Spy Gadgets To Catch A Cheater Without Their Phone

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Is everything not going well in your relationship and you really don’t know why? It may be because your partner does not love you the way they used to and who knows they might also be having an affair outside. If you feel that your partner is cheating on you then you should try to keep an eye o them so that you can find out the truth.

In such a scenario, most people including me will advise you to install a spy app on your spouse’s phone to track all their activities. However, sometimes it is not possible to get access to your husband or wife’s phone, especially when the relations are not good between both you. In that case, you can use spy gadgets to catch a cheater without their phone. Here I present to you the best spy gear to catch your cheating spouse red-handed.

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Spyware Vs Spy Device: Which One Is Better For Catching A Cheater?

Before we move on to the list of best spy equipment to catch a cheater, let’s take a quick look at the difference between spyware and spy gadgets to see which one is better when it comes to busting an act of adultery.

Starting off with spyware, it’s a very effective way to see what someone does on their phone. Once you have installed a spy app on their device you can read your husband’s messages, see their social media activities to find out who they are texting and also track their location without them knowing.

All seems good until you know that you have to install the spy app on the target device. Moreover, there is no remote way to do that, you have to have physical access to their device. The other problem with spy apps is that if your spouse uses an iPhone then you only get a few monitoring options to spy on them until you jailbreak their phone.

However, such an issue is not seen when you are using a spy device. It is because you don’t have to even touch their phone in order to keep an eye on them.

Different Spy Gadgets To Catch A Cheating Spouse

There are lots of spy devices available in the market but the most prominent ones are spy cameras, spy voice recorders, and hidden GPS devices. Let’s discuss these gadgets one by one.

1. Hidden Spy Camera

A hidden spy camera is the most used spy equipment to catch a cheating spouse. You can install a mini spy cam in your bedroom, living area, or anywhere in your house. With this, you can see who comes to meet the spouse once you are out of the house.

There are two types of spy cameras; the first one is the transmitting one and the second one is a non-transmitting one. A transmitting camera as the name suggests transmits the live recording feed to your smartphone or computer. Whereas the non-transmitting spy cam stores the recording in their inbuilt storage. You can see those recordings once you are back home.

Here are some cool spy camera gadgets you can use to catch an unfaithful spouse.

a) Indoor WiFi Camera – See Live Recording

spy gadget to catch a cheater

This spy camera comes with WiFi connectivity using which it transmits the live recording to your smartphone through its app. It comes disguised as a USB charger so that no one can know that it is a spy camera. Moreover, it does not just look like a charger but can actually charge a phone while recording the video in full HD resolution. You can check out this transmitting spy camera device here.

b) Hidden Photo Frame Camera – Non-Detectable 

catch a cheating spouse their phone

Can you believe that a photo frame can have a spy camera? No, right? Similarly, your spouse will also have no doubt that you are recording their activities using a spy camera that is fitted to the photo frame. It does not have WiFi so it cannot show you live recordings but it supports up to 32 GB of storage which stores all the day’s recordings in it.

The benefit of such non-transmitting hidden cameras is that they are not detected by bug detectors. If you are interested you can check it on Amazon.

c) Pen Camera – Affordable Spy Equipment To Catch A Cheating Spouse

camera pen

Just like a button spy camera, a pen camera like this one here is also a small spy gadget that your spouse will have no doubt about. You can smartly hide the pen camera in their belongings and see all their activities later. Also these days you can get a pen camera for an affordable price and hence anyone can afford it.

2. Spy Voice Recorder

A spy voice recorder unlike a spy camera does not record the visuals but only the audio of the target person. With a spy voice recorder, you can listen to what your spouse is saying even when you are not with them. Just like hidden cameras a spy voice recorder also comes in small size and can be disguised as a hell lot of things like a pen, keychain, and whatnot.

A spy voice recorder is generally of two types; the one that records the audio continuously until you turn them off. And the second one is activated through voice i.e. they only record when they listen to something. The second type of voice recorder is better as they save a lot of battery and memory. Here are a few good voice recorders to catch a cheating spouse.

a) TileRec – Best Voice Activated Recorder For Cheating Spouse

voice recorder

The TileRec is a small voice-activated audio recording device that only records when it senses an audio nearby. It is the thinnest voice recorder in the world so it will easily fit anywhere you want. You can put it in the laptop bag or pocket of your spouse to record their conversations without their knowledge.

The good thing about this spy voice recorder is that once fully charged it can last 1 full day. Also, its storage is big enough to store 145 hours of voice recording. You can check it out here.

b) Keychain Voice Recorder – Huge Recording Capacity

voice activated recorder cheating spose

If your partner drives, then you can gift them this keychain which comes with an activated voice recording feature. They won’t know it and it will record all their audios when they are out with someone. It has a huge capacity of 64 GB which enables it to record voices for up to 750 hours.

What’s good about this keychain recorder is that you can play the audio right from it using your earphone without any external player. If you are interested in this keychain voice recorder then check it out here.

3. GPS Tracking Devices

If you doubt that your spouse is coming home late because they are going to meet someone after office hours then you can bug them with a hidden GPS tracker device. A hidden GPS device can be installed on your spouse’s car, or you can keep it hidden in their office bag. Most of these GPS devices provide you a real-time data. So you can track the exact current location of your spouse and catch them red-handed.

a) Zeerkeer Mini GPS Tracker

mini gps device

The Zeerkeer mini GPS tracker is a highly accurate GPS tracking device that can help you locate your spouse on the go. It uses a GPS+LBS positioning system which makes it as accurate as ± 10m. It’s really small in size and comes with a magnetic back so it will easily stick to your partner’s car and will track all the locations they visit.

It can provide real-time updates with SMS, or on its app. Moreover, it comes with a geofencing feature that alerts you whenever your spouse enters or exits a virtual boundary set by you. Due to its small size, you can even put it in their bag or luggage and track them everywhere their car can’t go.

b) Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker – Discreet & Advanced

track cheating spouse

The Zeerkeer Mini GPS device I discussed earlier is an entry-level GPS tracker with limited features and life. However, Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker is one of the most advanced and durable devices in this segment. Moreover, due to its discreet design, it is easy to hide. Your spouse will not notice it if you keep it in their car, bike, or luggage.

Apart from tracking your spouse’s car, you can also use it as an anti-theft device for your car as it comes with motion and tilt alerts. You can get one for yourself from here.

4. Other Spy Gears

Apart from hidden cameras, voice recorders, and GPS devices, there are also other spy gear available to catch a cheating spouse. Some of those devices are as follows.

a) Physical Keylogger Device

physical keylogger

A physical keylogger device looks like a USB drive that gets connected to the computer and secretly records all the keystrokes pressed on the keyboard. The working of this device is similar to a keylogger for Windows.

You can connect this device to your spouse’s computer and then wait till they type anything on their keyboard. With the help of it, you can learn about what your partner is doing on their computer and read all their messages on various social media platforms. You can shop for a physical keylogger here.

b) Peephole Reverse


Does your partner keep themselves locked in a room most of the time when you are at home and don’t let you in? Then the peephole reverse is an exciting spy gadget to keep an eye on your partner. It provides a clear view of the entire room when you see through the door peephole using it.

This means you can see all your partner’s activities in their room without actually opening the door. If you see them talking to someone on phone then it’s an obvious sign that they might be cheating on you. It’s an affordable spy device to catch a cheating husband or wife and you must give it a try.

c) DJI Mavic Mini- Spy Drone

spy drone

Spy drones are actually a thing and they can also help you catch a cheater without their phone. The DJI Mavic is one of the smallest spy drone devices with an HD video recording facility. The best part about it is that it has a long range of up to 3 km which means you don’t have to go really close to your spouse to catch them in the act.

The best part about this mini spy drone that I personally like very much is that it can follow a person on its own. Overall, with this spy gadget, no cheater can be safe.

Which Spy Gear To Catch A Cheater Should I Go For?

Let me be honest with you, a single spy device may not be enough to catch a cheater. Especially if they are really smart. You can invest in multiple spy devices at once like a spy camera that will keep an eye on them at home. A voice recorder that will record their conversation when they are out of home and a GPS tracking device to track their location.

If you can have access to their phone then installing a spy app like FlexiSPY is the best option. It is because with a single app you can keep track of their location, read their messages, listen to call recordings, and do much more.


Can You Track Someone Without Their Phone?

Yes, using spy devices you can easily track someone even if you don't have access to their phone.

What Device Can I Use To Catch A Cheating Spouse?

You can use a spy camera, voice recorder, spy drones, or GPS tracking devices to catch a cheating spouse.

How Can I Catch My Cheating Husband Online?

The best way to do it is by installing a spy app on their phone. A spy app will monitor all their online activities and will inform you about it.

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