Is Opera GX A Spyware? Is It Trustworthy?

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Opera GX is a popular browser among gamers of all ages. Every day more and more gamers ditch their ordinary Internet browsers and start using Opera GX. But as it is getting more and more popular some allegations are being made about it being spyware or a Chinese virus.

If you are also looking to switch your browser and start using Opera GX then you must also want to know whether Opera GX is trustworthy or safe to use. Keep reading this article to find out if Opera GX is spyware or not.

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Quick Summary
Opera GX is a web browser designed for gamers, but there have been concerns about its privacy practices. However, there is no conclusive evidence to label it as spyware or a Chinese virus. While it collects browsing information, Opera claims to prioritize user privacy. It is generally considered safe to use, but standard online security precautions should be followed.

What Is Opera GX?

Opera GX is a web browser specifically designed for gamers. It offers unique features such as a gaming-inspired interface, built-in Twitch integration, CPU and RAM usage limiters, and a dedicated gaming news section. It aims to provide gamers with a smooth browsing experience while optimizing system resources for gaming.

Why Do People Say Opera GX Is Spyware?

There have been some allegations and concerns raised by individual gamers regarding the privacy and data collection practices of Opera GX. Some people claim that it may collect and share user data without explicit consent or for purposes other than improving the browsing experience.

Some people also claim that it is Chinese malware that collects their data and shares it with the Chinese government. But is there any substance to these allegations or is it just hype created by people, let’s find out in the following section of the article.

Is Opera GX A Spyware?

Is Opera GX a spyware

There is no conclusive evidence to definitively label Opera GX as spyware. While there have been concerns raised about its privacy practices, such as data collection and sharing, these claims are not verified or substantiated. Opera, the company behind Opera GX, has stated that it respects user privacy and takes measures to protect personal data.

However, as with any software or service, it’s advisable to review and understand the privacy policy and terms of use before deciding to use it.

Does Opera GX Track Your Searches?

Opera GX, like many web browsers, collects certain information for various purposes. According to Opera’s privacy policy, when you use Opera GX, information about your browsing activities, including searches, may be collected. This information is typically used to improve the browser’s functionality, personalize your experience, and provide relevant suggestions or ads.

However, Opera claims that it anonymizes and aggregates this data to protect user privacy. To be on the safer side, it’s always recommended to review the privacy policy of any software or service to understand how your information is handled.

Is Opera A Chinese Virus?

No, Opera GX is not a Chinese virus. Opera GX is a web browser developed by Opera Software, a Norwegian company. It is specifically designed for gamers and offers features tailored to gaming needs. While Opera software does have offices and subsidiaries in different countries, including China, it does not make Opera GX a virus or imply any malicious intent.

People also claim that Truecaller is a Chinese virus but in my research, I found it was not. So it’s important to rely on accurate information and avoid spreading unfounded claims.

Is Opera GX Safe To Use?

Yes, Opera GX is generally considered safe to use. It is developed by Opera Software, a reputable company with a long-standing presence in the browser market. Opera software has a strong focus on privacy and security, and they implement various measures to protect user data.

However, no software can be considered entirely risk-free. It is always recommended to follow best practices for online security, such as keeping the browser up to date, using antivirus software, and exercising caution when visiting unfamiliar websites or downloading files.

Is Opera GX Trustworthy? Final Verdict

Opera GX is a popular browser designed specifically for gamers, offering unique features and optimizations for gaming enthusiasts. While allegations have been made about its privacy practices and some claim it to be a Chinese virus or spyware, there is no substantial evidence to support these claims.

Opera Software, the developer of Opera GX, emphasizes user privacy and data protection. However, it is advisable to review the privacy policy and take necessary precautions when using any software, Opera GX is generally considered safe to use, backed by Opera Software’s reputation and focus on security. Overall, Opera GX is a trustworthy browser and you can use it without worries.


Can I Trust Opera GX With My Personal Data?

Yes, you can trust Opera GX. While it collects your personal data such as your browsing information, Opera claims to anonymize and aggregate the data to safeguard user privacy.

Is Opera GX A Chinese Virus Or Spyware?

No, Opera GX is not a Chinese virus or spyware. It is developed by Opera Software, a Norwegian company.

Is Opera GX Safe To Use?

Yes, Opera GX is generally considered safe to use.

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