How To Spy On Someone Using Gmail Account

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Gmail is one of the most popular Email clients used in professional settings as well as normal day-to-day use. If you are looking to monitor your employees or want to track your spouse or child’s online activities then it is crucial for you to hack their Gmail account. Don’t worry you don’t need technical skills in order to spy on someone using their email address. All you need is monitoring software that you have to install on someone’s device on which they access their Gmail, it could be their cell phone or PC.

If you are still confused about how to spy using a Gmail account then keep reading the article as I am going to share some Gmail tracking tools that will help you spy on someone using their Gmail account. So without wasting any more time, let’s dig into it.

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Quick Summary
It is possible to spy on someone using their Gmail account. However, you have to make use of Gmail spy software for that because manually spying on someone’s email in Gmail is not possible without them knowing. Some of the best spy apps for Gmail are FlexiSPY, iKeyMonitor, and MoniVisor.

How Can I Spy On Someone Using Their Google Account?

In order to spy on someone using their email address, you need email tracking software that you have to install on the target person’s device. Once the app is installed on their device the next time whenever the target person receives or sends an email you will be able to read it remotely on your Gmail spy app account. This is the best way to monitor employee emails in Gmail and log into someone’s Gmail without notifying them.

With the Gmail spy software I am going to share, you can not only track someone’s Gmail account but also track their location and see their web search history, text messages, social media activities, etc.

How To Spy On Someone Using Gmail Account?

1. Track Someone’s Gmail Account Using FlexiSPY

Tracking Gmail is not something that one would like to do just for fun. If you want to track someone’s Gmail account then you are surely doing it to reveal some serious truth.

That’s why you need a Gmail hack app that does not leave any scope for errors and omissions. Here’s FlexiSPY, an app that will keep you up to date with all the new emails that your spouse receives.

How does FlexiSPY do that? By giving you remote access to all their emails in Gmail. Let’s discuss in detail how this Gmail spy software works.

For using FlexiSPY, you have to go through a hefty process first which includes creating a FlexiSPY account, purchasing an app service, installing the app on the app, and so on.

But you don’t need to get all riled up. We will explain everything in detail so you can successfully spy on someone using a Gmail account.

Setting Up FlexiSPY On Your Device

1. Go to the official website of FlexiSPY and purchase the services of FlexiSPY by clicking on the Buy Now option.

purchasing flexispy

2. On the next page you have to select the type of device that you need to monitor. In our case, we are selecting Android.

select device for monitoring

3. Finally make the payment and now you have your FlexiSPY account with you.

Now it’s time you get the target smartphone handy for installing the FlexiSPY app on it. You just need physical access to the target phone for installation. Once that’s done, the tracking of emails from Gmail can be done remotely.

Changing Play Store Settings

Before we discuss the installation and setup of FlexiSPY, you need to disable Play Protect.

You can do so by going to Play Store and navigating to the Hamburger icon > Play Protect > Turn Off “Scan apps with Play Protect”

changing play store settings

After toggling off this option, your spouse will not get any notifications related to FlexiSPY.

Setting Up FlexiSPY App On The Target Phone

1. It’s time to download the FlexiSPY app now. Go to the app downloading page of FlexiSPY, i.e, Check the box that says I am a customer and I have a license code.

flexispy download page

2. Now select the View all software option.

view all devices

3. Time to select the type of device that the target person owns. We are choosing Android just like we did while setting up our own device.

select target phone type

4. Once the app is downloaded, you need to INSTALL it.

flexispy installation

5. To proceed further, check the consent box and select CONTINUE.

license agreement from flexispy

6. You have to ACTIVATE the device administrator after that.

device administrator settings

7. For making the app run in the background, you have to tap on ALLOW option on the next screen.

allow app to run in background

8. After making an account on FlexiSPY, you might have received a license key on your registered email. You have to put that license key in the given box and tap on ACTIVATE.

license key

9. For the successful working of the app, you have to give certain permissions to the app. This includes location, contacts, MMS, SMS, and so on.

necessary permissions

10. If you don’t want your girlfriend/boyfriend to know that you are monitoring their Gmail messages then you have to hide the app icon by tapping on YES.

make app invisible

With this, the setup is complete on your lover’s phone. Now go back to the FlexiSPY app and log in to the app for checking their Gmail account remotely.

login to flexispy

Spying On Emails From Gmail

On the initial login, you will be on the dashboard of FlexiSPY. In order to keep a track of Gmail, you have to go to the Emails section of the app.

Here you will see all the Gmail messages that your lover sent and received before and after the installation of the FlexiSPY app.

list of gmails

The green and red arrows indicate that whether a Gmail was received or sent.

After reading a particular email you might wonder about the time it was sent or received. It’s possible with the accurate date and time stamp available with each email.

We all have a huge list of emails, don’t we? The same is the case with your spouse’s Gmail account. Due to this, it might get hefty to find the emails you are looking for as there are hundreds of unwanted emails as well.

But for keeping the Emails section clean, you can delete the unwanted messages using the bin icon available on the left.

The suspicious email that you were looking for is located and now you want to know each and every detail about what it was related to.

By simply clicking on an email, you can open it in full size. Now you can read the full content of the email including the subject of the mail, date, and time, and even view the attachment that was included in the email.

how to spy on someone gmail account

So that’s how you can read any of the Gmail messages that are there on the phone of your loved ones. Using FlexiSPY for this purpose is a perfect choice as it makes all the emails available be it after the installation of the app or before the installation.

The quick and accurate results of the FlexiSPY further make it an attraction to the eye.

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To learn more about FlexiSPY and its features read this detailed review.

2. Spy On Someone Using Their Email Address With iKeyMonitor

FlexiSPY knows how the job is done. But if you are still looking for an alternative that is equally capable of tracking the Gmail account then it’s certainly iKeyMonitor.

Just like FlexiSPY, you have to create an account on iKeyMonitor and install the app on the target phone. You can learn about setup and a lot more details about iKeyMonitor in our review. Once you are on the online portal of the app, go to the Gmail section of the app.

gmail tracking ikeymonitor

All the emails that exist in the target phone are available on the left side. If you click on any of the emails, its full content will open on the right side.

With the given date and time stamp, it’s easy to know when was a particular Gmail message received or sent.

If the list of emails is too long then it’s better to filter your search and save your precious time. You can filter the emails with the type you are looking for, that is, text, voice, image, or attachments.

The data sync speed might be a bit less than that of FlexiSPY but it’s not like iKeyMonitor will take an eternity to load the new emails.

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How To Spy On Someone’s Gmail Account On PC?

In order to spy on someone’s computer to read their emails you need Gmail spy software that works on computers. MoniVisor is one such software that can help you with it. It only works on Windows computers so you cannot spy on Mac with it.

Once the software is installed on the target computer you need to go to your MoniVisor dashboard and go to the Gmail section. Here you will be able to spy on someone’s Google account remotely.

gmail spyware

Apart from Gmail, you can even track someone’s email in Outlook and Yahoo emails using this software.

Besides that, there’s a Windows keylogger available on this platform as well. It will allow you to read the emails that are missing from the webmail section.

Apart from tracking emails, it also offers lots of other features such as search history, software used, download history, etc. You can check my detailed MoniVisor review to explore them.

Overall if you are looking for the best Gmail spyware for computer then MoniVisor is the software to get.

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Why Should You Monitor Gmail Account?

We accept that monitoring the Gmail account is not as necessary as monitoring social media and instant messaging apps.

But that said, it can reveal thousands of things about the target person that you would have never got to know by tracking the social media and other sections of the phone.

Gmail tracking can make you aware of the type of websites that your spouse has subscribed to, what is going on in their office, what they order from retail websites, and much more.

And maybe you have your own personal reasons for spying on Gmail as well. But the crux of the matter is, never to leave the Gmail account unchecked.


How To Log Into Someones Gmail Account Without Notifying The Owner?

If you want to spy on someones Gmail account without letting the other person know, you can do that using a good spy app like FlexiSPY and iKeyMonitor.

Do I Need To Root The Target Phone For Checking Their Gmail Messages?

Using FlexiSPY and iKeyMonitor, you do not need to root the target phone for monitoring Gmail activities.

What Is The Best App For Spying On Someones Gmail Account?

FlexiSPY is the best app for spying on a Gmail account. It does not require rooting and the results are quick.

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