How To Track Someone On Google Maps

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Tracking is not something that we usually do. But sometimes it might become necessary to track the phone and know the current location of someone. Especially in the case of the kids. While the kids are out for school or playing somewhere out, it becomes necessary to keep an eye on them. Just to be on the safe side. Not only for the sake of kids but there can be many other reasons to do that. What if you’re going to someone’s house for the first time? Don’t you need their location at that time? Of course, you do. Just like that, there can be many other reasons to track someone’s location.

Now, while we are talking about location tracking, what do you think is the better way to do that, instead of using Google Maps? Absolutely nothing. Without the help of Google Maps, tracking can never become so much easier. So let’s learn how it is possible to track location using Google Maps along with the help of WhatsApp and Message app. Not only this, but we also share a trick using which you can easily track someone on Google Maps without them knowing.

How To Track Someone’s Location On Google Maps

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Track Location Using Google Maps

Google Maps is an app that is installed on each and everyone’s device. But only a few of us know the trick to track someone’s cellphone using it. Here’s how you can do that.

1. Open Google Maps on the target device (smartphone whose location you wish to track) and tap on the hamburger icon at the top left of the screen.

google maps settings to track location

2. From the various options available, tap on Location sharing.

location sharing

3. Now, click on GET STARTED to further proceed with the phone tracking.

get started with tracking location

4. On the next screen, you can select the time for which you want to track the location of that person. You can tap on plus icon to increase the time and tap on the minus icon to decrease it. To track the location without any barrier of time, simply tap on Until you turn this off option. But after selecting it, other sharing options like WhatsApp, Telegram, email, BlueTooth, etc. will disappear and the link to track location can only be sent via message. In our case, we are making use of the Until you turn this off option.

select option for sharing location

5. After selecting your contact from the target device, you might see a pop-up saying that the contact is not connected to the Google account. Simply tap on OK.

confirm sending link

6. Now tap on Send and then finally send the prepared link from the messaging app to yourself.

select contact

7. Now use the link to see the current location of that person anytime you want from your phone.

share link via message

Sending the location is also possible from inside the Maps app. In this case, you will get a notification on your phone from the target device.

maps notification

After tapping on that notification, the Maps app will open with the location of that person. You can easily get the direction to their location as well with a simple tap on the Directions option.

how to track someone on Google Maps

Track Location On Google Maps Via WhatsApp

The first method works perfectly and it’s quite easy. But even then we are mentioning a substitute method to perform the same task.

1. Open the WhatsApp account of the target device and open your chat with that person.

2. Now tap on the attach icon at the bottom and select the Location option.

whatsapp location sharing

3. On the next page, tap on the Share live location option. Be sure you don’t tap on Send your current location instead. Else you will only be able to see the location of the place where the phone was at that particular time.

This option can also be used to fake the location as the current location option will just show you where the target person was situated when they shared their location with you. Unlike the live location option, you won’t be able to track them in real-time.

So if the current location is shared with you, you will feel like the target person is situated at a particular place for a long time. But in reality, they might be in a completely different location.

share live location

4. Now select the time for which you want to trace the location and tap on the send icon.

select time

5. What you need to do next is, open the WhatsApp chat of the target person on your cell phone. Tap on View live location in the location message which you just sent from their phone to yourself.

location sent on whatsapp from target device

6. In the next step, tap on their profile icon that you see on the map.

tap profile icon

7. After that, tap on the GET DIRECTIONS option.

get directions

8. Select the Maps app to see the location of the target device on Google Maps.

open with maps

9. Finally, you will be able to see the current location of the target device. Similar to the first method, you can also get directions to their place.

track someone's location using Google Maps - directions from whatsapp

The job is done. Now you will be able to track the cellphone location of the desired person.

Track Someone On Google Maps Without Them Knowing

This is something that needs to be done when your kids thumb down to share their location with you. But being a parent, it’s quite hard to let go and not trace their phone. So giving your concern the first preference, let me tell you a way using which the kids won’t be able to know that they are being traced.

For that, you just have to delete the link message from the kid’s phone that you sent to yourself in order to track the device. Luckily, deleting the message will not distort the link and it will work as usual.

In the case of WhatsApp, long-press the message, Tap on the delete icon, and select Delete For Me option. Make sure you don’t click on Delete For Everyone instead.

track someone on Google maps without letting them know

Stop Tracking The Target Device Location

The job is done and now you don’t need to track the target cellphone. Well, now it becomes your duty to turn off the tracking function. For that, go to Google Maps on the target device. Then tap on the hamburger icon and select Location sharing. Now you will be able to see your name (or the name of the person with whom the target cellphone was sharing the location). Simply tap on the cross icon at the bottom right side and the location sharing will be disabled or the link will stop working.

disable location

If the tracking was done using WhatsApp then location sharing can be disabled from WhatsApp itself by tapping on Stop Sharing.

Location Tracking With Spy Apps

The methods mentioned above are always ready for use when you have some guests to welcome. And in the case of kids, this method is ok if tracking them is a thing you do once in a blue moon.

But if you need to keep a track of your child or your loved ones daily, in that case, forget about this idea.

You need something really advanced and that doesn’t require the physical access of their cell phones daily. But even then it’s capable of monitoring your child or your partner without losing sight of them.

That something is what we call spying or monitoring apps. A small investment from your side will guarantee a complete tracking of your loved ones with access to the current location 24/7.

In the future, if you think to opt for a spying app just go for a monitoring service like iKeyMonitor. It’s an app that gives access to the current location while having full access to the location history. You can even find someone’s location through their phone number for free with a spy app.

Not only location tracking but most of the monitoring apps also offer Geofencing. Geofencing further boosts your location monitoring by setting an artificial fence around the set area. Crossing the area will result in immediate notification. All these features are absolutely unavailable while tracking someone with Google Maps.

Play Safe While Tracing Someone’s Location

If your kid (less than 18 years) is the one whom you want to track without letting them know, then it’s ok. But you need to keep in mind that normally if you’re tracking someone and they are not aware of that then it’s considered a punishable offense. So it’s requested that you don’t use these methods for something that can cause you personal harm in any way.


How To Track Someone On Google Maps Without Them Knowing?

To track the target person's location without making them aware of it, you have to delete the message having the tracking link from their phone. Another way to track their location secretly can be done using a spy app.

How Do I Track A Cell Phone Using Google Maps?

For this to happen, the target person needs to share their location either directly from the Google Maps app or by using WhatsApp. Spy app is another option to track someone's location.

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Faking Their Location?

While sharing the location on Google Maps using WhatsApp, a person can send their current location instead of sharing live location. This means you will only see the location where the target person is currently situated but it will not track their location in real-time. So it can easily be used to fake their location.

Can I Find Someone's Location Using Their Phone Number?

Google Maps do not have an option where you can put someone's phone number and see their current location immediately.

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