How To Spy On Someone’s Google Hangouts Account

With billions of people using Hangouts from all over over the world, what are the odds that your loved ones are only talking to genuine Hangouts users?

Now you must be thinking that your teens can only talk on Hangouts with people who are in their contact list or the ones whose Email ID they know.

But how much certain you are that everyone in their contact list is true gentlemen? Your lover might have added someone on Hangouts without knowing about their true evil intentions.

So it’s your duty to make sure that your teen or your loved ones are always safe while using Hangouts. Even if you have to spy on their Google Hangouts account for that, it’s worth it.

If you are also interested to spy on someone’s Gmail account then check out this tutorial.

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How To Spy On Someone’s Hangouts Account?

You will find a bazillion of ways on the internet to monitor the Hangouts account. But there’s no certainty that those tricks are going to work for sure.

In fact, you might get caught by your spouse snooping in their Hangouts account.

But if you are using a spy app like uMobix for monitoring purposes, you not just close the gates for getting caught but also spy on their Hangouts account like you would do it in real-time.

Setting Up uMobix On Your Device

uMobix is an app that can suck up all the information that exists on the target phone. No normal app can do that. So the process of its installation is also going to be quite different from that of the other apps.

1. Using any browser, go to the official website of uMobix and click on the TRY IT NOW option that you see on the top.

creating account on umobix

2. Next you have to enter the email address with which you want to create your uMobix account.

email for creating account

3. Select the type of device that the target person owns. In our case, we are choosing Android.

choosing device type

4. Now you have to choose a plan for yourself and make a payment. Once the payment is done, you will get an email with your log-in credentials.

5. uMobix will provide you with a set of instructions including the registration code. Keep this registration code handy as it will be needed to set up the target phone.

setup instructions

Setup On The Target Device

Once you are done with the setup process on your device, it’s time to take the cell phone of your teen handy and set up uMobix on it.

NOTE: Disable the Play Store option and enable the unknown sources option before following the setup process.

1. Using any browser on the target phone, go to the app installation URL ( of uMobix.

2. You have to pass a certain captcha in order to start the downloading of the app. Click on the DOWNLOAD option after that.

downloading umobix

3. Now simply click on NEXT and start with the installation of uMobix.

start with installation

4. You can read the EULA and privacy policy if you want then tap on AGREE TO EULA.

license agreement

5. For the complete monitoring of the Hangouts account and other activities of the phone, you have to give certain permissions to uMobix. Simply tap on GRANT PERMISSION.

giving permissions to umobix

6. Let’s start with giving permissions now. These permissions include access to photos, locations, media files, SMS, calls, contacts, and so on.

access to photos and media

7. Time to enable the keylogger by tapping on ENABLE KEYLOGGER TRACKING.

enable keylogger

8. You need to change the accessibility settings under User Accounts by toggling on the button.

change accessibility settings

9. To capture everything that appears on the phone screen of your spouse, you need to enable the display recorder by tapping on START NOW.

display recorder settings

10. To make the uMobix app undetectable, you have to choose the option to Hide application icon.

hide application icon

11. Finally you need to enter the registration code that uMobix provided to you. Simply tap on COMPLETE REGISTRATION and with this the setup on the target phone is complete.

enter registration code

Now go back to your own device and open the uMobix online portal for tracking the activities of your girlfriend/boyfriend Hangouts account remotely.

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Tracking Hangouts Activities

Once the target person opens their Hangouts account, uMobix instantly starts to take countless screenshots and upload them on its online portal.

For you to check these screenshots, you have to go to the Hangouts section of the uMobix app.

sharing media on hangout

One thing that makes the tracking of Hangouts activities with uMobix quite unique is that you can always know when the target person is currently online on the Hangouts app.

tracking hangout activities

Once they are online, you will see a green online tag popping adjacent to the Hangouts feature.

With uMobix there’s hardly anything that you can miss tracking. As the screenshots are continuously taken, you will never miss reading a conversation.

The frequency and consistency of the screenshots can be judged by the fact that uMobix starts taking screenshots from the login page of Hangouts.

Be it the private conversation with someone, the settings page of Hangouts, groups, or anything that you can possibly think of, screenshots will be taken from every corner of the app.

hangouts settings

As the screenshots are large in size and good in quality, you won’t face any problem spying on Hangouts with uMobix.

Seeing a particular message you might get curious when was that message sent by your boyfriend/girlfriend. As uMobix captures the phone screen so obviously the time is available for you to check from right inside the screenshot.

how to spy on Google hangouts activities

After spending long hours on Hangouts by your teen, you will have a huge bundle of screenshots to check. And if you find something intolerable, you should definitely save it somewhere for its easy access.

With continuous new screenshots, you might lose them somewhere and have to spend hours looking for that particular screenshot. But you can easily save it locally on your device by simply right-clicking on a screenshot.

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Substitute App For Monitoring Google Hangouts Activities

uMobix aced the tracking of Hangouts activities and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for it. But if you are still looking for a alternative then our next suggestion for you would be Hoverwatch.

Hoverwatch is not perfect like uMobix but it won’t disappoint you either.

Once your lover starts using the Hangouts app on their phone, Hoverwatch starts to take remote screenshots and upload them on its online portal from time to time.

monitoring hangouts activity with hoverwatch

When it comes to the data sync speed, Hoverwatch is an average joe. Like most spy apps, Hoverwatch will take 5-6 minutes in uploading the new data.

The screenshots given by Hoverwatch are of high quality so you won’t face issues understanding what’s given inside a screenshot.

Initially, the screenshot will be small in size but by clicking on it you can open it in full size. The time when a message was sent or received can also be checked.

full size screenshot

Tracking Of Google Hangouts Account  Activity On PC

hangouts chats on pc

Given the fact that the Hangouts app is used by millions of people just on their PC, it becomes a necessity to spy on someone’s Hangouts account opened on a computer device.

The best app for this job is pcTattletale. With its unique but impressive monitoring style, pcTattletale can track the activities of your lover’s Hangouts account with a swift.

With pcTattletale’s Live Viewing feature, whenever the target person opens their Hangouts account, you can see that remotely on pcTattletale’s online portal.

All their Hangouts activities will be viewable, even if they are doing personal chat, chats in groups, sending media, or anything else.

spy on hangouts on PC

If you don’t find what you’re looking for while you’re online then just go offline and relax. pcTattletale will be recording all their activities. Now check their activities once you’re online again.

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Which Hangouts Spy App Is Better?

Being a backseat driver and giving suggestions is easy but finally making a choice among the given suggestions is hard.

But won’t worry, we aren’t going to leave you in the middle of nowhere.

Among the given two apps, your final choice should definitely be uMobix. And the reason for choosing uMobix is simply because of its quick data sync speed.

As compared to uMobix, the data sync speed of Hoverwatch blows chunks.

Other than the data sync speed, everything about Hoverwatch is also flawless. But still, uMobix raises the bar a bit higher.

When it comes to monitoring of Hangouts on a PC then your first choice should be pcTattletale.


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Using the spy apps like uMobix and Hoverwatch, it's easy to know if your lover uses Hangouts or not.

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With the help of spy apps like uMobix and Hoverwatch, you can easily read all the conversations done by the target person on Hangouts.

Can I Spy On Google Hangouts For Free?

No, there's no way you can spy on someone's Hangouts account for free.

Do I Need To Root The Target Phone For Monitoring Hangouts Activities On It?

No, there's no need to root the target phone for monitoring its Hangouts activities.

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