How To Track Location Of iPhone By Phone Number

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There are dedicated services provided by Apple that let you track your iPhone such as the Find My app. You can just simply log into your iCloud account and track your iPhone location using this service. However, in case you want to track someone else’s iPhone then you can’t do that unless you have access to their iCloud credentials or have installed iPhone spyware on their device.

In such circumstances, you may want to find a way where you can enter the phone number of the iPhone user and track their location. But is it possible to find an iPhone location by phone number? Let’s find it out in this article.

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Quick Summary
You can use official and unofficial means to track the location of an iPhone such as Find My service, parental control apps, and spyware. However, if you want to trace an iPhone with just a phone number then you need to make use of special tools such as GEOfinder and reverse phone lookup. In my opinion, you should go for GEOfinder because it can track the real-time location of the iPhone.

Can You Find iPhone By Phone Number?

Yes, you can actually find the location of an iPhone by just its phone number. And that too without installing any app or its iCloud username and password. However, for that, you will need to make use of third-party tools and websites which are both free and paid. I will be telling about both methods to you in this article, so stay tuned.

How To Track An iPhone Location By Phone Number?

Following are the ways using which you can track iPhone by phone number.

1. Track iPhone Location By Number Free Using Reverse Phone Lookup

A reverse phone lookup site such as Checkpeople or Spokeo lets you search for a specific person by their phone number. Providing these tools with the phone number of the target person will bring forth all the information about them that is available in the public domain. Such as their name, email address, social media handles, criminal records, and much more.

people lookup

Besides that, it also tells you their address. However, it can only tell you their permanent address and not the real-time location. If you want to find the residence address of an iPhone user then this method is best for you since here you don’t have to pay any money.

But if you want to track the real-time location of the iPhone by its cell phone number then you have to use a paid app such as GEOfinder. I am going to tell you more about it in the following section of the article.

2. Find An iPhone By Phone Number Using GEOfinder

GEOfinder is an online tool that lets you remotely track anyone’s location by just their phone number. All you have to do is insert an image into the tool and then it will return the Image URL with the tracking link embedded into it. Now all you have to do is enter the phone number of the iPhone user you want to track.

Next, the tool will send an SMS to that person using a system-generated number so you need not fear about your identity being disclosed.

send message

As soon as the target person receives the SMS on their iPhone and they click on the Image URL to view the image, their location will be tracked and shared remotely with you without them knowing. The tool provides the real-time location of the target person so you can always know about their whereabouts.

track location of iPhone with phone number

It even allows you to send the Image URL directly to that person using social media. Just in case they are not responding to the SMS, you can also try this method.

The best part about the GEOfinder is that it gives a $1 trial for 2 days. So you can use it before purchasing their plan. Overall, it’s the best way to track the location of an iPhone by phone number. If you want more information on this tool you can read my full review of

Try GEOfinder for $1

Other Methods To Track An iPhone Location Without Phone Number

If you don’t know the phone number of the target iPhone user then you may try the methods mentioned below. These methods will help you track an iPhone without a cell phone number.

1. Find My

To locate an iPhone using the Find My service you can follow these steps.

  • First, make sure the iPhone you want to track is signed into iCloud.
  • Next, go to iCloud and sign in to the same account. After that open the iCloud settings and click on Find Devices.

Find device

  • From the All Devices dropdown, select the iPhone you want to track.


  • As soon as you do that, the device’s location will appear on the map, which will help you easily locate it.

Find iphone

Find My is only good to track your own iPhone, if you want to track someone’s else iPhone then you may look for other methods.

2. Using A Spyware

You can easily find lots of non-jailbroken iPhone spyware but they will not allow you to track the location of the target phone. If you want to track an iPhone’s exact current location then you can make use of FlexiSPY. It is one of the only spy apps that you can install on an iPhone after jailbreaking it.

The app allows you to track the exact location of the target iOS device remotely. However, to install the app you must have physical access to the device at least once. After the app is installed on the target iPhone, you can track its location and other things such as text messages, call recordings, remote camera access, etc.

location tracking

To learn more about FlexiSPY and how it works you can check out my FlexiSPY review.

3. With The Help Of A Parental Control App

iPhone parental control apps are different from iPhone spyware as they are legal and you can install them on your child’s device and track their location with it. An example of such an app is FamiSafe. This app lets you track the exact location of the target iPhone remotely.

Real time location

However, it can’t be hidden on the target device so if you are planning to spy on someone with it then that’s not possible. That said, it’s a good legal way to ensure the safety of your minor kids. You can explore all the features of FamiSafe by going through my detailed FamiSafe review.

Can You Track An iPhone Location? Final Verdict

You can track an iPhone location using the official methods provided by iPhone or using third-party services. However, if you want to track iPhone location by phone number then you will need to make use of special tools such as Reverse Phone Lookup, and The best part about these tools is that the target person never knows that you are tracking them.


Can You Track An iPhone By Just Phone Number?

Yes, with the help of tools like GEOfinder you can track iPhone location with phone number.

Is GEOfinder Free To Use?

No, but it does provide a 1 dollar trial.

Does Reverse Phone Lookup Site Provide Real Time Location?

No, it cannot provide the real-time location.

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