Spyera Review: Not Free But Value For Money

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Before reviewing any spyware, Ankit uses all the spy software and apps himself by purchasing the license of the products. All the information shared is based on his personal experience with the apps and screenshots attached show the real-time data from the target device he received while testing them.

Spyera is one of the most advanced spyware on the market as it gives you all the tools you would require to spy on someone remotely without them knowing. The app is available for all devices be it a cell phone or computer i.e. with Spyera you can track Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows.

From Call logs to SMS to Key Logs you name it and you will find that feature on Spyera. Apart from these basic features, you get some advanced features that make it different from other spy apps such as:

Call Recording: Not most spy apps have the ability to track the target person’s phone calls. However, with Spyera you can record phone calls without rooting the target device.

VoIP Call Recording:  Apart from cellular calls, with Spyera you can also record VoIP phone calls i.e. calls made on social media and instant messaging apps such as Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc. that too without root.

Remote Access: With this feature, you can remotely access the target device camera & microphone. Hence allowing you to capture videos and photos, and record audio on it without the target person knowing about it.

Why Do I Recommend Spyera?

Spyera is one of the very few apps that offer advanced monitoring features for the iPhone such as cellular and VoIP call recording, ambient sound recording, remote camera access, and more. All these advanced features can be used on Android as well and that too without rooting it.

Why I Don’t Recommend Spyera?

No doubt the app offers some of the most advanced features but you cannot use it on an iPhone unless you jailbreak it. Moreover, if you want to use some advanced features like listening to live phone calls and SMS commands then you have to root the target Android phone for that. If you are against jailbreaking the target iOS device then you may want to skip it.

Spyera Quick Review

Spyera is one of the most advanced spyware for iPhone and Android, period. However, you may have to root your Android phone to use Spyera to the fullest. Whereas in the case of the iPhone, there’s no other way but you have to jailbreak it if you want to track it with Spyera. If you are fine with rooting or jailbreaking the target phone then you must go for this app, it is worth every penny. You can read the full Spyera review below to see what this app can do.

Free Trial   No
Free DemoNo
Money Back Guarantee10 Days
Price starts at$29.95/month
Supported Operating Systems Android, iPhone, macOS, and Windows
Works Without RootingYes
Works Without JailbreakNo
SpyDrill Rating8.8/10

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Full Spyera Review

Read the specific section of the review with these quick links.


Spyera is compatible with various operating systems, ensuring a broad user base.


For Android users, all smartphones and tablets running Android, including the latest version 12, are supported. Some features may require rooting.


iOS compatibility extends to all iPhones and iPads with any iOS version, including version 13.x. However, jailbreaking is essential for installing Spyera on iOS devices.


Mac users can monitor devices running macOS Sierra/High Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, and Mojave.


Windows PC or laptop users can also utilize Spyera, which is available as laptop spyware, supporting Windows XP, 7, 8. X, and 10. This wide compatibility allows users to track various devices, catering to diverse user preferences.

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How Does Spyera Work?

Spyera operates discreetly, recording activities on the target device (Android or iPhone) and syncing them to your Spyera account. Remote access is available on tablets, mobiles, or computers. To successfully spy on your spouse’s phone, install the Spyera app on the target device. Once set up, you can track the Android phone remotely.

Note: The app’s functionality may vary between phones and operating systems, with differences in settings’ locations. For testing, an Oppo A57 with Android version 6.0.1 is used.

What Are The Key Features Of Spyera?

1. Dashboard

Device InfoYes
Product InfoYes
Latest CallsYes
Latest SMSYes
Latest Key LogsYes
Latest LocationYes
Latest PhotosYes

On the Spyera dashboard, you’ll find comprehensive information about the target phone. At the top, details such as phone model, OS, IMEI, SIM status, battery percentage, last sync time, and connection status are displayed.

Adjacent is the Product Info section providing details about your Spyera license.

spyera dashboard phone information

Recent calls, including those made, received, or missed, along with dates, times, and contact numbers are visible on the dashboard. Similarly, recent SMS details, including sender, recipient, and timestamp, are readily available.

The Latest Keylogs section displays recent keystrokes, showing app icons, names upon hover, and the corresponding date and time.

Other dashboard features include real-time location information and the latest photos captured on the target phone.

spyera dashboard location and photos

All these features streamline the Spyera dashboard, offering a quick overview of recent activities without the need to navigate to individual sections.

2. Call Logs

spyera call logs

If you suspect your spouse of having secretive calls, use Spyera’s Call Logs feature to confirm your doubts. It displays all calls made, received, or missed, along with contact names and phone numbers. Check call durations – unusually long talks may raise concerns.

Time and date stamps help track when these calls occur. Categorize calls as incoming, outgoing, or missed for clarity. Spyera even logs calls pre-installation. Use the search option to quickly find specific numbers or contacts.

Streamline important data by bookmarking crucial calls. Clear unnecessary records to focus on the calls that matter. With Spyera, you can uncover the truth behind suspicious phone activity.

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3. Call Recordings

If you observe your partner spending excessive time on the phone then it may raise suspicions of a potential affair. To address such concerns, Spyera offers a call recording feature allowing you to listen to someone’s phone calls and details like contact name, phone number, call duration, date, and time. Downloading recordings locally is simple by clicking the Download option.

During my initial test a year ago, the call recording feature was non-functional. However, in my recent evaluation, it worked, although the clarity of the person on the other end was an issue.

Fortunately, I discovered a solution: go to Tools and change the Audio recording source to Microphone, enhancing the overall call recording experience.

call recording tools

4. Key Logs

To alleviate parental concerns about their child’s smartphone usage, especially on social media, Spyera provides a Key Logs feature. This section displays a comprehensive list of keystrokes made across various apps on the child’s phone.

Spyera key logs feature

During my testing, Spyera’s keylogger exhibited exceptional depth by tracking keystrokes on Android on diverse applications, including a calculator or settings app. The keylogger captures every keystroke accurately, even if the child makes errors, erases text, and rewrites it. Both the erased and rewritten text are visible on the Spyera portal.

star keystrokes

For a detailed view of keystrokes on a specific app, simply click on that app. The date and time stamps accompanying each keystroke enhance the impact of keylogger monitoring. Additionally, users can star specific keywords for quick access to important information.

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5. SMS

sms feature

For complete monitoring of your loved ones, no section of their phone should be left unchecked. And if we talk about SMS, it’s an important app on the phone that most people use for conversation.

On Spyera, you can monitor the text messages sent by your employees to others and also those messages that they receive.

After switching to the SMS section, You will see the contacts or numbers on the left-hand side, and you need to simply click on that to check all the messages on the right-hand side.

The total number of messages sent or received is available for you to check with the number tag present with all the contacts.

To make your search quick and time-saving, use the search option given at the top. The search feature of Spyera works impressively as the search result will appear for numbers, contacts, and even messages.

Just like in most of the features, you can check the SMS either in the form of a group or a list.

6. Emails

Although no one carries out normal conversations via email, it’s still important to keep track of the emails of the teen.

The reason why you shouldn’t let go of emails is multifold. It helps you to know the type of websites that your child has subscribed to, what all the teens order from online stores, their bank details, and much more.

Most importantly, it allows you to spy on your employees to make sure they are not leaking confidential details about the company to your competitors.

Spyera is supposed to show all the email information like the message received, contacts, or company the message is received from. Along with that the accurate date and time of receiving the email.

While testing this spyware, I observed that it might miss a few emails here and there but overall, it does a pretty decent job at tracking emails for you.

7. IMs

spyera review - whatsapp monitoring

Spyera efficiently tracks instant messaging apps, focusing on WhatsApp and Viber. While it would be beneficial if Spyera extended its monitoring capabilities to include other popular platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Skype, and Telegram, unfortunately, such monitoring is limited to rooted Android phones.

The strength of Spyera’s IM tracking lies in its quick and accurate updates. Messages are promptly uploaded to the portal as soon as the target person sends or receives them, requiring a simple page reload for data synchronization.

Navigating to the IMs section allows users to view contact names on the left, with chat details on the right. New messages are highlighted with a yellow border, accompanied by date and time stamps. Although occasional duplication of messages on the portal was observed, it was infrequent.

The IMs section offers convenient options to delete unwanted messages and star important contacts for easy reference. For exclusive monitoring of WhatsApp messages or Viber messages, users can filter the view accordingly in the All section.

Additionally, Spyera provides WhatsApp call recording, a feature that previously required a rooted phone but now supports internet calls on apps like WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook without root access.

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8. VoIP Call Recording

hack voip calls

To listen to calls made on various social media apps, like listening to Messenger calls or Skype calls, you have to go to the VoIP Recording section from the left side of the dashboard.

I have tested this feature on multiple instant messaging apps, and it was able to record the calls on most of them. However, one thing I noticed is that the app is not able to record the voice coming from the other end. But that doesn’t make the feature worthless because the target person’s voice was audible and hence you can know what the discussion is all about.

9. MMS

mms feature spyera

As I said checking the SMS of your girlfriend/boyfriend is very very important. The same goes for MMS as well because it’s a part of SMS.

MMS includes those messages which have a photo, video, or other media attached to the message.

With Spyera, the tracking of MMS becomes very effortless and quick. The moment your lover sends or receives an MMS, you can check its update on the Spyera portal instantly.

For checking the media shared through MMS, you just need to click on it and it will get opened for you to check in full size.

All the MMS shared will appear twice on the portal, so if you think that all the MMS were shared twice, that’s not the case.

By clicking on the star icon, you can save an MMS to the Starred list and then check it quickly anytime you want.

Similarly, deleting the unwanted MMS is possible by clicking on the delete icon given with each MMS.

The date and time and the subject of the MMS make the MMS tracking of your lover further better.

If the list of MMS is quite long, it becomes hard to find the one you’re looking for. But with the search and the sorting option available for you, locating the desired MMS becomes easy.

10. Photos

photos feature

If you suspect your partner of cheating, your child of keeping adult photos, or your employees of leaking company information, then the Photos feature will help you out.

When you go to the Photos section of Spyera, you’ll see all those photos appearing there that the target person receives, captures, or by any means exists on their phone.

But you will see only those photos that will take place on their phone after downloading Spyera.

To check the older photos, you need to click on the Get Historical Image option and wait for the app to extract the older photos for you.

Simply clicking on any photo will make it appear in full size. After the photo is in full size you can download, star, or delete it with a simple click.

starring photos feature

The accurate date and time can help you know when these inappropriate photos took place on the target phone.

For more feasibility, you can use the slider option and also select to autoplay the given photos.

photos slider option

The date bar given on the right-hand side makes it easy for you to directly jump to those photos that were taken on a particular date.

11. Videos

Coming to the Videos section, it’s equally important to monitor videos as it is to monitor photos.

All the videos that take place in the target device after the installation of Spyera will get uploaded on the portal.

If you want to see those videos that exist on the smartphone before the app installation, then you need to click on the Get Historical Video Now option. The historical videos will take some time to upload on the portal.

get historical videos

To download or watch the video, you have to click on Get File, and then click on the Download option. This will open a new page and you can download the video by tapping on the three-dot icon and clicking on Download.

videos feature

If you see a warning on the new page, then you need to click on Detail (now Hide details) and then click on visit the site to open the video.

details before video

If the file size is too big, then, unfortunately, those videos will not get uploaded on Spyera.

With each video, you can see the time and date stamp so you can know when a particular video took place on the target Android phone.

Hovering on a particular video will make the delete icon and star icon appear. You can get rid of the unnecessary videos, or star the ones you want to access quickly in the future.

12. Audio Files

Didn’t find anything suspicious in the photos and videos section? Maybe there’s something in the Audio files. So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t check it.

Similar to videos, those files won’t get uploaded which are large. The process of downloading audio files is also the same.

Click on the Get File option, select Download, and the file will start playing on the new page. To download the audio file, click on the three-dot icon and click on Download.

audio files

Just as you would expect, the date and time will appear on the file as well. You can delete or star the file by hovering over any of the audio files.

By clicking on Get Historical Audio, you can upload all those audio files which exist pre-installation.

13. Locations

spyera locations

Lying about the locations is easy and you don’t have any other option other than believing them.

But with Spyera by your side, you check if they are actually on that location or if it was simply a lie.

Whenever you go to the Locations feature, you can track the live location of the target person 24/7.

If you want to know about their previous locations, Spyera will help you know about that as well. On the locations page, if you scroll down a little bit, you can see all their previous locations recorded by Spyera from time to time.

Other information related to locations includes the longitude, latitude, accuracy, and date and time of that location. You can access Google Maps right from the Spyera app for more detailed tracking of location.

14. Ambient – Listen To Surrounding Sounds

ambient fearure

When your teen or your lover is on a night out with friends, their security makes you sleepless. And you’re always concerned about their security.

But with the Ambient feature of Spyera, your restlessness will come to ease.

To listen to the surrounding sounds of your loved ones, you need to go to the Ambient section and command the app to record the sound by clicking on the Record option.

You can set the recording time from 5, 10, or 15 minutes and click on Start Ambient Recording Now.

ambient recording

It will take some time to record the surrounding sounds remotely and upload them on the portal.

Once the voice gets uploaded on the portal, simply click on the Download option, and the video will start downloading.

The quality of the recorded video was up to the mark and easily audible.

If you have some urgent work and you can’t use Spyera for some time but still want to record the voice, that’s made possible with the Schedule option of Spyera.

schedule ambient recording

Just like most of the features, you can star the recordings you want and delete those that you don’t want.

While using the Spyera app for recording ambient sound, I noticed that it recorded crystal clear audio by hacking the target cell phone’s microphone remotely as everything was audible clearly.

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15. RemCam – Access Camera Remotely

remcam feature

After recording and listening to the surrounding sound, you might realize that something is not right. This makes you more eager to know what’s going on there.

The RemCam feature will further assist you in knowing what’s going on.

In the Remcam section of the app, when you click on the RemCam button given at the top, it sends a remote command to the target device to click a photo and upload it on the portal.

While exploring the RemCam feature, I noticed that it was able to follow the commands quickly but it might take some time for the captured photos to sync to your Spyera account.

Once you have the photo handy, click on View Photo to check it in full size. Date and time, star, and delete options are also present for you to use.

16. RemVideo – Record Video Remotely

After clicking the photo remotely with the RemCam feature, you might see something in the photo that makes you even more curious.

And now you can’t resist seeing what was actually that you saw in the photo. Your curiosity can only be curbed with the RemVideo feature.

In the RemVideo section of the Spyera app, you will see a RemVideo button and you need to click on it to send a command to the target phone to make a remote video.

You can make a video for a maximum of 5 minutes and a minimum of 1 minute. You can also choose the camera with which you want to make the video, i.e. from the front or rear.

give command to record video

In a few minutes, your remote video is ready and you can simply Download it to watch it on your device.

remvideo feature

If in a certain video, you see something inappropriate or anything due to which it should be saved personally, then you can star that video.

17. Contacts

Even after checking the call logs and call recordings of your lover or your kid, you might not find anything suspicious. But it’s better to be more sure by checking the contacts of the target person.

And if you find any contact in the list on which you have some doubt, then you can keep a keen eye on that specific number.

The contacts from the target phone are not already uploaded on Spyera. You need to sync the contacts by clicking on the Get Latest Address Book option.

spyera contacts

After a few minutes, all the contacts that are on your lover’s phone can be seen on the Spyera portal remotely.

By clicking on any of the contacts, the phone number registered with that contact will appear on the screen. If there’s a photo set by the target person for that contact, that will appear too.

By clicking on the SMS, call, or email icon, you will directly jump to that specific section. And if there’s an SMS, call, or email from that contact, then it will appear on the screen.

You can also use the Search option given at the top if you’re looking for a specific contact.

18. App Activity

One of the major shortcomings of giving a personal phone to kids is related to addiction to the phone.

There are hundreds of apps in the Play Store which are quite addictive and the teen might spend hours using them.

This makes it necessary for the parents to know what apps the kids use on their phones and for how long they use them. And Spyera is supposed to show all this information to you.

But unfortunately, this feature didn’t work at all as per our testing.

19. Installed Apps

As I said earlier, the working of the app might differ from device to device, and if the App Activity doesn’t work for you as well, at least what you can do is, see the list of the apps that are there on the target phone.

In the Installed Apps section of Spyera, you will see the names of all the apps that were present on the phone when you first purchased it.

To see the names of those apps that are installed by the kid, you need to click on the Get Installed Apps option. It will take a few minutes for those apps to appear on the portal.

installed apps

Other than the simple app names, other details of the app are also present. By hovering on any of the apps, you will see the size of the app, the date of installation, and the version the kid is using.

Use the Search option if you want to see the installation of a particular app.

20. Web Activity

websites visited

If you are using Spyera to monitor your teen or your tween, then one of the major reasons would be related to the stuff they watch on the internet.

The adult stuff that exists on the internet is accessible with a single click. And you must check if they watch such inappropriate stuff or not.

This is only possible when you use the Web Activity feature of Spyera.

Spyera reveals the exact title of the site that your kid opens on the internet and you’ll be quite impressed to see that they provide you with the specific URL to the website opened as well.

The date and time when the search was done can also be seen on the portal.

In my test, I found that the app even records the secret browser history i.e. the pages visited in the incognito tab.

If you see a particular search having some inappropriate content, then you can star it to show it to your kid and ask them the reason for that search.

Use the Search option at the top to see if a particular site is accessed by them or not.

search for websites

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21. Alerts

If the target person uses their cell phone a lot then obviously the data to be tracked will be huge. Due to this huge amount of data, you might miss some important notifications from the various apps.

But with the Alerts feature, you don’t have a chance of missing an important lead.

Spyera offers you 3 different types of alerts that you can use to make your spying deeper.

The three different types of alerts offered to you by Spyera are Caller ID, Keyword, and Location.

To start with alerts, you need to click on Create an Alert.

create alert

After choosing the Caller ID alert, you have to provide the name of your alert and provide other information like type, direction, and the number for which you want the alert.

caller alert

Simply click on Add Alert to set the alert successfully.

Similarly, in the Keyword alert section, you have to give the name of your alert, and the keywords for which you want the alert, and click on Add Alert.

keyword alert

You can get alerts related to Location as well. Just enter the location, and set the area (distance) for which you want the alert. Click on Add Alert to set the alert successfully.

location alert

Some Additional Features

Spyera extends its capabilities with additional features. The Wallpaper folder insight reveals your child’s downloaded wallpapers, providing a glimpse into their preferences. In the Network section, you can track the SIM name and its status, including the last update timestamp.

network connection feature

The Calendars feature allows access to your spouse’s schedule, showcasing important dates and upcoming events. Lastly, the Bookmark feature unveils websites saved for regular use, aiding in monitoring potentially inappropriate content. These features offer a comprehensive view, particularly useful for parental concerns.

Spyera Pricing: Is Spyera Free?

spyera pricing

Spyera is a feature-rich spy app, but its pricing is relatively high compared to its alternatives. The monthly plans for smartphone, tablet, and computer monitoring are $89, $69, and $49, respectively. While the app offers advanced features without rooting, the cost may be a drawback. Consider opting for the annual package for potential cost savings.

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Spyera Vs mSpy

Call & Message TrackingYesYesBoth apps can track calls and messages
Call RecordingYesNoSpyera can record calls but mSpy cannot record phone calls
KeyloggerYesYesBoth apps have a good key stroke logger
Social MediaYesYesBoth the apps can record social media activities and messages
GeofencingYesYesYou can expect good geofencing on both apps
Location trackingYesYesIn terms of location tracking, Spyera takes the lead as it was faster to sync the location
Hack cameraYesNomSpy cannot hack the target phone's camera but Spyera does
Photos & VideosYesYesBoth apps can show you the media stored on the target device

Setup On Parent’s/Your Phone

To set up Spyera on your device:

1. Go to the official Spyera website and click on GET STARTED.

get started with spyera

2. Choose a suitable plan by clicking “BUY NOW” on the next page.

select spyera plans

3. Complete the purchase on the checkout page by clicking “SIGN UP NOW.”

sign up to spyera

4. Upon successful purchase, receive the portal URL and login credentials via email.

Now, to install Spyera on your partner’s phone, you need physical access to the device. This setup allows you to begin monitoring activities remotely.

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How To Install Spyera On Target Android Phone?

To ensure a smooth Spyera app installation, follow these steps:

Disable Play Protect

1. Open Play Store, and tap the hamburger icon.

Play Store hamburger icon
2. Select Play Protect.

Play Protect
3. Tap the gear icon at the top right.

Play Protect settings
4. Toggle off “Scan apps with Play Protect.”

Turn off play protect

Enable Unknown Sources

1. Open Settings, and locate Additional Settings.

2. Under Additional Settings, select Safety & Privacy.

3. Toggle on “Unknown sources.”


Disable Play Store Notifications

1. Open Settings, and select Notification & Status Bar.

2. Under that, open Notification Manager.

3. Toggle off “Allow Notifications.”

These adjustments ensure a discreet installation on the target phone, minimizing the risk of notifications or interference during the process.

How To Install Spyera On Target Phone

1. Go to Spyera’s app installation page (https://dmw.bz) on the kid’s phone, and choose “I am a customer and I have a license code.”


2. Tap “View all software options.”


3. Select the platform (e.g., Android) and start the download.


4. Open the downloaded file, and confirm installation by tapping “INSTALL.”

how to install Spyera

5. Grant location access by tapping “Allow.”


6. Allow Spyera to use mobile data by tapping “Allow.”


7. Grant SMS records access by tapping “Allow.”


8. Read the license agreement, check “I accept,” and tap “CONTINUE.”


9. Activate device administrator settings by tapping “Activate.”


10. Ignore battery optimization by tapping “YES.”


11. Provide the license key emailed by Spyera and tap “ACTIVATE.”


12. Grant additional permissions like call history, MMS, and contacts by tapping “Allow.”


13. Hide the app icon by tapping “YES” for discreet monitoring.hide_app_icon

Enabling An Important Option For Monitoring

After installation, if data isn’t visible on the Spyera portal, it may be due to a disabled option on the target phone. Once you enable it, all the data will be available on the portal immediately.

1. Open phone Settings, and go to Additional Settings.

2. Select Accessibility, then choose Large keyboard text and toggle it on.


3. Go back to your device, and open the Spyera portal login page. page. Enter the provided username and password, and click Login.

spyera portal login

Now simply access data from the target phone immediately on the Spyera portal.

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How To Install Spyera On iPhone?

You can’t install Spyera directly on an iPhone as you can do on Android because you need to first jailbreak the iPhone and then only can you install the app on it. However, you don’t need to worry if you don’t know how to jailbreak an iPhone because you can get help from the Spyera support team.

Some Related FAQs

What Is Spyera?

Spyera is a monitoring app that will give you remote access to the target phone of the person whom you want to monitor.

Does Spyera Require Jailbreak?

Yes, you need to jailbreak the target iOS phone to monitor it without facing any issues.

Can Spyera Be Detected?

While setting up Spyera on the target cell phone if you select the option to hide the application then the target user will not be able to detect the installation of Spyera.

How Much Does Spyera Cost?

If you go for a monthly subscription to the app, it will cost $89/month for smartphone monitoring. $69/month should be paid for the monitoring of tablets and $49/month for the monitoring of PCs.

Can I Spy On Someone’s Phone Without Touching It?

While using Spyera you need physical access to the phone for the initial setup. Once the app installation is done, you don’t need to access the target phone physically anymore.

What Is The Best Undetectable Spy App?

Claiming Spyera as the best undetectable spy app would be an exaggeration, but you can easily count it as one of the best spy apps on the market.



Ease of Installation


Tracking Features


User Interface


Data Sync Speed






Customer Support


Value for Money



  • Data sync speed is very good
  • Data being tracked is completely accurate
  • Phone call recording without root
  • Keylogger tracking is very impressive
  • Spyera is very easy to use
  • The recorded audio is completely audible
  • Can record WhatsApp, Messenger & Skype calls without root


  • A little expensive than other spy apps
  • The support might take longer than expected to respond
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