How To Spy On Someone’s Snapchat

We all love to share the bite of our happy times that we spend with our friends and family members with our other online friends. And it cannot be done without the help of social media. While we are talking about the online platform, there’s no doubt that Snapchat is the best way to share stories and everyday moments with others.

But everything’s not as simple as it sounds. There are many people on Snapchat that can be a threat to your kid, spouse or other dear ones in many different ways. These threats can be related to wrongful pictures, videos, and use of adult language, etc. So it becomes really necessary to spy on their cellphones and always be aware of the activities going on in their Snapchat account.

Now in order to spy on someone’s cellphone, you need to have a spying app by your side that is capable enough to give you instant updates from the target device. So here in this article, we will mention two different spying apps that will make the Snapchat monitoring easier than never before.

Spy On Someone’s Snapchat Messages Using Spyzie

While we are talking about the spying app, no doubt, our best option is Spyzie. Spyzie can provide you all the Snapchat data from the target device with a swift. But first, what you need to do is, learn how to set up Spyzie and how to use it for monitoring Snapchat.

1. Open the official website of Spyzie using your desktop (parent device) and sign up as you normally do anywhere else.

sign up on spyzie

After signing up and completing all the normal procedure on the parent device, it’s time to set up the target device.

2. Using your kid’s cellphone, download the Spyzie app using the following link ( and then swipe right on Slide right to download.

download spyzie app

3. On the next page, tap on the INSTALL option to get the app on your device.

spyzie installation on mobile

4. Now you have to agree to the privacy policy of Spyzie. You can read the policy if you want and then tap on AGREE to continue further.

agree to eula policy

5. Login your Spyzie account in the next step using the same credentials that you used for signing up on the parent device.

sign in to spyzie

6. Now it’s time to disable the Google Play Protect from the phone’s settings to let the app work properly.

disable play protect

7. From the phone’s settings, turn on the accessibility in order to get the updates of Snapchat and other apps from your child’s device.

enable accessibility on target device

8. After that, enable the usage access from the settings. This will allow you to search for particular data from the target device.

usage access

9. It’s time to give the notification access to your phone now.

enable notification access

10. Similarly, give the administration permission to Spyzie.

provide device administration permission

11. Now allow Spyzie to capture the target device’s screen by checking the Don’t show again box and then clicking on Start Now.

enable system update service

12. After that, you have to provide some other permissions to Spyzie, such as Location permission, Calendar permission, Call logs, Messages, etc.

give necessary permissions to spyzie

13. Finally, click on START MONITORING to complete the installation process on your kid’s device. You can let the Spyzie app logo to appear on the screen by tapping on I’d like to keep the icon. If you don’t want the targeted person to know about the app installation, tap on Icon is useless, I don’t need it.

start monitoring snapchat

Now the targeted device is all set get monitored.

14. After the parent device gets synced with the kid’s device, you will be able to see all the data from your kid’s device on your desktop. To see all the updates from Snapchat, click on Data, then click on Social Apps, finally select Snapchat.

how to spy on someones snapchat

Here you will be able to see all the activities from your child’s Snapchat account. You can view the messages sent or received in the form of text or screenshots.

view your child's snapchat messages

Not just the messages, you can also see the screenshots of the other activities going on in Snapchat as well.

Spy On Snapchat Using mSpy

Spyzie works perfectly well for tracking Snapchat and other social media platforms. But it is always good to keep the second option in hand. For the same reason, let’s learn how to achieve the same task using mSpy.

First, you need to sign up to mSpy as you normally do anywhere else and then complete the whole installation process on the parent device. After the parent device is completely set up, you need to set the kid’s device. Similar to Spyzie, you need to turn off the Play Protect option from the kid’s device. Then it’s time to download the mSpy app on the target device using the link you’ll get inside your dashboard in the setup process.

mspy sign in

NOTE: To understand the installation process in detail, you can take the help of our mSpy review article.

After the setup is completed on both the devices, you will be able to monitor Snapchat. Open mSpy on the parent device and click on Snapchat under the SOCIAL NETWORK. After that, similar to Spyzie, you will be able to see all the activities that have been happening on the target device’s Snapchat account.

snapchat monitoring mspy

Snapchat Monitoring Difference Between Spyzie And mSpy

There’s no doubt that both the apps are totally perfect for spying. But there’s a bit of difference in both the apps and you can choose the one which you find much better and easier to monitor Snapchat.

While monitoring from mSpy when the target device uses Snapchat, all the activities get recorded and you will be able to see all the photos and videos that were sent and received on Snapchat. Other than that, you will be able to read all the messages that the target device either sends or receives. Even the self-destructing images sent on Snapchat can be viewed easily. Along with that, the time and date at which the data was sent and received also appear on your screen.

While using Spyzie too, you can view all the Snapchat messages and photos that were sent or received along with the time and date stamp attached to it. With the help of the screenshot feature, you can also capture the screen of the target device and get a peek on what they’re watching on their cell phones.

The main difference and drawback of mSpy are that it takes a lot of time to sync the data from the target device to your mSpy dashboard while on the other hand, Spyzie’s syncing speed is quite impressive. Apart from that, you get more features with Spyzie than mSpy for monitoring other content and apps. So, personally we would recommend Spyzie over mSpy.

Bonus Tip – With the help of the Keylogger feature, it is also possible to extract the Snapchat password of the target person, if you want to personally check their account.

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