GEOfinder Review: Track Someone’s Location With Just A Message

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Before reviewing any spyware, Ankit uses all the spy software and apps himself by purchasing the license of the products. All the information shared is based on his personal experience with the apps and screenshots attached show the real-time data from the target device he received while testing them.

GEOfinder is the best app that lets you track someone’s location without installing any app on their phone. It’s great for those who want to track the location of the target person but can’t access their phone to install a spy app on it.

The best part about this app is that it provides a $1 free trial that lasts for 48 hours. This means by paying $1 you can track anyone you want for 2 days. Following are the two ways in which GEOfinder helps you spy on someone without installing software.

Track Someone By SMS: The first GEOfinder feature allows anonymous tracking of someone’s location using their phone number. You need to upload an image and enter the target’s phone number. After that GEOfinder sends an image URL with an embedded tracking link and customizable text. This means that GEOfinder allows you to track someone’s location via text given that you have their phone number.

When the target clicks the link, their location is recorded and remotely shared with you on your account. The SMS is sent with an anonymous phone number, ensuring your identity remains confidential.

Track Location By Sending Image URL: Apart from SMS, you can even track someone’s location on GEOfinder by sending them an image URL. For that, you have to first upload an image to GEOfinder and it will insert a tracking link to it. Next, you need to send the newly created Image URL to the target person through social media or instant messaging platforms. Now when they open the image, their location will be tracked.

Quick Review

You can also track someone’s location with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. However, for that, you must install a spy app on the target person’s device which is risky because you have to access the target device and the target person can catch you doing that. However, such risk is not there with GEOfinder. Hence, for the same reason, I recommend you to go for GEOfinder if location tracking is your sole motive. If you’re not running short of time then you can also check my detailed GEOfinder mobi review.

Free Trial   Yes ($1 For 48 hours)
Free DemoNo
Money Back Guarantee14 Days
Monthly price$39.99/month
Supported Operating Systems All devices supported
Works Without RootingYes
Works Without JailbreakYes
SpyDrill Rating9.2/10

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Detailed GEOfinder Review

There’s a spy app that comes by the name uMobix which tracks the target cell phone activities after you install the app on the target device.

But I am not going to use uMobix today. Instead, I will use the GEOfinder app of uMobix which is specially built to track someone’s location with phone number.

How Does It Work?

GEOfinder works uniquely, you need to upload an image to the platform and then send it to the target person whom you want to track. Now, as soon as the target person clicks on the image URL, their location will be tracked by GeoFinder and shared with you remotely. You can send the direct URL of the image via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or any other social media app.

If you want to track them without them knowing then you can also send an SMS to their phone number. The SMS will contain the image URL but the SMS will not have your number on it so they will never know that it is sent by you.


As the GEOfinder app simply works by sending an image URL, it can work with all cell phones be it Android or iPhone.

So regardless of what device you use, you can use the GEOfinder app.

Creating An Account On The App

You won’t find the GEOfinder plan of uMobix on their main website. You need to access it by going to

  • Enter the target phone number and click FIND to create your account.

create your geofinder account

  • Wait for “Location Available” after submission.

Geofinder review

  • Make the payment to activate your GEOfinder account for tracking.

geofinder free trial

Click Here to Try GEOfinder for $1

How To Use?

Visit the GEOfinder website and choose from two image upload options. You can upload directly from your device or use an image link, like from Google Photos or iCloud, by copying and pasting the URL.

upload image

After uploading the photo on GEOfinder, copy the image link and send it directly to the target person via any messenger app of your choice.

Copy the link

To send the link containing the photo via SMS without revealing your number, click ‘Send anonymously by SMS.’ Enter the target’s phone number and an SMS with the image URL will be sent from a random number. Customize the SMS to encourage the recipient to click on the image.

send SMS

Note: Location tracking only occurs if the target clicks the sent image link to view the photo, regardless of the chosen method.

To check if the target clicked your image URL, scroll down for location tracking details. If they click then their location will be displayed on the map.

location tracking details

The longitude and latitude values update on the screen. To track on Google Maps, click the View button.


Once you click on the view button, Google Maps will load with their location marked on it.

Google maps


Unlike spy apps that have different plans, GEOfinder has a single plan that’s similar for all devices and operating systems. The plan costs you $39.99/month which in my opinion is a bit higher considering that you only get the location tracking feature.

Geofinder price

However, if you go through my link you will get a 48 hours trial for just $1. After that, if you are satisfied with its results then you can carry on with it by paying $39.99/month.

Click Here to Try GEOfinder for $1

Final Verdict

Yes, by uMobix is a reliable service that works well. I’ve used it for days and can vouch for its effectiveness. While it’s not free, you can avail a trial for just $1 before committing to a plan.

The accuracy is also impressive, allowing you to track location with a phone number with pinpoint accuracy. I recommend giving it a try at least once to locate someone using just their phone number.



Ease of Installation


User Interface


Location Sync Speed






Value for Money



  • No need to take physical access of the target phone
  • $1 Trial
  • Accurate location tracking
  • Impressive location syncing
  • History of past locations also present
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used with any device


  • Only one feature available
  • Only one message can be sent every 3 hours
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