Spyrix Review: The Best Free Keylogger For Windows!

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Before reviewing any spyware, Ankit uses all the spy software and apps himself by purchasing the license of the products. All the information shared is based on his personal experience with the apps and screenshots attached show the real-time data from the target device he received while testing them.

There aren’t many free keyloggers available for Windows on the market but don’t worry there’s Spyrix for you. This free keylogger does a good job of tracking all the words that are typed on the target device.

Besides keystroke logging, the Spyrix keylogger offers some other features for free such as capturing screenshots, user and program activity, etc. Apart from these free features, you can also make use of some advanced features of Spyrix after purchasing its paid plan. These features include:

Camera & Microphone Access: You can remotely access the camera and microphone of the target computer with the Spyrix paid version.

Social Media Tracking:  With the paid version of Spyrix you can also track the social media chats and emails of the target person.

Working In Hidden Mode: The free version of Spyrix is not hidden so if you want to spy on someone else’s computer using it then there is a high chance that they will detect it. However, if you go for the paid plan then it works in a hidden mode i.e. it’s undetectable.

Why Do I Like It?

The biggest reason I like Spyrix is that it is free to use. It offers a decent amount of features apart from keylogger which allows you to effectively spy on someone’s computer. Moreover, if you want extra features you can always upgrade to their paid plans.

Why I Don’t Like It?

Spyrix free version is not hidden i.e. the target person can easily find out that there is a keylogger installed on their device. Also, installing the software on the target computer is a tedious task, if you are a beginner, you may have a tough time with it.

Quick Review

Spyrix keylogger can help you remotely monitor your loved ones’ online activities on their computer. You can stick to the free plan or you can go for its paid plan which provides advanced monitoring features. It is also available as an Android spy app. However, Sprix does not have a free plan for Android. If you want to know more about Spyrix before purchasing it then you can read the full Sprix keylogger review below.

Free Trial   No
Free Plan   Yes
Money Back Guarantee14 Days
Monthly price$69/ month
Supported Operating Systems Windows, Mac, Android & iPhone
Works Without Rooting or JailbreakYes
SpyDrill Rating8.6/10

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Full Spyrix Review

Here are quick links to specific parts of the article in case you don’t have time to go through the entire Spyrix free keylogger review.

How Does It Work?

Spyrix is a free keylogger program that can be downloaded and installed on a target computer. Once installed, it tracks every keystroke and captures screenshots. For personal use, you can view the recorded data on the Spyrix dashboard.

If you’re monitoring someone else’s computer, like a child, employee, or spouse, you can hide the software and receive recordings remotely via email or monitor activities on your online Spyrix account.

The free version of the Spyrix Personal Monitor comes with a keylogger which alone is sufficient to monitor someone’s activity on the computer. If you are monitoring your own computer then you can launch the Spyrix software to go to its dashboard. You can also use your online Spyrix account if you’re remotely monitoring someone’s PC.

Once you are on the Spyrix dashboard you can see a lot of options, click on Keyboard events to see the recorded key logs.

spyrix free keylogger for windows

I was impressed with the accuracy and speed of this freeware as it was able to record every keystroke made on the device within seconds. Besides words, it can also track other keys on the keyboard like Enter, Backspace, Space, etc. Also, it shows you the time and date on which the keystroke was made along with the source(application) where it was made for example Notepad, Browser, etc.

Keylogger data spyrix

Overall, for a free keylogger, you cannot expect anything more from Spyrix, it works well and allows you to spy on someone’s computer without paying a dime.

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Other Free Features

Besides keylogger, Spyrix Personal Monitor also provides you with other free monitoring features like ScreenShots, Event log, and Clipboard Value. These features along with Keylogger help you properly track one’s activity on their computer.

1. ScreenShots

The screenshot feature is by far one of the best additions to the Spyrix after keylogger. It captures the screenshot of the computer screen at regular intervals and hence no activity is left unnoticed. To see the screens captured by this software you need to click on the ScreenShots option on the left side panel of the dashboard. Once you do that all the captured screenshots will be in front of you. To view a screenshot click on it and you will see its thumbnail at the bottom.

all screenshots captured by spyrix

To see the screenshots clearly double-click on the thumbnail and it will load on a bigger screen and you can see it properly.

2. Clipboard Value

clipboard value

The Clipboard Value is the extended feature of the keylogger as it records all the words that are copied and pasted somewhere. Again just like Keylogger, this feature is very fast and accurate as it was able to track everything I copied and pasted on my device.

3. Event Log

event logs

The Event Log isn’t a feature in itself as it is just a detailed report of all the activities recorded by the software. It includes everything recorded by the keylogger, clipboard value, to screenshots. You can see all the events recorded by Spyrix on one single screen under Event Log.

4. User Activity

user activity

This feature is very useful as it tells you about the activity of the user on the computer. It gives you an idea about their screen time and the period for which they were inactive by sharing with you the start and end time of a session and the inactivity in between.

5. Program Activity

program and user activity

The Programs Activity functions show you the start and end times of all the programs used on the computer. It is helpful if you want to know what apps or software the target person uses the most.

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Free Vs Paid Features

While the free features of Spyrix suffice for personal computer monitoring, the paid version offers essential benefits for covert surveillance. With the paid version, you can hide the software on the target device, a crucial option lacking in the free version, preventing the user from detecting its presence.

Investing in the paid version unlocks additional powerful features, including sound recording, browser history tracking, and webcam screenshots. This enables remote access to the camera and microphone of the target computer, allowing discreet recording of activities without the user’s knowledge.

Furthermore, the paid version extends monitoring capabilities to social media activities, messaging apps, and email, providing a comprehensive view of the target person’s online interactions. While the free version serves basic monitoring needs, the paid version offers significantly enhanced value, making it a worthwhile investment. If budget constraints are a concern then starting with the free version for basic monitoring is a viable option.

Online Monitoring

As you may have known by now, the monitoring through email feature is not available with the free version of Spyrix. However, online monitoring is available for all. If you have created an account on Spyrix while installing the software on the computer then you can log in to your dashboard on the Spyrix website and see all the activities remotely from another device. You just need to log into your Spyrix account and from there you can do the online monitoring.

spyrix keylogger dashboard

After entering your details you will log into your online Spyrix dashboard. It is similar to the dashboard of the software in offline mode. It’s just that in the online mode, you can also see the Live Screen of the target PC and see everything they do on their screen.

live monitoring dashboard

Apart from that, you can see the keystrokes, screenshots, and copied text recorded by the software on the target device on your online dashboard. If you are using the paid version of the software then you can monitor all the features here itself.


spyrix new price

Spyrix provides monitoring solutions for Windows, Mac, and iOS/Android devices, with pricing starting at $79 for one Windows PC, $89 for three devices, and $129 for five devices. Additional features like webcam recording and screen recording can be added for an extra cost. All plans are valid for 12 months.

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How To Install It?

To install Spyrix keylogger, follow these steps:


  • Temporarily disable the antivirus on the target computer, including Windows Defender or any third-party antivirus.

disable the antivirus

  • Add Spyrix to the antivirus exception list by pasting this link: C:\Program Data\Security Monitor*.

add spyrix to antivirus

1. So first you need to go to the official website of Spyrix and download the Spyrix Personal Monitor software.

download spyrix

2. Install the software and enter your email for remote monitoring.

install spyrix
3. Create an online monitoring account by providing your email and password.

Create account
4. Accept the agreement and proceed with the installation.

spyrix keylogger review
5. Click Finish to complete the installation.

Finish spyrix installation

6. Enter the email for online monitoring or proceed if already added during installation.

add your email
7. Set screenshot preferences based on window or clipboard changes and adjust quality.

set screenshot quality
8. Optionally hide the software on the target computer (a feature available in the paid version).

hide spyrix

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Is There Any Better Alternative?

Spyrix is overall a one-stop solution for all your personal monitoring needs. However, it is lacking in the department when you have to spy on someone else’s computer. Although you can hide the software on another computer and get monitoring reports through email in the paid version of it, still it is not that effective and easy to use when it comes to remote monitoring. So is there any better alternative to Spyrix for monitoring someone’s computer activity without them knowing? Yes, and it’s called MoniVisor.

Similar to Spyrix you need to download and install MoniVisor on the target device. Once installed it stays hidden in the background and records all the activities on the victim’s computer. It tracks every word typed on the target computer be it on a browser or some application.

Monivisor keylogger

Besides Keylogger, the app also captures screenshots at regular intervals allowing you to see what the target person is doing on their PC. With the help of the screenshots, you can read their conversations and also see who they are sharing them with.

Monivisor screenshots

Overall, MoniVisor is the best alternative for Spyrix if you want to spy on someone’s computer without blowing the cover.

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So finally we are at the end of the review, but the question most people still have is whether Spyrix keylogger is worth it or not. If you too are among these people then let me tell you that Spyrix is one of the best Windows Keylogger I have used so far. Moreover, it’s free to use and that makes it even better.  No doubt the paid version of Spyrix comes with more features but the free version is sufficient if you have basic monitoring needs. Overall, if you want to track someone’s activity on their computer then I would recommend you to use Spyrix keylogger without any second thoughts in your mind.



Ease of use






Data Sync Speed


Customer Support


Value for Money



  • Free keylogger software
  • It records keystrokes with high accuracy
  • It captures screenshots for free
  • Records all the copied words
  • You can do online monitoring for free


  • Free version can't be hidden
  • You don't get keystrokes and screenshots through Email if you are using the free version of Spyrix keylogger
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