How To Spy On Someone In Their Car

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Your child is no more a kid now who enjoyed playing with the Hot Wheels toys. Now they are grown-ups and own an actual Hot Wheels-like car.

But how fast they ride, what they do in their car, with whom they roam every day, don’t all these questions bother you?

Yes, of course, they bother you. But you might feel helpless and wonder if there’s some way you can track all the car activities of your kids.

Surprise surprise!! There are a lot of ways to track your child’s driving.

And why just your kids if you doubt that your spouse is going on a long drive with their significant other without your knowledge then you can also track them in their car.

All you need are the best tools and software to spy on someone in their car that will make you feel like you are inside the car yourself and not just tracking it remotely.

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How To Spy On Someone In Their Car

1. Spy Camera For Car

how to monitor someone inside car

Suppose you found some pieces of cigarette buds in your teen’s car, or maybe some bottles of finished beers. And when you interrogate the teen about it, they get numb for a moment and then say that a friend of theirs borrowed the car yesterday.

You will believe in what they say, but somewhere in your mind, you doubt what they say. And now you wonder if they are engaged in booze, drugs, rash driving, and the company of the wrong people.

Knowing the truth is possible if you have a hidden camera installed in the car. With a good quality hidden camera placed at the right spot, you can track it secretly and know what is going on in the car.

Surprisingly, you might find your child in the company of people they should avoid.

But while choosing a camera for spying on their car activities, make sure you go for the one that’s highly unnoticeable, has good camera quality, and works wirelessly.

If you don’t know how to hide a camera in your car then you can read this article on how to hide a camera in your car.

2. Sound Recorders

voice recording of car

Along with the video, recording their surrounding sounds and listening to their plans is the icing on the cake. Past few weeks, you are noticing your child or your spouse is under stress and it feels like they are in some trouble.

But whenever you ask about the issue, they tell you that everything’s fine.

Maybe after bugging the car with a sound recorder, you hear them discussing the issue with one of their close friends. And who knows, you have a good solution to their problem as well.

But similar to a camera, make sure the sound recorder is small in size. Plus, it should be placed at some unnoticeable spot in the car.

On Amazon, you will even find a hidden camera pen with a built-in audio recording feature.

One more thing more that you should keep in mind while selecting spy equipment for a car is that it should not make any kind of noise. Any beeping, alarm, or even buzzing sound is not acceptable. This might make them aware that they are being tapped, and it can be troublesome for you.

3. GPS Locator

gps tracking

If you choose a good GPS tracker for your loved one’s car, it will not just keep a track of the current and visited locations, but it can do much more than you think.

First of all, good GPS trackers are completely hidden. They have powerful magnets at the bottom and you can stick them below the car where no one can notice them.

With continuous updates on the current location, your teen can never lie to you about their whereabouts.

Some high-quality GPS trackers even have features using which you can know about the speed of the car. This feature is highly useful if you think your child drives their car rashly.

GPS tracking of the vehicle is not just useful for monitoring your loved ones, but it’s great for anti-theft too. If your car gets stolen, you can continuously monitor its location. The thief will be unaware of the trouble they have taken on their head.

Obviously, you don’t have the whole day to monitor where the car is. But car stealing can be done anytime, with high chances at night.

Some trackers have the geo-fence feature built-in. Just set the target area, and whenever your car goes out or comes in that area, you’ll immediately get notified about that.

Make sure the tracker you purchase has good battery life.

4. Spyware For Cars

spy on car with spy apps

Installing a camera, sound recorder, or GPS tracker might not be possible for some of you. But no matter what, the tracking of their car is important if you think it is not used as it should be, or there’s something they are hiding from you.

Using a spy app is your best and last option in that case.

If you can somehow take their smartphone handy and install a hidden spy app, your job is done. Or you can also install spyware on your spare phone and hide it in their car. Good working spyware for car can perform a job of a hidden camera, sound recorder, and GPS tracker alone.

These apps require plenty of permissions for working on the target phone. And due to these given permissions, you can get remote access to the target phone’s camera and you can click the photos and record the videos of the car remotely.

Similarly, a spy app makes it possible to get remote access to the phone’s mic and record the sounds in the car.

The location tracking feature comes into use when you want to know the location of the car. Your teen might ask for the car to attend the classes, but instead, they are out on the road chilling with their buddies in the car. But by tracking their location continuously, you will know the truth.

But as there are hundreds of spy apps available in the market, choosing the right one might be difficult. So keep in mind that you go for the best spy app for Android or the best one for iPhone, depending on the operating system the target person uses.

5. Track the Car By Its License Plate

It sounds like an impossible task, but actually, it is possible to track a car’s location by its number plate. However, it’s really a tough job to accomplish but if you have the right resources and skills for the task then you must go with it.

How To Put Spy Devices In Car? Final Verdict

Spying on someone in their car might sound like an easy task, but it’s not. There are various associated risks that might have some harsh consequences.

But if you play your card right, you can spy on the car’s activities, without getting yourself into trouble.

Just make sure to put the hidden camera or the sound recorder in an unnoticeable place. And it does not make any kind of beeping sound.

When it comes to the GPS tracker, it should be well to work with, meaning, it should update the location instantly. Similar to the camera and sound recorder, the GPS tracker should also be easily hidden and should not make any noise.

Try to get a recorder that has a powerful magnet below it and can get attached to the car.

If you think installing a spy app on their device is a better option, then look for the features like location tracking, sound recording, and video recording. Keep in mind that these features should work perfectly as well.


Where Should I Install A Hidden Camera In My Car?

According to us, the best place to hide the camera is behind the air ventilation. Just remove the chamber, place the camera and then place the chamber again.

What Gadgets Can I Use To Track The Activities In The Car

By using a hidden camera, you get get a view of activities going on in the car. By using a sound recorder, you can listen to what they are talking about.

Are GPS Trackers Noticeable?

If you place a GPS tracker below the car, it won't come to the notice of the target person.

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