Spyzie Review: Is It Really The Best Monitoring App?

“Being able to see an activity log of where a kid has been going on the Internet is a good thing” – Bill Gates

The Internet is like an ocean of content where a child can be exposed to a rich profusion of opportunities. However, about 80 percent of the Internet is something you absolutely don’t want your child to be exposed to. And this is one of the main reasons for which every parent is compelled to use parental control apps. And truth be told, these spying apps can be really helpful in protecting your child from destructive online content. Also, it’s easier for you to protect your children from online bullying if you have a spying drone hovering over their Internet activity.

One such parental control app is Spyzie, the app we’ve just tested out and honestly, we were really thorough with the testing. And were we impressed? Well, to some extent, YES. There are so many factors that can make you fall in love with this app. That said, the app is far from being perfect. Why so? Well, you’ve to go through our detailed review to see if Spyzie is worth your money and time. So, pick up your cup of tea and jump right in.

Spyzie Review

There are a number of factors that we considered while writing our review for this incredible parental control app. And we are going to discuss each and every one of those factors.

How Does Spyzie Actually Work?

Spyzie app very intelligently tracks down every activity conducted by your children on the internet. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. So, no matter what OS your children are using, you can always keep an eye over them. What’s truly impressive is that the tracked data on Spyzie app gets updated after every few minutes. So, in a way, you will get a live update about everything remotely. And by everything, I really mean almost everything. From calls to Instagram messages, you can track it all.

Set Up A Tracking Device

Before setting up a tracking device, you obviously have to create your Spyzie account. For that, you just have to provide your email and set up a strong password. And when you’re done with it, you have to select a type of device you want to monitor. Like if your child uses an Android device, then select that. After that, you have to provide your child’s name and age to save that device under that account. And when you fill all the required fields, you can move to the next page to get further instructions on setting up the target device.

set up device

Unfortunately, you can only monitor one device under one Spyzie account no matter what plan you’ve paid for. For instance, if you’re already monitoring an Android device with your account, then you can’t monitor another device simultaneously. So, you’ll have no choice but to remove the former device in order to monitor a new one.

Android (Without Rooting)

If you want to monitor an Android device, then the first thing app requires you to do is disabling the Google Protect Play option. I know, not many people know how to do that. So, it’s a good thing that Spyzie gives you clear cut instructions on that. For that, you have to follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Open the Play Store menu and select the Play Protect option.

Play protect

2. Tap on the Settings icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Open settings

3. Finally, disable the Play Protect option.

Disable play protect

And then it guides you to download the Spyzie app on that particular Android smartphone. Yes! you do need guidance for that because downloading Spyzie is not as straight forward as downloading social media apps from the Play Store. But don’t fret as it isn’t that hard either. All you have to do is use the URL (tracksp.vip) they provide you with to download and install the app.

Download Spyzie android app

Your device may warn you that the file you are downloading “can harm your device,” but you can totally trust the app and move forward.

After you’ve followed all the instructions and installed the app on the smartphone, you can move to the third page. There you’ll be told to launch the app on the target smartphone and login with the same credentials with which you’ve created your Spyzie account.

Login to spyzie

As soon as you log in with your details, you will be asked to give a bunch of permissions to the app. And you have to grant those permissions to the app in order for every feature to work. For instance, in order to track the location of your child through his smartphone, you have to grant the location access to the Spyzie app. The only frustrating part about this is that there are a whole lot of permissions and it can really test your limits. But I can’t complain much about it because it is pretty common with almost every parental control app.

Now, there are some permissions that need to be granted for the app to work, like the notification access. However, you do get a choice to not grant some access like location, call, SMS, storage, calendar, and contacts. But do note that if you don’t grant those permissions then you won’t be able to use features going hand in hand with them. Like, if you don’t grant the app access to track SMS, then you won’t be tracking SMS on your child’s phone. So, it’s totally on you what you want to track.

Optional permissions

After you’re done with all the permissions, you’ll be given an option to get rid of the Spyzie app icon. To be honest Spyzie icon is of no use as the Spyzie app works in the background (With the name System Update Service) and there is no setting that you can change with the help of the icon. So, it’s better to hide it.

hide the Spyzie icon

Download Spyzie

iOS (Without Jailbreak)

Setting up an iOS target device is somewhat different from the process to set up an Android device for tracking. In the case of iOS, you don’t have to download and install the app on the target iPhone as you did on the Android device.

First, you have to create an account on Spyzie and select iOS OS while setting up the details. Then, for the second step, you have to provide the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone. When you successfully do that, Spyzie will detect the device and start monitoring it in the background. Do note that for this to work, you have to activate iCloud backup and syncing service on the target smartphone.

And this is how it works if the two-factor authentication is disabled. And if it is enabled, then you have to input the two-factor authentication code on the target device to move forward.

As we are talking about two-factor authentication, then you should know that it’s better to disable it in order to monitor the device efficiently. Because there are some features, like the location history, which can only be tracked if the two-factor authentication is disabled on the device.

Spyzie Features

1. Dashboard

Spyzie review - dashboard

Now, after setting up your device, whether it’s an Android or an iOS device, you’ll start witnessing all the data on your Spyzie Dashboard. The data will keep updating itself after a couple of minutes, and you can very well see the last time when it was updated.

Within the dashboard, you’ll see data like device model, Battery level, the WiFi it is connected to. And not only that, but you’ll also see the recent call and SMS with the live location of the device if of course, the device has a working internet connection. Finally, you can track how many activities have occurred within each category. So, we can conclude that the dashboard to get a quick overview of the activities conducted by the child is pretty neat.

The only problem I found while testing out the dashboard is that it kept on syncing for a while and didn’t update the data for quite some time. Apparently, there is a Sync button at the top left corner which can be used to sync the data again. I used that option multiple times but it was of no use, the data was still stuck. At first, I thought it’s my slow internet connection that needs to be held accountable. However, the same problem occurred when the internet speed was good.

2. Calls And Messages

Spyzie features - call logs

Now, it’s no wonder that a tracking app can monitor the calls and messages on a device. But we must applaud how well Spyzie does that work. It not only tells you who has been calling or being called at through the device but also lets you know the duration of each call. And when you see the date and time of every call, then you feel like you’re seeing the entire call log of the device.


Like calls, one can also track SMS on the device along with the ability to read the entire message. It may sound like the breach of privacy, and to some extent it is. But when it comes to the safety of your child, you have to track everything. And for what it’s worth, you do have a choice of not tracking the SMS by not granting the SMS permission in the first place.

3. WhatsApp Monitoring

Whatsapp tracking

Worried if your child is using the WhatsApp for the right reasons? Or do you want to make sure if your child is not being bullied or influenced in the wrong way through chat? Well, Spyzie easily lets you monitor WhatsApp messages on the target device. It shows you the entire conversation carried out with every WhatsApp contact, and not just one or two messages. Along with that, you can also get access to all the WhatsApp files and WhatsApp call records.

4. Social Apps

Instagram Tracking

The thing that impressed me the most is the ability of this app to track everything that’s happening on social media apps. For instance, it can track every single conversation on Facebook. And not only that, it can even track every single activity on almost every social media platform. So, if your child is addicted to apps like WeChat or Snapchat, then no worries, you can track everything.

snapchat tracking

Now, you must be wondering how does this work? Well, when I searched my own profile from the device I was tracking, Spyzie showed me the live screenshots of the activity. Every single page I visited on Facebook including the profile I searched for, was right in front of me. Although, the activity updates could have been a little bit faster. Still, the data was getting updated every 4-5 minutes, which is fine.

5. Location


Getting the updates about the location of a child is a blessing which we can’t thank enough for. In these times, no one is actually safe and the curiosity in children does take them to strange places. So, the best thing a parent can do is track the location of their child. And with Spyzie, one can easily see the live location of the device, and thus the location of the holder of that device. For the location to work, the device needs to be connected to the Internet. And the location gets updated every 30 minutes (Time limit can also be changed to 15 minutes) on its own. However, you can also use the sync icon to get the live update on the location.

If for some reason, the device isn’t connected to the internet, then you can still see the last location of the device when it had internet connectivity. The problem I faced with the location tracking is that the location wasn’t updating even after 30 minutes a few times. And my efforts of syncing it manually were also a waste. The last location I could see was updated 1 hour ago, which is quite disappointing.

6. Geofencing

Spyzie review - geofencing

As we were talking about location tracking, then you should also know the Geofencing feature of Spyzie. Well, this amazing feature lets you put location boundaries for the device. So, you’ll get to know when your child crosses those boundaries because of the geofencing. All you have to do is select a location and put a fence around it.

This is no doubt an amazing feature, but I’ve already mentioned that location monitoring with Spyzie is not that quick. So, that same curse also spread to its geofencing feature. If the location isn’t updated when it is supposed to be, then there’s no way you can expect the geofencing to work that efficiently.

Besides that, another thing that annoyed me is the inability to edit previously created geofences. This means you have no choice but to delete the previous one and create a brand new geofence. Quite troublesome and time-consuming if you ask me.

7. Live Screenshots

live screenshots

This is one of my favorite features of Spyzie. You can very easily use this feature to capture live screenshots of the device that is being tracked. So, whatever your child is doing, will be captured and shown to you instantly. For instance, if your child is watching a video on YouTube, then you’ll see the live screenshot of the video that is being watched.

This feature only works when the device is Active, which further means the target device isn’t locked. And if this condition is met, then a screenshot command is sent to the device. Then, the screenshot is uploaded to Spyzie within 3-4 seconds, which is really, I mean really impressive. Also, do note that the captured screenshot is only transferred to the Spyzie dashboard, and it is not saved anywhere on the target device.

8. Smart Capture

smart capture

If you are not into capturing screenshots manually, then you don’t have to do it. Instead, you can turn on Smart Capture for ceratin apps. Because when you do that, Spyzie automatically captures the screen whenever that app is launched. Like if I turn on Smart capture for Netflix, then a screenshot will be automatically captured every time Netflix is used. However, don’t expect to get screen captures from this feature instantly. It will take some time to get those screenshots on Spyzie. But it’s not like you’ll be sitting on your laptop the whole time just to see live activity on the device. The point is getting the screenshots without having to do it manually, which is very well done by the app.

9. Keylogger

Now, this feature could have been the most impressive feature of Spyzie if it worked as it is supposed to be. So, what’s this feature supposed to? Well, it is supposed to show you every search that has been made on every app. Like, if the child is searching for ‘Running Shoes’ on Amazon, then you are supposed to see the exact same keyword in the Keylogger tab. But sadly, this feature lacks accuracy and I’ll tell you how. So, when I searched for my own number on Truecaller by typing ‘Shivam,’ then the keylogger feature only showed me the keyword ‘Sh.’ And this same thing happened almost every time I tried to test it. To be honest, this kind of inaccuracy makes this feature quite redundant.

10. Access Gallery, Documents, Calendar, And Contacts

If you went ahead and give Spyzie permission to access everything we’ve mentioned in the heading, then you can monitor almost everything in that device. You can see what photos, videos, and audio files are stored in the gallery. Moreover, you can access all the saved contacts, clipboard files, and calendar information with a single click.

11. WiFi Logger

Most of the time, we prefer using WiFi instead of our mobile data. And what’s amazing is that Spyzie also tracks WiFi information to which the device was connected. This information includes the name of the WiFi along with the start and the end time of the connectivity. Moreover, it also tells you the location of the WiFi. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

12. App Block

app block

Every application on the internet is useful in its own rights. But that doesn’t mean every single one of those apps is safe. That is why the App Block feature of Spyzie can be considered as a true savior. Through this feature, you can block any app on the device with so much ease that you’ll be impressed by this feature every time you use it. And the response time of your action is incredibly fast. You block/disallow an application and it stops working in an instant. That is how it goes.

13. Downtime


Children have a habit of using their smartphones late during sleep hours. And no matter how many times you ask them to put their phones, they’ll still use it. Especially if they’re binge-watching Stranger Things. So, anyway, the best chance you’ve got to stop them is setting a Downtime for their device. This basically means that you set a time window during which they’ll not be able to use their device. And as soon as that time window is over, the device will get unlocked. A quite simple solution when you compare it to all the yelling you had to do before using Spyzie.

14. App Activity

app activity

This one is quite simple to understand actually. This metric is used to study how many times each app is being used on the target device. That’s it, there’s nothing else to it.

15. Timeline

Timeline according to me, is a more comprehensive Dashboard. Most people usually get tired when they have to navigate to each and every section manually for tracking the data. So, the timeline is a way to escape from all the hard work. In the timeline tab, you’ll see all the recorded or tracked data in a single place. That way, you can make sure that the device isn’t being used for any wrong purpose, while also saving a lot of your time.

The only unfortunate thing regarding this feature is that it can only be used if you’ve paid for the Ultimate Plan.

16. Alert

It is exactly as it sounds, an alert for something which you think can be suspicious. You can set alert for a lot of things. Like, if there’s a bad vibe coming from a contact, then you can set an alert for that contact. That way, you’ll be notified of any activity revolving around that same contact. Also, you can set alerts for deleted images. Because we all know the extent of secrets that deleted data can hold.

17. Browser History

Just by accessing browser history, you can track the most important data in the target device. You can see which websites are being accessed by the user or what the child has been searching on Google. If it’s something unusual and not safe, then you’ll be the first to know.

18. Data Export

Imagine you’re working too much and you don’t have time to go through all the recorded data by Spyzie. Then, the Data Export feature comes to the rescue. By using this feature, you can export all the data, including location history, call record, SMS history, etc. as a backup to read it later. Pretty convenient, right?

Tracking Android Vs Tracking iOS

It is quite obvious that tracking an Android device is much easier than tracking much-restricted iOS. And that’s the same how it goes with Spyzie. There are a couple of features that can be used on Android but not on iOS. For instance, you can’t capture live screenshots as you could do on Android. But the most important feature you’ll be deprived of when the target device is iOS is the Geofencing feature. This means you won’t be able to put location restriction on your child if he is using an iPhone. If you want to know exactly what’s the difference between tracking an Android and iOS, then refer to the table below.






Social Apps

YesYes, Limited

Live Location


Location History




Capture Screenshots


Smart Capture


Key Logger


App Block




Browser History


Phone Gallery







For Android, there are 3 subscription plans to choose from. The first one is the Basic plan starting at $29.99/month, which gives you very limited tracking options. Like you wouldn’t be able to track almost any social media app. The second one is the Pro plan, which lets you track everything. However, you won’t be getting Timeline, Alert, and Data Export feature in this plan. And then there’s the Ultimate plan, which to be honest is way too expensive as far as I am concerned. But if you look at all the features, then you can’t really hold back.

Spyzie pricing - Android

And for iOS, you get to choose only from Pro and Ultimate plan, because there’s no Basic plan for iOS.

Spyzie cost - iOS plans

You can have a look at the pricing plans on Spyzie official site.

Spyzie Review: Final Verdict

So, you might be wondering if I would recommend you to go for Spyzie. Well, surely I would. There are a lot of great features offered by this parental control app as you might have seen in this Spyzie review. Moreover, most of those features work efficiently. I mean sure, there are a few shortcomings with the tracking but no app is absolutely perfect. The only thing that bugged me is the fact that we can only monitor one device/account. But still, you can go with the app considering how efficient it is. And if you do decide to go with it, then I would suggest you go with the Ultimate plan. Because only in the ultimate plan, you get to use the Timeline and Alert feature.

Spyzie FAQ

This Spyzie review will be incomplete if we don’t cover the questions that users are asking quite often.

Can You Set Up Spyzie Without Access To The Target Phone?

Well, if the target device is Android, then in simple words, you can’t. You need to have physical access to the smartphone to download and install the Spyzie app. But you can do it remotely while setting up an iOS target device by just providing the iCloud credentials, provided the two-factor authentication isn’t enabled. Because in that case, you need to input the two-factor authentication code which you get in the target device.

Where To View The Data Of The Target Device?

You can view all the tracked data of the target device by opening up your Spyzie dashboard in the browser.

How Frequently Is the Data Of The Target Device Updated In Your Spyzie Account?

The data for the target device gets updated quite frequently. And by frequently I mean after every few minutes. You’ll see the last updated time at the top left corner of the Spyzie dashboard.

Do You Have To Root Or Jailbreak Your Device To Use Spyzie?

No, you absolutely don’t have to root or jailbreak your device to be able to use Spyzie.

How To Uninstall Spyzie From The Target Device?

You just have to uninstall the app when the target device is Android. Because in the case of iOS, you don’t have to install the app in the first place.

And if the target device is Android, then to delete the app navigate to Settings > Security > Device Administrators > System update service(Deactivate it). Then, again go back to Settings > Apps > system update service (Uninstall it).

How To Delete The Target Device From The Spyzie Account?

To delete the target device to stop monitoring it, go to your Spyzie Account tab and click on the My Devices option.

My devices

You’ll see the current device’s details with the 2 options i.e, Renew and Unbind. Click on the Unbind option to delete the device and all its data.

delete tracking device from Spyzie account

Can Spyzie App Work In The Hidden Mode?

The Spyzie works only in the hidden mode, no matter what operating system we are talking about. The icon left in Android is of no use because you can’t change anything through that icon.

Does Spyzie Really Work?

Yes, Spyzie does work the way it is intended to work. It tracks everything on the target phone as long as the relevant permissions are granted to the app.

Is Spyzie Legit?

Spyzie is fully legit and you won’t be spending your money on some kind of spam. It offers the best services and you won’t be breaking any law by using those services. As long as you’re not tracking someone out of their knowledge and who’s not your child.

Can You Install The Spyzie App Without Them Knowing?

If you have the physical access of the target phone then in a way, you can install Spyzie without them knowing. And in the case of iOS, you don’t even need physical access of the device, if you have their iCloud credentials and two-factor authentication isn’t enabled on the device.

That said, they’ll know that they are being tracked by some tracking app because of some features like Downtime or App Block. However, it’s always better to inform the person that they are being tracked. Because if they aren’t informed, then you’re breaching their privacy and violating their trust.





Tracking Features


Ease Of Use






Value for Money



  • Works without jailbreak and rooting
  • Can track almost everything on a device
  • Well structured information to set up a target device
  • Works by staying hidden in the background
  • Control features like Geofencing and alert make tracking more efficient
  • No heating issues or excessive battery consumption


  • Delay in location tracking
  • Inaccurate key logger
  • Can monitor only one device on one account

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