55+ Text Abbreviations Used By Teenagers To Fool Their Parents

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The teenagers of today know how to use technology better than their parents. Thus, sometimes they make bad use of it thinking that their elders will never know about it due to their lack of interest or knowledge in this field. To keep their parents in the dark they use slang and abbreviations while sending a text to their friends. So in case even if their parents are tracking their phone they would not understand what the message conveys.

If you are a parent to a teenager who wants to read their messages to ensure their safety online then you need to learn their lingo so that you can decode what they are saying. In this article, I have tried to list down some of the most used texting acronyms and emojis used by the kids that parents should know about. So do go through this list once and it will surely help you comprehend their online messages for sure.

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Parent’s Guide To Teenage Texting Abbreviations And Slangs

Before moving on let me clear that these slangs are not just restricted to teenagers as your spouse/BF/GF may also use them to cheat on you. So by learning these text acronyms you can also catch a cheating spouse apart from just keeping an eye on your kid’s online activities.

Casual Chat Acronyms Used By Teens In 2021

text acronyms

Not all acronyms are used for a bad purpose, some are used to make the texting experience better. Here are some casual texting lingos used by Gen Z that you should know about.

Bae – Teens use this slang to denote someone they admire, it can be their boyfriend, girlfriend, or crush.

Dope – Kids are easy to impress and when they are dazzled by something they describe it as “Dope” which simply means awesome, or cool.

Fam – It’s a cute slang for a group of friends.

FOMO – Teenagers want to involve in everything around them and when they can’t, they get FOMO(fear of missing out).

Flex – It means to show off.

SUS – This word is used as an acronym for suspicious or suspicion.

Noob – Noob is a relatively new word that is popular in kids that play online games like PUBG, COD, etc. A noob is basically a person who is not good at their tasks.

Gucci – You might misunderstand this word with the brand Gucci, but in kids’ terms this word means everything is good.

Swipe right– This term was made popular by Tinder. As on Tinder, you swipe right on someone’s profile that you like or approve. Kids also use this term when they have approved something.

A3 – This simply means Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace.

143 – This code is decoded as I(1 word) LOVE (4 words) YOU (3 words).

4EAE – It means Forever and ever.

Texting Lingos Used By Teens To Describe Parents

The following are few texting terms kids use to describe their parents when they chat online.

PAW – This abbreviation simply means Parents Are Watching.

Code9/ CD9 – This is a secret code used by teens which means parents are around.

POS –  This is a short form for parents over the shoulder.

PAL – Kids use PAL to discretely convey the message to their friends that their Parents are Listening when they find out that you are secretly listening to their calls.

Party Slangs Parents Should Know About

Teens love to party and they never miss an opportunity to go to a function or throw a party at home when their parents are out of town. Going to a party is not wrong but when the party has drugs and sex involved then it’s a matter of concern. Here are some party acronyms used by kids to fool their parents that you should know about.

Dayger – This texting term means the party is during the day

Rager – It means that there is a big party about to happen

Kick back – Kick back is used to describe a small party

OC – OC is a short form for Open Crib which means parents are not at home or at the party

WTPA – This acronym is used to ask the question “Where is the party at?”

Throw down –  Simply means to throw a party

Internet Texting Terms Used For Drugs & Alcohol

drugs abbreviations

A large number of the young population is becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol. According to research, 13% of 8th-grade students, 30 % of 10th graders, and 40% of 12th-grade students have used drugs at least once in the past years. If you are concerned about whether your kid is also addicted to such things then you need to keep a close eye on their texts.

You can make use of the best Android keylogger apps or iPhone keyloggers that track each and every keystroke made on their device. After receiving the keylogger results you should match them with the following acronyms. If you find any of these words then it means that your kid is definitely under bad influence and you need to confront them about it as soon as possible.

X/Bombs/Smacks – Ecstasy

Molly – Party drugs, Ecstasy

Turnt – To be high or drunk

The plug – One who supplies the drug

CID – Acid

402/ Blue Dream/ FuFu -Mariuana

Poison – Alcohol

Wings/ Ice Creams/ Butter – Cocaine, Heroin

Idiot pills/Roxy/Lemonade – Prescription Painkillers

Dangerous Sexual Abbreviations Used By Teens

During puberty sex hormones are at their highest peak and hence teenagers are always sexually excited. So it’s very important that you keep an eye on their texting behavior and see if they are sexually active.

53X – Sex

Netflix and Chill –  Used to invite someone for a makeout

WTTP –  The full form of this acronym is want to trade photos(Nudes)?

Smash – Used to describe casual sex

8 – Oral Sex

Slide into my DM – Inviting someone to message them on Instagram with sexual intentions

PNP – Party And Play which means Drugs and Sex

TDTM – This means Talk Dirty To Me

FBOI — It is an acronym for F**k Boy, someone who is just looking for sex

Chad — Chad is a term used to describe a hyper-sexual youth

FWB – Friends with benefits/ Physical relationship with no strings attached

Thicc — Used to describe that someone is having an attractive body

RUH – Are You Horny?

PRON–  Another way of writing porn

1174 – Strip Club

Nend sudes – Codeword for sending nudes

Double Meaning Emojis Used By Gen Z

🍆  – An eggplant emoji can be used to describe the penis due to its similar shape and size

🍑 – A peach is sometimes used to describe a Butt

🌮 – Taco is used as a symbol for vagina

😈 – Feeling  horny/ naughty

👌 – Anal sex

👉 – Fingering

💦 – Orgasms

🤤 – Sexual desire

🍃- Weed

🍒 – Testicles


So these were some texting abbreviations teenagers use online to chat with their partner in crime so that no one can know what they are talking about. But now you have a rough idea of different texting jargon that are popular among Gen Z. So now you can decode their private messages and ensure their safety online.

There are hundreds of more internet texting slangs that are used on a daily basis but learning all of them is not possible. But don’t worry if you can remember the teenager texting slang that I have shared here you will always be one step ahead of your kids and easily decode their highly confidential messages.

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