How To Track Boost Mobile Phone For Free?

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If you’ve lost your Boost mobile phone and you’re looking for ways to find it, you’re not alone. Many people search for solutions online, and there are lots of articles out there about them. This article will show you the most effective methods to track Boost mobile phones for free or at a low cost. So without wasting any more time let’s begin.

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Quick Summary
Tracking a lost Boost cell phone can be tough. However, you can use the Google Android Manager to track your phone’s location. If that doesn’t work then you can even try calling your mobile service providers, they might be able to track your phone. In case the free methods don’t work, you can use third-party tools like GEOfinder and KidsGuard Pro.

How To Track Boost Mobile Phone?

1. Track Boost Mobile Phone For Free By Google Android Manager

You can easily track your Boost mobile phone for free using Google’s Android Manager. Here’s how:

  • Log in to your Gmail account on any other device.
  • Look up “Google Find My Device” on the Google Play Store and install the app.

find my device

  • Once installed, open the app. It will display a list of device names associated with your Gmail account. Choose the name of the lost mobile device and confirm your login details.

choose device

  • After verification, you’ll be taken to the Find My Phone page, where you can see the location of your device.

2. Track Boost Mobile By Contacting Customer Support

If you lose your Boost Mobile phone, you can ask the phone company for help finding it. They use signals from the SIM card in your phone to figure out where it might be. You’ll need to give them details like your phone number, the time when you last used it, etc. Then they’ll use this info to track your phone down on a map and hopefully find it for you.

3. Use GEOfinder

If you think your Boost mobile is lost or stolen then you can use the GEOfinder tool. It is an online tool that helps you track your Boost mobile by sending an image link to your Boost cell phone number.

If someone has access to your phone and clicks on the link, Geofinder will track the exact location and share it with you remotely on the Geofinder online dashboard.

To create a link you need to simply upload an image to the Geofinder tool and it will create a link for you. Now you just need to enter your boost mobile number in the tool and click on the Send button.


If someone clicks on the link then the location will be updated within a few minutes on your dashboard. You can also view the location on Google Maps making it easier for you to track your Boost mobile. To learn more about it, go through my Geofinder review.

boost mobile phone tracked'

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4. Make Use Of Monitoring Apps To Track Boost Mobile Phone

If you’ve just gifted your kids their first phone and fear they will lose it then you can install a monitoring app on it beforehand. A monitoring app will not only help you track the phone when it’s lost but also monitor your child’s online activities and protect them from online dangers.

The one monitoring app that I use in my daily life is KidsGuard Pro. It offers an accurate location tracker with Geofencing capability allowing you to create restricted zones to protect your loved ones.

track boost mobile

Besides that, it offers other safety features like social media monitoring, call recording, remote camera and microphone access, etc. The best part is it’s one of the most affordable monitoring apps out there, so everyone can afford it. You can read my KidsGuard Pro review to learn about its different features.

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Final Verdict

In this comprehensive guide, I have shown you how to track a lost Boost Mobile phone using various methods, ranging from free options like Google’s Android Manager to paid solutions such as monitoring apps like KidsGuard Pro. You can try all these methods one by one so that you have a higher chance of recovering your lost Boost mobile phone.

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