How To Spy On Someone’s Tinder Account (Secretly)

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Tinder is a famous dating platform where one can find the love of their life with just a few swipes. However, people generally misuse this platform for hookups and cheating on their partners. Hence it is important for you to keep an eye on your lover’s Tinder profile and see if they are loyal to you.

If you try to manually track all of their Tinder activities then it is not possible. Moreover, they will come to know that you are spying on them. However, there is a way through which you can remotely keep an eye on their Tinder profile without them knowing. Did this get you excited? If yes then let’s have a look at the method using which you can spy on someone’s Tinder account and read all their messages secretly without rooting. But before that let’s have a quick look at reasons that makes it necessary for someone to spy on Tinder.

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Need For Spying On Tinder

There is more than one reason why you should spy on someone’s Tinder profile such as:

1) To Ensure The Safety Of Your Kids

Teenagers are very active on social media and dating platforms as here they get to meet new people and make friends online. However, on Tinder people are generally looking for hookups and hence it’s not safe for your kids. Suppose if your child comes in contact with the wrong person then they may become a victim of sexual abuse. Hence it is important that you keep a track of all their Tinder chats and see who they are talking to.

2) To Catch A Cheating Partner

When someone is not happy in a relationship they start looking for a new partner and what better place to find one than Tinder itself. If you doubt your spouse/lover/girlfriend/boyfriend is not loyal to you, then you must put them to a loyalty test. And for that, you need to keep a check on their Tinder activities and see who they are liking and talking to on the popular dating site.

How Track Someone On Tinder

So basically the method I was talking about is using a spy app that stays hidden on the target device and remotely syncs all the data including Tinder activities from your lover’s phone to your device and that too without root.

Now there are multiple spy apps that can keep track of your lover’s phone but there are only a few that can spy on their Tinder profile. Here I am going to share with you two of the best tinder spy apps that I have personally tested and found worth sharing with you guys. So, let’s get started!

1. uMobix

The first spy app that I would like to recommend for tracking Tinder on your spouse/lover’s phone is uMobix. The best part about uMobix is that it is relatively easier to install on the target device than other such Android spyware or iPhone spy apps. So, you can easily catch a cheating spouse with the help of uMobix.

It automatically gives the permissions required to properly spy on the target device whereas on other apps you have to manually give all the permissions which takes some time and is a tedious task. Here’s how you can install uMobix on your lover’s phone.

Once you have successfully installed uMobix on the target device, you can log into your uMobix account and wait for your lover to perform some activity on their Tinder account. As soon as they open the Tinder app, it starts capturing screenshots and upload them to your uMobix account. With the help of this, you can see whose profile they are looking at.

spy on Tinder

Also, you can see their chat and read their private messages secretly in the form of the screenshots themselves.

Tinder screenshots

It takes screenshots every few seconds hence you will not miss any of their romantic chats. But if it still misses any of the messages in the screenshots, you can read the messages typed in the Keylogger section of the app. The keylogger captures each and every keystroke made on the target device including Tinder.

Tinder keylogger umobix

In the keylogger section, you also get the option to search for a specific word that you think your lover must have typed on Tinder to make your tracking easier because there can be thousands of unimportant texts in the keylogger section. But if you can type words like a hookup, breakup, etc. in the search bar then you can catch them lying to you very easily.

search for text

So with the help of screenshots and keyloggers, you can be sure whether your lover or spouse is actually cheating on you with someone or it’s just your misconception.

While testing uMobix, I found that it is fast to load the screenshots however the keylogger data may take a few minutes but the wait is worth it since it is quite accurate.

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2. KidsGuard Pro

uMobix is a great tool to track someone’s Tinder profile however if you want to try something else then KidsGuard Pro can be a great alternative to it. It is a simple-to-use app that works well with both Android and iOS devices. You can follow the steps to install KidsGuard Pro here.

Unlike uMobix you get all the data related to Tinder in one section itself. So you don’t have to go to different sections for screenshots and keylogger data to check the Tinder activities.

When you log into your KidsGuard Pro account you need to go to the Social Media section and select Tinder to see all the data regarding it. Here, you can see the screenshots of the Tinder account which you can double click to open in full-screen mode. By this, you can clearly see who they are stalking on this platform.

Tinder stalking

Apart from that, you can also read the Tinder messages secretly that they have sent to others. You can even download the screenshots and keep them safe on your device as evidence.

Read tinder messages

Also, Keylogger data comes hand in hand so you get full coverage of their private messages with keylogger and screenshots.

Keylogger data

Apart from that, you can also see the app notification under the same section. It gives you a brief idea about who sent the message, and much more.

Tinder app notifications

Also KidsGuard Pro is very fast to reflect all the activities done on the target device to your account and hence you will not miss any of the data using it.

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Spying On Tinder: Is It Even Possible? Verdict

Most people will not believe that they can actually keep an eye on their loved one’s Tinder profiles and see if they are cheating on them. But with the help of the two spy software that I have shared with you, it is actually possible to spy on the dating site and see their private messages on it.

You can pick either one of the apps to start your Tinder monitoring mission, but if you ask me, I personally liked KidsGuard Pro better. It is simply due to its speed and accuracy and the fact that it shows all the data under the same tab and is, therefore, easier to use.


How To Read Tinder Messages Secretly?

To read Tinder messages secretly you need to install a Tinder spy app on the target device and it will remotely sync all the Tinder chats to your device.

Which Is The Best Tinder Spy App?

Both the software mentioned in this article are the best but I personally like KidsGuard Pro more.

Can You Spy On Tinder For Free?

No, You can't spy on Tinder for free.

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