TheOneSpy Review: Undisputed King Of Spy Apps!

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Before reviewing any spyware, Ankit uses all the spy software and apps himself by purchasing the license of the products. All the information shared is based on his personal experience with the apps and screenshots attached show the real-time data from the target device he received while testing them.

If there’s one spy app that can be called perfect then it has to be TheOneSpy. The reason is you get all the monitoring features you could wish for in this spyware. Moreover, it works on both Android and iPhone. However, on iPhone, it only works if the device is jailbroken whereas, in the case of an Android, it can track it without rooting.

The app allows you to access other phone camera remotely so you can capture photos and videos from their phone. Not only that but it also lets you hack the microphone of the target phone so you can even record the ambient sound of the surroundings. It even lets you record target the phone calls on the target device and much more. Some other important features of TheOneSpy app include:

1. Call Recording: The ability to listen to someone’s cell phone conversations is not available in most of the popular spyware. However, TheOneSpy lets you record calls on someone else’s phone, and that too without rooting it.

2. Social Media Tracking: The app tracks all the messages and chats the target person does on various social media platforms including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Not just that, it even records the VoIP calls made on these platforms without root.

3. Password Chaser: It is only the spy app that can track phone passwords, and I have used tons of them. With this feature, you can find out someone’s phone pattern or password.

4. View Target Phone’s Gallery: The app allows you to sneak peek into the target person’s phone gallery. So basically with the TheOneSpy app, you can see the photos and videos the target person has captured or stored on their device.

Why Do I like TheOneSpy So Much?

At the risk of sounding biased, I would like to tell you that it is the best spy app I have ever used. It offers some of the most advanced features that are not even present in any other spy app. The best part is to use most of these advanced features you don’t need to root the target Android phone. Also, this is only one of the few apps that let you record phone calls on an iPhone, track its location, and remotely access its camera and mic. However, to use TheOneSpy on iPhone you have to jailbreak it, but it’s totally worth it.

What Could Be Better In TheOneSpy?

Seriously speaking there’s not much that I didn’t like about the app. It’s a complete spyware that can fulfill all your monitoring needs. However, if you are looking to monitor an iPhone with it then that has to be jailbroken and that’s the only downside of the app. If you could manage to jailbreak the target iPhone then there’s no issue with it.

TheOneSpy Quick Review

If you are looking for a one-stop solution for all your monitoring needs then TheOneSPY is the app you need. You can use it as a parental control app for monitoring your kids’ online activities. Or as an investigation tool to find if your spouse or partner is cheating on you or not.

Moreover, it can be used as an employee monitoring tool to see if your employees are doing time theft. If you want to make a well-informed decision about whether or not you need this app then go through my detailed TheOneSpy review below.

Free Trial   No
Free DemoYes
Money Back Guarantee14 Days
Price starts at$25/month
Supported Operating Systems Android & iPhone
Works Without RootingYes
Works Without JailbreakNo
SpyDrill Rating9.4/10

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TheOneSpy Detailed Review

I have covered TheOneSpy app review in its totality so it may be a bit lengthy article. If you are running short on time then make use of the links below to jump to the specific part of the review.


You don’t get a free trial with this spyware but you can have a look at how it functions using TheOneSpy’s free demo account. By using the demo you can see all the features it provides and the results you can expect from it.


TheOneSpy app is available on all platforms be it Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac. However, I will be sticking to the smartphone in this TheOneSpy review. So if you want to track someone’s Android phone then it must be running on Android 5 to Android 11. Also, the phone does not need to be rooted because it can work well on a non-rooted Android phone as well. However, if it is rooted you can take benefit of one or two extra features.

In the case of the iPhone, it works on all the iPhones but they need to be jailbroken. Just like FlexiSPY, TheOneSpy cannot track an iOS device that is not jailbroken.

How To Setup & Install TheOneSpy

Account Setup

1. Go to the official website of TheOneSpy and click on the View Plan & Pricing button.

Theonespy review

2. Now select the target device from Android, iPhone, Mac, or Windows PC. In my case, I am choosing Android.

choose device

3. Now choose one plan based on your needs and requirements. You can choose from monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans.

choose plan

After this, you need to enter the billing information like your name and email, and then you need to make the payment. Once the payment is done the login details will be sent to you on your registered email.

How To Install TheOneSpy On Android?

1. Log into your TheOneSpy account on your device using the login details you got in the email.

2. Now you can follow the onscreen prompts you get on the dashboard to successfully install the app on the target cell phone. You also get a quick video tutorial that guides you through the installation procedure.

Installation steps

With the guided steps you will be able to easily install the TheOneSpy app on the target phone. Once it is installed you are now ready to monitor all the activities of the target person.

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TheOneSpy Dashboard

Device InformationYes
Recent 24 Hours ActivitiesYes
Account DetailsYes
Recent LocationsYes

The first thing you will see upon logging into your TheOneSpy account is its dashboard. It shows you all the basic details about the target device, your plan, and the current activities done by the target person on their phone like calls, messages, etc.

dashboard overview

If you scroll to the bottom, you can also see the recent location of the target cell phone on the map. You can zoom in and zoom out of the map on the dashboard itself to see the location clearly.

Theonespy dashboard

Overall, TheOneSpy dashboard is pretty straightforward and clean. You get all the necessary information in one place without looking around for them.

What Features Does TheOneSpy Provide?

Now let’s talk about the features of TheOneSpy app one by one. It has lots of helpful features which are not provided by other spyware, and even if they provide they only work on rooted Android devices. But here you can use advanced monitoring features without rooting the target phone.

1. View 360

The first feature you get with this spyware is View 360 which allows you to keep your eyes on the target person all the time. Now you must be wondering how is that. Well, it allows you to see the live view of their surrounding using the front and back cameras of the target phone. Just select the camera you want to hack i.e. front or rear and then click on Connect button.

Wait for a few seconds and it will establish the connection with the target phone. If the phone is currently not switched off and is connected to the internet then you will be able to see through its camera. Once the connection is established, click on the Get Camera Feed button to start the live streaming.

get camera feed

While using this feature, I noticed that it captures HD video with clear sound and you can literally see everything they are doing. There are not many apps that come with this feature but you do get it on uMobix. However, there it does not work perfectly as the feature is still under development. Also, the video quality is not that great on that app.

Once you are done viewing the activity click on Stop Camera Feed to stop the streaming.

camera feed

Apart from the video, you can also listen to the ambient sound of the target person by clicking on the Live Audio tab. Just click on Connect button and then tap on Get Audio and live audio streaming will start. This feature is also available on uMobix but just like video streaming, this one is also under development. Moreover, the audio is not as clear as you get here. The audio here is crystal clear as I was even able to listen to what people were talking about in the other room.

stop audio feed

Overall, with the View 360 feature of TheOneSpy app, the target person can never hide anything from you as you can see and listen to everything they do or say in real time.

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2. Logs

Call LogsYes
IM LogsYes

In this section, you can see information related to all the incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, and social media messages. It keeps you updated about who your spouse or kids are in contact with.

Call Logs

Here you get details about all the dialed, received, and missed calls of the target cell phone.

Apart from showing the contact name, number, duration of the call, and timestamp which all spyware do, this advanced spy app even records those calls. I will tell you about the call recording later as it is a separate section.

call recording

Another unique feature of the app is that it even tracks the location of the call. Meaning that it can tell at which location the target person was when they received or made the call. It’s a unique feature that I have not seen anywhere else.

location of the call


Just like the calls this app does not miss even a single SMS that goes through the target device. Even if the victim tries to delete their text messages after sending or receiving them, this app will still allow you to see the deleted SMS like mSpy. I say this from my experience as I deleted the SMS within 30 seconds of sending & receiving and TheOneSpy was still able to track and show it on my account.

sms track

You can also set an alert by keyword or number. So that whenever an SMS with a specific keyword or from a particular number is received, you get a notification about it. However, it didn’t work for me.

Note: It can only monitor messages that are sent through cellular networks and not the ones that are sent over WiFi.

Social Media

As I said earlier TheOneSpy can show you IM Logs of popular social media apps like WhatsApp, Line, Tinder, Instagram, Snapchat, Hike, Telegram, etc.

It shows the entire conversation with a particular contact on a specific social media platform. The best part is the conversations are stored in an ordered manner which makes it easy to read the conversations.

whatsapp message track

What’s even better is that it not just shows the social media messages but also records the audio messages made on the particular platform.

voice calls

The above is an example of WhatsApp voice calls, but it can similarly track all social media and instant messaging apps.

3. Recorded Calls

The recorded calls section allows you to listen to the call recording of all the incoming and outgoing calls made on the target device. You can either play the recording on the dashboard itself or download them on your device to listen to them later.

recorded calls

You can also set the loudness.

set loudness

In my test, I found that the call recording is very clear from both ends and you can clearly listen to the conversations, similar to the KidsGuard Pro spy app. There also the person on the other side of the call was clearly audible which I found when I reviewed KidsGuard Pro.

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4. Bugging

Front CameraYes
Rear CameraYes

In this section of the TheOneSpy dashboard, you can remotely hack a particular component of the target cell phone and get access to the phone by creating a bug. It allows you to hack the microphone and camera of the target cell phone and use them at your will.

You can access the mic and record the ambient sound on the target phone by creating a bug. Also, you can choose the duration of the recording and then click on the Send button. If the target phone is connected to the internet then the audio will be recorded for a set amount of time.

mic bug

The recorded audio will be stored under the Mic Bug section and from here you can listen to or even download it on your computer.

audio recordings

Similarly, you can access the camera of the victim’s phone and capture live snaps and video from its front and rear camera.  For capturing a video select the video interval, and the camera i.e. front or back.

The recorded video will display on your dashboard in some time. You can play or download the video on your device to see what it has recorded.


If you don’t want to capture video then you can also remotely hack the cell phone cameras to take a live snap from the rear or front camera of the device. The photos will be synced almost instantly and you will be able to see their surroundings.

5. VoIP Call Recording

There is hardly any app other than FlexiSPY which allows VoIP call recording without rooting the target device except TheOneSpy. Here you can record various ongoing calls made on different social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hangout, Hike, Telegram, etc. But it misses out on two popular social media apps like Skype and Instagram. Although FlexiSPY also cannot track Instagram calls without rooting, it does track Skype calls easily.

Also, it can only record the audio from the target person’s mic and not from the other end and the same is the case with FlexiSPY as well. But since the call recording is clear you can listen to everything the target person is talking about and hence deduce what the conversation is all about.

voip call recording

You don’t have to do anything, you just have to wait and whenever they have a VoIP call over the supported social media platforms it will get listed under the VoIP call recording section. From here you can listen to the calls or download them to your device.

Moreover, you can skip to different social media apps from the top right corner and select the platform you want to check.

fb call recording

If they have made any call from that particular app then you will see it on the dashboard itself. It even tracks the video calls but only the audio.

Overall, the call recording feature lets you record VoIP calls of your partner or kids without rooting their device and it’s a big deal so we can’t ask for more.

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6. TheOneSpy Screen Recorder

The live screen recording feature of the TheOneSpy app captures screen recordings of the target phone at regular intervals and keeps syncing them to your account. With the help of TheOneSpy screen recorder, you can easily see what someone is doing on their phone without them knowing. You can play the clips on the dashboard itself or download them to your PC.

Live recording

But if you want to capture screen recordings on your demand then you can also do that. Just click the On Demand button on the top right corner of the dashboard. Now enable the On-Demand Status. You can then choose the time period of screen recording and then send the bug to the target phone.

On demand

If the target phone is connected to the internet then the live screen capture will start working. The on-demand captured screenshot will be seen under the On-Demand tab only.

7. Password Chaser

Do you wish to know the phone password of your loved ones? If yes, then the TheOneSpy app can help you with that as well. Yes, you heard me right, the Password Chaser feature of this app captures the screen recording whenever they unlock their phone. With this, you can know their pin, password, or pattern and unlock their device when they are not around to do the manual inspection on their phone. By default this feature is disabled, you can enable it by toggling on the button in the top right corner.

password recorder

TheOneSpy is the only app that I have tested so far which has this unique and helpful feature that makes me recommend it even more.

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8. Screenshots

The screenshots section of the app is the place from where you can remotely capture screenshots on the target cellphone without the knowledge of the owner. You need to create a bug i.e, a command which allows you to set the number of screenshots (5,10,15)you want to capture and the interval of each screenshot (15,30,60 seconds). Once set, select the Send button and the command will be sent to the phone. If the phone is online then it will receive the command and the screenshots will start to capture.

create bug for screenshots

Once it captures the screenshots you can see them on the dashboard. You can download the screenshot on your device, see it on the large screen, and can even run the slideshow by clicking on the play button.


9. Notifications & Alerts

The Notifications and Alerts feature is not something you get with most of the spyware out there. The last time I came across such a feature is when I reviewed It’s a pretty basic but also helpful feature which shares the notifications and alerts the target person receives from different apps installed on their phone.


While testing the parental control app, I experienced that it was not able to track notifications of native phone apps like messages, calls, etc. While TheOneSpy app tracks notifications and alerts from both third-party and native apps and that’s what makes it better.

10. Activities

Here you can see the target person’s activities like their appointments, browsing history, and all the apps installed on their device. If you go to the Appointments section under Activities you can see all the upcoming plans they have saved on the phone calendar.


Apart from the future plans it even shares the past activities that they have noted on the calendar. You can know a lot about what your spouse, lover, or kids are hiding from you this way.

Similarly, you can know a lot about them by going through their web search history. Under the Browser History tab, you can see all the web pages surfed by your kids or partner with a clickable link to that specific page.

browser history

I have tested this on multiple browsers and even on the incognito window, it tracks all the websites without any issues.

Besides all this, you can even see the list of all the apps that are currently installed on the target cell phone. Apart from that you can also block or uninstall the app from the target phone without touching it.

installed apps

While testing, I found that both block and uninstall features work almost instantly. As soon as you press the Block App or Uninstall App button on your dashboard the app will be blocked or deleted from the target phone in real time.

11. Keylogs

The Keylogs section stores all the recorded keystrokes made on different apps on the target phone. With the help of this feature, you can spy on someone’s messages secretly and see other things they type on their phone. If the phone is connected to the internet, it won’t take more than 2 minutes for the typed words to sync to your TheOneSpy account.


If you want you can even save or print the keystrokes from the top right side of the dashboard. You can keep them as proof for the time of confronting a cheating partner or spoiled child.

12. Does TheOneSpy Track Snapchat?

Snapchat is a popular app that cheaters love to use as it comes with a disappearing snap feature which makes it an ideal app for exchanging inappropriate photos. But don’t worry with the help of TheOneSpy app you can spy on their Snapchat activities. You can also download these screenshots as proof.

tracks snapchat

13. Photos

Do you wish to spy on the phone gallery of someone? If yes, then just install the TheOneSpy app on their phone it will take care of the rest. The app syncs all the photos stored on the target phone no matter it’s captured, downloaded, or it’s a screenshot. It can help you see all the images in the gallery of the phone.


It won’t take long, within a couple of minutes of capturing the photo it will be on your dashboard. And you can see and even download it if you want.

14. Contacts

Monitoring someone is not complete until you know all the contacts stored on their phone. With this spy app, you can easily see the list of all the contacts saved on your spouse or child’s phone and whom they are in contact with.

Onespy contacts

The recently added contact reflects on your account within a few minutes provided that the victim’s phone is connected to the internet.

15. Geofencing

Are you looking for an app that can alert you whenever the target person leaves or enters a specific location? If yes, then this Geofencing app is what you have been looking for. It’s easy to set the Geofencing on this app. Just choose the location, when you want to be notified, and the medium of notification which is by default set to Email.

set geofence

Once the target person leaves or enters the virtual fence that is set by you, an alert will be sent to your email. The geofencing feature helps you ensure the safety of your child and keep an eye on your cheating partner. In my first-hand experience with the app, I discovered that it accurately tracks the exact location of the target person so you can rely on it to know the whereabouts of your loved ones.

16. Geo Locations

Geo locations is a location tracking feature of TheOneSpy that tracks the 100% accurate location of the target phone with the help of GPS. It shares with you the longitude and latitude value of the location and the time at which they were present at that particular location.

track location

If you don’t understand the longitude and latitude values then don’t worry you can also see the location of the target person on the map.

view on map

Besides that, it also allows you to track the location of the target phone. So that you can reach the target person on time if they want any help or you want to catch a cheater red-handed.

geo tracking

While using the app, the best thing I liked about the TheOneSpy app is its accuracy. It can track the exact position at which the target phone is currently located.

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17. Network Connections

This feature is provided so that you can see all the WiFi routers that your kids or spouse connects to. It would be better if it could also share the location of the connected network as some other spy apps provide. By knowing the WiFi location you can know about different places the target person visits usually.


18. Web Filters

Another important feature that works absolutely fine is the Web Filters. As the name suggests this feature allows you to apply filters on the web activities of your child so that you can block adult stuff on your kid’s phone. You just have to set the keywords or URL that you don’t want your kids to visit on the internet.

disallowed websites

Now if they try to visit the blocked URL or keyword they can’t and will get a message like this on their phone.

site blocked

It works on all browsers and even in a private window. I have even tried to search for the restricted keywords and URLs using a VPN but still couldn’t surf them. So overall it’s a great feature for keeping your kids away from accessing adult content or any other inappropriate content on the web.

19. App Report

Only knowing which apps are installed on the target phone is not important. You should also know what app is being most used by the target person. The App Report feature just does the same, it shows the app usage time. This way you can know what kind of app your child spends the most time on.

app activity

20. Screen Time

Is your kid using the phone for more time than they should? It could be dangerous for their mental health and eyes so you must do something. But what can you do? Don’t worry you can remotely restrict their screen time from your TheOneSpy account.

Just select the day and time for which you want to restrict the screen time and then Send the command.

screen time settings

As soon as the phone receives the command it will restrict the screen time. If your kid tries to use the phone during that time period they won’t be able to do it and will see a message like this on their phone.

screen time

In this time period, all the apps are blocked even the phone dialer so they can’t reach anyone in an emergency, unlike FamiSafe where all apps are blocked except the dialer. So you should be careful and only restrict the screen time when your kids are at home so that they can reach you in case of an emergency.

Customer Support & Impact On The App

These two things are important and you must look for them before going for a spy app. It’s because no matter how good the spyware is if these two things are not good then it’s of no use.

Starting off with the customer support, unlike most other spyware which comes with chat support, TheOneSpy does not have that which is what I don’t like about it. However, you do get a Support feature on the dashboard itself, from there you can email them. But since all features of this app work well, you won’t need the support any time soon.

TheOneSpy support

If we talk about the app’s impact on the target phone then it’s negligible. The target person won’t have even the slightest idea that their phone is bugged. As you can see from the screenshot below the TheOneSpy app (installed with a fake name of the Service Manager) is been running on the device for more than 2 days and has only consumed 19% of the battery which is commendable.

impact on target phone

How Much Does TheOneSpy Cost?

TheOneSpy app has separate plans for Android and iPhone. If you want to monitor an Android phone with this app then you need to pay $25/month for the Lite Edition and can get the Premium Edition at $40/month. Obviously, the premium edition of the app has more features to offer than the lite edition. You can also buy the quarterly and yearly plans of these editions by paying more amount.

theonespy new cost

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On the other hand, if you want to track an iPhone with it then you need to pay $55 per month for one device, $105 for 3 months, and $125 for 6 months. You can also buy the yearly plan at $165 if you want.

iPhone price

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TheOneSpy Review: Can It Compete With FlexiSPY?

I test spy apps day in and day out but only once in a while do I get to use an app this good. It has successfully stood up to all my expectations and even surpassed them and is surely my favorite spy app now, earlier it was FelxiSPY. No doubt FlexiSPY is still a great spy app but the fact that it is more expensive than TheOneSpy makes it less likable. However, if you want to spy on a rooted cell phone then FlexiSPY is better because there you get a phone interception feature with the help of which you can listen to ongoing calls on the target device.

Nonetheless, TheOneSpy has a long list of features but what’s better is that all the features work as described. Also, advanced features like VoIP call recording work without rooting which is also a great thing. Overall, if I have to recommend someone a spy app that can do it all then I will definitely recommend them this top-notch spy app.


1. Is This Spyware Safe?

Yes, TheOneSpy app is totally safe to use. It does not cause any kind of damage to the target phone nor does it leak the confidential information of the target person.

2. Is TheOneSpy Free?

No, it’s not a free app but it comes with a free demo account.

3. Will It Track An iPhone?

Yes, but it can only spy on jailbroken iPhones.

4. Are TheOneSpy Cell Phone Spy App And ONESPY From The Same Monitoring Software Provider?

No, both are different apps.



Ease of Installation


Tracking Features


User Interface


Data Sync Speed






Impact On Target Phone


Customer Support


Value for Money



  • Works well on a non rooted Android
  • Hacks the camera and microphone of the target cell phone
  • Call recording is very clear
  • Location tracking is 100% accurate
  • Has a free demo
  • Allows you to restrict the screen time of your child
  • You can know the password of the target device using it
  • Can track deleted calls and SMS


  • Does not track Instagram and Skype calls without rooting
  • Does not have a chat support
  • iPhone jailbreaking required
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