What To Do When He Doesn’t Text Back For Hours & Days?

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When you are new to a relationship you would spend the entire day texting each other and still won’t have enough of it. However, as time goes by texting is reduced significantly and it’s quite common for that to happen.

But the problem arises when one of the partners stops texting back at all. Is your partner not responding to your text and you don’t know how to respond? Here’s what to do when he doesn’t text you back for days & hours.

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What Can Be The Reason That He/She Doesn’t Reply To Your Text?

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1. They Might Be Ignoring You

If your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t text you back for hours then it means that they might be ignoring you. Now the reason why they are ignoring you can be many. It may be because they are not in the mood to talk to you right now because they had a fight with you recently, they are unwell, etc.

2. They Are Actually Busy

If your partner isn’t responding to your texts or calls for hours then there is a possibility that they are actually busy with their work. You should not panic until it’s been a few days since they have not responded to your text.

3. They Are Cheating On You

In a relationship when one of the partners stops giving attention to their partner then it is a sign that they might be looking for a new companion. If you are texting your boyfriend or girlfriend for days but they are not responding to your text then it means that they might be busy texting someone else. It means they are having an affair behind your back of which you have no idea.

How To Respond When Someone Doesn’t Reply To Your Text?

When he or she doesn’t text you back for hours or even days then most people will think that their partner is either cheating or they are not interested in the relationship anymore. However, you should not jump to the conclusion without giving them a chance to tell why they couldn’t reply to your text on time.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t replying to your text, here’s how you should respond to it.

1. Call Them

Text isn’t the only way to talk to your partner, you can give them a call to find out if everything is alright. It may be possible that they might have uninstalled the texting app or they have not received your message due to some technical glitch or internet issue. Hence giving a call and talking to them one on one is the right way to tackle this issue.

2. Give Them Some Time

You should not jump to any conclusion if your partner does not imminently reply to your text. Rather you should give them some time, if not days then maybe a few hours. There is a possibility that they want to reply to your text but couldn’t due to some personal reasons. You should wait for a few hours, before trying anything else.

3. Respond With Quirky Texts That Compell Them To Reply ASAP

Sometimes your partner may not be in the mood to text you back. You should send them some funny, cool, and quirky responses like these when he doesn’t respond to your text.

This helps you start a new conversation on a funny note. And if they are not replying to you because they are angry then looking at these funny texts they would definitely want to talk to you again.

What To Do When He Doesn’t Text You Back?

If you have done everything to your potential but they still don’t text you back then there’s really something wrong and you must find out. In such a scenario the chances of your partner cheating on you are very high. But before taking any action you must gather some evidence against them.

Now if you try to check their phone manually then you will find no conclusive evidence. Because cheaters are very clever, they don’t leave any traces of cheating on their phones. So what could you do? Well, you could get hidden spy software for Android or iPhone and install it on their cell phone.

A spy app can help you remotely read your husband’s or boyfriend’s text messages, see who he/she is texting, track their location, and monitor their social media activities without you having to touch their device.

Out of all the spyware that I have tested to date, SpyBubble Pro is one such app that I found to be the perfect investigation partner for people looking to catch a cheating spouse or partner.

what to do when he doesn't text back

The best feature of this app apart from all the features I discussed above is that it even shows you deleted text messages. So you can easily catch a cheater red-handed with this app.

Final Verdict

When someone doesn’t reply to your text, it’s obvious that they are ignoring you or they don’t want to talk to you anymore. If it’s someone who you rarely talk like your distant relative or colleague then it’s not a big deal.

But if your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t reply to your text for hours or days then there’s a big reason to worry. Because this time it’s about your relationship. You should definitely check what’s the matter, if you have to install a spy app on their phone to find out the truth then you should do that. It will help you check their messages and see who they are busy talking to.


Is It Normal For Guys To Not Text Back?

It is common for guys to not text back. If they do it continuously or multiple times then there is some issue.

How Do I Get Him To Text Me Back?

You should call them or meet them in person and sort out the issue.

Why Is He Ignoring My Text?

It is possible that they are cheating on you and that’s why they are ignoring your texts.

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