MoniVisor For Windows Review: KidsGuard Pro For PC

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Before reviewing any spyware, Ankit uses all the spy software and apps himself by purchasing the license of the products. All the information shared is based on his personal experience with the apps and screenshots attached show the real-time data from the target device he received while testing them.

If you have read my review of KidsGuard Pro for Android and iPhone then you know how much I liked it. MoniVisor is being promoted as KidsGuard Pro for Windows since it comes from the same brand i.e. ClevGuard and I like it equally well. It’s one of the best PC monitoring solutions out there.

The software offers a free demo so that you can check its features before purchasing it. Following are some important features you get to see on MoniVisor.

Web Activity: Under this feature, you can see or check all the websites the target person visits on their computer.

Web Mail: Are you looking to hack into someone’s Gmail? If yes then this feature of MoniVisor will help you with that as it can track all the emails of the target person.

Keylogger: With its Keylogger, MoniVisor lets you track all the words the target person types on their desktop.

What Do I Love About MoniVisor?

MoniVisor has multiple features that give you the ability to spy on Windows computers from all angles. Also, all the features work really well and provide accurate results. Moreover, I found that it is easy to use the software and you can use it even if you are a total beginner.

What I Didn’t Like About MoniVisor?

The first thing I don’t like about MoniVisor is that you cannot spy on Mac with this software as it only works with Windows. Also, the Web chats feature didn’t work when I tested it. The installation procedure takes some time and is not as easy as it is to install KidsGuard Pro on Android.

MoniVisor Quick Review

MoniVisor is one of the best Windows monitoring software out there, period! It allows you to remotely track all the activities the target person does on their Windows device. The software is affordable and effective both at the same time. Also, it provides a free demo so you can thoroughly check it before you make up your mind. For making a more educated decision, you can read the full MoniVisor review below.

Free Trial   No
Free Demo   Yes
Money Back Guarantee30 Days
Monthly price$49.95/ month
Supported Operating Systems Windows
SpyDrill Rating8.9/10

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MoniVisor Review: KidsGuard Pro For Windows PC


Just by knowing that the app is available for Windows PC and laptops, you shouldn’t just go to the app’s website and purchase the PC plan of the app.

It’s better to know what all versions of Windows PC the app supports. So here’s the list.

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

There are Windows PC versions that MoniVisor supports.

Installation And Setup Of MoniVisor

The installation and setup of the spy app work in two ways. First, it needs to be done on your computer and then on the target device.

Firstly, the setup needs to be done on your device.

Setup On Your Device

1. Go to the official website of KidsGuard Pro and under the Products heading you will see MoniVisor – Windows Monitoring. Select this plan. Alternatively, you can directly go to MoniVisor for Windows.

monivisor for pc monitoring

2. Scroll a little on the next page and click on the Buy Now option to purchase the services of the app.

buy monivisor plan

3. Select the plan for PC monitoring based on your requirements. Once you click on Buy Now, you will have to click on Login and next click on Sign Up. Then provide an email and set a password for your MoniVisor account.

After that you need to make the payment is done to access your MoniVisor plan for Windows.

monivisor pricing

This is all that needs to be done on your device. Now is the time when physical access to the target Windows PC is required.

Installation Of  The App On The Target PC

1. Get physical access to the target PC and go to the app downloading page of MoniVisor (

2. You can clearly see the Download For Win option on the main page and you need to click on it for downloading the app on the target PC.

downloading mobivisor

3. It’s time to install the app after downloading is done on the target Windows computer. Simply click on Install to start with installation.

starting app installation

4. By providing the same credentials that were used to create your MoniVisor account above, you have to Activate your MoniVisor account on the target PC.

activating monivisor account

5. If there’s an antivirus installed on your kid’s or spouse’s PC, then it will hinder the installation process. To continue with the installation, you need to add MoniVisor to the whitelist. Click on Add to Whitelist to continue further.

adding monivisor to whitelist

6. After that, you will be taken to the page where you will get the instructions to add MoniVisor to the whitelist. These instructions will slightly differ based on the antivirus software running on the target device.

guide to add monivisor to whitelist

7. If the default browser of the target PC is Chrome and you want to keep an eye on the webmail accounts like Gmail, and Yahoo, and also on the web chats like WhatsApp, then you need to install the Chrome extension for that.

Without installing a Chrome extension, you won’t get any data for webmails, and web chats.

installing chrome extension

For installing the Chrome extension, you need to click on the three dots given at the top, select the More tools option, and click on the Extensions option.

install chrome extension

Now you need to toggle on the Developer mode option and click on the Load unpacked option which starts to appear after you toggle on the button.

load unpacked

Next, you have to head to C Drive\Program Files(x86)\Windows Assistance App\MV\extension and finally select the moni-chrome-extension folder.

monichrome extension

Now simply turn off the Developer mode to finish the extension installation.

8. The setup is complete now and you just click on Verify the Setup.

kidsguard pro for windows

It’s time to go back to your device and track the PC activities of the target person remotely.

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Live Demo Of MoniVisor

If you want to get a clear idea of how the app works and shows you all the data and activities going on in the target Windows PC remotely then you can check their live demo for free.

 Click Here to Check The Live Demo

KidsGuard Pro For Windows Features

Let’s commence with the features of MoniVisor and see what features it offers for the tracking of target Windows PC. Also, if these features work as they should or not.


What Can You See On The Dashboard

Account & Order InfoYes
Device InfoYes
Latest EmailsYes
Browsing HistoryYes

The dashboard of MoniVisor is a place where you can have a clear view of your MoniVisor plan and some basic information about the target device.

This information includes the registered email, the validity of the plan, the expiration date of the plan, the name of the device, the version it’s running on, the device status, and so on.

monivisor dashboard

Below that you can check the latest emails and latest browser history.

emails and browser history tracking

For detailed monitoring of the device, you need to go to the particular section for which you want to check the data.

1. Web Activity

web history

If your purpose of using the MoniVisor app is to keep a check on the web browsing behavior of your child then consider yourself in luck.

With the Web Activity feature of the app, you can monitor the internet history of your child on various browsers. The list of these browsers includes Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Opera.

To check the browser history of your loved ones, you need to go through all these browsers. As you can see, our target person uses a Chrome browser for internet surfing.

Now let’s discuss, what all information is provided by MoniVisor’s Web History feature.

First of all, you get a clickable link that will directly take you to the website that your child was accessing. The exact title of the search is present to make it easy for you to know which links you should check personally.

If you are wondering at what time my child is most active on the internet then you can check it with the Last Used section. Here you can see the time and date when that website was last opened.

Interestingly, MoniVisor can spy on browser history even if it’s deleted by the teen instantly. But a small failure of the app can be seen for the incognito mode. The searches made in the incognito window were not trackable which was not the case when I used KidsGuard Pro for Android to check the incognito browsing history.

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2. Download History

internet download history

Downloading files, photos, videos, and other stuff from the internet is quite common for teens. But is that stuff safe for them or not, it’s something you should decide.

Just like in the Web History section, here also the download history is based on the browser used for downloading that file.

To check that what kind of stuff your little ones like to keep on their PC, you can click on the URL and it will take you to that website.

If the downloaded content is porn or other gore content then most probably, they will keep it hidden. If you try to locate that file without the assistance of MoniVisor then most probably you won’t find it.

But MoniVisor makes access to that file easy for you by revealing the complete path to that file.

As expected, the date and time of when that file was downloaded can also be checked.

3. Web Chats

Not as much as their cell phones, but the people who use PC more than their phones use instant messaging apps and social media apps on their computers.

MoniVisor is supposed to show you messages from apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Skype.

But to our surprise, the app didn’t show any results in this section even after installing the Chrome extension. Spy apps sometimes work differently on different devices, so you can check yourself if you want and see if it works for you.

4. App Activity
app activity

If your teen never lets go of their Windows laptop then most probably they are addicted to some app. And this needs to be stopped immediately.

But to stop them from using that app more than usual, you should know for yourself which app is taking most of their time.

Just go to the App Activity section and everything is right in front of your eyes. The name of the app, the total time for which it is used, and the date and time of last use, everything can be seen.

5. Web Mail

web mail

Checking the emails can reveal secrets about the target person that other sections of the app cannot.

MoniVisor will give you access to the target person’s Gmail account, Yahoo, and Outlook. If you install the Chrome extension on the target device (as told in the installation) all the emails from these email providers will sync.

On the left side, you can check the list of all the people to whom the webmail was sent. It would have been great if we could also see the webmails that the target person received, but only the sent emails were shown in our case.

As I told you before, the working of the spy apps may differ sometimes depending on the target device, so you can check for yourself if it works for you or not.

6. Keylogger

keylogger of mobivisor

There are hundreds of keystrokes that your teen makes on various apps on their laptop. You should make sure that the words they type are not abusive, rude, or offensive to people.

The Keylogger section of the app hunts down all the keystrokes made on all the apps on the target person’s Windows PC.

The name of all the apps can be seen on the left side and by clicking on any of the apps, the keystrokes from that app will start appearing on the right side.

Most apps fail to provide a perfectly working keylogger for PC but MoniVisor stands its ground by providing complete keystrokes.

To ease your work with the Keylogger, you can make use of the search bar and date filter options.

As I told above, the social media tracking of MoniVisor was a big failure in our case. If the Web Chats feature didn’t work for you too then Keylogger can be a great help to you.

The Keylogger feature will show you the list of all the messages sent by the target person on various social media and instant messaging apps.

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7. Capture Screenshots

Suppose you enter your kid’s room and they just got numb by your surprise visit to their room. Plus, they started hiding their computer as if they were doing something wrong.

This will definitely leave you fishy and now you want to know what they were hiding. The Capture Screenshots feature of MoniVisor will ease your uneasiness.

In the Screenshot Settings section, all you need to do is, click on the Start button. This will activate the app to take remote screenshots from the target PC for 5 minutes.

screenshot settings

To view the screenshots, you need to go to the View Screenshots section. Right after clicking on the Start button, MoniVisor starts to take screenshots at that very moment.

Screenshots will be small in size, but you can open them in full size with a single click. Downloading the screenshots is possible by clicking on the download icon.

take remote screenshots PC

Although these screenshots are taken at that very moment, still you can check the date and time if you want.

After 5 minutes MoniVisor will stop taking screenshots automatically but you can start them again by clicking on Start again.

8. File Activity

file activity feature

This feature might not be of much use to you but maybe someday it might reveal the name of some explicit file available on the child’s computer.

This section will show you the list of all the files created, deleted, or renamed by the teen. You can check the date and time when these actions were taken and also check the name of the files.

Based on the name if you suspect a particular file containing some mature content then the file path can help you. You just need physical access to their PC and follow the given path to check that file personally.

9. Login Activity

mobivisor login activity

While you are at work or anywhere out of your house, it’s a fun time for your teen. All they are going to do is, use their Windows PC with a huge sack of snacks beside them.

But when you ask them what they did all day, most probably their answer will be that I was completing my assignments. And you don’t have any other choice apart from believing them.

But with MoniVisor by your side, there’s complete transparency regarding their PC use.

In the Login Activity section of the app, you can check the date and time when your child logged in and logged off from their computer.

Based on this data, you can well assume that for how long the PC was in use.

10. Print Activity

There’s not much to spy on in this section but if you wonder what all the target person prints using their computer then the Print Activity feature will come in handy.

11. USB Connection

usb connection

Sharing media with friends using Pendrive and a phone using a transfer cable is quite common. You cannot track the files transferred between the two devices but you can keep up with the name of the devices connected with the target computer.

The date and time when the device was inserted and ejected are available for you to check.

Not just for today, but you can check the data for previous months as well using the filter option. Searching for a particular device is made possible by the search option.

12. Data Export

exporting data

If your motive for monitoring the child’s laptop is complete then you don’t need the MoniVisor app anymore. But you might still need the data that you tracked using the app.

For that, you can export all the data that you tracked using the Data Export feature.

Under the Modules, select the data section that you want to export, then select the number of items you want to export, and finally click on Export.

With this, you have created a duplicate copy of the data collected by MoniVisor from the target computer.

So here we end the long list of the features of MoniVisor.

MoniVisor Pricing

monivisor plan

No matter how good a spy software or any other software works, if it’s higher on the price side then most people are likely to search for its substitute.

MoniVisor has 3 plans for Windows PC monitoring and the rates are decent compared to other PC monitoring apps in the market.

The one-month plan of the app costs $49.95/month, the 3-month plan costs $26.65/month, and the 1-year plan costs $10.82/month.

In the 3-month plan, you will be billed at $79.95/month, and in the 1-year plan, $129.95/month.

Check MoniVisor Pricing Here

Is MoniVisor A Good Spy Software For PC?

Working with MoniVisor was really fun. In most of the sections, the data is synced impeccably, but in some sections, the data is not synced at all.

In that context, the KidsGuard Pro app for Android of the same company ClevGuard works far better than MoniVisor.

But as compared to most PC spy software, MoniVisor is the one to grab all the attention. So my suggestion to you will be that MoniVisor is an app you should definitely give a shot at.


How To Install MoniVisor For Windows?

For installing MoniVisor, you have to create an account on the MoniVisor app using your computer and then install the app on the target PC.

How Can I Track Someone’s Computer Activities?

For tracking someone’s computer activities, you need a PC monitoring app like MoniVisor that can give you full access to the target PC remotely.

Can MoniVisor Spy On Mac?

No, MoniVisor is only available for Windows PC and the versions it supports are Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Is There A Free Trial Available For MoniVisor?

No, there’s no free trial available for the MoniVisor app for Windows. You have to test it by purchasing its plan.

MoniVisor For Windows


User Interface


Tracking Features


Ease Of Use








Value for Money



  • Keylogger of the app works perfectly
  • Screenshots of the target PC screen were received instantly
  • The price of the app is decent
  • Accessed websites can be checked with clickable URLs
  • Accurate time for app usage is shown


  • Not available for Mac
  • Couldn't track the emails received by the target device
  • No results were received for web chats
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