Spyic Vs Cocospy: Difference In Working You Need To Know

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Spy apps demand money in order to work flawlessly and monitor the activities of your loved ones. But there are hundreds of spy apps in the market, so it’s quite confusing as to which app to go for and which ones to leave.

It’s quite appreciating that you have narrowed down the list of hundreds of spy apps and you are just confused between the two apps, that are, Spyic and Cocospy.

But as you all know, only one app is required to keep a track of the target user. This makes it necessary to make a decision as to which app will be the best for you.

We will be using various factors to determine which app is best. These factors include compatibility, setup, features, smooth working, and pricing.

Let’s narrow down the list even more and finally come to the conclusion, which app is best, Spyic or Cocospy.

Spyic Vs Cocospy

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The compatibility of any spy app is the first thing that needs to be checked. If a spy app has good features to offer but it doesn’t work with the device you want to use it on, it’s not more than trash for you.

Spyic works with both Android and iOS devices. As for Android smartphones, all the devices running on version 4 and above are compatible with the app.

Every Android cell phone today works above version 4, so basically Spyic works with all Android phones.

As for iOS devices, all the iPhones running on version 7 and above are ready to use with the app.

Similar to Android, all the iPhones work above version 7 these days, so it can be said that Spyic can monitor all iPhone devices.

This was all about cell phones, and when it comes to PC ad laptops, Spyic does not support working on them.


Coming to Cocospy, this app also works with both Android and iOS devices. And similar to Spyic, all the Android phones working on version 4 and above are ready to support Cocospy.

Similarly, all the iOS devices running on version 7 and above will work with Cocospy.

Just like Spyic, the service of Cocospy cannot be availed if the device you want to monitor is a PC or a laptop.


As you can see, everything related to compatibility is common between the two apps. The type and devices, version the app support, each and everything is the same.

So when it comes to compatibility, it’s a draw between the two apps.

Installation And Setup

Spy apps are completely different from your common Play Store apps and for downloading them, you have to go through a completely different process. Let’s see how you can download both apps.


For installing Spyic on the target phone, you need to go through a certain installation process, starting with the setup on your device first. This process involves creating an account and purchasing a plan of Spyic.

Once you set up your device, you need to take the physical access of the target phone and then download the app.

After that, you need to give certain permissions and change some settings on the target phone like permission to access contacts, media, SMS, calendar, and so on.

Once all the settings are changed and permissions are given, you can monitor the target phone remotely using your device.


Just like Spyic, Cocospy follows almost the same installation and setup process.

You need to create an account first, purchase the services, then install the app on the target phone, give various permissions, and once the app is set up, you need to go back to your device to monitor the target phone. Almost everything is the same.

Both the apps give an option to hide the app icon as well, so you don’t need to worry about the app coming into the notice of your lover or your teen.


Both the apps have almost the same installation process. And it takes not more than 10 minutes to set the app on both devices.

It’s easy to conclude that it’s a tie when it comes to ease of installation.

Tracking Features And Their Working

When it comes to the list and number of tracking features, the list for both apps is exactly the same. There’s no difference at all. Now let’s see the working of these features and conclude which app works better.

Calls, Contacts, And Messages

spyic calls tracking

Both the apps keep a track of the calls that were either made or received on the target phone. Even the calls that were made or received prior to the installation of the app will appear on the online portal of both apps.

The data about the new calls will get uploaded on the portal of the app in both Spyic and Cocospy. Other than the phone number, other information includes the name of the contact, duration of the call, date and time, and call type.

In Spyic, we were not able to see the duration of the call, but it was available in Cocospy.

As for the Contacts section, both the apps show the contacts that were already there on the phone prior to the installation of the app. Both the apps also show the new contacts added to the target phone.

cocospy contact list

The working of the Messages section was almost the same. All the contacts will appear on the left side and to check the conversation from each contact, you need to click on a particular contact.

The data sync speed of the new messages on the portal was decent for both apps.

spyic vs cocospy message tracking


The Locations feature as the name suggests will show you the location of the target phone. With a small pointer, both the apps will show the location where the teen is situated.

location feature cocospy

Both Cocospy and Spyic also show the history of the target phone’s location including the date and time when they were at that location.

Browsing History

While tracking the teen and kids, it’s necessary to check what all they search and view on the internet. Browsing history is supposed to show you all that data.

Both unfortunately and coincidently, both the apps were unsuccessful in showing the browsing history in our case.

Photos And Videos Preview

tracking of photos in spyic

All the photos that were present on the target phone before even the apps were installed on the phone will appear. And obviously, the new photos will also appear if they are received on the target phone.

Both the apps also show the date and time stamp and it’s possible to download the photos as well.

Coming to the Videos Preview section, the videos were not playable and downloadable neither on Spyic nor on Cocospy.

Social Apps

social apps working in cocospy

Spyic and Cocospy, both are able to easily track the activities going on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and so on.

Other than the normal messages, you can see the notifications about other activities as well. These notifications include friend requests on Facebook, activities on Snapchat, etc.

Both apps take some time in uploading the new data related to social apps.


spyic keylogger tracking

Keylogger is a feature that is supposed to show you the list of all the keystrokes made by your lover in various apps on their phone.

Along with the keystrokes made, in both the apps, you will also see the text that was not typed but available on the phone screen, like date and time, temperature, etc.


As you can see, the working of features of both Spyic and Cocospy is almost the same. The same features worked flawlessly in both apps, and the incapable features were also the same, so it’s a tie.


It’s very impressive that both the apps work in the hidden mode and none of the apps require rooting in order to track the target device. But there are other things as well that need to be considered, such as heating problem and slow speed.

According to our test, none of the apps caused the heating problem in the target phone. But while working with Cocospy, you might face the slow phone speed problem. This problem didn’t occur while testing Spyic.


It’s easy to conclude that Spyic takes the win as there was no slow phone speed problem like Cocospy.

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cocospy pricing

Now let’s compare the pricing plans of both apps. Spyic offers 3 different plans, Basic, Premium, and Family.

The basic plan costs $39.99/month for 1 device, the Premium plan costs $49.99/month for 1 device, and the Family plan costs $69.99/month for tracking 3 devices.

Cocospy also has 3 plans to offer its customers, Basic, Premium, and Family. And the price and number of monitoring device in each plan is the same as that of Spyic.


The same price for all the plans makes it a tie.

Which App Wins?

For almost everything, both the apps were equally competent and it was a tie for most factors. The only factor where there was a tie-breaker is performance.

The target Android cell phone was facing an issue of slow speed after the installation of Cocosspy. But this problem didn’t occur while working with Spyic.

So we can conclude that the working of Spyic is somewhat better than that of Cocospy.

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How Good Is Cocospy?

Cocospy is a good monitoring app but there are some flaws that you might face like the browsing history feature might not work at all, and the target phone might slow down after the app installation.

Which Spy App Is Better, Spyic Or Cocospy?

Comparing both the apps, we can conclude, Spyic is a little better than Cocospy.

Can Cocospy Or Spyic Be Detected?

Both the apps work in the hidden mode, so the target person won't know about the app installation.

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