How To Spy On Zoom Meeting With Monitoring App?

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Zoom rose to popularity during the Covid pandemic. These days you can see it installed on everyone’s phone whether they are school-going kids or employees of an organization as it allows them to join a meeting from the comfort of their home.

However, apart from work and study, Zoom can also be used to meet new people. Hence, it is important for parents or organizations to keep track of Zoom meetings to check if their kids or employees are making productive use of the app or not. So, without wasting any time let’s see how to spy on Zoom meeting.

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Quick Summary
If you are the host of a Zoom meeting then you have certain privileges that allow you to spy on fellow participants. Such as you can read the chats of the participants, record the meeting, see how long the meeting lasts, and much more. However, if you want to spy on a Zoom meeting from the outside i.e. without joining it then it is only possible if you make use of a spy app such as uMobix. With this app, you can remotely see who someone is meeting on Zoom and also read the chats that they share in a meeting or privately.

Can You Monitor A Zoom Meeting?

Join a zoom without anyone knowing

Zoom has made its platform really secure for its users so you can be sure that your privacy is intact when you are using Zoom for virtual meetings. However, it also gives the supervisor i.e. your boss or the person who hosts a meeting some privileges that allow them to snoop into the participants. If you are the host of a Zoom meeting then you have the following advantages.

  • You can read the chats made by participants during the meeting.
  • Zoom allows you to record the meeting so that you can review it later.
  • You can spy on your employees during the  Zoom meeting i.e. you can see whether or not the employee is interacting with the app.

So yes if you are a boss or you have hosted a Zoom meeting then you can monitor some activities on it. But what if you wish to spy on a Zoom meeting that you are not a participant in or you have not hosted it? In that case, can you join a Zoom meeting without anyone knowing and spy on the chats and see who’s part of the meeting? Yes, it’s possible and I am going to show you how to do that.

How To Use Zoom Monitoring App To Spy On Zoom Meeting?

In order to spy on Zoom meetings you need to make use of a spy app such as uMobix. It is because it’s not possible to join a Zoom meeting without anyone knowing. A spy app lets you monitor someone’s Zoom meetings remotely without even being part of the meeting i.e. you don’t have to be a host or participant of the Zoom meeting that you wish to monitor.

You need to first install the uMobix app on the target person’s phone i.e. the person whose Zoom meetings you wish to spy on. It could be your employees, spouse, or even kids. For installing the Zoom spy app you need to get physical access to the target phone. The installation process won’t take more than 5 minutes as uMobix is one of the easiest spy apps to install.

Once the app is installed on their phone you can remotely monitor their Zoom chats, meetings, etc, without root and that too without notifying them.

For monitoring Zoom, you need to log into your uMobix account which you create when you sign up for their service.

uMobix will remotely show you whenever the target person is online i.e. whenever they use the Zoom app on their phone you will get a notification on your uMobix account.

Zoom is online

Moreover, uMobix takes remote screenshots of the Zoom screen whenever the target person opens it on their phone. With this, you can know with whom the target person is having the meeting at the moment. However, you will not be able to record the video of the meeting but you will at least have an idea of whom the person is talking to.

Spy on zoom

Besides that, it can track each and every word one is typing on the target phone with the help of its Keylogger. This means you can read the chats the target person is having on the Zoom app. To read the Zoom chats you need to go to the Keylogger section of the uMobix dashboard.

Zoom keylogger

You can even record and listen to the ambient sound of the target person with uMobix. So whenever, you see that the target person is online on Zoom you can trigger the Audio recording feature and listen to their Zoom conversations.

Audio stream

How To Tell If Someone Is Recording You On Zoom?

If someone is recording you on Zoom then you will get a notification that someone is recording the screen. However, there are various other methods to record you on Zoom and you wouldn’t even know that you are being recorded.

For example, if someone has installed a spy app such as uMobix on your phone then they can record your activities on Zoom and you wouldn’t even know about it. Moreover, if someone uses a hidden camera or phone to record the Zoom screen in that case also you would not know that you are being recorded.

So yes, if someone is using legal ways to record the Zoom calls then you will get notified. However, if they are using some other methods then unfortunately you will not know anything.

Can You Join A Zoom Meeting Without Anyone Knowing? Final Verdict

Legally, you cannot join a zoom meeting without anyone knowing because you must have the participation link in order to join the meeting unless it is a public meeting. Nonetheless, you can still find out what’s happening in a Zoom meeting without even joining it with the help of spyware. A spy app like uMobix can allow you to sneak into someone’s Zoom meeting and see who they are virtually meeting and also read their chats.


Can I Join A Zoom Meeting Without Link?

No, you cannot join a meeting without the invitation link.

Is Zoom Hackable?

Zoom is a secure app. However, it can be hacked with the right tools and skill set.

Can You Read Someones Zoom Chat Without Them Knowing?

Yes, you can read Zoom chats secretly with the help of a spy app such as uMobix.

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