What Cars Have GPS Tracking Built-In?

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With advancements in technology in all products like cell phones, television, etc., how can cars stay behind? Our cars are also equipped with advanced features that enhance convenience, safety, and security. One such feature is GPS tracking, which enables us to navigate and locate our cars in case it’s lost or stolen.

Earlier it was not common to see GPS tracking built into the car and if you wanted to make your car trackable then you have to add an external GPS device to it. However, recently, several car manufacturers have included GPS tracking as a built-in feature in their cars, while some car manufacturers offer it as an optional add-on feature. In this article, we will have a look at what cars have GPS tracking built-in. And if your car doesn’t have it then what can you do about it? So without wasting any time let’s get started.

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Not all cars have GPS built-in as of now. However, you will easily find it on all the new cars. Even if your car doesn’t have a GPS built-in, you can purchase a third-party GPS device and install it on your car. Make sure to hide the GPS device so that the thief doesn’t find it easily and get rid of it. This also implies to you if you are looking to spy on someone in their car without their knowledge of the GPS device.

What Cars Have GPS Tracking Built-In?

What cars have GPS built-in

Almost every new car has built-in GPS such as Tesla, Aston Martin V12, etc. Not just luxury cars but you can also find this feature in the selected models of affordable cars such as Kia, Hyundai, etc.

Even if your car doesn’t have GPS built-in then you can easily buy a third-party GPS device such as this one and track your car with it. Moreover, some cars have built-in GPS for navigation only and you cannot track your car with it. In that case, you have to purchase a third-party GPS device.

How To Know If Your Car Has GPS Built-In?

Most of the time people don’t even know that their car has a built-in GPS. If you are one of them then you can know if your car has GPS built-in by following the checklist provided below.

Refer to the owner’s manual: The owner’s manual that comes with your car should have information on whether or not your car has a built-in GPS tracker.

Ask the manufacturer: In case you cannot find information about GPS in the car owner’s manual, you can contact the manufacturer directly. If your car has a GPS device then they will let you know about it.

Look on the dashboard: If your car has a built-in GPS then there has to be a small antenna icon on the dashboard. If you find the icon then it means your car has a GPS tracker.

Scan your car with a GPS detector: You can also make use of a GPS detector like the one shown here. It is a small device that can detect GPS signals. When scanning your car for a GPS device make sure it is in the open under a clear sky view. If you scan under a shed or in your garage then you may not get any signal because there’s no connection between the GPS device and the satellite.

What Is The Best Place To Hide The GPS In Your Car?

where to hide

If your car doesn’t have a GPS and you are planning to purchase one to track your car or to spy on someone in their car then you would want to know the best place to hide the GPS in your car. Because if the target person or the thief finds the GPS they can easily get rid of it. If they are successful in doing that then you won’t be able to track the car no matter what.

1. Underneath The Vehicle

The most used place to hide a GPS device is under the car because it is rarely checked by the car owner or thieves. Most GPS devices come with a magnetic mount that allows you to securely attach the GPS to the metallic part of the car.

2. Inside The Dashboard

You can easily get small GPS devices that will easily fit inside your car dashboard probably below the steering. It’s hard to reach there. But once you install the GPS device there it’s highly unlikely that someone can detect it with their bare eyes.

3. In The Bumper

The rear or front bumper also makes an ideal place to hide the GPS devices. You don’t have to remove the bumper in order to hide the GPS inside it. As you can make use of velcro to stick the GPS device firmly to your car bumper.

How To Find Hidden GPS Device On Your Car?

find hidden gps

Technology is both our friend and foe. If used properly there’s nothing better than it, however, if it is used against us then we are doomed. The same is the case with GPS tracking as well. Apart from tracking our cars or navigating us on the right path a GPS device can also be used for spying. Following are some ways using which you can find hidden GPS devices on your car. By detecting a hidden GPS you can protect yourself from being monitored.

Physical inspection: If you suspect that your car has a hidden GPS device then you can carry on a physical inspection of your car and look for unusual objects. Thoroughly checks the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Don’t forget places such as beneath your car, inside the bumpers, under the hood, and dashboard.

Make use of a GPS detector: A GPS scanner can save a lot of your time and find a hidden GPS tracker within minutes. Sometimes the GPS device is so small that it can’t be detected by physical inspection but a GPS detector can surely find it.

Take the help of a professional: In case nothing works for you and you still suspect that there is a GPS hidden in your car then you should take your car to a professional such as a mechanic or a security company. They can surely help you find the hidden GPS on your vehicle.

Do All Cars Have GPS Tracking? Final Verdict

Having GPS tracking on your car is a great thing for navigation as well as tracking your car. However, not all cars have GPS tracking built into them. If you don’t have a car with a GPS tracker built-in then you can purchase a third-party GPS device. Apart from tracking your car, these GPS devices can also be used to spy on you in your car. Hence, you should thoroughly check your car for a hidden GPS device. This will help you see if someone is tracking you without your permission.

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No, car GPS does not need the internet to work properly as it relies on satellites.

How Much Does It Cost To Put GPS On A Car?

You can install a GPS on your car from $100 to $500.

Do All Cars Come With Built In GPS?

Not all cars have GPS built-in, but you can find them on new cars.

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