How To Spy On Someone In Another Room?

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Spying on your neighbors, friends, or classmates is comparatively easier when compared to spying on someone who lives far away from you like your distant lover. However, if you are not careful or you don’t know the right way to monitor someone’s activity without them knowing then you can’t even spy on someone living next door. Don’t worry in this article I will throw some light on how you can spy on someone in another room. It can be your child, roommate, colleague, or anyone else who you want to remotely track without their knowledge.

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How To Spy On Someone In Another Room?

You must have heard the phrase “Walls Have Ears” which means “be careful what you say as someone may be listening”. But it’s not always possible to listen to everything that is being said on the other side of the wall. Hence you need special tools like spy gadgets or spy apps to monitor someone’s activity in another room. Here’s how you can listen to a conversation in another room or see what’s happening there.

1. Spy On Someone In Another Room Using Spy Gadgets

You can easily find different types of hidden cameras like pen cameras, button cameras, etc, and eavesdropping devices that are very small in size. With these devices, you can easily spy on someone in their room. You just need to hide the devices in a way that the person does not know about them.

You can read my previous article on how to hide a spy camera in a room to never get caught. Once the camera or microphone is properly hidden, you can now easily spy on someone in another room. It’s up to you, you can either go for a transmitting spy device or the ones that record everything and store the recordings in their internal storage.

If you want to spy on them in real-time then transmitting spy devices are to go for. However, if you are fine with recording the activities and seeing them later then non-transmitting spy devices are better. Also, non-transmitting spy devices are generally more affordable than transmitting once and are also hard to detect by a bug detector. So, choose accordingly!

2. Spy On Someone Using Spyware

If you find it hard to spy on someone using a spy gadget then you can also use spy apps to monitor someone in another room. You can either install the spy app on their phone or you can use your old phone camera to spy on them. You just need to install the app on your old phone and then secretly place it in their room. After that, you can remotely listen to their conversations and see live videos of them.

The app best suited for this purpose is TheOneSpy. It comes with a lot of advanced features but the feature that can really help you spy on someone in another room is View 360. With this feature, you can hack the camera and microphone of the target device which allows you to remotely listen to their conversation or see what they are doing.

Once everything is set up, you can log in to your TheOneSpy dashboard, and from there go to the View 360 section.

view 360

Here, you can choose to view the live streaming of the room from the front of the back camera of the phone. The video quality is high definition and the audio is also crystal clear. This means you can clearly see what the other person is doing without you having to peep into their room.

spy on someone in their room

Besides this, you can also record the live audio using the phone microphone. Remember for recording the audio and video remotely the phone must be connected to the internet all the time. Even if the phone is in sleep mode, the app will still be able to track everything just fine.

Apart from the live video and audio recording, you can also create a bug to record the audio and video using the phone microphone and camera for a specific time interval whenever you want. These recordings will show on your TheOneSpy account dashboard. From there you can download them as proof which is not possible with the live recording.

listen to a conversation in another room

It’s better if you could install the spy app on the target person’s phone who is living in another room. In that way, you can not just listen to their conversations and see what they are doing. But you can track a lot of other things as well like record their cellular and VoIP calls, read their SMS and social media chats, track their location, and much more. You can learn how to use it in my TheOneSpy review.

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These days you can easily spy on someone with a spy recording device that comes at an affordable price. You can also use spy apps to record their activities remotely. It is better if you could install the app on the person’s phone whom you want to track. This way you can track them all the time even when they are not in the room. If you cannot get access to their phone then you can rather install the spy application on your own phone and then plant it in their room.


Can You Spy On Someone Without Access To Their Phone?

Yes, you can spy on someone without access to their phone by using spy gadgets like hidden cameras and microphones.

How Can I Remotely Access Another Phone?

You can remotely access another phone by installing a third-party spy app on it. However, you will need access to their phone for once to install the app.

Can You Spy On Someone In Their Room?

Yes, with the help of spy apps and gadgets you can spy on someone in their room without them knowing.

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