Spyzie Review: Is This Popular Spy App Really Good?

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Before reviewing any spyware, Ankit uses all the spy software and apps himself by purchasing the license of the products. All the information shared is based on his personal experience with the apps and screenshots attached show the real-time data from the target device he received while testing them.

Spyzie.com is no longer available, the spyware company stopped its operations some time back. The spyware I am reviewing today is Spyzie.io, a clone of the original Spyzie app. It is not as good as the original one. Moreover, it causes some heating and lagging issues in the target phone which increases the chances of it being noticed by the target person. Therefore, I recommend KidsGuard Pro which is one of the best Spyzie alternative apps that you can use instead of the Spyzie clone app.

Spyzie is a cell phone spyware that lets you spy on Android as well as iPhone. The app needs to be installed on the target Android device but it can track activities on iPhone without installation. And that is because it tracks iPhones with iCloud which obviously limits its tracking capabilities but it’s worth it if you do not want to jailbreak the iPhone and install spyware on it.

The app offers some good monitoring features such as text messages and call logs monitoring, browser history, and much more. Some of the most important features of the app are as follows:

1. Location Tracking: Spyzie.io offers a location tracking feature using which you can trace the exact location of the target person. It is an ideal feature for ensuring the safety of your loved ones.

2. Social Media Monitoring: Once you have installed this app on the target person’s phone it will track all their social media activities without them knowing.

3. SIM Card Tracking: The app also lets you track the SIM cards in the target phone. With this feature, you can tell if your spouse has another SIM card.

What Is Good About Spyzie?

The best thing about Spyzie is that it lets you spy on Android and iPhone without rooting or jailbreaking the device and that too without the other person knowing about it. The affordable price of the app is also a good thing about it. So if you are looking for spyware to secure your loved ones from online dangers by tracking their activities then this a good app to get.

What Is Not Soo Good About Spyzie?

While using the app I felt that it sometimes lags behind in syncing the data it collects from the target phone. So you may have to wait for some time to track the activities of your loved ones. Also, some of its features never worked for me. Moreover, it heated the device on which I was testing it.

Spyzie Quick Review

Spyzie.io is an overall decent app that can help you with day-to-day monitoring tasks. However, you cannot rely on it for investigating your cheating spouse or partner. If you have a limited budget and want an app to track the activities of your loved ones on their cell phone then you can go with it but I would still recommend you try Spyzie alternatives which I have covered in another article. If you still want to go with Spyzie then you can go through my detailed Spyzie review and then make your decision. You will get all answers in the review about this app like does Spyzie really work, is Spyzie legit, etc.

Detailed Spyzie Review

There are a number of factors that I considered while writing my review for this incredible parental control app. And I am going to discuss each and every one of those factors.

Table Of Contents

How Does Spyzie Work?

Spyzie app very intelligently tracks down every activity conducted by your children on the internet.

It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. So, no matter what OS your children are using, you can always keep an eye on them.

The tracked data on the Spyzie app gets updated after every few minutes. So, in a way, you will get a live update about everything remotely. And by everything, I really mean almost everything. From calls to Instagram messages, you can track it all.

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How Can I Install Spyzie On A Target Android Phone?

1. Before setting up a tracking device, you obviously have to create your Spyzie account. For that, you have to reach the official Spyzie website to click on the Sign up free option at the top.

syzieio home page

2. Now provide your email, set up a strong password, and click on Sign Up.

create spyzieio account

3. It’s time when you have to select the type of device you want to monitor, i.e Android or iOS

select the device to monitor

4. For using the Spyzie app, you obviously need to purchase their services first. So you need to select a Spyzie plan for yourself in the next step by clicking on BUY NOW.

5. After that, you have to provide your child’s name, age, and OS they are using. After you fill in all the required fields, you can move to the target device for setting up Spyzie.

provide kids information

Unfortunately, you can only monitor one device under one Spyzie account unless you have paid for the Family plan. If you’re already monitoring an Android device with your account, then you can’t monitor another device simultaneously. So, you’ll have no choice but to remove the former device in order to monitor a new one.

Setting Up Target Android Phone (Without Rooting)

Disabling Play Protect

If you want to monitor an Android device, then the first thing the app requires you to do is disable the Google Protect Play option.

Not many people know how to do that. So, it’s a good thing that Spyzie gives you clear-cut instructions on that. For that, you have to follow these 3 simple steps: 1. Open the Play Store menu and select the Play Protect option.

Play protect

2. Tap on the Settings icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Open settings

3. Finally, disable the Play Protect option.

Disable play protect

Downloading And Installing Spyzie 

1. Now you have to download the Spyzie app on that particular Android smartphone. Yes! you do need guidance for that because downloading Spyzie is not as straightforward as downloading social media apps from the Play Store. But don’t fret as it isn’t that hard either. All you have to do is search for the URL (https://spyzie.online) and slide right to download the app.

download spyzie app

2. Your device may warn you that the file you are downloading can harm your device, but you can totally trust the app and move forward.

file alert

3. Now INSTALL the app on the target Android phone.

install the app

4. You will be asked to give a bunch of permissions to the app. And you have to grant those permissions to the app in order for every feature to work. First, you need to give permission to the app to use the mobile network by tapping on Allow.

access to use mobile data

5. Read the privacy policy and EULA if you want and tap on Agree after that.

privacy policy and eula

6. Time to give other permissions to the app like access to location, read call history, read SMS, MMS, calendar, and contacts.

give necessary permissions

7. After all the permissions are given, enable System Services in Auto-start management by tapping on PROCEED TO SETTINGS.

auto start management access

Once you give the permission you might have to press the back button and then tap on ALREADY SET. CONTINUE

8. Enable Usage data access by tapping on PROCEED TO SETTINGS and toggling on the button adjacent to System Services.

usage data access

9. Similarly turn on Accessibility by tapping on tapping on PROCEED TO SETTINGS and then toggling on the button that says System Services.

changing accessibility settings

10. After you’re done with all the permissions, you’ll be given the option to get rid of the Spyzie app icon. To be honest Spyzie icon is of no use as the Spyzie app works in the background (With the name System Service) and there is no setting that you can change with the help of the icon. So, it’s better to hide it.

hide spyzieio icon

With this, you have configured both devices and now you can start to monitor the target Android phone of your loved ones.

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Does Spyzie Work On iPhones?

Yes, Spyzie does work on iPhones. However, it works differently on an iOS device than it would on an Android phone. The difference is that on iPhone you can’t install the Spyzie app. With the help of this app, you can track the activities of the target person through their iCloud backup. This means you need to know their iCloud username and password in order to spy on someone’s iPhone using the Spyzie app.

If you want to go for non-jailbroken iPhone spyware then I would recommend you pick uMobix over Spyzie because it is the only app that can track Facebook and Instagram on a non-jailbroken iPhone. In case you are fine with jailbreaking the target iPhone then FlexiSPY is a good Spyize alternative because you can install it on the target device after jailbreaking it.

What Are The Key Features Of Spyzie?

1. Dashboard

spyzie dashboard

Now, after setting up the target device, you will start witnessing all the data on your Spyzie Dashboard. The data will keep updating itself after a couple of minutes, and you can very well see the last time when it was updated.

Within the dashboard, you’ll see the Device Model and the OS Version it’s running on.

The dashboard can save a lot of your time by providing some of the important information so you don’t need to go to the specific section to check the data.

Some of this information includes recent calls and the Last Known Location of the device. Under the recent calls, you can also see the number of times the contact was in touch with the target person.

Below that you can see the list of Recent 5 Most Messages. Just like in the most calling contacts section, you can see the number of messages received from each contact.

dashboard phone activity

Adjacent to it is the Phone Activity section where you can see the number of times each app is used by your spouse.

So, I can conclude by saying that dashboard is a place where you can get a quick overview of the activities conducted by the child.

The only problem I found while testing out the dashboard is that it kept on syncing for a while and didn’t update the data for quite some time.

Apparently, there is a Sync button at the top left corner which can be used to sync the data again. I used that option multiple times but it was of no use, the data was still stuck.

At first, I thought it was my slow internet connection that needs to be held accountable. However, the same problem occurred when the internet speed was good.

2. Calls

spyzie calls section

Now, it’s no wonder that a tracking app can monitor the calls and messages on a device. But I must applaud how well Spyzie does that work.

With the name and number being revealed, you can actually know who’s the guy trying to contact your teen again and again.

It not only tells you who has been calling or being called through the device but also lets you know the duration of each call.

By seeing the duration of the call, you know that your spouse talks for long hours. But, is the person on the other hand only the one to be blamed? Well, you can know the type of call (incoming/outgoing/missed) and see if your spouse also calls that person or not.

Finally, when you see the date and time of every call, then you feel like you’re seeing the entire call log of the device.

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3. Contacts

spyzie contacts

Having a list of contacts handy is necessary when you suspect your lover of an affair. They might not have called each other, but the contact will surely be there.

Spyzie gives you access to the complete address book of the target person. You can check the names and numbers of all the contacts.

If the target person has received an email, that can be seen, and the number of times both of them were in contact can also be seen.

4. Messages

spyzie messages section

The Messaging section of the target person should never be neglected for complete monitoring.

If your lover is not receiving or making calls to the number you suspect, maybe they are in touch with each other using messages.

Spyzie will help you read the entire message of the target person.

All the contacts from which they are receiving messages will appear on the left-hand side. Clicking on any of the contacts will open the list of messages on the right-hand side.

With the exact date and time stamp with each message, your message monitoring becomes deeper.

5. Locations

spyzie locations

How hard is it for your girlfriend/boyfriend to lie about their current location? If they tell you about their location, you have nothing else to do, but to believe them.

But with Spyzie locations, it’s just a matter of a click to check if the location information they share with you is correct or not.

All you need to do is, click on the Locations option, and you can check their current location anytime you want.

Checking their previous locations is also possible along with the time and date when they were at a particular place.

You can use the Google Maps options for more detailed location monitoring.

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6. Browser History

Just by accessing browser history, you can track the most important data in the target device.

You can see which websites are being accessed by the user or what the child has been searching on Google. If it’s something unusual and not safe, then you’ll be the first to know.

But unfortunately, this feature didn’t work while my testing. I didn’t receive the search history of the target Android phone even once

7. Photos

photos option

If you’re a parent of a teenager, you might get panicked wondering about the stuff that your child keeps on their phone.

It’s quite common for teenagers to send and receive adult photos from their friends. But as you all know, this is not at all acceptable.

With the Spyzie app on the kid’s phone, you can have complete knowledge of all the photos that your child keeps on their phone.

All the photos can be seen, whether they are captured on the phone after the installation of Spyzie, or prior to the installation.

You need to click on the download icon to open the photo in full size. Download the image by left-clicking on the mouse and then clicking on Save image as…

The right time and date when the image was taken or received can be seen in the photo as well.

8. Video Preview

videos section

The chances of the existence of an adult video on the target phone are equal to that of an adult photo, or maybe even more.

So to make sure that your kid is not indulged in watching adult content like porn, political hatred, racism, or brutality, you need to check the Video Preview section.

When you go to the Video Preview section, you see all the videos that are present on the target Android phone.

But when you open the video by clicking on the download icon, you won’t see any play button to play the video and the video will neither get downloaded by any means.

If you really want to see what videos are stored on the kid’s phone then I recommend you use mSpy instead of Spyzie.

9. Social Apps

tracking instagram with spyzie

You can never add a complete monitoring tag to a spy app unless it tracks the social media and instant messaging accounts of your lover.

Spyzie gives you access to monitor various accounts of your spouse like Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, Kik, and so on.

I tested out a few of them and my experience was a mixed bag.

To be honest, I didn’t receive anything on Facebook, and the Messanger section. But results on other apps were quite satisfactory.

In the WhatsApp section, you’ll receive notifications about everything that’s happening on their WhatsApp account.

Along with the messages, you’ll get to know whose profile your lover is checking.

With the date and time stamp and contact name included with each conversation, it becomes easy to monitor WhatsApp with Spyzie.

monitoring whatsapp with spyzie

Coming to the Snapchat section, the updates were quite satisfactory. You’ll get updated with Snapchat messages and other Snapchat notifications too. However, if you want to know does Spyzie monitor Snapchat on iPhone then the answer would be no. In fact, Spyzie will not track any social media app on iPhone except LINE and WhatsApp.

snapchat monitoring

Similarly for Instagram, you’ll get all the messages that your partner either receives or sends. Other notifications include the comments, names of other users, and so on.

10. Calendars

calendar section

Being a calendar of a spy app, it’s obvious that the Calendar feature of Spyzie is something different.

It’s quite common for people to mark special dates and set reminders on the calendar, just so they don’t forget about important dates.

By going to the Calendar section, you’ll notice the same dates appearing which are marked by the target person.

11. Applications

Spyzie apps

You can easily find apps on the Play Store that are not at all appropriate for kids to use. And it’s equally easy for teens to find those apps and use them.

But you need to make sure that kids maintain a safe distance from these unsuitable apps.

The Applications feature of Spyzie will show you a list of a few of the apps that are installed on the teen’s phone. Yes, that’s true. However, while testing Spyzie, I found that the names of only a few of the apps can be seen, but not all.

12. SIM Card

sim location

If the target person is too smart, they might try to hide their affair by any means possible. And for the same reason, they might use another SIM to talk to the new person.

But Spyzie helps you stay one step ahead with its SIM Card feature.

By proving your email in the given box, you’ll get notified, the moment the target person uses a new SIM on their mobile.

Complete details about the current SIM card can be seen as well.

sim card feature

13. Keylogger


Coming to the Keylogger feature next. So, what’s this feature supposed to do? Well, it is supposed to show you every search that has been made on every app.

Like, if the child is searching for ‘Running Shoes’ on Amazon, then you are supposed to see the exact same keyword in the Keylogger tab. But sadly, in my test, I noticed that this feature lacks accuracy and I’ll tell you how.

Most of the list of words that you’ll see in the Keylogger are those words that appear on the mobile screen instead of that being typed by the phone user.

For example, as you can see in the screenshot, the keylogger is catching the words like time, date, weather, emergency call, and so on. To be honest, this kind of inaccuracy makes this feature quite redundant.

How Much Does Spyzie Cost?

spyzieio pricing

For Android, there are 3 subscription plans to choose from. The first one is the Basic plan starting at $39.99/month/, which gives you very limited tracking options. You wouldn’t be able to track any social media app. You can only monitor 1 device with the Basic plan.

The second one is the Premium plan, which lets you track everything. The Premium plan also can only monitor 1 device per account and it will cost you $49.99/month. And then there’s the Family plan which will cost you $69.99/month. As the name suggests, the Family plan can let you handle 3 devices per account.

For iOS, there are Family, Premium, and Business plans. The Family plan can handle 5 devices per account and costs $99.99/month. The premium plan can be purchased for $49.99/month for 1 device and the Business plan for $399.99/month with access to 25 devices.

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Spyzie Review: Final Verdict

So, you might be wondering if I would recommend you to go for Spyzie. Well, I would say that there are a lot of great features offered by this parental control app as you might have seen in this Spyzie review.

But some of the features were either not working properly or not working at all. But in defense of Spyzie, I would like to tell you that maybe the features that didn’t work for us might work for you as the working of spy apps might differ from device to device.

Spyzie FAQs

This Spyzie review will be incomplete if I don’t cover the questions that users are asking quite often.

Can You Set Up Spyzie Without Access To The Target Phone?

No, you can’t set up a Spyzie account without getting physical access to the smartphone. Earlier it was possible to set up the account on the iPhone without getting physical access, but now it’s not possible to do so on the iPhone as well.

Where To View The Data Of The Target Device?

You can view all the tracked data of the target device by opening up your Spyzie portal in the browser.

Is Spyzie Legit?

Spyzie is fully legit and you won’t be spending your money on some kind of spam. It offers the best services and you won’t be breaking any law by using those services. As long as you’re not tracking someone out of their knowledge.

Can You Install The Spyzie App Without Them Knowing?

If you have physical access to the target phone then in a way, you can install Spyzie without them knowing. And they will never get to know that you are tracking their data.

Is Spyzie A Free App?

No, Spyzie is not a free app. It certainly costs less to use Spyzie services but it’s not a free app to use.

How Frequently Is the Data Of The Target Device Updated In Your Spyzie Account?

The data for the target device gets updated quite frequently. And by frequently I mean after every few minutes. You’ll see the last updated time at the top left corner of the Spyzie dashboard.

Do You Have To Root Your Device To Use Spyzie?

No, you absolutely don’t have to root your device to be able to use Spyzie.

How To Uninstall Spyzie From The Target Device?

You just have to uninstall the app when the target device is Android. And to delete the app, you have to navigate to Settings > Applications and Permissions > App Manager > System Service(Uninstall it). With this, the app no more exists on your phone.

Can Spyzie App Work In The Hidden Mode?

The Spyzie works only in the hidden mode, no matter the operating system of the target phone. The icon left in Android is of no use because you can’t change anything through that icon.

Does Spyzie Really Work?

Yes, Spyzie is a good spy app that you can try to monitor your loved ones.



Ease of Installation


Tracking Features


User Interface


Data Sync Speed






Value for Money



  • Calendar feature works perfectly
  • The app is not high priced
  • The app gives SIM card location as well
  • Spyzie is easy to use and understand
  • It's easy to setup the app
  • Contacts feature also shows the number of times they were in contact with target person


  • Video is not getting downloaded or played
  • Data sync speed is not good
  • Keylogger also shows the text on the screen
  • Browser history feature is not working
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