport official website on your browser and click on the GET STARTED button.

Get Started

2. Now in order to create your account you need to Sign Up to Snoopreport by entering your email address and password. After entering the correct details click on the box that reads I agree to Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy.

sign up for snoopreport

3. Now click on ADD ACCOUNT button at the top left corner and then click BUY SUBSCRIPTION.

Buy plans

4. Next you have to select one of Snoopreport’s plans based on your preference of how many accounts you need to monitor. After selecting a suitable plan click on the SUBSCRIBE button.

subscribe to snoopreport

5. Now you need to enter your card details and again click on SUBSCRIBE to buy the Snoopreport plan and activate your account.

Snoopreport review

When I tested, sadly there was no free trial for Snoopreport but you do get Reports examples that tell you how this tool works. You can check it out before making the payment so that you can be sure of what you are paying for.

Report example

Once you have made the payment you now can remotely monitor anyone’s Instagram account.

Add Instagram Account To Snoopreport For Activity Tracking

1. On your dashboard you need to first click on the Add Account button.

add account on snoopreport

2. Here you need to enter the username of the account you need to monitor. Within a few seconds the user will pop on your screen you need to click on ADD ACCOUNT button to start monitoring it.

add account for tracking

In my experience with Snoopreport, I found that it can only track or monitor public Instagram accounts. If the account you are trying to track remotely is a private account you cannot monitor it using Snoopreport. Also, you need to know the username of the account you want to track without that you cannot find the user on Snoopreprot.

Based on your account limit you can add more accounts to Snoopreport for tracking, it varies from 2 accounts under personal plans to 100 accounts under professional plans.

Note: You get the monitoring reports on a weekly basis on your Snoopreport account. Sadly there are no real-time or daily updates.

Snoopreport Dashboard

Remotely monitoring multiple Instagram accounts with Snoopreport is very easy, all thanks to its user-friendly UI and easy-to-understand dashboard. Upon logging into your Snoopreport account you will see all the Insta accounts linked to it. From the dashboard, you can select all the accounts at once and choose to delete or archive them.

Apart from that, you can also see the likes made by a particular account on the dashboard itself. Also, if you want to see more details then you can click on the See reports button.

Snoopreport dashboard

If you scroll further down on the dashboard you can see the plans you have subscribed to and the date of your plan expiration.

Overall, the dashboard of the Snoopreport is very beginner-friendly and you won’t take much time to get the hang of it. 

Instagram Monitoring Reports

Liked usersYes
Favorite userYes
Liked contentYes
New FollowersYes
Liked Media Tags CloudYes
User interestYes

Now comes the main part which is to see how well Snoopreport monitors an Instagram account and are its monitoring reports even accurate. So when you check the report of a particular Instagram account it tells you whether the account was highly active or barely active the past week on Instagram.

Snoopreport features - track someone on instagram

You also get a quick glimpse of the account’s Instagram activity like their liked content and favorite users. It even tells whether the media like was made on photos or videos, and also if the liked user was a Verified user or not.


The likes section of Snoopreprt shows you all likes that have been made by the target Instagram account.  The liked users are listed in a top-to-bottom order based on the number of like they have received. Apart from that, the media is also shown next to the user which was liked by the target account.

Media liked

While I was using Snoopreport, I found that you can also check out the post on which the like was made by clicking on the media itself, and you will be taken to its original destination on Instagram.

Liked media

Besides that, you can also directly check out the liked user’s profile by clicking on their username.

liked user

So overall with Snoopreport, you can know who your kids or customer is liking on Instagram. However, while testing I found that it may not track each and every activity, and it may miss one or two activities sometimes.

New Follows

The next section of Snoopreport is the New Follows under which you get the information related to all the accounts the target person has followed in the past week.

New Follows

You can only see five accounts on the screen, you can click on the See more button to see the list of all the followed accounts.

Liked Media Tags Cloud

The liked media tags share with you the hashtags of the most liked content by the target person, this tells you about the interest of the user. The bigger and darker the hashtag, the more the user has an interest in it.

tag cloud

Moreover, while testing this feature of Snoopreport I found that each hashtag is clickable which takes you to that particular hashtag page.

Media tag snoopreport

I personally liked this feature of Snoopreport a lot.

User Interests

The User Interests section shows you the categories the user is most interested in but unlike the Liked Media Tags Clouds, it is not clickable.

User Interests

It’s a good feature of Snoopreport which tells about the favorite categories and interests of the person you are targeting. It’s a great feature if you want to impress your lover by knowing their interests or for brands who want to know about their customer’s likings and dislikings.


This is another important feature of Snoopreport where you can add suspicious accounts that you want to know about if your kid’s or spouse/BF/GF follows or likes them. You just have to enter the usernames of a specific Instagram user and you will be alerted every time they are followed or liked by any of the accounts you are tracking.


Once any one of the target users follows or likes the user you have added to the watchlist on Instagram you will be notified about it in your dashboard.

snoopreport watchlist report

The good thing is that Snoopreport shows the latest as well as old activities made on the watchlisted user’s account by the target person.

Download Report

After viewing the reports if you feel like downloading and saving them on your device so that you can have some proof then you can also do that. Click on the Download CSV button and get all the activities performed on the target person’s Instagram account.

download reports

The files will be downloaded in CSV format, it contains all the details such as likes, usernames, captions, verified or non-verified users, and much more.

snoopreport excel

How Much Does Snoopreport Cost?

Snoopreport comes with a competitive pricing plan which won’t cause an extra burden on your pocket. It has three plans which are named Personal, Small Bussiness, and Professional. These plans cost $4.99, $14.99, and $44.99 per month respectively. The main difference between these plans lies in the number of accounts you can track with them, the features you get on each plan remain the same.

snoopreport pricing

With the Personal plan, you can track 2 accounts. Whereas, with the Small business plan, 10 accounts can be tracked. Lastly, the Professional plan allows you to track 100 people at a time.

If you want to track your kid’s or girlfriend/boyfriend’s activity on Instagram then the Personal plan is sufficient. However, if you are a brand that wants to track multiple customers at one time then Small business and Professional plans are best suited for you.

Snoopreport Vs Glassagram: Instagram Tracker Comparison

Track private Instagram accountNoYesGlassagram can track private Instagram accounts
Monitor Instagram Without Installing AppYesYesBoth can track Instagram without installing app
Track DMsNoNoYou can't track DMs on both Instagram monitoring tools
View StoryNoYesYou can check the Instagram story of someone only on Glassagram
See LikesYesYesBoth offers this feature
User InterestYesNoOnly Snoopreport lets you see user interest
View CommentsNoYesSnoopreport cannot show you the comment made on Instagram but Glassagram does

Does Snoopreport Really Work? Final Verdict

So that was my Snoopreport review, the tool really works and it does track all the information related to one’s Instagram activity. The best part is that it is an online tool so you don’t have to download any app or software and you can use it from any device anytime you want. However, the problem is that it does not provide real-time data and you have to wait for one week time to see the activities. Nonetheless, it works as stated and that’s what matters the most. So finally, I would like to say that if you are looking to spy on someone through their Instagram handle then Snoopreport is the best tool for that.


1. Can You Track Private Accounts With Snoopreport?

No, you cannot track private accounts with Snoopreport it can only monitor public accounts.

2. Is Snoopreport Free?

No, Snoopreport is not a free tool. You have to pay for one of its plans based on your requirement if you want to track someone’s Instagram activity with this tool.

3. Is Snoopreport Safe?

Yes, it’s totally safe as it uses open sources to track users on Instagram.

4. Do You Need Instagram Username And Password To Track A User On Instagram?

You only need the username of the user you want to track using Snoopreport, you don’t necessarily need to know their password.

5. Does The User Know You Are Monitoring Them?

No, the user will never know that you are tracking them on Instagram using Snoopreport.



User Interface


Tracking Features


Ease Of Use








Time to show activity report


Value for Money



  • Very easy to use
  • Shows accurate reporting data
  • Lets you download reports in CSV format
  • You can track users anonymously
  • Watchlist features is very handy
  • You can easily track the interests of the users


  • No real-time data you have to wait 7 days for reports
  • Sometimes it may not track each and every activity
  • Cannot monitor private accounts
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