5 Best Viber Spy Apps For Tracking Messages & Calls

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Before reviewing any spyware, Ankit uses all the spy software and apps himself by purchasing the license of the products. All the information shared is based on his personal experience with the apps and screenshots attached show the real-time data from the target device he received while testing them.

With more than 500 million downloads on Play Store, Viber has emerged as one of the most popular chatting apps of recent times. And the chances are that your loved ones are using the Viber app too.

There’s no harm in using the Viber app but what makes it vulnerable for your loved ones are the ill-minded people on Viber.

Unlike WhatsApp, anyone who shares a common group with your teen keeps the potential to message your child without knowing them personally.

If that person is someone who genuinely wants to be friends with your folks then it’s fine. But in some cases, they are going to encounter two-faced people who will pretend to be their friend but will ultimately try to harm their image or simply fulfill their evil intentions using your teens as bait.

So if you don’t want your people to get into all this Viber mess while letting them use the app then here’s the list of best Viber spy apps for you. These Viber tracker apps work remotely and once set up you can spy on Viber without the target phone.

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Best Viber Spy Apps For Monitoring Messages, Calls & Groups

1. KidsGuard Pro

If keeping patience is not your cup of tea and you can’t compromise on getting accurate results related to Viber spying then you’re on a win-win side with KidsGuard Pro.

After setting up KidsGuard Pro on the target Android phone when you go to the Viber section of KidsGuard Pro, you will see everything they are doing on the phone on their Viber account.

tracking viber with kidsguard pro

Each and everything is trackable in the form of both screenshots and text. So if you think something is missing in the screenshot then you can always crosscheck those messages in text form.

While using this Viber tracker I found that new screenshots are fetched every few seconds, given the target person is currently using Viber.

The new screenshots will be small in size when you receive them but with a single click, you can open them in full size. To save a particular screenshot, you can download it anytime you want.

best viber spy apps for android

During my usage, I also noticed that the quality of the screenshots is great. You will never find it difficult to read the message or see what media the two people were exchanging.

You can see the date and time of the messages right inside the screenshots. But the accurate date and time stamp are provided by KidsGuard Pro as well.

What I Loved?
  • High quality Viber screenshots taken from the target device
  • The screenshots can be downloaded
  • Date and time stamp is available with each screenshot and text
  • The tracking is done with both screenshots and text
  • Data sync speed is very impressive
What I Didn't Like?
  • Not possible to know when the target person is online on Viber
  • A black screenshot is received when the target person is using destructive mode

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2. uMobix

Be it tracking of Kik, spying on Telegram, or monitoring WhatsApp, or Viber, uMobix can take care of all these apps with ease.

Once you have created an account and set up uMobix on the target Android phone, you are all set to track Viber messages on the target device.

To check the Viber activities, you have to go to the Viber section of uMobix. All the conversations and other Viber activities like video call screen, settings page, groups, etc., will appear here in the form of screenshots.

personal chat on viber account

You will receive plenty of screenshots every few seconds which makes it impossible to miss the tracking of anything important.

In my test, I found the size and quality of the screenshots are of top-notch quality. It will make you feel like you are directly looking at the target person’s phone screen and not on the portal of some 3rd party software.

There’s a chance that the target person has not allowed anyone to know about their online status and last seen. But uMobix still manages to tell you when your lover is currently using the Viber app.

While they are currently engaged on Viber, a green online tag will appear on the app name and it will start appearing on the top.

online tag in viber

So whenever you notice the green online tag, simply start tracking their activities on Viber in real-time and that too remotely without having physical access to the target phone. This feature of uMobix makes it one of the best Viber online status tracker apps out there. Apart from uMobix, there aren’t many Viber spy apps out there that have this feature.

Although you can track everything with screenshots, if you think you missed something important then let me tell you that uMobix also has the best Android Keylogger.

In the Keylogger section of uMobix, you can see all the keystrokes made by the user in the uMobix app.

umobix keylogger spying

What I Loved?
  • Received screenshots from the target phone are of high quality
  • The data sync speed is very good
  • Possible to know when the target person is currently using the Viber app
  • Date and time of the messages can be seen in the screenshots
  • Messages can be checked in text form in Keylogger section
What I Didn't Like?
  • A black screen is received in destructive messages

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3. TheOneSpy

Out of all the Viber tracker apps on the list, TheOneSpy is the only app that offers you a Viber call recording facility. This means with the help of the TheOneSpy app you can listen to voice chats made on the Viber app. The best part about this app is that you don’t need to root the target cell phone in order to use this feature.

viber calls

Besides that it even allows you to spy on Viber messages using its IM logs and keylogger features. In the IM logs section, you can see the entire conversation made on the Viber app. However, the keylogger only shows you the message typed by the target person on the Viber app. But, the good part is that with the help of the keylogger you can also read the disappearing messages sent on Viber by the target person.


While testing the TheOneSpy app, I found that it works very well in both departments i.e. spying on Viber calls and messages. Moreover, the sound quality of the recorded VoIP calls is very clear. Hence, you can easily comprehend what the talk is about. Overall, TheOneSpy is one of the best Viber spying apps out there.

What I Loved?
  • Only app that can record Viber audio chats and calls without rooting
  • The VoIP call recording is crystal clear
  • You can check the free demo before purchasing the app
What I Didn't Like?
  • It is slightly more expensive than other Viber spy apps on the list
  • It won’t work with iPhone unless you jailbreak it

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4. pcTattletale

If you are fed up with the working of most Viber spy software that collect old data and show it to you then it’s time to get ready for some change.

The working of pcTattletale is far different from what other Viber tracking apps offer. Moreover, it offers a limited-time free trial which you can use to spy on Viber for free.

Unlike KidsGuard Pro or TheOneSpy, the pcTattletale app has a live view feature. Using it you can get to see a live view of what’s going on in the target Android phone remotely.

All you need to do is, click on the Live option, and in a few seconds, you will be able to see the target phone screen on the pcTattletale app portal remotely.

pctattletale viber live view

There will only be a difference of a few seconds as to what’s going on in the target phone and what you see. So you’ll feel like you’re tracking the person in real time.

Sitting in front of your PC just to see a bunch of Viber messages doesn’t make sense. So in order to simplify your work, pcTattletale has come up with a feature that can record phone activities while you’re offline.

Whenever you are online again, you can see those recordings. Downloading the recorded videos is also possible. You just need to go to the calendar option, select the date and then click on the download icon.

downloading previous videos

I tried to record the Viber activities from the target phone while the target person was using destructive mode. But unfortunately like other spy apps for Android, here also you won’t see any data, just a black screen will appear. However, you can see what they were typing in the destructive mode using its keylogger which makes it one of the best Android Viber spy apps.

pctattletale when viber in destructive mode

What I Loved?
  • Tracking of the data is done with live viewing of the screen
  • The live view is only delayed a few seconds
  • You can download the videos recorded by pcTattletale
  • Downloading the recordings from previous days is also possible
  • The quality of the recordings is very good
What I Didn't Like?
  • Recordings are not done while sending destructive messages

Click Here to Try pcTattletale

5. Hoverwatch

viber tracking hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is another great Viber espionage app that you can choose for tracking Viber messages.

Just like every Viber Spy app for Android, you have to install and set up Hoverwatch on the target Android phone. Once the setup is ready, tracking the Viber account is a no-brainer.

Hoverwatch works by delivering screenshots from the Viber app to your dashboard remotely. The moment the target person starts using their Viber account, Hoverwatch activates in the background and starts taking screenshots.

In a few minutes, you will witness the new screenshots from the Viber app appearing on your app portal.

Hoverwatch is a bit slower in syncing new data compared to KidsGuard Pro and uMobix. So if you can’t wait a few minutes to get the data then it’s better to forget about Hoverwatch.

When it comes to the quality of screenshots, you’re definitely going to praise Hoverwatch for that. And as for the date and time, you can see that directly in the screenshot on the phone screen.

Unlike most spy apps that give you data in their respective sections, Hoverwatch provides the data in a single place. Sometimes when your Hoverwatch portal gets flooded with plenty of screenshots, you might miss tracking some important Viber screenshots.

So make sure when you are going through the screenshots, you never miss the ones you get for the Viber app.

What I Loved?
  • The screenshots taken from target phone are of good quality
  • No need to go to any specific section for seeing the screenshot
  • Other information like the Viber installation date can also be seen
What I Didn't Like?
  • The screenshots taken from the target phone might take too long to get uploaded

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Which App Is Best For Spying On Viber Account?

Now let’s discuss among the given Viber spy apps, which one will be the best for you.

Comparing the performance of all the apps, KidsGuard Pro and uMobix turned out to be the best Viber spy apps for Android. Both the apps provide the data in text and screenshot form and the data sync speed was incomparable.

Choosing TheOneSpy, pcTattletale, and Hoverwatch won’t be a bad choice either but still, your best shot will be going for KidsGuard Pro.


What Are The Best Viber Spy Apps For Android?

KidsGuard Pro is the best Viber spy app that you can get for target Android phone.

Is There Any Free Viber Spy App Available For Android?

No, there's no free spy app for Viber. But you get a limited-time free trial offer with pcTattletale that gives you access to the Viber data for free.

How To Know When The Target Person Is Currently Using Viber?

To know if the target person is currently using Viber or not, you can check the online tag feature of the uMobix app.

Do I Need The Access To The Target Phone To See Its Viber Activities?

For the initial setup of the spy app, you need the physical access of the target phone but once the app is set up, you don't need its physical access to see the Viber data.

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