uMobix Review: Everything To Know About This New Monitoring App

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Before reviewing any spyware, Franklin uses all the spy software and apps himself by purchasing the license of the products. All the information shared is based on his personal experience with the apps and screenshots attached show the real-time data from the target device he received while testing them.

uMobix is one of the best spy apps for Android as well as iPhone that I have ever used. It’s the only app that allows you to spy on someone’s social media on iPhone without jailbreaking. Although you don’t get a free trial with this spyware, you do get a free demo which you can use on their website. Moreover, you can get a full refund if you cancel your subscription within 14 days of purchasing uMobix spy app so your money is in safe hands.

You can expect to get all the necessary monitoring features such as text and call log monitoring, location tracking, browser history, etc. Apart from these, there are more advanced features provided with uMobix that make it a full-fledged spy app. Some of those features are:

Social Media Monitoring:  This feature allows you to keep track of all the chats or activity the target person does on any social media or instant messaging platform.

Keylogger: With its keylogger, uMobix spy app can track each and every word that is being typed on the target phone.

Remote Access: uMobix has been working on some advanced features for a long time. With the help of these features, it allows you to get remote access to the target phone’s microphone and camera.

What Made Me Like uMobix?

The biggest plus point of uMobix is its accuracy and the speed with which it syncs the recorded data to your dashboard. It won’t take more than a few minutes to show you what’s happening on the target device. Also, the features such as location tracking, and keylogger provide accurate results which strengthen my trust in this app.

What Is Missing In uMobix?

uMobix is overall a fantastic spy app with all the features that you would ever require to spy on your crush, spouse, or even kids. However, it is missing the Geofencing feature which could be important for tracking your elderly parents or minor kids. Moreover, the remote access feature is still in the development phase. So sometimes it won’t be able to remotely record the audio or video from the target phone’s microphone or camera respectively.

Quick Review

If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to read the entire article then let me give you my quick review of uMobix. Overall, in my opinion, uMobix makes the best spy app for multiple reasons. First, the pricing of the app is decent, secondly, it has all the features you will ever require to spy on someone.

Last but not least, it is highly reliable and provides accurate results. If you don’t have time then you can go for uMobix without reading further. However, if you do have some time I would recommend you read the detailed uMobix review below, you will get a better idea whether it is worth it or not.

Free Trial   No
Free Demo   Yes
Money Back Guarantee14 Days
Monthly price$49.99/ month
Supported Operating System Android & iPhone
Works Without Rooting or JailbreakYes
SpyDrill Rating9.3/10

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uMobix Detailed Review

As it is going to be a very detailed uMobix spy app review so I’ve provided you with links to read the specific sections of the article. However, I would suggest you read it completely to know the uMobix pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision.

uMobix Live Demo

uMobix doesn’t offer a free trial but you can check their free live demo to get the hang of working and features of the app.

Click Here to Check uMobix Demo

Is uMobix Compatible With Android & iPhone?

A good spying app must support both the major players in the smartphone market. Therefore, uMobix spying app is compatible with Android as well as iOS smartphones.

All the versions of Android running 4 or above are compatible with uMobix. And in the case of iOS, every iOS device is compatible with uMobix, irrespective of which version it is running on.

For this article, I have tested the uMobix app on Samsung M12, an Android device running on Android 11.

How To Setup And Use uMobix?

The very step towards monitoring your loved ones is to set up your uMobix account. For setting up your uMobix account you’ll need to visit the uMobix official website.

1. Clicking the link will take you to the home page of the official website. When you arrive on the uMobix website, in the top right corner you will see TRY IT NOW.uMobix Sign Up page

2. Upon clicking you’ll be required to enter the email id with which you want to register. The same Email Id will be required while accessing the uMobix portal from where you’ll remotely monitor your loved ones.

uMobix Create Account

3. After signing up you’ll have to choose the device type (Android or iOS) that is used by your kid/spouse.  Clicking on either Android Phone or Tablet or iOS iPhone, iPad will select the device type.

In my case, it was Android that I wanted to monitor. According to the choice of device, you’ll require to opt for a subscription.

uMobix Select The Target Device

4. After creating your account and choosing a subscription of uMobix spy software, you will get an email with the login URL and credentials of your uMobix account(username and password) along with a Registration code. The Registration Code will be required while installing the uMobix app on the target phone.

5. The credentials you received in the Email will be required for logging in to the uMobix portal.

uMobix Login Page

6. After logging in you will land on a page where you’ll see a bunch of instructions along with the Registration code.

uMobix Registration Code

Keep this page open and have that Android phone handy that you want to monitor. For the process of installation, you will need to have physical access to the phone.

The reason for doing so is that Android phones ask for multiple security permissions that are required at the time of installation. Failing to do so will not let you install the spy app in the first place. Therefore, you need to have physical access to the phone with you.

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How To Install uMobix On Android Phone?

If you are familiar with installing spyware on Android devices then it will be like a walk in the park. And even if you’re new to this, I will still make everything for you like a walk in the park.

I will provide you with the best and most detailed information that will make you install uMobix spy app successfully.

Disabling The Play Protect Option

Before doing anything else you have to disable Play Protect from the Google Play Store and allow permission for installing apps from Unknown sources. Everything will be explained in detail so keep on reading.

1. To disable Play Protect, first, you have to open the Play Store and then tap on the hamburger icon. After tapping the hamburger icon, select Play Protect from the menu.

Disabling Play Protect For uMobix

2. Now you have to select the Settings icon. Once you are in Play Protect Settings, disable Scan apps with Play Protect.

Disabling Scan Apps With Play Protect For uMobix

3. You will receive a popup saying “Turning off app scanning?” Press Turn OFF to successfully disable Play Protect.

Turn Off App Scanning Play Protect for uMobix

Steps To Install uMobix On Target Android Device

Now you are all set to install the uMobix app on the target device. Please follow the below-mentioned sequence for installing the app successfully.

The setup file size is just 6.17 MB and it will not take more than 5 minutes for the installation.

1. Open any browser on the target Android phone and go to the app installation page of uMobix by copying the following link (

download uMobix

The downloading will start as soon as you land on the download page. If you receive a popup saying “This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep umobix.apk anyway?” Click OK to continue downloading.

2. After downloading the file you might get an error saying, “For security, your phone is set to block the installation of apps obtained from unknown sources.”

Allow Unknown Sources for uMobix

3. To rectify the error you have to go into Settings on the Android device and navigate to Security. Under security, you will find Device administration. Here, you need to enable Unknown sources. Doing this is important because it will allow uMobix spy app to be installed on the device.

Allowing app installation from Unknown Sources

4. Once that is done, you have to go back to the Downloads in the browser and select the downloaded uMobix file. This time you will not see any error and installation will commence. Press the INSTALL button.

how to install uMobix

5. The uMobix app is installed on the target device and ready to be Set Up. Tap on Open.

uMobix Android App Installed

6. Now you can read the EULA agreement and then tap to AGREE TO THE EULA terms and conditions to proceed further.

EULA Terms And Conditions For uMobix

7. uMobix will now ask for your permission to enable its keylogger for Android devices. Press ENABLE KEYLOGGER TRACKING to give approval.

Enabling KeyLogger Tracking On uMobix Android App

8. After enabling Keylogger, you get two options to provide the rest of the permissions, one is using Automatic Setup while another is through manual setup. If you want to give all the permissions by yourself in case you want to see all the permissions it requires, just to be on the safer side then opt for manual setup. However, if you are running short on time and want to complete the installation process ASAP time then automatic setup is for you.

If you want to manually set up the app then click on the option that reads “You can set up the application manually here“. However, if you want to provide all the permissions automatically then click on Setup Automatically button.

automatic or manual setup of uMobix

Here I am going to share the steps of both manual and automatic setup so that you get a clear understanding of how to properly install uMobix on the target phone either way.

Automatic Setup

1. If you have opted for automatic setup then the app will automatically give most of the permissions on your behalf. It will ask you to fill out the captcha in order to grant the system permission to the uMobix app. After entering the captcha Activate the permission.

activate uMobix

2. Next, it will ask you to provide screen recording permission. Tap on Start Now and then tap on ENABLE DISPLAY RECORDING.

Enable screen recording

3. Finally, you need to hide the app and provide the registration code that you have received after creating your account. Lastly, click on Complete Installation.

Automatic installation complete

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Manual Setup

In case you have chosen the manual setup, then you need to give a lot of permissions by yourself. Here’s a step-by-step procedure for the manual installation of uMobix.

1. The first permission you need to give is for Automatic Updates. With this permission, uMobix can update in the background by itself. Tap on Allow Updates and enable Allow apps from this source.

automatic update

2. The next permission you need to provide is the Call/SMS block. By giving this permission you can remotely block calls and SMS on the target phone.

block apps

3. Now, tap on Enhance Stability and then tap on Allow on the pop-up that says “Stop optimising battery usage?” This permission will allow uMobix to run smoothly in the background without getting noticed.


4. After that, tap on Prevent Uninstall button, and on the next screen tap on Activate. This will provide admin access to the app and the target person won’t be able to uninstall it.

prevent uninstall

5. Enable Phone Locking is the next permission you need to provide in order to remotely block the phone, app, and browser on the target device.

how to install uMobix

6. Now hide the app icon before providing the registration code. Once everything is done tap on  Complete Registration.

enter code

With this, you have successfully installed the uMobix on the target device and you are now ready to spy on someone using it.

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Things You Can See On The Dashboard

Current location on the map Yes
Last visited addressesYes
Most frequent callsYes
Most frequent SMSYes
Last added contactsYes
Most frequent socials Yes
Browser bookmarksYes

After logging in to your uMobix account you’ll arrive at the uMobix Dashboard section. This is the spot where you’ll find sections of fresh information about your loved one.

The very first section is related to the Location where you’ll know about their recently visited places on the map. Zooming in and out will reveal more details.

uMobix Dashboard Location

Just below the locations, you will find small sections for the Most frequent calls, Most frequent SMS, and Last added contacts.

So if you are curious to know about any of these things, you can check it right from the Dashboard.

Moreover, while playing with the dashboard of the uMobix spy app, I figured that you can even filter your search inside the Most frequent calls and Most frequent SMS on the basis of Incoming (communication made to the target device) and Outgoing (communication made with the target device)

uMobix Dashboard

Inside the Most frequent Socials, you’ll see the time spent on various social media apps.

To know about the website reached by the kid, there’s a Sites section that reveals the visited websites and how many times they have been accessed.

social and sites in Dashboard

On the left of the Dashboard, you will see various options under categories like General, Social, Media, and Internet. The features under these categories will be examined below.

Unread Section

Before moving on to the various features of the uMobix app, let me tell you about its Unread section. It is not a permanent section, it only appears when there is a notification for any of its features. For example, if the target person has done some activity on the Facebook app then you will see the notification with the name of Facebook on the dashboard under the Unread section. As soon as you read all the notifications this section disappears from the dashboard.

uMobix unread section

Apart from notifications, you also get the Online status of the app that is currently being used on the target device. Overall, the Unread tab is a good addition to this spy app, as it keeps you informed about all the activities happening in real-time on different apps on the target phone so that you don’t miss any one of them.

uMobix Spy App Features

1. Calls

Call RecordingNo
Call DurationYes
Caller IDYes
Block CallsYes

The biggest USP of any spying app is to keep up-to-date track of activities. Out of all the features keeping tabs on calls is the most important one.

With the help of uMobix, you will be able to access their call logs having all the records of the calls be it incoming or outgoing.

uMobix features - Calls Monitoring

Providing information like contact name/number, nature of the call (incoming or outgoing), duration and call commenced date/time is not a problem for uMobix.

If you wish to see the call logs separately as incoming and outgoing then you have to filter the call logs. If the State option (marked below) has an up arrow, then all the entries are sorted on the basis of incoming calls.

The rest of the missed calls or declined calls will be shown when the State option shows a down arrow.

Sorting Call Logs on uMobix

The new feature added to uMobix call monitoring is Click To Block. I thought to put this feature of uMobix to test and found out that when you press the Block button next to a contact, you can remotely block it. If required you can also Unblock the contact by using the same button again.

block calls

What Do I Feel: I would have enjoyed it more if uMobix had a call recording feature like KidsGuard Pro or FlexiSPY but it doesn’t. It only shows call logs and the timestamp and lets you block the contact if you want.
What I Loved
  • While testing I saw call logs dated back to April 2019

  • The new call records were updated within 10 minutes

  • Even deleted call records were being shown

What I Didn't Like
  • No option of checking call logs from one particular number

  • It has no call-recording feature

  • Call filtering based on duration is not available

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2. Address Book

Changing contacts’ names with different numbers is not a new thing. Well, I used to do it, and most likely you did it too! Doing that makes them less of a suspect as they may pretend to talk to someone whom you know and trust. Keeping family in the dark is something that teens can do so keeping track of their contact list becomes very crucial.

uMobix Address Book feature will help you verify the contact name with the number(s) along with their email id(s). It also shows you the state of the contact i.e. whether the contact is deleted from the phone or it still exists.

umobix Contacts Monitor

By default, the contacts in the Address Book are sorted alphabetically (A to Z). To sort them in the reverse order (Z to A), just like in Calls, you have to press the Down arrow next to Name, to achieve the desired result.

Sorting Contacts

What Do I Feel:  This feature works well, it showed me all the contacts stored on the target phone. However, the newly added contacts did take some time to show up.
What I Loved
  • The supervisor can change the value in the contact list between 10, 20, 30, 50, and 100, depending on how many contacts you want to see at once

  • All the mobile numbers for each contact are shown. So if the teen smartly adds a secondary number under someone’s different contact, you will easily figure that out

What I Didn't Like
  • Recently added contacts are shown as Existing contacts. Therefore, the Address Book requires more polishing

  • No search feature is available for checking out specific contacts. You’ll have to check the list alphabetically

3. Does uMobix Show Deleted Messages?

Be it the 1990s or 2020, SMS was a hit and will continue to be a choice of many people over other communication methods.

No one will deny the fact that messaging is quick and meaningful. Within seconds you can convey your message and another person can plan accordingly.

As of today, messaging is used by over 5 billion people. It would be fair to say that your spouse or child can be one of them. Therefore, SMS cannot be taken for granted.

By using uMobix Messages, you can monitor the SMS be it either outgoing (sent) or incoming (received). One of the biggest plus points of uMobix is it can even detect deleted SMS.

Not only uMobix can detect deleted messages, but it even highlights them so you are always aware of what your loved ones want to hide from you. I only discovered it when I intentionally deleted a few messages to test whether uMobix can still record them or not and to my surprise it was able to do it very efficiently.

Messages Tracking

As SMS is used vastly, there will be numerous messages that will be present on their device. To make things easier, uMobix has provided the Latest Message feature where you’ll get the description of the messages received/sent currently.

And if you found something fishy there you can click the Title that will show you the complete conversation. By using this feature you can monitor their messages and be fully aware of what they are up to.

In our case, someone is trying to be a good friend!

Messages Conversation Tracked

Similar to calls you can now also block messages from a particular contact with the newly added feature of uMobix. While evaluating the uMobix app, I have noticed that it may take a few minutes to block a message but it surely works well and that’s what matters the most. Isn’t it?

block message on uMobix

What Do I Feel: uMobix has one of the best text message tracking features, it not only records all the incoming and outgoing messages but even shows you the messages that were deleted and even highlights them which no other spy app can do. Also, I loved the fact that you can remotely block a contact so they can never send an SMS again.
What I Loved
  • Deleted messages (even instantly deleted one) are shown on the uMobix portal

  • New messages are synced every 5 minutes

  • Messages and conversations dated 8 months ago were also shown

  • Sorting of messages alphabetically and date-wise is possible

What I Didn't Like
  • Searching for any particular contact’s conversation is not possible

  • Some conversations had multiple replicating messages

4. Does uMobix Track GPS Location?

Monitoring children’s visited places becomes the need of an hour. With the help of the uMobix Location feature, you can get a comprehensive view of their location history.

When they are trying new places they will require navigational apps that require access to GPS locations. Once GPS locations are allowed on their smartphone, uMobix will be able to process all the visited places information.

Being the guardian of my nephew, knowing his recently visited places along with dates makes me less worried. In-depth monitoring is also made possible with uMobix Locations. For that, Longitude and Latitude coordinates are provided by the app.

Location Monitoring

To view the locations better, clicking the View button will open Google Maps.

Here, you can get a detailed view with more precise data and area names. I personally like the Google Maps feature because it allows me to find the directions to the place where my nephew is currently located so I can reach for his help on time in case of an emergency.

Locations Detail View Using Google Maps

What Do I Feel: I tested the location tracking feature of the uMobix app very thoroughly and I can say with confidence that it has one of the most accurate location trackers. However, it is missing an important location tracking feature which is Geofencing that can be seen on KidsGuard Pro and mSpy app.
What I Loved
  • Sorting of the locations data is possible based on addresses/locations, longitude, latitude, and even date on which location was tracked

  • Adding support of Google Maps was a nice touch

What I Didn't Like
  • In our case, the Addresses section was not getting updated

  • The map was missing details. It was not able to show the particular area names, shop names, etc.

5. Keylogger

Knowing everything is not possible for everyone. It becomes the responsibility of people like us to make users learn new things. When I press a key on a keyboard it is known as a keystroke. Keylogger is a mechanism that records the keystrokes made on the keyboard.

With the help of keyloggers, recording of the keystrokes is achieved by not giving any notification or warning to the end-user i.e. spouse or teen. And when I talk about the uMobix spy app, the keylogging mechanism is enhanced even further.

uMobix Keylogger preserves all the keystrokes made on the teen or spouse’s phone. On top of it, I have discovered that uMobix even keeps track of everything like where they have typed and when they have typed.

uMobix Review - Keylogger Feature

Are you worried about the late-night chatting of your girlfriend/boyfriend with others? If yes, then uMobix can help you out by showing what they are chatting about.

uMobix Keylogger feature comes with a search bar from where you can search specific words or any particular app like WhatsApp. In my case, I searched “sneaking” and I found out that the word had been used on WhatsApp on 7th July.

Keylogger Monitoring Feature

What Do I Feel: The keylogger feature of uMobix is one of the best I have ever used on any spy app. It tracks all the words typed on the target phone be it in the browser, notepad, or calculator. Moreover, it syncs the recorded keystrokes immediately, given that the target phone is connected to the internet.
What I Loved
  • All the keystrokes performed by the target user are monitored

  • Information like the time when a keystroke was performed and apps on which it has been typed is also tracked

  • The search bar makes monitoring specific words very simple

  • Sorting data based on the app name and date is possible

  • Keystrokes made in the incognito mode (private mode) of any browser were recorded

  • uMobix keylogger provides you with a clipboard feature as well. It shows you the content copied and pasted by the end-user

What I Didn't Like
  • You cannot check with whom the conversion is going on. As in my case, I know my nephew was planning to sneak out but I didn’t know with whom

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6. Social

Facebook MessengerYes

Monitoring of Calls, Contacts, SMS, Locations, and Keystrokes was not a problem for uMobix. But one other interesting feature that uMobix has put on the table is Display Recording. uMobix Display Recording feature will enable you to see screenshots of all the social media applications used by the target person.

You will get all the screenshots while your spouse is scrolling through Facebook, chatting on Instagram, sending snaps via Snapchat, and so on.

And the best part about this feature that I came across while analyzing the uMobix app was that the end-user i.e. spouse or teen will not be aware of such screenshots taken on their phone without their permission.

Monitoring Social Apps on uMobix

The Social apps that you see on the left side of the portal are the ones supported by uMobix, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Tinder, Instagram, Telegram, and so on.

To check one’s activity you have to click on the specific app.

The general working of social apps remains the same. All the real-time screenshots will be taken and shown on the app’s respective section, irrespective of whatever that person is doing inside the app.

Does uMobix Monitor WhatsApp?

Here in the below screenshot, my nephew was chatting with someone on WhatsApp. As you can see it’s the full-screen screenshot with every detail like conversion with the timestamp, the profile picture of the other person, and so on.

WhatsApp Tracking

All the text that you see on the screen (above screenshot) will also be tracked in the keylogger. With the help of its keylogger, uMobix also lets you even see the deleted WhatsApp messages that are typed by the target person. So you can use various features to monitor your partner completely.

uMobix Snapchat Recorder

Snapchat is not like WhatsApp. The reason for stating that is, on Snapchat if you send a message and the other person sees it and leaves the chat the message will be deleted.

Moreover, whenever someone takes a screenshot the other person gets a notification regarding the same. So I was very skeptical about whether the uMobix display recording would work or not.

Spying on Snapchat - uMobix review

As you can see in the above picture no notification has been sent while taking the screenshot! To my surprise, it worked very well.

The Discover section on Snapchat shows stories from friends as well as celebrities and models. So, it’s quite possible that the kid might get exposed to some adult and inappropriate stories.

So monitoring this section is as important as the chats. I am happy to report that it also works as expected!

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uMobix Instagram And Facebook Tracking

Just like WhatsApp and Snapchat, uMobix Display Recording should have taken care of Instagram and Facebook as well and provided the supervisor with detailed screenshots.

However, in my testing, I was not able to receive anything from Facebook and Instagram beyond their respective logos. It can be some problem from my end and most probably it will work for you.

Edit: I again tested this app with a new target device (Samsung M12) and this time it tracked all the Facebook and Instagram activities with ease.

facebook tracking
Target phone Facebook activity when testing on Samsung M12
What Do I Feel: I have used almost every spy app in the market, but when it comes to social media there’s hardly any spy app better than uMobix. I really like how it can track all the social media platforms without rooting the target phone. Also, it provides an exclusive online status feature that shows you which social media app is currently being used by the target person.
What I Loved
  • No notification of any screenshot is given to the end-user

  • Sorting of screenshots on every app is possible with the date of origin

What I Didn't Like
  • None

7. Media

Monitoring general and social apps is vital for tracking the target person, but it’s not complete protection.

Most of the data is in the form of Photos and Videos and you don’t know what your spouse or teen is keeping with them and hiding from you.

The media stored on the device should also be under your surveillance. uMobix media can be a great way to figure out what kind of stuff the teen likes to watch.


uMobix Photos feature will show you all the images available on the target device from both Internal storage as well as the Micro SD card. Along with the photos, you’ll get the name and the time of arrival of the picture on their device.

Monitoring Photos

According to my testing, I was even able to see pictures dated back to 2017! Arranging pictures is also possible on uMobix.

To sort pictures based on their arrival, you will have to click on the Created option. After clicking, you will see a down arrow next to Created. Changing the down arrow to the up arrow will make the list categorize from old to new photos.

Are you worried about what kind of images are shared by your loved ones on WhatsApp? Then take a deep breath and relax! Let uMobix take care of this. Every picture that has been shared (received or sent) via WhatsApp is monitored.

What I Loved
  • Shared and deleted images over WhatsApp are recorded

  • Photos that are even transferred via Bluetooth will be tracked

  • Servers are updated every 10 minutes for the recent pictures

What I Didn't Like
  • The preview of the images is fixed and you cannot change the view or zoom in/out in the picture


Here, all the videos on the target phone are to be monitored. During my usage, I was able to see videos from 2019! Besides videos, important information like the name and time of arrival of the video is also shown to the supervisor.

Tracking Videos

As you can see above there are a few controls given, and these controls will let you play/pause, minimize/maximize the video.

Along with those, there’s a hamburger icon (marked above in a circle) which will provide you options for Picture In Picture and Download.

Picture In Picture will allow you to watch the video in a slightly bigger size. Also, it will let you multitask by letting you work on other things on your computer if you want to.

Picture In Picture Mode Videos

The downloading feature will come in handy when you find something inappropriate and want to preserve it for the right time. Clicking the Download button will instantly start downloading the video.

Downloading Videos

What Do I Feel:  I loved the Media feature, it provides all the multimedia content stored on the target phone be it photos or videos they have captured or downloaded from somewhere. With the help of this feature, I was able to figure out what type of content the target person consumes.
What I Loved
  • Videos don’t take much time to buffer or download

  • Videos dating back to 2 years ago were also available for viewing

  • Sorting videos based on their time of origin is also feasible

What I Didn't Like
  • Most of the recently received videos were not updated on the uMobix portal

8. Internet

The Internet has always been an integral part of one’s routine since childhood. When a child is growing in their preteen period, they are under the complete supervision of their parents. However, once they grow as teens they figure out ways to bypass the supervision of their parents.

Therefore, monitoring their search histories with spy apps is the best option in hand.

uMobix Browser History feature will take care of all your worries.
Spying on Browser History of Spouse

It provides important information like their recent web searches along with the date and number of visits they have made to the websites.

Data related to the Web search can be sorted based on Title, URL, Last Visited, and the number of visits done.

It can come in useful when you want to know what websites the teen/tween visit and how frequently.

But that’s not all, uMobix has a very advanced mechanism. All the searches are preserved on the uMobix servers and even if your teen or spouse deletes the history from their device, uMobix still has it!

What about searches made in incognito or private mode? I knew it was there in your mind. Be assured all the history even in private or incognito mode stays with uMobix!

The WiFi section of uMobix allows you to keep an eye on the WiFi router and hotspots the target phone connects to. Apart from just seeing the list of all the WiFi’s to which the target phone was connected, I was even able to block a particular WiFi with just a click of a button. This is a great feature for parents who want to restrict the internet usage time of their children.

WiFi logs

What Do I Feel: I personally liked this feature of uMobix very much, it helped me track all the web pages visited by the target person. More so it was able to track the searches made in the incognito tab as well which is a great thing. Also, it can block a particular WiFi network to which the target phone is connected. However, I was missing the block website feature on it which is available in the mSpy app.
What I Loved
  • Deleted history is always there on uMobix

  • Visited web pages are updated every 10 minutes

  • Incognito searches are also saved

  • Block WiFi

What I Didn't Like
  • While testing, the titles of the web pages were never shown

  • Bookmarks saved on the target device were never synced

9. Application And App Activity

The next two features you get to see on uMobix are Applications and App Activity. Under Applications, you get details of all the apps installed on the target device and you can even completely block or delete them if you feel that some apps are not appropriate for your kids.


On the other hand, in the App Activity section, you get to know about the activity duration of a particular app on your kid’s phone. It also shows you the current status of the app i.e. whether it is currently being used or closed. This helps you keep track of your child’s screen time and most importantly what types of apps they spend the most time on.

activity durations

What Do I Feel: It is a good parental control feature, using it parents can remotely block apps they feel are inappropriate for their children. It even provides the app usage time, so it’s good for tracking the screen time of kids. In my testing, the feature worked well, I have no complaints about it.
What I Loved
  • You can remotely lock or delete an app from the target device
  • Shows which app is currently active on the phone
  • You can also see the state of the apps i.e. whether they’re installed, deleted, active, or closed

What I Didn't Like
  • App blocking takes some time
  • The app usage duration is not entirely correct, it just gives you a fair idea

10. Newly Added Features

Audio Stream

Apart from photos and videos, with the uMobix spy app you can even remotely access the microphone of the target device and listen to the surrounding sounds. This will help ensure the safety of your kids and catch a cheating spouse without them knowing. But remember that this feature only works when the phone is in an active state and is connected to the internet at the same time. Also, the audio quality is not super fine but it is understandable.

Video Stream

The video stream function of uMobix is still under development therefore you will see that it won’t work properly sometimes.

When I put it to the test for the first time I didn’t get any results but after a few tries, it was able to provide me with the live stream recorded from the front and rear camera of the target phone. I have recorded my uMobix account activity on my PC to show you guys how it works.

This is a very useful feature as it can help you see where your loved ones are currently and what they are doing without them knowing. You can make sure that your kids are safe this way. However, for this feature to work, the target phone must be connected to the internet and should be awake (active mode).

Photo Snapshot

The other new feature added to uMobix is Photo Snapshot which lets you remotely capture photos from the front or rear camera of the target cell phone. Just like Video and Audio Stream, this feature is also vulnerable to failure because it is still in the experiment phase. I tried multiple times but it didn’t work for me but you can try it yourself it may work for you.

What Do I Feel: I appreciate that uMobix is coming up with advanced monitoring features like these, but at the moment they don’t work well. While testing I found none of these features work up to the mark, I had a conversation regarding this with their customer support. They told me that these features are still under development and will be properly functional in some time.
What I Loved
  • Audio streamed is crisp and clear
  • Video streaming works fine
What I Didn't Like
  • The audio and video stream feature ends automatically after sometime
  • Photo snapshot did not work for me at all

uMobix iPhone Review

How To Install And Setup uMobix On Target iPhone?

Unlike installing of uMobix app on Android, the installation process is very different on iOS. As in Android, you require physical access to the target device.

However, the installation on the iPhone/ iPad doesn’t require physical access to the iDevice. All you need are the iCloud credentials of the target iOS device. (Login ID and password).

Apple is very careful about the privacy of its users. As an outcome, Apple has implemented a 2-factor authentication feature.

If 2-factor authentication is enabled then you will not be able to take full advantage of the spying software as most of the features will not be available.

Moreover, if 2FA is enabled, then you need physical access to the device to get access to the OTP sent by Apple. It will also send a notification telling the user that someone from a particular place wants to access your iCloud details.

Therefore, you’ll have to make sure that their iOS device has 2-factor authentication disabled which is almost impossible with recent iOS updates rolled out by Apple.

If you want to spy on iOS devices without jailbreak then it’s only possible through iCloud. So, it is important that the iCloud backup is turned on in the target device. Once iCloud backup is enabled and you provide the spy service with the iCloud login details, the spy app shows you all the details like photos, videos, contacts, documents, notes, and so on that are present on that iCloud account.

So in order to spy on any iOS device, you’ll need the iCloud credentials of your girlfriend/boyfriend, 2FA must be disabled for uninterrupted tracking and iCloud backup turned on.

Click Here to Try uMobix iPhone Tracker

uMobix iPhone Features

You get limited features on uMobix for iPhone when compared to uMobix for Android for obvious reasons that the iPhone is more secure than Android. However, uMobix is always working on new ways to track an iPhone. In this quest, they have found a way to see the social media profiles of the target person using the iPhone without them knowing. This is currently not possible with any spy app out there without jailbreaking but uMobix has done it and we should appreciate them for it.

How they do it is that they get the password and username of the target person’s Instagram & FB account from their iPhone. uMobix spy app then secretly logs into their account and takes screenshots of it and shares it with you. You can see these screenshots under the Social feature of uMobix. Here is an example of how the screenshot looks.


uMobix iPhone feature


uMobix iPhone review

Currently, this feature only works on limited social media sites but with time uMobix will surely add more social media and instant messaging platforms to it.

What Do I Feel: In my opinion, this is a great feature from uMobix for iPhone users. There’s no other non-jailbroken iPhone spyware that can show you Facebook or Instagram screenshots of the target person except uMobix.

Click Here to Try uMobix iPhone Tracker

How Is uMobix Customer Support: Are They Helpful?

uMobix has one of the best customer support services I have seen on any other spyware. The best part is you don’t have to send an email and then wait for their replies as you can chat with their customer support executives and resolve your issue within minutes. I faced an issue while testing the photo snapshot and video stream feature so I talked with their customer support regarding it. You can find the chat support option on the bottom right side of your uMobix dashboard.

uMobix customer support

Within a few seconds after raising the query, an executive was assigned to me who listened to all of my issues patiently and replied with valid answers. Overall, I am quite satisfied with their customer support.

Is uMobix Undetectable?

uMobix is not detectable as it is installed with a fake name(Play Services) and app icon which makes it look like a system app.

Furthermore, almost every spy app has some impact on the target phone’s performance like heating up the device, consuming the battery, and in some cases even lagging the phone. However, the impact should be as less as possible, or else the target person will get suspicious that there is something wrong with their device. Luckily, with uMobix they won’t get suspicious because it does not have a very significant impact on the phone. It does consume some battery but doesn’t lag or heat up the phone so uMobix doesn’t raise any red flags and hence remains undetected.

uMobix Pricing And Plans

Android and iOS plans of uMobix

After discussing the features, it’s time we discuss the pricing of uMobix. Earlier uMobix had different plans and pricing for Android and iOS devices. However, now the plans are merged and you can get uMobix for iPhone and Android smartphones at similar prices.

There are three plans based on their validity: the monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans. These plans are priced at $49.99/ month, $27.99/ month, and $11.66/ month respectively. All the payment is done upfront which means if you opt for the monthly plan you have to pay $49.99. Whereas for the quarterly and annual plans, you will have to pay $83.79 and $139.92 respectively.

Click Here to Check Price On Official Site

uMobix Vs FlexiSPY Features & Pricing Compared

uMobix and FlexiSPY are one of my favorite spy apps and I thought to compare both of them here so that you can know how well uMobix performs compared to other spy apps. Although FlexiSPY is more advanced spyware than uMobix, most of its advanced features work only when the target device is rooted. Whereas on the other hand in the case of uMobix, almost all features work well on a non-rooted phone as well. Also, in terms of pricing, FlexiSPY is more expensive than uMobix.

Now let’s compare uMobix and FlexiSPY features.

Track Deleted Calls & MessagesYesYesBoth the apps can track deleted calls and messages but uMobix can even highlights deleted messages
Call RecordingNoYesuMobix does not support call recording while FlexiSPY can track both cellular and VoIP calls
GPS Location TrackingYesYesBoth apps does great work in tracking the exact GPS location of the target cell phone
GeofenceNoYesuMobix does not feature Geofencing while FlexiSPY can alert you wherever the target person crosses the set boundries
Social MediaYesYesBoth the apps can very well track social media activites but uMobix can track social media activites on iPhone without jailbreaking which FlexiSPY can't do. Even on Android, FlexiSPY can't track all social media platforms without root
Remote AccessYesYesuMobix and FlexiSPY both lets you remotely access the camera and microphone of the target cell phone. However, on uMobix this feature is still under development so it doesn't work as expected all the times
KeyloggerYesYesYou get a good keystroke logger function on both uMobix and FlexiSPY

Is uMobix Legit & Safe? My Verdict

uMobix is a legit spy app that works as stated. It can help you track anyone on their phone without their permission. All you need to do is just install it on their phone and then wait for it to sync the recorded data to your account remotely. Also, all the features work very well, so you won’t have any issues with it. I missed the Geofence feature on it but still, the GPS tracking feature works well to track someone’s location.

Is uMobix safe? You may also ask. Then let me tell you that uMobix is totally safe to use. It does not leak any of the data it records on the target phone nor does it cause any damage to it. So you can definitely give uMobix a try.

Click Here to Try uMobix

uMobix Review Video On My YouTube Channel


1. Can uMobix Monitor Snapchat?

Yes, uMobix can monitor Snapchat by recording live screens and providing Screenshots, without them knowing!

2.  Can uMobix Be Hidden?

Yes, hiding uMobix is possible at the time of installation on the target device. But this is only possible if you choose to hide the app icon.

3.  Can uMobix Be Installed Remotely?

In the case of an iOS device with 2FA disabled, it’s possible to install the spy app service remotely. But if the 2FA is enabled, you need physical access to the iOS device. In the case of an Android phone, it’s not possible to install the service remotely.

4. Can uMobix See Deleted Messages?

Yes, the messages that are deleted when uMobix is installed can be seen.

5. Does uMobix Cause Any Adverse Effect On The Target Phone?

No, I didn’t find any major issues like heating, battery drop, or lag on the target device while testing it.

6. Is uMobix Legal?

Yes, uMobix is legal but the person you are going to monitor must be aware of it.

7. Do I Need A Rooted Android Phone For uMobix To Work?

No, that’s the beauty of uMobix, you don’t need to root your target Android device for complete working.

8. Do I Need A Jailbroken iPhone For uMobix?

No, it’s not necessary to jailbreak the target iOS device in order to spy with uMobix.

9. Can Deleted Call Records Be Retrieved Using uMobix?

Yes, the Deleted calls are preserved in uMobix even if they are deleted by your girlfriend/boyfriend/kid/employee.

10. Can The uMobix Keylogger Monitor Copy-paste Text?

Yes, uMobix Keylogger also works like a clipboard and monitors copy-pasted texts.

11. How Much uMobix cost?

Basic pack monthly ($29.99), Full pack monthly ($59.99), Full 3 months combo ($ 33.33), and Full 12 months combo ($14.99).

12. Is uMobix Any Good?

Yes, in terms of the price-to-features ratio, it’s a good monitoring app to keep your loved ones safe.



Ease of Installation


Tracking Features


User Interface


Data Sync Speed






Customer Support


Impact On The Target Phone


Value for Money



  • Tracking of browsing history was impressive
  • Keylogger was working perfectly
  • Keylogger was also showing the copy and pasted data
  • Calls, SMS, and Contacts were updating within minutes
  • Location feature also supported Google Maps for more support
  • uMobix also shows the messages that were sent and deleted immediately
  • The tracking of photos was very instant


  • Call recording not available
  • No updates in the video section after initial syncing
  • Browser bookmarks were not shown by uMobix
About the Author

Franklin manages a remote team using monitoring apps to keep track of their working hours and performance. He has been using tracking apps for monitoring employees for over 6 years now. He started SpyDrill to share his experience with monitoring apps and hence help others who want to track someone. Franklin holds a bachelor's degree in engineering and a master's degree in business administration.

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