How To Track Someone Without Internet Or WiFi

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Keeping track of your loved ones is necessary, especially of your minor kids. Thanks to technology one can easily track the whereabouts of their kids, spouse, or partners using their cell phone. However, to track the exact location of someone, their phones must be connected to the internet.

But what if there is no WiFi around or their cellular data has expired or there’s no service in that area? You must be worried about your loved ones’ safety because you can’t track them anymore. Don’t worry in this article I am going to share with you a few methods using which you can track the location of your family member without the internet. So let’s begin.

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Can You Track A Phone Without Data?

locate cell phone no wifi

Tracking a phone without data or service sound like an impossible task, isn’t it? But there are many ways using which your phone can be tracked if WiFi is off or the phone is switched off. So yes, a phone can be tracked without data, let’s discuss how.

How To Track Someone Without Internet?

Tracking a phone without someone’s permission is tough but can be done through a spy app. However, spyware does not work without the internet so you might have to look for any other option. Don’t worry you don’t have to look at them anywhere else as I have listed them below.

1. Track Someone’s Location With IMEI Number

You can track a phone without WiFi with its IMEI number as long as the phone is not turned off. However, you might need the help of the police or a Network professional to track someone without internet.

This method is helpful in times when your loved ones are in danger and can’t respond to your calls and messages. With this method, you can locate them even if they are in some remote location where there is no WiFi or cellular network.

However, you must know their IMEI number, and then only can you locate them. This method does not need the internet to locate someone because it tracks their location through the nearest tower location. It won’t be as accurate as GPS but is still quite helpful in tracking the location of your family.

2. Locate Someone When Their Phone Is Switched OFF

Find My Device is an app that you will find on both Android and iPhone devices. On iPhone, it is known as Find My iPhone. These apps are there to help you keep track of your loved ones but require the internet to work properly. However, they keep a log of all the locations the person has been in the recent past.

This means that even if your loved one’s phone is not currently connected to the internet you can know their last location. The last location is the place where their phone was last connected to WiFi or cellular data.


In my opinion, this is the best way to locate a switched-off or offline phone. It might not provide the exact location but does provide a good lead following which you can track your kids or spouse.

3. Track Someone By Just Their Phone Number

If you wish to track someone’s location by their cell number then you can make use of a people search tool. For this their phone does not need to be connected to the internet. You can make use of reverse phone lookup tools that give you a lot of details about a particular person with just their phone number. There are lots of reverse lookup tools available online but the one I prefer is Spokeo.

track a switched off phone

This method is helpful if you want to know about someone’s permanent location i.e. their address because this won’t fetch you their live location.

4. Using Location Tracker App

A location tracker app is a special tool that can help you track anyone without the internet. This app sends an SMS to the target person’s phone number and when the person clicks on the link provided in the text message, their live location gets synced to your account.

track a phone without internet

This method will work just fine even if the WiFi is turned off on the target device. However, it must be in an active state and in the network range, otherwise the SMS will not go through. I have reviewed on our site, in my test I found that it is the best location tracker app that can track a cell phone without Internet.

The best part about this app is that it provides a $1 trial for 48 hours i.e. you can test it on as many cell phones as possible for 2 days for just $1. If you like the app then you can purchase it and if not then you can cancel your subscription anytime you want.

How To Prevent Your Phone From Being Tracked Without Internet?

As you have seen it is quite possible to track someone without the Internet. So, if you don’t want yourself to get tracked then just turning off the internet is not the right solution. The best way to prevent sharing location without your permission is to put your phone on Airplane mode or you can switch it off altogether. Even though someone can still know your previous locations by hacking your Google Maps data but they won’t be able to find your current location.

Track A Cell Phone Without Internet? Final Verdict

Tracking someone when their phone is connected to the internet is very easy. However, it’s not possible to find WiFi everywhere, does that mean you can’t keep track of your loved ones without internet? Not really, and you have seen above why. Although it is a little tough to track a cell phone when WiFi is off, it is still quite possible. You can track them with their IMEI number, or by their phone number using the location tracking app or a reverse phone lookup.


Does Location Sharing Needs Internet Connection?

A GPS can track someone's location without the internet. However, to share it with others it needs an active internet connection.

Can I Track A Phone With Just The Number?

Yes, using reverse phone lookup you can track a phone with just a phone number. However, it won’t disclose their current location. It will only show you their permanent address which is already available in the public domain.

Can My Phone Be tracked If WiFi Is Off?

Yes, it is possible to track your phone even when it is not connected to WiFi.

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