[Must See] Spy Apps That Take Screenshots Remotely On Android & iOS

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When your child or your spouse is stuck to their phone for a long time, you look at them with askance and wonder what’s going on in their phone?

Now all you want to do is, have a peek at their phone screen even if it’s for a split second.

But if they are engaged with something that’s not worth sharing with you, then you can’t have a peek on their phone manually.

Every time you try to look at their phone screen, they’ll either hide their phone or turn off their phone screen.

The best way to look at their phone screen is by remotely doing so with the help of spyware. Here I share with you the best spy apps that take screenshots remotely off Android or iPhone screens. Apart from capturing live screens, these spy apps can also show you the already captured screenshots and photos that are stored on the target cell phone. So are you ready to witness the best spy screenshot apps? If yes, then let’s get started!

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Best Spy Apps That Take Screenshots On Android

1. KidsGuard Pro

Your task of taking remote screenshots on Android will be done by the KidsGuard Pro app. There are plenty of spy screenshot apps that can do this job for you but I’m mentioning the KidsGuard Pro app because of its incomparable working.

App Installation And Setup

To work with KidsGuard Pro, you need to create an account on the app and install it on your lover’s phone.

To learn the installation and setup of KidsGuard Pro, you can go through our detailed review of the app. Once you are done with the installation and setup, the spyware is ready to take screenshots remotely.

Take Screenshots Remotely Off Android Phone Screen

To capture the remote screenshots of an Android phone, you need to go to the Capture Screenshots section of the app.

To see what all your spouse/lover or your child is watching or doing on their phone, click on the Take Screenshots option given at the top. By clicking on this option, you have given the command to the app to click snapshots of their phone screen.

how to take remote screenshots on android

In a few seconds now, you will notice the screenshots appearing on the app portal. These snapshots will be small in size but you can open them in full size with a single click.

The quality of the received screenshots is amazing. You’ll feel like you are looking directly at their phone screen and not on some portal of a third-party app.

By getting too many screenshots and using this feature multiple times, the number of screenshots available on the portal will be too many. This can make it hard for you to keep a track of the important screenshots.

But with the download feature of the app, you can keep the important screenshots saved with yourself.

full size of screenshots

The best thing about taking screenshots with KidsGuard Pro is its lightning speed. In just a few seconds, the app starts showing results. And this is not just applicable to the Capture Screenshots feature but also to remote call recording, spying on Snapchat, and all the app features in general.

Click Here to Try KidsGuard Pro

Spy On Already Captured Screenshots And Photos

Apart from capturing the target phone screen yourself, you can also have a sneak peek into the already captured screenshots stored on the target phone. These can be the screenshots they have captured by themselves or they have received from their friend over social media.

To do so you need to go to the Photos section on the KidsGuard Pro dashboard. With this, you can see all the photos including screenshots stored on the internal as well as external memory of the target device. The good thing is that the photos are stored in an app-wise manner which makes it easy to find the photos you are looking for. If you are not able to find some screenshots then you can click on the Sync button to manually sync the photos to your dashboard.

spy screenshot app

Apart from viewing the screenshots online on your KidsGuard Pro account, you can even download them as proof.

download the screenshots

2. iKeyMonitor

There’s no reason why someone doesn’t want to use KidsGuard Pro for taking discreet screenshots. But if you are still looking for an alternate spy app that takes screenshots to do this job for you, I would recommend iKeyMonitor.

To work with iKeyMonitor, you need to create an account and set up the app on the target Android phone. You can learn the iKeyMonitor installation in our detailed iKeyMonitor review.

On the portal of the iKeyMonitor app, you need to go to the Screenshots – app feature. Here you can see all the screenshots taken by iKeyMonitor from different apps.

screenshots by ikeymonitor

To keep the working of the feature clean, iKeyMonitor keeps all the screenshots of each app in separate folders. This type of classification makes the tracking of each screenshot easy.

You just need to open the folder of the particular app for which you want to check the screenshot instead of digging up the huge list of mixed screenshots.

By clicking on each screenshot, you can open it in full size. And to keep the screenshot personally safe with you, you can download it.

downloading screenshot with ikeymonitor

The quality of the screenshot is like the original phone screen. It means that you don’t need to make a guess as to what’s written, everything is clear and understandable.

The screenshots sync speed might not be as good as that of KidsGuard Pro, but it’s quite impressive. You don’t need to wait long for seeing what’s happening on the kid’s phone.

Note: Similar to KidsGuard Pro you can make use of this Android spy screenshot app to keep an eye on all their photos and screenshots that they have captured previously or received online.

Take Screenshots Remotely On iPhone?

Taking discreet screenshots is so much easy on Android. Just install the spy app that takes screenshots on the target phone and it will start capturing the screens for you. But it’s not that easy on an iPhone.

If your teen owns an iPhone and you want to see what they are doing on their phone, then you need to first jailbreak their iPhone.

Without jailbreaking, it’s not at all possible to capture remote screenshots from their phone secretly.

So if you can jailbreak their phone or if their phone is already jailbroken then taking the snapshots is possible.

iKeyMonitor app works with jailbroken iPhones. All the features that you use with Android phones, you can use all those features with a jailbroken iPhone too.

Without jailbreaking an iPhone, the only data you can see is the one available on the iCloud. Sometimes, even that data is not possible to extract.

Can Someone Remotely Screenshot My Phone? Final Verdict

After going through this article you must have a question in mind that can someone remotely screenshot my phone? The answer to the question is yes. Once someone has bugged your phone with a spy app that takes screenshots remotely, they can easily capture your phone screen without you knowing about it. So the crux of the matter is that you can capture someone’s phone screenshot using spyware and the opposite is also true.


Is There A Way To Take Screenshots On Android Phone Remotely?

Yes, there are spy apps that can take the remote access of the target Android phones and take screenshots of the phone screen.

Is There A Free App That Can Take Remote Screenshots Of The Android Phone?

No, you won't find any app that can click free screenshots for you of the target Android phone.

How Can I Take Screenshots From An iPhone?

The only way you can take screenshots from an iPhone is by jailbreaking the target phone.

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