How To Track An iPhone Without iCloud And Apple ID?

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Tracking an iPhone is possible if you know the iCloud username and password. However, sometimes you don’t have access to iCloud or you want to secretly track an iPhone of someone else.

Don’t worry, if you find yourself in such a situation where you want to find an iPhone without iCloud then this article is for you. Here I will show you how to track an iPhone without iCloud or Apple ID password. So without wasting any more time, let’s begin.

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Quick Summary
In order to track an iPhone without iCloud you need to fulfill some conditions; first, the phone need to be connected to the internet. If it is then you can locate it with the help of the Google Timeline feature or the Find My iPhone app. Secondly, if you want to track someone else’s phone secretly without their Apple ID password then you need to install a tracking app on their iPhone beforehand. Lastly, if the iPhone is lost and is turned off then you can find it with the help of its IMEI number.

Can You Track An iPhone Without iCloud?

Yes, you can track an iPhone without iCloud, there are many ways to do that such as the Find My app, Google Maps’s Timeline feature, or by using third-party tracking apps. In case your phone is lost and you didn’t get time to install a tracking app on it then you can also make use of it’s IMEI number to find the missing iPhone without iCloud.

How To Track An iPhone Without iCloud?

Following are a few methods using which you can easily track an iPhone without an Apple ID password or username.

1. Use Google Timeline Feature

To track an iPhone without relying on iCloud, you can utilize the Google Maps Timeline feature, assuming you have previously enabled location history on your Google account. Here’s a comprehensive guide to assist you in this process:

Using any other device with an internet connection, log in to your Google account.

Access Google Maps and locate the “Your Timeline” feature.


To get the most accurate results, specify the time period when you last had your phone with you.

select date

Review your location history to pinpoint the last known location based on the most recent ping. This ping represents the latest communication between your iPhone and a cellular tower, aiding in determining your phone’s whereabouts.

find iPhone without iCloud

Note: This method is effective for tracking a phone that is currently connected. If your iPhone is powered off or in airplane mode then it will stop sending location details.

2. Find My iPhone App

Here’s how to manually track an iPhone without iCloud, using the Find My iPhone app:

Launch the Find My iPhone application and sign in with your Apple ID credentials. Once inside the app, locate your iPhone among the listed devices.

find lost iPhone

Inside the device details, you’ll discover the “Mark as Lost” option. Tap on this option and subsequently click the “Activate” button.

activate lost mode

You’ll be prompted to input your phone number and create a custom message to be displayed in case someone finds your phone.

phone number

Enable the notification feature and activate the associated settings.

Track iPhone without Apple ID

After following these steps, you’ll gain the ability to track your device’s real-time location using the Find My iPhone app.

This approach grants you the capability to locate your iPhone without an iCloud or Apple ID password, offering a practical alternative for finding your misplaced or lost device.

3. GEOfinder

To locate someone’s iPhone without them being aware, you can use the GEOfinder tool. This handy tool enables you to track your friends’ iPhones without relying on iCloud and using only their phone numbers.

You need to input the phone number of the target person into the tool and attach an intriguing image to entice the target person to open it.

The tool discreetly inserts a tracking code into the image and sends it as an SMS from an automatically generated number to the target iPhone number. This ensures your anonymity.

Once they open the SMS to view the image, their location is captured and displayed on your online dashboard.

Track iphone without iCloud

This method allows you to pinpoint someone’s iPhone without iCloud credentials. Read my detailed GEOfinder review to learn more about it.

4. TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy is an advanced iPhone spyware that can track the target person’s location without relying on iCloud. However, you need to install this app on their phone, and for that, you need to jailbreak the iPhone. There are non-jailbroken iPhone spyware available in the market but those apps can’t track the location of the iPhone.

Once you have installed TheOneSpy app on the target iPhone, you will be able to track its location on your TheOneSpy dashboard remotely.

track someone's iPhone without iCloud

Besides location tracking this app even provides you location-based alerts. So that whenever the target person enters or leaves a specific place you get notified about it. Overall, if you want to secretly track an iPhone without iCloud then this is the best way to do that.

Do go through my detailed TheOneSpy review to learn what else monitoring features it has apart from location tracking.

5. Track iPhone With IMEI

To track a lost or stolen iPhone with its IMEI number, first locate the IMEI on your device or its packaging. Report the theft to local law enforcement and share the IMEI number. Additionally, contact your mobile carrier to block the stolen phone from their network.

While spying on iPhones via IMEI is not as easy as methods like the Find My app, it helps prevent unauthorized use and aids authorities in potential recovery efforts. Therefore, you must keep your IMEI number saved somewhere.

How To Track An iPhone Without Apple ID Password? Final Verdict

Tracking an iPhone without Apple ID password or iCloud is possible if you know the right way to do it. If the phone is still connected to the Internet then you can make use of the Google Maps Timeline feature or the Find My app to track down the iPhone.

In case you want to track someone’s iPhone secretly you can make use of the GEOfinder tool. Also, if you can install TheOneSpy app on their device then it would be even better because then you will be able to not only track their location but monitor all their online activities. In case the phone is turned off, tracking the phone with its IMEI number is the only option you have.


How To Track An iPhone Without the Internet?

You can track an iPhone without the internet using the GEOfinder tool through SMS.

How Can I Find Someone Elses iPhone?

You can install a tracking app like TheOneSpy on their phone to locate it.

Can I Track My Lost iPhone If It Is Switched Off?

If the missing iPhone is switched off then you can only track it with its IMEI number.

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