How To Spy on Someone’s Snapchat: Best Apps Revealed

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If you are aware of the dangers of Snapchat then you must be willing to find a way to spy on Snapchat in order to protect your loved ones from it. But can you spy on someone’s Snapchat without them knowing? Is there a way to monitor someone’s Snapchat? If you too have these questions then read this article because here I am going to show you the best Snapchat spy app that lets you read someone’s Snapchat messages on iPhone and Android remotely. So without wasting any time, let’s begin.

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Quick Summary
If you want to spy on someone’s Snapchat account without them knowing then you have to make use of Snapchat spy apps. These apps will help you remotely track Snapchat conversations and messages of the target person. There are lots of apps to spy on Snapchat but in my test, I found that KidsGuard Pro works best to spy on Snapchat on Android and FlexiSPY works best as the Snapchat tracking app for iPhone.

How To Spy On Someone’s Snapchat?

It is possible to hack into someone’s Snapchat account without their permission. However, for that, you have to make use of Snapchat spying tools such as a spy app for Snapchat. These apps let you monitor someone’s activities on their Snapchat account including their Snapchat messages, Snap Maps, etc.

For that, you have to first install the Snapchat spy app on the target device by physically accessing it one time. Once the app to monitor Snapchat is installed on the target phone, you can remotely read someone’s Snapchat messages by logging into your Snapchat spy app account.

There are lots of spy apps that monitor Snapchat on Android & iPhone. I have picked only the best Snapchat spy app for you so keep reading for detailed insight.

Is There A Free Snapchat Spy App?

I have used over two dozen Snapchat spy apps as of now, but none of them is free. It is simply because Snapchat spying is a premium feature that no app can provide for free. You may find a few spyware with free trial that allow you to spy on someone’s Snapchat without them knowing for a few days but there’s no app that will let you do that forever for free.

Spy On Snapchat Messages Without Them Knowing On Android

While I am talking about the Snapchat spying app, no doubt, the best option is KidsGuard Pro. The app can easily provide you with all the Snapchat data from the target device without rooting and that too secretly.

But first, what you need to know is how to set up KidsGuard Pro and use it to monitor Snapchat activities.

Create Your KidsGuard Pro Account

1. Using your PC/laptop, go to the official website of KidsGuard Pro and click on the Sign Up option given at the top.

kidsguard pro sign up

2. You need to create an account on the KidsGuard Pro website by providing an email and setting up a password. Click on Sign Up after that.

sign up on parent device

3. It’s time to purchase an Android plan to spy on people’s Snapchat in hidden mode. You can choose to purchase a 1-month plan, 3-months plan, or 12-month plan, as per your choice. Choosing 3-month or 12-month plan helps you save some bucks.

kidsguard pro plan

Once you purchase a plan, you’ll be provided with your login details in the email that you registered. After signing up and completing all the procedures on the parent device, it’s time to set up the target device.

Setting Up Of Kid’s/Partner’s Device

1. You need to take the target cell phone handy and download the KidsGuard Pro app(you will get the download link in your KidsGuard Pro account) on their device by right-swiping the option that says Slide right to download.

kidsguard pro download link

2. On the next page, a warning will appear that this file can harm your device. But you don’t need to worry and tap on OK to continue.

warning notification

3. For security reasons, your phone is not allowed to download apps from unknown sources. Under the Device administrations, you need to toggle on the button that says Unknown sources.

download apps from unknownn sources

4. INSTALL the app on your device now and OPEN it.

install System Update Service

5. Time to Agree to their EULA and Privacy Policy.

accept kidsguard pro privacy policy

6. Sign In to your KidsGuard Pro account in the next step using the same credentials that you used to sign up on your device above.

KidsGuard Pro Sign-in kids device

7. Allow KidsGuard Pro to access the photos and other media on the target device.

access to photo and media

8. Provide the child’s information on the next page and tap Next. If you are using the app to monitor the Snapchat account of your lover, you need to provide the wrong age.

provide kids info

9. Give all the permissions for successful monitoring of the target phone by tapping on Yes.

allow permissions

10. Time to disable Google Play Protect by tapping on Proceed to Settings.

Disable Play protect

11. Activate accessibility now by tapping on Proceed to Settings. This will take you to the page in settings where you need to switch on System Update Service.

Activate system update service

12. Again tap on Proceed to Settings to Activate App Supervision. Similarly give notification access, administrator access, and screen capture permission to the app too.

Activate App Supervison

13. Give other permissions to the app by tapping on Allow All on the next page.

allow other permissions

14. Finally tap on Start Monitoring so that you can successfully spy on Snapchat messages and other Snapchat activities of your boyfriend or girlfriend.

start device monitoring

Now go back to your device, log in to KidsGuard Pro, and start spying on their Snapchat account remotely.

Spy On Someone’s Snapchat Account

After logging on to KidsGuard Pro, you’ll land on its Dashboard. You need to select the Snapchat option from the list of various options available on the left-hand side.

Right after selecting Snapchat, all the conversations done by your partner with others on Snapchat can be easily seen on the portal remotely. With this, you can catch someone cheating on Snapchat with evidence.

Unlike many other Snapchat spy apps, chats from both ends will be available for you to check. It lets you monitor Snapchat messages via its keylogger.

kidsguard pro snapchat spying

The keylogger feature is great, but what’s even better is that you can even search for a specific text typed on Snapchat by entering that word in the search box at the top right corner. After typing the word and pressing the enter button if there is any message with that text then it will show on your screen. By this, you can easily filter out chats that you actually want to read out of hundreds of unwanted messages.

search option

Apart from all this, you can also select a time period to track their Snapchat activities i.e. today, this month, last month, or last year. With this feature, you can see all their Snapchat history from the present as well as the past.

Time select

The messages are not the only threat to your kids while they are using Snapchat. The self-destructing snaps and discover section of Snapchat are the features where they can easily get exposed to inappropriate photos and videos posted by their so-called friends or strangers. Similarly, they might be in touch with someone unknown using video calls.

But KidsGuard Pro spying can help you know what all your loved ones are doing on Snapchat with the clear screenshots that it takes irrespective of what the user is doing on their Snapchat account.

how to monitor someone's snapchat

Apart from messages and snaps, it can also share with you the notifications of the Snapchat app which is among its best features and not seen on many other spying apps.

snapchat notifications

The data sync speed is what makes KidsGuard Pro monitoring a game-changer.

The updates on Snapchat were within minutes. So if you find something on your kid’s Snapchat account that requires immediate action, then it’s the perfect app for you.

The accurate date and time stamps attached to each screenshot and text message of KidsGuard Pro Snapchat spying make your monitoring more impactful.

Note: This app will only show the snaps that were recorded after installing KidsGuard Pro on the target cell phone. Snaps and messages sent before that cannot be tracked by KidsGuard Pro.

Click Here to Try KidsGuard Pro

You can also read our review of KidsGuard Pro before purchasing it.

Alternative Spy App To Monitor Someone’s Snapchat

1. uMobix

uMobix is another best app to spy on the Snapchat account of your loved ones. Although KidsGuard Pro is a perfect app to do the spy job, having two options in hand is always good.

The installation and setup process for all the spy apps is almost the same. And the same goes for uMobix. You need to sign up on your device and purchase the service to use the app.

After purchasing the plan you can follow the onscreen Wizard to install the app on the target device or you can follow these steps to do so.

You need to switch to the Snapchat section from Dashboard first. Under this section, you can monitor the Snapchat activities of your loved ones in the form of screenshots. This app starts taking screenshots of the Snapchat app as soon as it is opened on the target device.

app to spy on snapchat

With the help of screenshots, you can see their location, snaps, stories, etc. that they have shared with their friends.

track location using snapchat

Apart from that, the screenshots also help you to read their Snapchat messages and chats remotely.

read messages

If you miss some of their sent or received messages through the screenshots, you don’t need to worry because you can find all the keystrokes performed on Snapchat under the Keylogger section of uMobix.

uMobix snapchat keylogger

Moreover, the date and time will never be missed even in a single conversation. So it can be a great way to know if your kid is using their cell phone late at night or not. So overall with a combination of screenshots and a keylogger, you can effectively monitor all of their Snapchat activities.

It even shares with you the status of Snapchat on the target device. For instance, if Snapchat is currently opened on their cell phone you will get the Online notification on your uMobix dashboard. With the help of this, you can know if your loved ones are currently using Snapchat or not.

snapchat online

Click Here to Try uMobix

2. mSpy Snapchat Spy App

mSpy is another popular Snapchat spy app that lets you track Snapchat activities and messages. This app tracks Snapchat in three ways i.e. tracking Snapchat messages, monitoring Snapchat activities using screenshots, and recording all the words typed on the Snapchat app with its keylogger.

First things first, you can go to the Social Networks section and select the Snapchat option. Under this section, you can read all the Snapchat conversations of the target person.

snapchat tracking app

Secondly, you can go to the Screen recorder section of the mSpy Snapchat spy app. Here, you will find screenshots of various social media apps that the target person uses on their phone. If the person is also using Snapchat on their device then you will find a screenshot of it there. With the screenshots, you can see their activities on the app.

snapchat screenshots

Lastly, you can go to the keylogger section of the app and there you can see all the keystrokes the target person has done on various apps including Snapchat. This may also help you know someone’s Snapchat password without them knowing.

Click Here to Try mSpy

You can also read my review of mSpy before purchasing it.

3. Hoverwatch Snapchat Spy App

Unlike KidsGuard Pro, uMobix, Or mSpy, Hoverwatch tracks someone’s Snapchat only through screenshots. It is a screenshot-based spyware that tracks everything by capturing screenshots of the target device. So if you install it on the target person’s device, it will keep capturing screenshots on it whenever the victim opens the Snapchat app on their phone.

monitor Snapchat

With the screenshots, you will be able to read their messages, see who they are texting, what activities they are doing, and so on. So overall it is one of the best Snapchat tracking apps.

Click Here to Try Hoverwatch

You can also read my review of Hoverwatch before purchasing it.

How To Spy On Snapchat On iPhone

No doubt KidsGuard Pro and uMobix are great tools for monitoring Snapchat on Android but sadly they can’t track Snapchat on iPhone for you. The reason is that for tracking Snapchat you need to jailbreak the target iPhone and none of uMobix nor KidsGuard Pro offers the jailbreak solution for iPhone users. But don’t worry we have a solution for that as well, keeping reading to know how you can track Snapchat on iPhone.

Snapchat Tracking App For iOS

There aren’t many Snapchat tracking apps for iPhone out there simply because in order to monitor Snapchat on iPhone you have to jailbreak it. Because non-jailbroken spyware for iPhones cannot monitor Snapchat. But, there are not many spy apps that can be installed on a jailbroken iPhone but don’t worry you can make use of FlexiSPY.

This spy app for Snapchat allows you to monitor Snapchat conversations on the target iPhone without anyone knowing about it. You just have to install the app on the target iPhone device that needs to be jailbroken first. You can take the help of FlexiSPY customer support to jailbreak the target iPhone. Or you can even purchase an already jailbroken iPhone with FlexiSPY installed on it from FlexiSPY Express service.

Once the app is installed, log in to your FlexiSPY account. From there, you have to go to the Key Logs section of the app to read someone’s Snapchat messages remotely.

key logs

Also, you can head over to the IMs section. Under this section, you will be able to read all their Snapchat conversations without them knowing.

All in all, FlexiSPY is the one and only best solution to spy on Snapchat on iPhone. If you want you can also use it on an Android device and that too without rooting it.

Not only Snapchat but you can also track each and every activity of the target device using FlexiSPY. You can know more about it by going through our detailed FlexiSPY review here.

Click Here to Try FlexiSPY

What Is The Best Snapchat Monitoring App?

After extensive research and testing multiple Snapchat spying apps personally, I came to the conclusion that KidsGuard Pro is the best Snapchat spy app for Android and FlexiSPY is the best Snapchat tracking app for iPhone. These apps provide you with all the necessary features that are important to spy on someone’s Snapchat account.

For tracking Snapchat on Android, you have other options apart from KidsGuard Pro, for example, uMobix, mSpy, and Hoverwatch. However, in the case of the iPhone, you have no option other than FlexiSPY.

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What Is The Best App To Spy On Snapchat Account On Android?

As per my testing, KidsGuard Pro is the best app to spy on someones Snapchat account, followed by uMobix, mSpy, and Hoverwatch.

Is It Possible To Spy On Someones Snapchat without jailbreak?

Sadly it is not possible but if you can jailbreak the target iOS device then FlexiSPY is the best Snapchat spy app for iPhone.

Will The Target Person Know That I am Tracking Their Snapchat Account?

You can spy on someones Snapchat without them knowing as all the above mentioned Snapchat monitoring apps work in hidden mode.

Do I Need To Root My Android Phone For Spying On Someones Snapchat?

Using the apps mentioned in the article, you can spy on someones Snapchat account without rooting the Android phone.

Is It Possible To Spy On My Lovers Phone Without Getting Access To The Target Phone?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. For the initial setup, you need to have physical access to their phone. Once the setup is done, all the Snapchat related information can be accessed remotely.

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