uMobix Vs mSpy: Is uMobix Better Than mSpy?

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mSpy has been around for a while and is well-known for monitoring, while uMobix, though newer, has gained popularity among parents due to its easy-to-use design and advanced monitoring features. In my previous comparison between uMobix and FlexiSPY, FlexiSPY came out on top, but uMobix held its own.

Now, let’s see how mSpy and uMobix stack up against each other to find out which one is better. So let’s start the uMobix vs mSpy battle without any further delay.

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Quick Summary
uMobix is a great mSpy alternative and therefore most people want to know if we compare mSpy vs uMobix which app will win the battle? Well according to my test, I found uMobix to be a better spy app than mSpy. It is easy to install, quickly syncs the recorded data, and offers advanced features like remote access to the target phone’s camera and microphone which is missing from mSpy.

uMobix Vs mSpy

In this comparison between uMobix and mSpy, I’ll assess both applications across various factors to provide you with a comprehensive understanding, helping you decide between mSpy and uMobix.


uMobix and mSpy exhibit cross-platform compatibility, extending their support to both Android and iPhone devices. For Android, both spy apps offer tracking functionality for devices operating on OS version 4.0 and above, eliminating the need for rooting the target phone.

When it comes to iPhones, both applications provide seamless tracking without requiring installation on the device itself. Instead, they leverage iCloud for tracking purposes, necessitating only the iCloud credentials of the targeted individual.

Winner: It is a draw! Both apps offer the same compatibility so there’s no clear winner here.

Ease Of Installation

uMobix stands out as one of the easiest-to-install spy apps for Android, boasting an automatic setup feature that effortlessly secures all required permissions without manual intervention.

uMobix vs mspy

On the other hand, mSpy demands a more time-consuming manual process, as users must individually grant permissions. This makes the installation process comparatively less streamlined than the swift and automated setup offered by uMobix.

Winner: uMobix hands down!

Calls & Messages

Both uMobix and mSpy effectively track incoming and outgoing calls and SMS on the target phone, with uMobix exhibiting slightly faster syncing capabilities.

Notably, both uMobix and mSpy can monitor deleted messages and call logs. However, uMobix goes a step further by highlighting deleted entries. This makes it easier for you to find out which messages or call details the target person wants to hide from you.

highlights deleted text

Winner: uMobix!

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Location Tracking

Both uMobix and mSpy offer precise location tracking of the target phone using its GPS functionality, with nearly 100% accuracy. However, uMobix outperforms mSpy in terms of syncing location data to the dashboard, providing a faster user experience.

However, a notable advantage of mSpy is its inclusion of a geofencing feature, which is absent in uMobix. Geofencing allows users to set virtual boundaries, receiving alerts if the target phone enters or exits specified geographical areas.

mSpy geofencing feature

Both applications enable users to view the tracked location on Google Maps, enhancing the ability to inspect and understand the location details effectively. Overall, while both uMobix and mSpy excel in location tracking, the geofencing feature makes mSpy a more comprehensive option for users seeking advanced location monitoring capabilities.

Winner: mSpy, finally!

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Social Media Tracking

When comparing uMobix and mSpy for keeping an eye on social media activities on someone’s phone, both can track popular apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. However, while testing uMobix, it did a better job because it can monitor a wider range of social media sites without needing to root a target person’s Android phone.


On the other hand, mSpy is a bit more limited, it can only keep an eye on a few social media apps, and if you want to watch everything, you might have to root the target phone, which could be a hassle.

So, if you want a simpler and more effective way to track social media, uMobix is the better choice.

Winner: uMobix

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Remote Access To Camera & Microphone

While both apps offer distinct features, uMobix stands out by providing remote access to the target phone’s camera and microphone. It’s worth noting that this feature is currently in the development phase and didn’t work flawlessly during my testing. Nevertheless, having this capability, even in its evolving state, sets uMobix apart, as mSpy lacks a comparable feature.

It’s a valuable addition, despite occasional issues, offering a unique advantage in certain scenarios where you want to listen to the target person’s phone’s surrounding sounds or capture secret photos or videos using their phone.

Winner: uMobix

uMobix Vs mSpy Cost

When it comes to pricing, uMobix and mSpy present comparable options. uMobix provides monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans at $49.99/month, $27.99/month, and $11.66/month, respectively.

In contrast, mSpy’s pricing structure is closely aligned, with a monthly plan at $48.99, a quarterly plan at $28/month, and a yearly plan at $11.99/month. Both platforms offer flexibility in choosing subscription durations that suit individual preferences and budget considerations.

Winner: Draw

Customer Support

Customer support is a crucial factor in choosing a monitoring app, and both uMobix and mSpy offer accessible and helpful customer support through chat.

In my experience of using mSpy and uMobix, I encountered no issues reaching out to either service’s support team, and both efficiently addressed and resolved the queries I had at the time. This positive customer support experience contributes to the overall usability and reliability of both applications.

Winner: Draw

Impact On The Target Cell Phone

Spy apps usually stay hidden on the target phone, working quietly so the owner doesn’t suspect anything. Some poorly made apps can cause issues like draining the battery quickly or making the phone slow. Luckily, both uMobix and mSpy don’t have these problems.

Winner: Draw

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mSpy Vs uMobix: Which One Is Better? Final Verdict

In the comparison between mSpy and uMobix, both apps effectively track the target phone. However, uMobix has a slight edge due to some notable features. For instance, uMobix allows remote access to the phone’s camera and microphone, and it grants access to all social media sites without requiring the target phone to be rooted.

Additionally, uMobix stands out for its quick and discreet installation process, reducing the risk of detection. Considering these advantages, if you ask for my recommendation, I would suggest choosing uMobix over mSpy for a more comprehensive and efficient spyware experience.


Which App Is Better Than mSpy?

uMobix is a better spy app than mSpy, as per my testing.

Is uMobix Detectable?

No, uMobix is not detectable as it works in the background.

uMobix or mSpy? Which App Should I Pick?

You should pick uMobix over mSpy, as it provides more value for money.

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