How To Spy On LINE Messenger: 3 Best Spy Apps Revealed

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You sweat your blood day and night to raise your teens as a gentleman. But the influence of all the nasty stuff is probably more on their minds than that of your virtuous teachings.

Most probably all your wise advice seems to be a cliche to them and their minds are swayed away by the things their online friends do.

Now the moment we mentioned online friends, all your attention is grabbed by popular apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, and others at the top of the list.

But what about the other not-so-popular apps like LINE? Did you ever bother to check what’s going on in their LINE account?

Monitoring their WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and other popular apps is good but leaving the apps like LINE behind is not what a wise and concerned parent would do.

That’s why for all wise parents and lovers, here’s how you can keep the LINE account of your loved ones under your guard using the best LINE spy apps.

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Quick Summary
It is possible to spy on LINE Messenger, however, there’s no free LINE spy app available as of now. If you want to check someone’s Line chats and messages then you need to get a LINE spy app such as KidsGuard Pro, uMobix, or mSpy. These apps are not free but they are totally worth it if you want to spy on someone’s LINE account without them knowing.

How Do You Track Someone On LINE App?

In order to track someone on the LINE app you need to have their username and password using which you can log into their account and track all their activities. However, you cannot use one LINE app on multiple devices. This means, if you log into someone’s LINE account on your device then they will be logged out of LINE on their device. This will alert them and they will know that someone is using their account. Even if you change their LINE password they will get suspicious that someone has hacked their account. Either way, you won’t be able to track someone on LINE app without them knowing.

But don’t worry there’s a way using which you can spy on LINE Messenger of someone without them knowing. The method I am referring to here is LINE spy apps. You can install a LINE tracker app on the target person’s phone and remotely track all their LINE activities without notifying them.

How To Spy On LINE App For Free?

You can spy on LINE app for free if you know the username and password of the target person. However, this method is not very practical because if you log into someone’s LINE account on your device then they will know about it. If you want to seriously spy on the LINE account of someone without their knowledge then you have to make use of LINE tracker apps. However, these apps are not free. So basically there’s no free way to spy on LINE app as of now. But don’t worry the apps I am recommending to you are totally worth every penny.

How To Spy On Someone’s LINE Account

There are many LINE trackers available online but not all of them are worth your time and money. In the following section of the article, I am going to recommend my 3 best LINE spy apps recommendations that are affordable as well as efficient.

1. KidsGuard Pro – Most Affordable LINE Tracker App

If you are spying on your spouse’s LINE account using KidsGuard Pro then it means you have given this duty to an expert.

KidsGuard Pro can extract all the LINE data that you always wanted to have a peek on.

For starting your LINE monitoring with KidsGuard Pro, you have to download and set up the app first. The setup process is quite hefty so if you are planning to use KidsGuard Pro for monitoring purposes, you can learn how to install KidsGuard Pro in my detailed review.

Once the installation is complete you are ready to spy on LINE app of your loved one.

You will find all the data related to LINE in the LINE section of the app that falls under the Social Apps heading.

how to spy on someone line account

All the data collected by KidsGuard Pro is in the form of screenshots and texts. This makes the tracking of conversations more effective as there’s no scope left for missing anything important.

If KidsGuard Pro misses taking a screenshot of a particular conversation, which is highly unlikely, you can still check it in the form of text.

conversation in text form

KidsGuard takes screenshots from almost every corner of the app. Be it the private chat, messages in groups, screenshots from the app setup page, and even the video calls, you will get data for each and everything.

As there’s a date and time stamp attached to each and every text and screenshot, you can always know when a particular conversation was carried out.

Initially, the screenshots are going to be small in size. But with a single click, you can open them in full size and check the main content of the screenshot.

full size line screenshot

With the given download icon at the bottom, it’s easy to save the screenshots locally to your device.

Most people planning to get a spy app are concerned about the time that the app is going to take for syncing the data on its online portal. If that’s your concern too then it’s time to let go of your worries.

There’s hardly any app available in the market that can give quicker results than KidsGuard Pro. The moment there’s some activity on the target person’s LINE account, you get the results instantly.

Click Here to Try KidsGuard Pro

Monitoring LINE Calls And Messages

2. uMobix – LINE Online Tracker

Here comes another LINE tracker app that works equally fantastic. uMobix gives updates within seconds. The moment your spouse takes an action on their LINE account, the very next moment you can see the results on the uMobix portal.

Just like KidsGuard Pro, uMobix needs to be set up on the target phone which will be puzzling for most people. But you can go through my detailed uMobix review to learn the setup process.

To check the calls and messages from LINE, you have to go to the LINE section of the app that you can see under the Social Apps heading.

private conversation on line

But if they are currently using the LINE app, you can see it on the top. As you can see, there’s an Online tag adjacent to LINE. This green Online tag indicates that the user is currently using the app.

So if you ever see them online on LINE, you can monitor their activities in real-time. That’s why it is the best LINE online tracker because it lets you know when the target person is online and using the LINE app on their phone.

group chat on line

While the target person is using LINE, you will receive countless screenshots on the uMobix portal remotely. Yes, there’s no limit to the number of screenshots that you will get.

Even the screenshots from the login page of LINE were available for you to check. So getting them from other sections like private conversations, group chats, and video calls should not blow your mind.

line video call tracking

The quality of the screenshots will make you feel like you are checking their activities directly on their phone instead of a portal of third-party software.

uMobix doesn’t give results in the form of text directly in the LINE section just like KidsGuard Pro. For the monitoring of the conversations in the form of text, you have to go to the Keylogger section of the app.

Click Here to Try uMobix

3. mSpy – Spy LINE Chats

Last but not the least, I have mSpy for you. It is a LINE chat spy app that lets you read all the LINE messages of the target person. You can go to the Social Networks > LINE on your mSpy account dashboard to remotely read all the chats that are done on the LINE app. While testing mSpy, I found that it may take some time to sync the recorded LINE chats, so be patient.

spy LINE chat

Besides that, it can also capture a screenshot of the phone screen when someone is using social media apps on their device which includes WhatsApp, Instagram, LINE, etc. However, in my test it was not able to provide LINE screenshots, maybe it was some technical glitch or there may be some issue with my target device.

screen recorder

Apart from the two methods discussed above, mSpy can also record the LINE chats using its keylogger. When you head over to its Keylogger section you will be able to read all the words that are typed on the LINE app of the target phone.


Overall, mSpy does a decent job at tracking LINE messages but I would still recommend you go either with KidsGuard Pro or uMobix. The simple reason is that they work better for tracking the LINE app than mSpy.

Click Here to Try mSpy

Are LINE Tracker Apps Worth It?

Yes, LINE tracker apps are totally worth it because they let you spy on LINE chats and activities of the target person without them knowing. I know these apps are not free but they provide value for their price. If you are serious about tracking the LINE account of your kids, spouse, or partner without their permission then you have no better option other than using a LINE spy app.

All of the apps I have recommended to you provide a free demo so you can check how the app works before actually purchasing their plans. It is a good thing considering you don’t have to pay before knowing how the app works.


What Is The Best App To Spy On Someones LINE Account?

Both KidsGuard Pro and uMobix work perfectly when it comes to the monitoring of the LINE account.

Is There Any Free App To Spy On LINE conversations?

No, there is no app that can let you monitor the LINE account for free.

Do I Need To Root The Target Android Phone For Spying On LINE Activities?

No, there is no rooting requirements for monitoring LINE account of someone on their Android phone.

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