How To Track A Car Location By License Plate? Possible?

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There are many reasons why one may want to track a car maybe they want to know the places their husband or wife goes. Or it might be just to track their child’s driving to ensure their safety. Therefore, many people have a question in their mind can they track a car’s location by number plate?

In this article, I will try to answer this question and will help you know how to track a car by license plate. So if you are excited then let’s get going.

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Quick Summary
You can find your car location by number plate but tracking license plate is not easy. You should look for other alternatives like using spyware or GPS devices to locate a car easily. If you can’t access the car owner’s phone to install spyware on it then you can even install it in your spare phone and hide it in the target vehicle.

How To Track A Car By Number Plate?

track car location by license plate

Can I track my car’s location by number plate? You can track a car’s location by license number but by no means it’s an easy task.

You may need to fulfill a lot of conditions to track a car by just its number. There are two ways to do it which are as follows. But let me be honest you won’t be able to do it for free.

1. Using GPS

The first method to track a car or bike by number plate is by making use of GPS. You will require the following things for this method to work.

  • Account on a GPS server
  • GPS tracker device
  • Link the license plate database set to the GPS server

A car that you need to track must be equipped with a GPS tracking device or you can even use your old smartphone for this purpose. Next, you need to link the license plate database set to the GPS tracking system. Without linking your car’s number to the server it won’t be able to figure out whether the signal is coming from your car or someone else’s.

Once everything is set you can see the live location of the car wherever it goes. However, it won’t be able to track a car inside a tunnel or a subway.

2. With CCTV

If you are willing to track a car without GPS then you can make use of CCTV. Here’s what you need to track someone by their license plate with CCTV.

  • Have access to all the CCTVs of your city
  • Text recognition software

If you don’t like the first method to track a car by license number then you can use this method instead. Here you can track a car’s location using the different CCTVs placed on the highways, roads, subways, and tunnels. It can be a tiresome process to check all the CCTV footage so you may also use text recognition software that will help you track the car by identifying its license number.

Practical Ways

While finding a car location by number plate is feasible, the required technology is not readily accessible to the public. This capability is typically reserved for law enforcement or government authorities with specialized resources. However, alternative methods exist for individuals to track a vehicle discreetly without the owner’s knowledge.

1. Use Spyware To Your Advantage

a. KidsGuard Pro

Tracking a car without a number plate using a spy app is a viable option. You need to install the app on the car owner’s phone which requires physical access to it for 5 to 10 minutes, or use a spare phone and hide it in the target car.

If direct access isn’t possible then installing the spy app on your phone and placing it in their car becomes an alternative. KidsGuard Pro offers precise car tracking by accessing the target phone’s GPS, and displaying the location on your remote KidsGuard Pro account.

If installed on the car owner’s phone, the app provides additional capabilities like call recording, SMS reading, and monitoring social media chats, enhancing surveillance options.

track car location

KidsGuard Pro not only offers GPS tracking but also includes Geofencing capabilities, allowing you to set up virtual boundaries on the map. You will receive notifications whenever the car enters or exits these specified areas.

track a car with geofence

For seamless and hassle-free car tracking, KidsGuard Pro stands out as an optimal solution. Check out my KidsGuard review for more in-depth information.

b. FamiSafe

KidsGuard Pro is a premium app for spying on someone’s car, but if you’re on a budget, consider FamiSafe as a more affordable alternative at $10.99/month compared to KidsGuard Pro’s $29.99/month. Moreover, while using FamiSafe I found out it provides GPS tracking, Geofencing, and even details like car speed and hard braking.

track a car with spy app

However, it lacks some features like call recording and social media monitoring found in KidsGuard Pro. Another drawback is that FamiSafe is not hidden, making it detectable and removable by the target person, unlike KidsGuard Pro.

2. Try Hidden GPS Devices

track car without gps

A hidden GPS device is an effective method to track a person in their car without requiring any phone app installation. Available at affordable prices on Amazon, these compact devices can be discreetly placed anywhere in the car. They operate on their battery, eliminating the need for a connection to the car battery and enhancing ease of use.

Beyond location tracking, these devices often include tilt and motion detection features, providing theft prevention by alerting you to any unauthorized attempts to move the car. In the unfortunate event of theft, the GPS enables you to locate the car and collaborate with local authorities for recovery.


A license plate holds details about the car owner, including their name and address, and can potentially be used for tracking. However, this process is technically complex and not accessible to everyone due to specific conditions.

Alternatively, practical methods involve installing a spy app on the car owner’s phone or placing a hidden GPS device in their car, proving to be more effective than relying on tracking car location by license plate number.

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