How To Hack Into Someone’s TikTok Account?

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TikTok is a very popular short video-sharing platform. If you have not heard of it before then you must be living under the rock for ages. It’s a fun app, but some people also consider TikTok to be spyware, and hence it is banned in some countries.

Moreover, the age to use TikTok is at least 13 years, however, it is still not considered safe for teenagers. There are two reasons for that: first of all, there is a lot of adult content on TikTok. And secondly, your kids can come in contact with strangers on TikTok using its Direct Message feature.

Using the same DM feature your spouse can also use it to cheat on you. And hence it is important for you to keep track of your partner or children’s TikTok account. But how to hack into someone’s TikTok account remotely? Well don’t worry, you can hack someone’s TikTok messages, passwords, and activities and I will show you how, just keep reading the article.

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How To Hack Into Someone’s TikTok Account?

Tiktok app

There are several ways to hack someone’s TikTok account and read their messages or see their activities on it.

1. Manually Access Their Account

If you can get your hands on their phone then you can easily log into their account and see their messages and the list of people they are following on TikTok. Knowing what type of people your kids follow on TikTok can give you an idea about their likings and what type of content they prefer watching.

Moreover, if you know their TikTok password and username then you can log into their account without touching their phone. If you know it then good and if not then you can read the other methods listed below.

2. Steal Their TikTok Password

With the help of a keylogger, you can steal anyone’s TikTok password. All you have to do is install a keylogger on the device they use to access TikTok. It can be either computer or a smartphone. You can easily find keylogger for Windows and Keylogger for Android and iPhone with a basic Google search.

Once you have installed the keylogger on their device, you can know their TikTok password. Once you know their password you can now easily hack into their TikTok account.

3. Hire A Professional TikTok Hacker

A hacker is a person with technical skills using which they can help you hack into anyone’s TikTok account. Some of the techniques hackers used to hack into someone’s TikTok account are as follows;

Cross-Site Scripting: In this technique, a hacker would redirect the victim to a malicious website that looks exactly the same as the original website. By doing this, they can record their personal details such as their username and password, and then use it to hack into their original account.

Phishing Emails: In this type of hacking technique the hacker sends a phishing email to the victim and waits for them to click on the spam link sent in the mail. Once they click on the spam link the hacker gets remote access to their account.

Cracking weak passwords: If the victim is using a weak password on their TikTok then the hacker can easily crack it and get access to their account.

4. Use TikTok Hack Tools

If none of the mentioned methods work for you then you can use special apps to hack TikTok. These are generally referred to as TikTok hack tools. With the help of these apps, you can remotely read the victim’s TikTok DMs and see their activity on TikTok. Moreover, you can even hack their TikTok password remotely. Let’s discuss these apps to hack TikTok in the following section of the article.

Best TikTok Hack App To Get Into Someone’s TikTok Account

All the TikTok hack tools that I am going to recommend below work similarly. You have to first purchase the app from their official website and then download and install the application on the target phone. After installing the app you need to remove its traces from the browser history and downloads folder.

Next, you have to hide the icon of the app from their app drawer. Finally, you are ready to remotely hack someone’s TikTok without them knowing.

1. uMobix

How uMobix Hacks TikTok?

  • It takes screenshots of TikTok whenever the app is open on the target phone. With this, you can see what type of video they are watching. Moreover, with the help of screenshots, you can also see who they are texting.

TikTok hack

  • uMobix also has a keylogger, using which you can check their messages and it will also help you know their TikTok password remotely.
  • It also works as a TikTok online status tracker. Because uMobix shows you whenever the victim is active on TikTok on your uMobix dashboard.

Other Features Of uMobix

  • uMobix allows you to track the exact location of the target person with its GPS tracker tool.
  • It even allows you to hack into their browsing history and see their visited web pages.

Check out my review to learn more about uMobix.

Why Do I Recommend uMobix For Hacking TikTok?

  • In my test, I found that the app does a pretty good job of tracking TikTok with the help of the keylogger and screenshots.
  • It works in a total hidden mode so the target person will never know that you have hacked into their TikTok account.

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Other TikTok Hack Tools

2. eyeZy

How eyeZy Hacks TikTok?

  • The eyeZy keylogger, doesn’t miss even the single keystroke pressed on the target phone. This means you can read everything they type on their TikTok app.

hack tiktok account

  • eyeZy also has a screen recorder feature that takes a screenshot whenever the target person opens a social media app on their phone which includes TikTok.

Other Features Of eyeZy

  • It can show you all the multimedia files stored on the target phone including photos and videos.
  • You can see their browsing history and also block websites on it.

Check out my review to learn more about eyeZy.

Why Do I Recommend eyeZy For Hacking TikTok? 

  • While using eyeZy, I found it to be very accurate in tracking social media and instant messaging platforms. Therefore, I can recommend it to you for hacking TikTok.

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3. SpyBubble Pro

How SpyBubble Pro Hacks TikTok?

  • Much like uMobix, SpyBubble Pro app also lets you remotely hack someone’s TikTok account with screenshots and keylogger.

TikTok messages

  • It also has a TikTok online status tracker which shows you when the target person is online on TikTok so that you can monitor them in real-time.

Other Features Of SpyBubble Pro

  • SpyBubble Pro can show you text messages and social media chats, even deleted ones.
  • With SpyBubble Pro, you can remotely access their camera and microphone.

Check out my review to learn more about SpyBubble.

Why Do I Recommend SpyBubble Pro For Hacking TikTok?

  • In my personal experience, I found that SpyBubble Pro can detect deleted messages which makes it a great tool for catching a cheating partner.

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How To Hack Someone’s TikTok Account? Final Verdict

Hacking into someone’s TikTok account is possible with the right knowledge and tools. If you have the technical skills then you can hack into their account by using the hacking techniques I have shared with you. However, you can also hire a hacker to do the job if you don’t possess the right skill set.

But I would rather recommend you try the TikTok hack tools which I have mentioned above. Because you don’t need any technical knowledge to use them. Moreover, they are hidden and very effective to hack into someone’s TikTok account.


Is TikTok Hackable?

Yes, TikTok is hackable.

Can You Hack TikTok Remotely?

Yes, it is possible to hack TikTok remotely with the help of the TikTok hack apps. However, to install the app you need physical access to the target device for one time only.

Are TikTok Hack Tools Detectable?

No, don’t worry the apps I have recommended you are not detectable.

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