How To Track A Car Location By License Plate? Is It Even Possible?

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There are many reasons why one may want to track a car maybe they want to know the places their husband or wife go. Or might be just to track their child’s driving to ensure their safety. Therefore, many people have a question in their mind can they track a car’s location by number plate?

In this article, I will try to answer this question and will help you know how to track a car by license plate. So if you are excited then let’s get going.

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How To Track A Car By License Plate?

track car location by license plate

You can track a car’s location by license number but by no means it’s an easy task. You may need to fulfill a lot of conditions in order to track a car by just its number. There are two ways to do it which are as follows. But let me be honest you won’t be able to do it for free.

1. Track A Car Location By Number Plate Using GPS

The first method to track a car or bike by number plate is by making the use of the GPS. You will require the following things in order for this method to work.

  • Account on a GPS server
  • GPS tracker device
  • Link the license plate database set to the GPS server

How does It work?

A car that you need to track must be equipped with a GPS tracking device or you can even use your old smartphone for this purpose. Next, you need to link the license plate database set to the GPS tracking system. Without linking your car’s number to the server it won’t be able to figure out whether the signal is coming from your car or someone else’s.

Once everything is set you can see the live location of the car wherever it goes. However, it won’t be able to track a car inside a tunnel or a subway.

2. Track A Car With CCTV Without GPS

If you are willing to track a car without GPS then you can make use of the CCTV. Here’s what you need to track a car’s location with CCTV.

  • Have access to all the CCTVs of your city
  • Text recognition software

How does It work?

If you don’t like the first method to track a car by license number then you can use this method instead. Here you can track a car’s location using the different CCTVs placed on the highways, roads, subways, and tunnels. It can be a tiresome process to check all the CCTV footage so you may also use text recognition software that will help you track the car by identifying its license number.

Practical Ways To Track Car’s Location Without License Plate

As you see it’s not impossible to track a car by license number but the problem is that the technology required for it is not within everyone’s reach. Therefore not everyone can track a car, truck, or bike using its number plate. It is something the police or government officials can do because they have the right resources for it. But you don’t have to worry because there are other ways using which you can track or locate a car without the owner knowing about it.

1. Use Spyware To Your Advantage

track a car with spy app

A spy app not only helps you spy on someone’s car but can also be used to track a car’s location. For this, you need to install the app on the car owner’s phone. Now, whenever they drive their car the spyware will track their location using the GPS on their phone. And then provide you with the exact location of the vehicle remotely.

There are a few conditions here as well, first of all, you will need to have physical access to the target phone for a few minutes. Once you install the spyware on the driver’s phone, you don’t have to touch it ever again. The other condition that needs to be fulfilled is that the phone should be switched on, GPS needs to be enabled, and it must be connected to the internet.

Apart from tracking their car location, some spyware like FamiSafe can even tell you about the car speed, hard braking, etc. This way you can ensure the safety of your child when they are driving a car or bike.

2. Try Hidden GPS Devices To Track A Car’s Location

track car without gps

A hidden GPS device is the best way to track someone in their car without their phone because you don’t need to install any app on their phone. You can purchase a well-hidden GPS device from Amazon at an affordable price. Due to their small size, you can place them anywhere in the car. Also, since these devices have a battery of their own so you do not need to provide a connection from the car battery which makes them easy to use.

Apart from tracking a car’s location, these devices can also help you prevent car theft. As most of these devices have tilt and motion detection feature which alerts you whenever someone tries to steal your car. God forbids even if your car is stolen then you can track its location and with the help of local police, you can get back your lost car.

Is It Possible To Track A Car’s Location By Number?

A license plate number has all the information about the car owner like their address and name. But it can also be used to track the car’s location. However, it’s not possible for everyone to do that because it’s technical work and needs a lot of conditions to be fulfilled. For the same reason, the masses find it hard to track a car by number plate.

But there are other methods that can be used in order to track a vehicle. For example, you can install a spy app on the Android or iPhone of the car owner or you can install a hidden GPS device on their car. These are more practical and effective ways of tracking a car than tracking the car using the license number.


Can You Track A Car Location By License Plate?

Yes, you can track a car by license plate but you will need to satisfy a lot of conditions before that.

Can You Track A Car Without A Device?

Yes, you can track a car without a device using CCTV footage and a text recognition software.

Is There An App To Track A Vehicle?

Yes, there are lots of such apps that can track the exact location of your car such as FamiSafe, and more.

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