Can McAfee Detect Spyware On Android And iPhone?

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McAfee is one of the most popular anti-spyware programs available on all the operating systems out there. People who have never used the McAfee program generally ask the question can McAfee detect spyware on a phone or computer? In this article, I will try to answer this query once and for all. So keep reading.

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Quick Summary
McAfee is not spyware, it is an anti-spyware program that allows you to detect and remove hidden spyware, and malware from your Android or iPhone. Besides detecting spyware on phones, McAfee can also find hidden spyware and malware on computers and Chromebooks.

Does McAfee Detect Spyware On Android And iPhone?

Yes, McAfee can help you detect spyware on your phone be it Android or iPhone. All you need to do is install the McAfee app on your iPhone or Android phone and then run a scan on your device. The McAfee app uses advanced antispyware technology that can help you detect and remove spyware, adware, and malware from your phone, computer, or tablet.

To test whether McAfee catches spyware or not I have tested it on my Android phone. I have downloaded a few spyware on my phone and installed one of them (KidsGuard Pro) on my device. KidsGuard Pro is installed with a fake name of System Update Service.

In my test, I could find that McAfee was able to detect all the spyware on my device; the installed one as well as the apps which were in the download folder.

McAfee detect spyware on Android & iPhone

It even allowed me to remove all the spyware from my device with just one click of the button. In the case of the installed spy app, you have to follow the entire uninstall procedure to get rid of the app.

spyware detected

So this proves that McAfee does detect spyware on phones be it Android or iPhone.

Does McAfee Track Your Browsing?

McAfee never stores the user details such as their browsing history. However, if you are using the McAfee WebAdvisor plugin on your browser then it has to check your website visits and the searches you perform in order to protect you from potentially risky websites.

However, McAfee complies with the GDPR. It is a European Union law that covers data protection and privacy so you don’t need to worry about your privacy on McAfee while browsing the internet.

Is McAfee Spyware?

McAfee is not spyware it is an anti-spyware program that detects hidden spyware on your devices. Most people get confused and start considering it to be malware when in reality it’s the opposite of that.

However, if you don’t remember installing McAfee on your phone or computer then you must check the permissions it is having on your device. Spyware is mostly hidden with a fake name on your device so it is possible that spyware or malware is disguised as McAfee. If the software is having unnecessary permissions such as access to your location, camera, and microphone then it could be spyware.

In case you doubt that McAfee is spyware then you can run a scan on your device with some other anti-virus program such as Avast. If there’s spyware installed on your device with a fake name then you will find out if someone is spying on your phone this way.

Also as a precaution, you can keep your phone password protected because that way no one can install spyware on your device. It is hard to spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target device.

Is McAfee Safe From Hackers?

McAfee is a reputable antivirus and security software company that aims to protect your phone or computer from various threats, including hackers. It provides several features to safeguard your privacy and data, such as real-time threat detection, firewall protection, and secure web browsing. However, it’s important to note that no software can guarantee 100% protection against all possible attacks.

While McAfee takes extensive measures to secure its software and stay up-to-date with emerging threats, hackers are continually evolving their tactics and techniques. It’s crucial to keep your McAfee software regularly updated to ensure you have the latest security patches and features.

Additionally, practicing good security habits, such as using strong and unique passwords, avoiding suspicious websites and email attachments, and regularly backing up your important data, can significantly enhance your overall protection against hackers.

However, you need to remember that no security software is foolproof. So it’s essential to remain aware and stay informed about the latest cybersecurity best practices to further enhance your online safety.

Does McAfee Protect Against Spyware? Final Verdict

Yes, McAfee does protect you against spyware. It offers security solutions that can detect and protect against various types of threats on your phone, including spyware. McAfee also provides additional features like secure web browsing, anti-theft capabilities, call and text message filtering, and app privacy protection. These features are designed to offer comprehensive protection for your phone against spyware and other threats.


Is McAfee Free To Use?

Yes, it does provide a free plan. However, for advanced security, you may have to subscribe to their paid plan.

Can McAfee Detect Hidden Spyware?

Yes, it can help you detect hidden spy apps.

Does McAfee Works On All Devices?

Yes, it works on all the devices including Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows, and Chromebook.

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