Different Types Of Spy Cameras For Home, Office, Bathroom

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Do you want to know about all the different types of spy cameras available in the market so that you can choose the one that has the least chances of getting caught?

Do not worry, you are at the right place! In this article, I have compiled an exhaustive list of various types of spy cameras like hidden and mini spy cameras, bathroom spy cameras, spy pen cameras, etc. There are some spy cameras in this list that you will not even believe exist but are available in the market.

So read the article till the end and share it with your friends to blow their minds.

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Various Types Of Hidden Spy Cameras

Let us dive straight to the list without wasting much time.

1) USB Drive Spy Camera

Different Types Of Spy Cameras

USB Drive spy camera is one of the most used and common spy cameras. It looks just like a normal USB drive but has an in-built camera at the back. This can be used easily if you want to spy on someone at your office or college.

2) Smoke Detector Spy Camera

Smoke Detector Spy Camera

Smoke detector spy camera is one of the best-hidden spy cameras because of the following reasons:

  • It can be placed in any room of your home or office as every room has to have a smoke detector.
  • It gives a clear view from the ceiling as there is nothing to obstruct its field of view.
  • Works as a regular smoke detector as well.

3) USB Phone Charger Spy Camera

USB Phone Charger Spy Camera

This works like a normal charger but has an inbuilt hidden camera. It can be used anywhere if there is a power socket to plug it into and nobody will suspect as everyone owns a cell phone which needs charging so you can carry it with yourself all the time. And whenever you find the need just plug it on the wall and you are good to go.

4) Wall Clock Or Digital Table Clock

Wall Clock Hidden Camera

Everyone needs to keep track of time, right? But have you ever thought that the clock can also double up as a spy camera? Probably not, right! That is why it is one of the good places to put your hidden spy camera. It looks and functions like a normal watch but has an inbuilt hidden camera in one of the digits in analog wall clocks.

5) Hidden Spy Pen Camera

Hidden Spy Pen Camera

This works as a normal pen but has an inbuilt camera at the top. It is quite well known these days and anyone could easily spot it if he/she has seen any of the James Bond movies.

6) Photo Frame Spy Camera

Photo Frame Spy Camera

It looks like a normal photo frame but has a hidden camera. Add your family photograph in it and place it in any of your rooms where you want to spy on your children, maid, or nanny. No one will suspect a thing.

7) Electrical Outlet Spy Camera

Electrical Outlet Spy Camera

Electrical outlet spy cameras are again very unsuspecting as every home, office, and building has a number of them. So you can use it anywhere you like, whether it’s your office or home. These come in two types, one that works as an electrical socket and the other one that appears to be one but is actually a false socket. Later one has a sticker at the back so it can be pasted anywhere you would like.

8) Sport Shoes With A Spy Camera

Sports Shoes Spy Camera

Now, who would have thought that sports shoes can house a spy camera? Well, someone did and now you can buy sports shoes that have a camera hidden in one of the tongues. So you can not only use this at home but can also use it while wearing the shoes doing a sting operation.

9) Sunglasses With Hidden Camera

Sunglasses Hidden Camera

Yes these exist, they cannot do the number of things like the Iron Man’s sunglasses but they can definitely record without getting noticed. If you want to record someone while you are outside then spy glasses are one of the best options.

10) Power Bank Spy Camera

Power Bank Hidden Spy Camera

The power bank has become a very common household gadget these days and has become one of the best places to hide a spy camera. The best thing about this is that you can place it anywhere you want, you can put it on the dining table, on your office table, on your car, or on your bed and no one will suspect a thing.

11) Hidden Spy Camera Water Bottle

Water Bottle Hidden Camera

It looks like a normal water bottle but has a hidden camera in its cap. So you can take it everywhere you go and no one will raise any suspicion. Or you can put it in your refrigerator to see who is stealing your ice cream, wink!

12) Air Purifier With Hidden Camera

These can come in every shape and size from small portable ones to big ones. It purifies your air perfectly unless you want it to record someone. You can place it anywhere in your home to keep an eye on your kids, maid, or nanny.

13) Alarm Clock With Wireless Charger And A Hidden Camera

Alarm Clock Spy Camera

As technology is getting smarter so as the people manufacturing hidden cameras. And this is one of the best examples that showcase their creativity. You can place this around your bed to see who else is sleeping on it other than you if you know what I mean.

14) Hidden Camera Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker With Hidden Camera

This is another good option if you want to keep an eye on your kids or maids. It works as a normal Bluetooth speaker and is very compact which makes it suspicion-free and easily usable in any room.

15) Wrist Band Spy Camera

Wrist Band Spy Camera

Since the fitness tracking trend is increasing day-by-day, therefore, someone rightly thought of putting a spy camera on a wristband. It makes a good choice to use it when you want to record someone outside. However, it can also be used in your office or home to record your kids or employees.

16) Light Bulb Hidden Camera

Various Types Of Spy Cameras

Now, who would have thought a light bulb could also be used to spy on someone? Whoever came with this idea deserves all the applause because it is one the best way to spy on someone without raising any suspicion. I do not think anyone will pay much attention to the light bulb even if he is searching for a hidden camera.

17) Mini Spy Camera

Types Of Mini Spy Cameras

When you can’t install any of the above options or want to spy on someone in their house itself then you need a mini spy camera. These are very compact in size and can be easily placed anywhere easily.

18) Car Charger Hidden Spy Camera

Car Charger Hidden Camera

Yes, even a car charger comes with a hidden spy camera. So in case you need a spy camera for car then you can use this one. The camera is usually placed in between the two USB sockets of the charger.

Types Of Bathroom Spy Cameras

While some of the above cameras like a light bulb or smoke detector can still be used in a bathroom but let us look at some hidden spy cameras that are designed just to use in a bathroom.

19) Shower Gel Spy Camera

Shower Gel Spy Camera

This is one of the best bathroom spy cameras as no one would pay much attention to the kind of shower gel one uses. And yes these can even contain the actual shower gel to use. These are divided into two parts, the upper part can contain a certain amount of shower gel while the lower part houses a hidden camera.

20) Bathroom Tissue Box Spy Camera

Types Of Bathroom Spy Cameras

Like the shower gel, this also consists of two parts, the lower part has the spy camera unit and the upper part can be used to store the tissues.

21) Toilet Brush Hidden Spy Camera

This is again one of the best suspicion-free options to choose from. No one, even in their dreams, will think of checking the filthy toilet brush for a spy camera. The hidden camera can either be at the top of the brush handle or can be hidden on the brush holder.

Which Type Of Spy Camera Should You Use?

There are ‘n’ numbers of spy cameras available in the market but which one to choose will depend totally on your needs. Understanding your needs will make the choice very easier for you. Like if you need to spy on your kids then using a spy camera that will be out of their reach will make sense. Obviously, they cannot discover it but they will surely misplace it, which will change the camera angle and the video recording will be of no use.  So you can choose either a light bulb, wall clock, or a smoke detector.

So, figure out the best possible place where you can put a spy camera, and then you can find a spy camera that will fit in that place perfectly without anyone suspecting.


How Can I Hide A Spy Camera In My Bedroom?

You can purchase different things that come with an inbuilt hidden spy camera and are also usable in the bedroom. These things can include a cellphone charger, air purifier, alarm clock, light bulb, electrical outlet, power bank, photo frame, and so on.

Can I Put A Security Camera In My Bedroom?

Yes, it is allowed to put a security or spy camera on your own property.

Do Spy Cameras Have Audio?

Yes, some spy cameras come with audio recording as well.

How Can We Connect Hidden Camera To Mobile?

Many hidden spy cameras come with an inbuilt Wi-Fi feature that lets you connect them to your phone.

How Do I Hide My Nanny Cam?

You can buy a household item that comes with a spy camera so that your nanny cannot see it. Many household items like light bulbs, air purifiers, alarm clocks, electrical wall sockets, smoke detectors, wall clocks, etc. come with hidden spy cameras.

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