How To Spy On Your Friends Phone & Text Messages Remotely

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Is your best friend hiding something from you that you deserve to know? Spying on your friend’s phone and text messages can help you reveal the hidden truth. But how do you spy on your friend? You must be wondering. Keep reading the article and I will guide you through a step-by-step process to monitor your friend’s activity on their phone.

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How To Spy On Your Friend’s Phone

If you try to manually track all their phone activities and read their messages then it is not possible because they will know about it. You will need special apps that let you spy on your friend’s phone remotely and without them knowing. Now there are many such apps available for both Android and iPhone that can do this for you but I will recommend only the best spy app which is TheOneSpy.

I have already covered a dedicated TheOneSpy review on this site. You can read it and know why it’s the best app to spy on someone’s phone.

Install Spy App On Your Friend’s Phone

You will need to have physical access to your friend’s phone for some time. TheOneSpy installation does not take more than 5 minutes and once it is installed, the app is automatically hidden so your friend will not know about it. Installing a spy app on your friend’s phone is easier than installing it on some stranger’s phone because you can easily get access to your friend’s device when they are not around. Here’s what you need in order to properly bug your friend’s phone with spyware.

1. Create your account on the TheOneSpy website. It’s the first and necessary step because only after creating your account you can download the app and install it on your friend’s phone.

2. After creating the account and making the payment you will get the app download link. Download the app on the target phone and install the app on the friend’s phone.

You get step by step installation procedure on your dashboard, so you will not face any issues.

How Can You Spy On Your Friend With TheOneSpy App?

Once the TheOneSpy app is installed on your friend’s phone, there are an endless number of ways you can spy on them using it such as:

1. See Their Call Logs & Listen To Their Phone Calls

TheOneSpy allows you to keep an eye on the missed, incoming, and outgoing call logs on your friend’s phone. You can see who your mate talks to the most apart from you. Besides that, it even records those calls and enables you to listen to them remotely. By listening to your friend’s phone call you can know the secret they are hiding from you.

call records

The audio quality of the recorded calls is very good. You can easily listen to what your friends and another person on the call are talking about.

2. Read Their Text Messages

Do you want to spy on your friend’s texts? If yes, then you are at the right place because TheOneSpy can help you with just that. It tracks every message that your friend sends or receives from someone.

spy on friends text

Even if your friend tries to delete their messages after sending/receiving them you will still be able to read them. As it can track the deleted SMS as well.

3. Monitor Their Social Media

If your friend stays very active on social media then TheOneSpy will help your track all their social media activities. With it, you can learn who they chat with often and also read their chats. It tracks all popular social media and instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Line, Telegram, etc.

social media

Apart from reading the chats, you can also listen to their audio messages and VoIP calls they make on these platforms. There aren’t many apps that let you spy on VoIP calls that too without root but TheOneSpy does. For the same reason, TheOneSPY is one of the best spy apps to track your friends. 

4. Track Your Friend’s Location

With TheOneSpy app, you can even keep a close eye on your friend’s whereabouts. It shows the exact current location of your friends on your dashboard. You can also track down your friend with the help of the Geo-tracking feature. If your friend ever needs your help when they are in some trouble then you can reach out in time with the help of this feature.

track locations

Also, you get the geofencing feature on this app that notifies you whenever your friend enters or leaves a specific location that is already marked by you.

5. Remotely Access Their Camera & Microphone

Apart from spying on your friend’s phone activities, you can also hack their phone and remotely access its camera and microphone. You can make use of the rear and front camera of the target phone to capture live video recordings and use the microphone to listen to their surrounding sounds.

spy on your friends phone

6. Know Their Password

The app has a unique password chaser feature that lets you find out someone’s phone pattern or password. Besides phone passwords, with the help of the keylogger, you can also know the password of Snapchat and other third-party apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

know your friend password

These were the main features you get with OneSpy that lets you spy on your friend’s phone and text messages. Apart from these, you have a long list of features like notifications and alerts, browser history, app activity, and much more that make it the one-stop solution to all your spying needs.

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Spy On Your Friends Phone For Free

TheOneSpy is an app that lets you spy on all your friend’s activities but it is not free. If you want to spy on your friend’s phone for free then I have a solution for you as well. You can make use of the iKeyMonitor app which comes with a free plan that has basic monitoring features. You can locate someone’s phone without them knowing and see their SMS and call logs for free.

However, the free plans lack lots of features like you can’t listen to your friend’s phone calls, neither can you monitor their social media activities, and there are lots of things which are missing. However, if you are short on budget then you can use it to track your friend’s phone.


If you are best friends with someone then you can directly ask them anything. If you still feel that they are hiding something from you that you should know then you can spy on them using the apps I have shared above. As you are their friend, they won’t mind you touching their phone, and hence you can easily install spy on it.

TheOneSpy is the spy app for this purpose as it comes with advanced features and you don’t even need root permissions. If you have no budget then you can also go for iKeyMonitor, but it has very limited features. So the choice is yours.


How To Spy On Someone In Real Life?

You can spy on someone easily by installing a spy app on their phone.

Is TheOneSPY Detectable?

No, don't worry it's undetectable.

Is iKeyMonitor Free?

Yes, iKeyMonitor is free but you can also purchase its business plan which is paid and comes with advanced features.

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