Can Outlook App Spy On You?

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If you use a Windows PC then you must have an account on Outlook. It is an email client just like Gmail. Recently Outlook is being used in office settings more than ever because it has better business-related features such as integration with Office 365 and team management.

If you are also using Outlook then you must have a question in your mind which is “does Outlook spy on you?” If you want to know if the Outlook app is secure or if it can spy on you then this article is for you.

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Can Outlook App Spy On You?

is outlook spy app

On Reddit, one user asked, “Can my company monitor me if I install work Outlook on my private iPhone?” The question looks genuine and most of you who are reading this article must have the same question. Well, it’s highly unlikely that your employer would spy on you outside of work because that’s not a legal thing to do.

Also, if you have installed the Outlook app through regular means i.e. from the Play Store then there’s no need to worry. However, if your company has enrolled you in the Enterprise Mobility Management solution then it’s possible that they might see all of your activities even outside of work.

Another question that people have about Outlook is “can Outlook mobile app track your Safari search history?” Well, according to Microsoft itself, Outlook has no permission to track the activity of your phone. So you should not worry about it. The mobile app will not track your Safari search history or for that matter searches made on any browser of your phone.

Does Outlook Spy On Personal Email?

According to Microsoft, your employees can only monitor your work emails and not your personal emails. However, if you are still concerned about your personal emails then it’s recommended that you enable two-factor authentication for your personal account. It’s better that you have a completely separate account for your personal Email on different Email clients such as Yahoo, Gmail, etc. Also, never use your work device to send personal emails, because it may be rigged with employee monitoring software. You should use your personal device for personal work.

How To Know If Someone Is Spying On My OutLook?

Most people don’t know but Outlook has a Recent Activity page. On this page, you get the information about the account activity which includes the sign-in information. It will show you the location, time, and date of each sign-in attempt. Moreover, it shows you the operating system of the device on which the sign-in attempt was executed along with the IP address of that device.

activity page

By knowing all this information, you can easily find out if someone is spying on your Outlook or not.

How Do I Turn Off Email Tracking In Outlook?

Do you wish to turn off Email tracking in Outlook because you don’t want your company to know at what time you’ve opened an email? If yes, then I have come up with a solution that will turn off email tracking in Outlook.

Since email trackers use pixel tracking to track an email, if we stop the pixel from loading then we can easily stop someone from spying on our Email. In most cases, the pixel is a very small photo that is not even visible to the naked eye. So the trick is we stop the photo from loading and this will eventually stop email tracking. Here’s how you can stop an image from loading in Outlook.

  • On your Outlook dashboard go to the Settings option. Next, select the option View all Outlook settings.
  • Now go to General > Privacy and data.
  • Finally, select the External images option and choose Always use the Outlook service to load images.

can outlook spy on you

By allowing images to load only through Outlook services, you are reducing the chances of external images including the pixel from loading.

Does Outlook Spy On You? Verdict

Outlook allows the employer to keep an eye on their employee’s email. This ensures that the employees are sticking to the company’s policies and are not indulging in leaking the company’s data. Being an employee you cannot stop your employer from monitoring your work email or from keeping an eye on your work computer.

So does Outlook spy on you? Yes, it does but not without your consent. Your employer must inform you when they are monitoring your work emails on Outlook. I will recommend that you should not use your work email to send private emails because that way your privacy is at risk.


Can Outlook Track Location?

No, Outlook doesn't have permission to acess your GPS location.

Can Outlook Spy On Your Browsing History?

No, don’t worry Outlook can’t track your browsing history.

Can Employers Track Their Employee’s Outlook Mail?

Yes, Outlook allows employers to track their employee’s work email.

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