How To Spy On WhatsApp Messages And Calls Without Root Remotely

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WhatsApp is the leading instant messaging platform that is used for chatting, sharing photos and videos and sending documents, etc.

The app is used by billions of people around the globe. And the reason for such an immense user base is that WhatsApp can be blindly trusted when it comes to privacy.

But can we trust the people using WhatsApp, just like we trust WhatsApp? Obviously no. And for the same reason, the parents feel quite uncomfortable while allowing their kids to use WhatsApp.

So what to do now? Well, tracking the kid’s/lover’s WhatsApp account is the only option you are left with.

Now, as we are talking about monitoring, there are hundreds of options available. So which should you go for?

Just like you prefer WhatsApp for texting, in the same way, you can choose KidsGuard Pro for monitoring.

KidsGuard For WhatsApp is a dedicated WhatsApp spy software that provides you with instant updates on all the activities going on in someone’s WhatsApp account without having to root the cell phone. It assures that you won’t miss a bit while tracking their WhatsApp account, be it text messages, photos, videos or even WhatsApp calls.

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How To Spy On Someone’s WhatsApp Messages And Calls Without Rooting?

KidsGuard Pro for WhatsApp is really easy to use and provides an interface that makes your WhatsApp monitoring very simple. But if you’re using KidsGuard Pro for the first time, you might find its setup a bit difficult. So here are the steps that you need to follow for the effective monitoring of someone’s WhatsApp account.

Setting Up Of Your/Parents Device

To safeguard your loved ones by tracking their WhatsApp account, you need to set up your own device first.

1. Head to the official site of KidsGuard For WhatsApp and click on the big Buy Now button.

buy kidsguard pro for whatsapp

2. You’ll be headed to the next page where you need to select the plan to monitor your partner. As you are only purchasing a service to monitor WhatsApp and not anything else on the target phone, you’ll be charged very less. Going for the 3 months or 12 months plan can save you a lot of bucks.

3. On the next page, you need to make a payment by adding all the details like email id, and credit card details for successfully purchasing a plan.

details for purchase

4. Once the payment is done, you will get a confirmation email on the email that you registered.

Now it’s time to take the target device handy and setup the KidsGuard For WhatsApp on their phone.

App Installation On Your Partner’s Phone

1. Start with opening the official link ( for downloading KidsGuard For WhatsApp and Slide right to download the app.

download kidsguard pro app

2. Confirm the installation of software by tapping on INSTALL.

installing the app

3. Continue installing the software by agreeing to EULA &Privacy Policy by tapping on Agree.

eula and privacy policy

4. Using the same credentials (used for setting up the parent device above) Sign in on the kid’s device.

login on kidsguard for whatsapp

5. Time to enter the child’s information whom you want to monitor. Even if you want to monitor your spouse or partner who’s obviously not a child, you still need to enter the age from 5-18. Tap on Next after filling the information.

target details

6. Next, you have to turn off the Google Play Protect to avoid notifications which flag KidsGuard for WhatsApp as malicious, harmful, dangerous, etc. Tap on Proceed to Settings.

settings to disable play protect

Tap on the gear icon on the next page and then toggle off the button that says Scan apps with Play Protect.

play store gear icon

7. Next, you have to turn on the Accessibility settings by tapping on Proceed to Settings. You need to tap on WhatsApp Service and toggle on the button that says WhatsApp Service.

giving accessibility permission

8. Activate App Supervision (usage access) by tapping on Proceed to Settings. Tap on WhatsApp Service and toggle on the button to enable usage access.

usage access for kidsguard for whatsapp

9. Activate Notification Access to let the app check for WhatsApp notifications by tapping on Proceed to Settings. Tap on Activate on the next page

provide notification access

10. Activate device administrator by tapping on Activate.

activate device administrator

11. Time to activate Storage Access by tapping on Proceed to Settings.

activate storage access


11. Activate the Call Recording of WhatsApp calls by simply tapping on Allow.

call recording permission

12 You need to Ignore the Battery Optimization by Tapping on Proceed to Settings.

kidsguard for whatsapp battery optimization

13. Enable the app to run in the background by tapping on Proceed to Settings. Toggle on the button in front of WhatsApp Service.

background power consumption settings

14. Next, turn on Autostart by tapping on Proceed to Settings. This will automatically restart the app once the phone is switched on again.

enable autostart

With this, KidsGuard For WhatsApp is successfully installed on the target device to track all the activities going on in their WhatsApp. Tap On Start Monitoring to complete the process and hide the app.

start monitoring

Now go back to your device on the page where you left and scroll down and click on Verify Setup.

verify setup

Start Tracking WhatsApp Remotely

KidsGuard’s Dashboard is a place where you can see all the basic information related to the target phone’s WhatsApp.

On top, you will see the basic information about your plan and some basic information about your spouse’s phone.

In Account & Order Info, you will see the information like Account ID, Notification Email, Plan (monthly, quarterly, or yearly), Expiration Date of the plan, and Auto-Renewal (if enabled or not).

device information on dashboard

Similarly, in Device Info, you will see the name of the Device, Model, OS version, Battery Level, Device Status (online or offline), and WiFi (on or off).

Scrolling the screen will give you some information about the name of the users with whom Top 8 WhatsApp Calls and Top 8 WhatsApp Messages were done by the target.

spy on whatsapp - dashboard top calls and messages

WhatsApp Screen Time (Last 7 Days) will show you the total time that was spent by the kid on WhatsApp. Initially, you will see a bar indicating the use of WhatsApp, hovering on the bar will reveal the hours or minutes spent.

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How To Spy On WhatsApp Messages

track whatsapp chats

The core reason for using WhatsApp is related to chatting and having a text conversation. So the first feature of KidsGuard For WhatsApp that you should know about is the tracking of WhatsApp Chats.

The feature is present just below the Dashboard option and you need to click on it to get the list of all the WhatsApp messages that your lover is having with others.

On the left side, you will see all the names of the contacts that share a WhatsApp conversation with your target. Clicking on any of the contacts will reveal all the chit chat they are having.

Once KidsGuard For WhatsApp is installed on their device all the conversations can be seen by you even if it’s from previous years.

You should know that a contact name and the chats done by the target person with that contact will not be revealed until and unless the target person opens that chat on WhatsApp on their device. Once they open the chat even for once after the installation of the spy app, from now on, all the chats will be updated automatically. For instance, there’s an old WhatsApp conversation between Sam and the target person. After the installation of KidsGuard For WhatsApp, there’s no new chat between Sam and the target person, and neither the target person has opened that old chat. So you won’t be able to see the previous chat on the portal. But once the target person opens Sam’s chat, all the previous and new WhatsApp chats between the two can be seen by you remotely on your KidsGuard Pro account.

Each and every word that your spouse/girlfriend sends or receives can be quickly seen on the portal with 100% accuracy.

With each conversation, you will see a date and time stamp attached to it. And the time and date you will see on the chats are completely accurate.

With a Search bar given on the top of every chat, you can search for the words that you think can reveal the cat out of the bag. These words can be like, date, dating, meet, catch up, drugs, and so on.

But the search bar is case sensitive. So if the user has typed “Date” and you are searching for “date”, you won’t see any results.

You can use the Sync button to update the new chats every time you want to check their conversation.

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How To Track WhatsApp Calls Without Root

There are two sections that you will find in KidsGuard For WhatsApp which are related to calls.

The first section comes by the name WhatsApp Calls, and the other one by the name Call Recording.

Giving an unbiased review of the app, we need to tell you that there was nothing we could see in the WhatsApp Calls section. It was completely blank in our case.

But coming to the Call Recording section, it was not like WhatsApp Calls. The recordings of all the WhatsApp calls are available here which were done after the app was installed.

spy on WhatsApp calls without root

The app shows the name of the contact with whom the call was done, including the Date & Time of the call. You can either Play the recording right on the portal or Download it to listen offline.

But as we said it’s an unbiased review here’s one more truth that you should know. The call recording that was done by KidsGuard For WhatsApp records only the voice of the target person.

The voice of the other person was not at all audible. But just listening to your spouse/partner’s voice can also be a breakthrough in your spying if you suspect them of cheating. And it’s quite amazing that you can track someone’s WhatsApp calls without rooting the Android phone with KidsGuard Pro for WhatsApp. Most probably you’ll have to root the phone if you use any other apps offering WhatsApp calls monitoring for it to work. So a big plus!

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Spying On WhatsApp Status

track someone's whatsapp status

Spying on the target’s WhatsApp status is of no use. If your boyfriend is really cheating on you and he doesn’t want to reveal his affair, then he would never ever post a status related to that other girl.

But on the other hand, that girl might not have a problem bragging her relationship with your boyfriend.

Following this mindset, KidsGuard For WhatsApp has designed the WhatsApp Status feature that reveals the WhatsApp status of people connected to your boyfriend on WhatsApp.

But to be honest, the actual photo/video that was posted on the WhatsApp status was never revealed by the app, only the text that was written below the photo was viewable.

But the text you see on their status can also reveal much about their relationship hence strengthening your suspicion. Like you might see a text like “Love you forever” or something defining their close relationship.

There’s still a way with which you can see the WhatsApp status of the other person and even your boyfriend’s. That will be explained further in this article.

Of course, the date and time of updating the status can be seen as well.

Want To Peek On All The WhatsApp Photos, WhatsApp Videos, Voices, And Documents?

WhatsApp is not just an app with a normal chatting feature. As we all know, it has the ability to easily share photos, videos, voices, and documents as well.

But we listed out all these features in one section as all these features of KidsGuard For WhatsApp were not working at all in our case.

Maybe something was not right with our device and all the features work perfectly for you.

The best thing you can do is, go for the 1-month plan first and check if it’s working for you. If everything goes as right as rain, you can go for the 3 months or 12 months plan from the next time.

There’s still a way you can keep a track of all the photos sent and received and the WhatsApp documents as well. Continue reading to know, how.

And yes, we remember we have to tell you how you can keep a track of photos posted on WhatsApp status as well.

Monitor WhatsApp Usage

whatsapp activities

This feature is specially designed to track the WhatsApp usage of kids. If your teen has a quite engaging WhatsApp account, then their late-night chatting is not something you should be surprised of.

But as a parent, it’s your duty to keep a check on the total time they are wasting on WhatsApp daily and take all the necessary steps before WhatsApp becomes an addition.

Right after clicking on WhatsApp Activities feature, all the necessary information is revealed.

You can see the total number of times the WhatsApp was launched on the target phone on a particular date. Today’s Screen Time shows the amount of time that was spent on WhatsApp.

Additional information includes the WhatsApp version and the size of the app.

You can also analyze the increase and decrease in WhatsApp use by sorting the data by month or year.

Get Someone’s WhatsApp Screenshots

whatsapp screenshots

As we promised you above that even if you are not able to monitor the photos and status in their respective section, there’s still a way to do that.

Well, you can do that by monitoring the screenshots of the app.

When to head to the WhatsApp Screenshots section, you will see plenty of screenshots that were taken by the app while your spouse was using WhatsApp.

These screenshots can be taken anytime by the app automatically while your spouse is chatting, checking status, opening the photo sent by someone, or checking the profile pic of her new love.

These photos can be downloaded by clicking on the download icon for offline use. And simply clicking on the photo will open the photo on the portal.

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Permissions Check On Target Phone

permission check on kidsguard for whatsapp

Maybe intentionally or by mistake, the target person might turn off some permissions on their cell phone which are highly essential for monitoring the target cell phone. And you might be cursing the app for such an awful working.

You can confirm if all the permissions are given from your spouse phone to KidsGuard For WhatsApp or not by simply clicking on the Permission Check feature.

The names of all the permissions can be seen along with the status if they are on or off on the target cell phone. If some permission(s) are off, you can follow the troubleshooting steps shown by KidsGuard Pro on the target phone.

These were all the features that KidsGuard For WhatsApp offers to its users who want to purchase their software which is completely dedicated to the tracking of WhatsApp.


whatsapp monitoring plans for kidsguard pro

As you are opting for a plan which can only monitor WhatsApp, it is cheaper than the complete plan which offers the monitoring of everything on the target phone.

If you go for the 1-Month Plan, you need to pay $19.95/month. Choosing the 3-Month Plan will cost you $13.32/month, and the 12-Month Plan will cost you $7.50/month.

You need to pay the amount all at once if you choose to go for a 3-month or 12-month plan.

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Monitor All Activities On Someone’s Smartphone

Keeping a track of WhatsApp activities is what you can call limited spying. For complete tracking of the spouse/kids, you need to have a plan that keeps an eye on other things on their phone as well.

Other things include the monitoring of Instagram, Snapchat, messages, calls, location, and all other important sections.

For this, you need to have a complete plan of KidsGuard Pro which is available for both Android and iOS instead of KidsGuard Pro for WhatsApp. Learn more about the capabilities and features of KidsGuard Pro in our detailed review.

As you are reading this article which is dedicated to the monitoring of WhatsApp, you should know that the main plan of KidsGuard Pro also monitors WhatsApp. It’s not as detailed as KidsGuard Pro for WhatsApp, but a decent amount of tracking is still there.

So if you think other sections of their phone and other social media apps also need your keen supervision, then you should go for the main plan of KidsGuard Pro. While if your main priority is tracking WhatsApp then you’re better off with KidsGuard Pro for WhatsApp.

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Final Words

WhatsApp monitoring in KidsGuard Pro is mainly relatively simple. You just need to sign up, install the app on the target phone, and start monitoring. Going to the specific section reveals the information in that section.

In our testing, some of the sections were not able to update the data at all. But they might work perfectly for you.

But the main section that you would like to monitor is WhatsApp Chats and calls. And they work perfectly. All the messages sent or received were monitored with the exact date and time of sending or receiving.

And the updates in all the sections were quick. So if you are in a dire need of tracking someone’s WhatsApp, giving a shot to KidsGuard Pro for WhatsApp is worth it.

FAQs On How To Spy On WhatsApp Messages And Calls

How Can I Read my girlfriend WhatsApp Without Touching Her Phone?

KidsGuards For WhatsApp is a WhatsApp monitoring dedicated software that can give you remote access to your wife's/husband WhatsApp messages, calls, and all other stuff. But the initial setup requires physical access of the phone.

How To Track WhatsApp Messages And Calls?

You can easily track WhatsApp calls and messages with KidsGuard For WhatsApp. You can monitor WhatsApp with the main plan of the app too which comes by the name KidsGuard Pro. WhatsApp monitoring in KidsGuard Pro will not be as detailed as in KidsGuard For WhatsApp, but you will be able to monitor other things on the target phone as well.

How Can I Track Someone's WhatsApp Calls?

KidsGuard Pro For WhatsApp also allows its users to keep a track of WhatsApp calls that too without rooting. Listening to the conversation is also made possible by the call recording done by the app.

Is KidsGuard For WhatsApp Available For Android Devices?

Yes, you can easily track any Android device with KidsGuard For WhatsApp that's running on version 4.0 or above.

What Is The Difference Between KidsGuard Pro And KidsGuard For WhatsApp?

KidsGuard Pro offers more spying features to track the partner's smartphone. Like features to monitor Instagram, Facebook, Location, etc. On the other hand, KidsGuard For WhatsApp provides detailed spying of WhatsApp only.

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