What Does A Spy Bug Look Like?

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Spy device comes in all shape and sizes in order to disguise them among other normal day-to-day items so that people don’t identify them. If you feel that you are being secretly monitored then you must be willing to know what does a spy bug looks like. So that you can detect them in time and prevent yourself from illegal surveillance. Without wasting any time let’s find out what a bugging device looks like.

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Different Types of Spy Bugs

Before we move on to what surveillance bugs look like let’s find out what different types of spy bugs are there.

1. Hidden Spy Camera

The first and most used type of spy bug is a mini hidden spy camera. These devices are small and come in a wired and wireless design. They secretly record all the activities you do and you wouldn’t even know that since these devices are disguised as regular home items.

2. Audio Recording Devices

The hidden microphone or audio recording devices are also available in multiple shapes and sizes. These devices help you listen to someone secretly without them knowing.

3. GPS Trackers

A GPS tracker is used to spy on someone’s car to track the location of the victim wherever they go. These devices come in small and compact sizes and hence it is easier to bug a car without the owner noticing it.

What Does A Spy Bug Look Like?

You now know about the different types of spy bugs. Let’s see what these spy bugs look like so that you can identify them if you ever encounter one.

1. What Does A Hidden Camera Bug Look Like

The hidden camera’s come disguised as different things, here is what a typical spy camera would look like:

a) Pen

spy bug

You may see it as a normal pen but it is actually a bugging device with a built-in hidden camera inside. You can carry these devices anywhere in your pocket and no one will notice that you are carrying a spy camera with you.

b) Button Camera

button camera

Spy button cameras are also very popular. You can attach them to your shirt or coat and record everything happing in front of you without anyone noticing it.

c) USB Charger

usb camera

Who would think that a spy-bugging device could look like a USB wall charger? But it is a reality. These bugging devices look and work like a normal USB charger but at the same time record everything in their sight.

d) Smoke Detectors

spy bug camera

Smoke detectors are easily found everywhere be it your homes, hotels, or vacation rentals. Hence hiding a surveillance bug in them is very easy and no one will even doubt it.

Apart from these, there are various types of spy cameras that can look like a photo frame, stuffed toys, keychains, light bulbs, lamps, etc. Basically, a spy cam bug can be hidden anywhere so you need to be very careful of them.

2. What Does A Listening Bug Look Like?

Just like spy cameras, the listening bugs are hidden in all types of daily use items. Some of these items are as follows.

a) Pen

pen voice recorder

An audio recording device can also look like a regular pen, similar to a spy pen camera. Moreover, there are also some spy pen cameras with audio recording feature i.e they have a two-in-one functionality of capturing videos as well as recording audio.

b) Keychain


A hidden microphone can look like a keychain as well. You can attach your keys to it and use it as a regular keychain. Only you would know that you can record audio with it but no one else could ever know.

c) Necklace


You can easily find a listening device that looks like a pendant necklace. They are beautiful to look at hence no one doubts that they are voice recorders.

d) Pen Drive

listening device look like

No one in their wildest dream can think that surveillance bugs can look like a pen drive. Not just look like it, but these bugging devices even work like a normal pen drive and help you transfer and store files while recording the ambient sound.

3. What Does A Hidden GPS Tracker Look Like

Here’s what a hidden GPS tracker normally looks like.

a) Air Tags


Air Tags are hidden GPS trackers that you can place in someone’s car, bags, luggage, etc., and track their location without them knowing. These car bug detectors look like small circular, rectangular, square cookies.

b) Square/Rectangle Box

car bug look like

Most car bugs look like square or rectangular boxes with plastic housing. Mostly painted black. These devices come with a magnetic back so that you can securely attach them to the bottom of the car.

How To Detect A Hidden Spy Device? Final Verdict

Spy bugs come in all shapes and sizes and I cannot mention all of them here. You can make use of spy bug detector apps for your phone to sweep for these hidden bugs. Moreover, you can invest in a good professional hidden bug detector which is available from a $50 price point. If you travel a lot and stay frequently in hotels and Airbnb then a spy detector is a must for you.


What Are the Types Of Hidden Bugs?

The different types of hidden spy bugs are GPS, audio, and camera bugs.

How Long Can A Spy Bug Last?

It depends on bug-to-bug. If it is battery operated then it will last a few days but if it is powered by electricity then it can last as long as there is power supply.

How To Check For Spy Bug?

You can find a spy bug with the help of bug detector apps and hidden bug detector devices.

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