uMobix Vs FlexiSPY: The Battle Of The Best Spyware

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When someone asks me to recommend them the best spy apps to track someone, FlexiSPY and uMobix are the apps I recommend first. And why not as both are capable of monitoring each and every activity that happens on the target cell phone. However, what happens when we compare both of these apps up against one other, which one will come up as the ultimate spy app? Let’s find out!

uMobix Vs FlexiSPY

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In this uMobix vs FlexiSPY comparison, I will compare both apps on a variety of factors so that you have a clear idea of which app to go for, FlexiSPY or uMobix.

App Compatibility


Android: OS version 4.0 and above

iOS: Track all iPhones without jailbreaking through iCloud


Android: OS Version 4.0.3 to the latest Android 12

iOS: iOS Version 6.0 and above (iPhone needs to be jailbroken)

Before comparing the features we must look at the compatibility of both apps. As it is important for spyware to be compatible with as many devices as possible because the person you want to spy on may be using any device.

First thing first, both apps can track an Android device without root permissions. However, things are different when it comes to monitoring iPhone, FlexiSPY can only track a jailbroken iPhone. On the other hand, uMobix can spy on all the iPhones out there through iCloud credentials. It means you do not have to install uMobix on the target iPhone, it tracks their activity through their iCloud backup. Whereas, you have to install the FlexiSPY app on a jailbroken iPhone if you want to use it to spy on someone.

Winner: It’s a Draw! Although uMobix has a slight advantage over FlexiSPY because it can also track an iPhone without jailbreaking through iCloud but the features you get are very limited. If you can jailbreak the iPhone, FlexiSPY can offer an unlimited amount of tracking features.

Ease Of Installation

Without a doubt, uMobix is one of the easiest spy apps to install on Android as it comes with an automatic setup that allows it to get all the necessary permissions by itself. On the other hand, you need to manually give all the permissions one by one on FlexiSPY which takes a little more time than installing uMobix.

automatic setup

Winner: uMobix, undoubtedly!

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Calls & Messages

Both the apps work perfectly fine to track the incoming and outgoing calls and SMS on the target phone. Moreover, both are quite quick to sync the call and SMS logs. If I have to be precise then FlexiSPY is slightly faster. Even both apps can track the deleted calls and messages that are deleted just after receiving or sending them. Moreover, uMobix even highlights deleted call logs and SMS, which is great.

deleted message
Deleted messages and call logs highlighted on uMobix

However, what makes FlexiSPY shine here is that it can even record phone calls so that you can listen to them later. And if the Android phone is rooted you can even intercept the ongoing phone calls on the target phone. Moreover, FlexiSPY can track MMS sent over the cellular network which is not possible with uMobix.

call recording

Winner: FlexiSPY, by a good margin! Although uMobix works well to track SMS and call logs, it does not record the calls and that’s where it loses.

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Location Tracking

Both uMobix and FlexiSPY can track the exact current location of the target phone using the phone’s GPS.

If we talk about the accuracy then it’s almost 100% accurate on both the apps, but FlexiSPY syncs the locations to your dashboard faster than uMobix.

Apart from that, what makes FlexiSPY a better app for location tracking than uMobix is that it has a geofencing feature that is absent from the former.

If we keep the geofencing feature aside, both apps give you the option to see the location on Google Maps as well so that you can inspect the location in a better way.

umobix vs flexispy location

Winner: FlexiSPY, for two reasons; it syncs data fast and is one of the best geofencing apps out there.

Social Media Tracking

uMobix and FlexiSPY apps allow you to check the social media activities of the target person and see who is texting whom on different platforms. With uMobix you can see the social media activities through screenshots. Whereas you can track the social media messages on FlexiSPY using keylogger. In both scenarios, you can easily read their chats and messages.

However, on FlexiSPY, apart from just reading the messages you can also track VoIP calls i.e. voice calls made on different platforms. For instance, you can spy on WhatsApp calls, Messenger calls, Skype, etc without rooting. It even records the video calls but in the audio format.


Although you cannot track voice calls on uMobix, it does allow you to spy on Facebook and Instagram activities on an iPhone without jailbreaking as also mentioned in my uMobix iPhone review. So if you are looking to track an iPhone, uMobix might be the better option for you.

Winner: Draw! Both apps have a set of unique advantages when it comes to tracking social media so I can’t decide on a clear winner.

Remote Access

You will be glad to know that with both uMobix and FlexiSPY you can remotely hack the camera and microphone of the target device. Hence, you can capture videos and photos using the camera and record audio secretly from their phone’s microphone.

However, in uMobix these features are still under development and they do not work perfectly. Also, the audio and video recording quality is somewhat compromised there.

Whereas, FlexiSPY offers high-quality audio and video recording along with the live snaps from the target phone.

remote access

Moreover, on uMobix the audio and video recording is done through live streaming. Whereas in the FlexiSPY the recordings are stored on your account from where you can download them on your device to view later.

Winner: FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY vs uMobix Price

Price is a deciding factor for many, if you are short on budget you would love uMobix. Its price starts from $49.99/month. Whereas on the other hand the price of FlexiSPY starts from $68/month and goes up to $199/3 months. There is also a Lite plan of FlexiSPY which starts and $29.95, but it has very limited features and you can’t compare it with uMobix.

If you want to save every penny at the cost of advanced features that FlexiSPY offers then uMobix might be the right option to go for. However, if you can stretch your budget a little then you can get the FlexiSPY app that has an abundance of advanced monitoring features.

Winner: No clear winner as it depends on your budget.

Customer Support

After comparing everything you cannot leave the customer support alone because it is also deciding factor whether you will purchase an app or leave it.  On both apps, you can chat with customer support and get answers to all your queries. I didn’t find any issue while reaching out to either of their customer support and both have helped me solve the problem which I was facing at that moment.

Winner: Draw, both are equally good.

Impact On The Target Cell Phone

Spy apps are hidden on the target device and run in the background so that the owner of the device does not get suspicious of it. However, some apps consume a lot of phone battery and heat up the device. Some poorly designed apps even make the target phone sluggish. But don’t worry, this ain’t the case with either of these apps.

uMobix does consume some battery but not at an alarming rate so there is no need to worry. If you are still worried and don’t want to take any risk then FlexiSPY is the app to go for. FlexiSPY is a neatly designed app that works silently in the background without causing any disturbance in the phone’s daily performance. It does not consume a lot of battery nor does it heat or make the phone sluggish by a bit.

Winner: FlexiSPY, by a decent margin.

uMobix vs FlexiSPY: Which Spy App To Choose?

If we go by the number, FlexiSPY has 4 wins over uMobix while the latter only has 1 victory to its name. So it’s evident that FlexiSPY has an upper hand on uMobix. But we should not forget that in 4 factors it’s a draw and uMobix has given a tough fight to FlexiSPY. So uMobix is also a great spy app to try, especially if you are tight on budget and looking for an easy spy app to install. However, if you want advanced monitoring features then there is hardly any app that can beat FlexiSPY. So make your decision accordingly!


How Much Is uMobix?

uMobix starts at $49.99 per month. While the 3 month pack cost $27/month and 12 month pack costs 11.66/month.

Out Of uMobix and FlexiSPY which spy app is the best?

It depends on your budget, if you have a limited budget then uMobix is best for you. However, if you have no budget issue then FlexiSPY is the best app out there with unlimited features.

Is uMobix Easy To Install?

Yes, it's easy to install due to the automatic setup.

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